Cash Prizes, Free Spins, and Cashback Chips only at Rizk Casino

Cash Prizes, Free Spins, and Prize Chips only at Rizk Casino

Hey Rizk takers, we have some splendid news for you! The new Rizk Race has just began with a prize pool of €7,777Rizk Casino and their superhero called Captain Rizk are ready to give away 1250 prizes on a weekly basis. If you’re not sure how the deal works at this innovative online casino, don’t worry, we are about to tell you all the necessary details.

Climb up the Weekly Leaderboard

The Rizk Race promotion has already started and will last until the 12th of September. So you’d better join the race as soon as possible and start earning points to climb up the weekly leaderboard. All you need to do is enter the Wheel of Rizk and play the slots for real money.

“Every time you level up, you’ll earn Rizk Race points”

Every time you or any other player level up, you’ll earn race points as a reward from the Wheel of Rizk. Naturally, the more you play, the more points you’ll earn. The weekly leaderboard will be updated in real-time and, at the end of the week, the player with the highest rank will end up in the 1st place. All you gotta do is spin the reels and climb up to the top!

What Are the Prizes?

The most fortunate players will receive cash prizes, ranging from €10 to €777. With just a little bit of luck you might be one of the winners and receive the awesome prize straight to your account. The prizes are as follows:

  • 1. €777
  • 2. €450
  • 3. €200
  • 4. €100
  • 5. €80
  • 6. €60
  • 7. €50
  • 8. €40
  • 9. €30
  • 10. €25
  • 11. – 50. €20
  • 51. – 100. €17
  • 101. – 150. €15
  • 151. – 200. €12
  • 201. – 250. €10

More Prizes Await

Players who find their names on the leaderboard between the 251st and the 890th position will receive Free Spins accordingly:

  • 251 – 500 position: 60 Free Spins
  • 501 – 750 position: 30 Free Spins
  • 751 – 890 position: 10 Free Spins

If you rank on the leaderboard below the 890th position, don’t worry, because you will receive Cashback Chips or Double Speed Chip prizes, as long as your name appears above the 1250th place. 

This is Just the Beginning

If you are a brand new player, Rizk Casino will get you started with their welcome bonus offer of 200% up to €100 bonus cash including the prizes from 10 Free Spins to €25 cash prizes. The good news is that Wheel of Rizk winnings don’t have any wagering requirements! In order to get started, here’s what you should to do:

So, visit Rizk Casino right now, create your account, and test your luck! Just remember, in order to win, you need to take Rizks first!

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