Big Chef is Whipping up Hundreds of Spins for You at Paf

Big Chef is Whipping up Hundreds of Spins for You at Paf

What’s cooking? An awesome surprise is cooking, that’s what. Paf Casino team decided to set up a real professional kitchen, and they’ve invited the Big Chef to cook for them. The Chef has accepted their proposal and now he is whipping up hundreds of sizzling free spins that you can spend on Big Chef video slot.

How to take part?

All you have to do if you wish to take part in this promotion is to hit the reels on Big Chef over the period between 1st October and 10th October, 2015. The idea is to help Big Chef collect achievement and turn them into a hundreds of searing free spins. Let these delicious dishes spin in this brand new culinary game.

Big Chef Slot

Steaming hot free spins will get you wins you can almost taste.

When you receive an achievement, it will be highlighted on the pay-table. You can get rewards for these achievements:

  • Earn all crab dish achievements and win 10 Free Spins
  • Earn all stake dish achievements and win 20 Free Spins
  • Earn all chicken dish achievements and win 20 Free Spins
  • Earn all chef achievements and win 50 Free Spins
  • Earn all scatter achievements and win 500 Free Spins

Besides free spins you can win a lot of credits. Five crabs can bring you 1000, 5 stakes can get you 1500 credits, 5 chickens can get you 2000 credits, for 5 chefs you will be awarded and 2500 credits, and for 5 Scatters you can get 5000 credits.

Get even more!

During this promotional period you can get up to 600 free spins. You can keep track of your progress on the pay-out table in the game by clicking on the "Pays" button located on the right hand side from the reels. Every achievement combination you win will be highlighted in the pays-out table.

You can only get one reward for each earned achievement. Also, each free spin is worth €0.15, and this is considered as a minimum bet. Wins from free spins are in the form of bonus money, and you need to make one turnover.

Extra daily cash

At Paf Casino you can win some extra cash in this week’s Slot Mania. They, at Paf, are trying out some interesting mix of slot games. All you need to do is join this competition and play the game of the day in order to join the daily draw for €300. You have to register for this competition only once, and you will be counted for the draw each day when you play the selected slot. Games planned to appear in this promotion are:

In order for you to sign up for this competition all you need to do is log in to your gaming account. At the end of this promotion, the casino team will publish the winners’ names, and contact all of them via email and prizes will be sent to your home address.

Two amazing promo offers wait you at this online casino which means that you should go and visit Paf Casino this instant and join these competitions.

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