Bet Survivor is back at ComeOn Casino

Bet Survivor is back at ComeOn Casino

ComeOn Casino is back with another exciting round of Bet Survivor. This sportsbook challenge tests your persistence, and if you can withstand the pressure, you’ll come out with your share of a cool €30,000! This way, you can win some cash even if you are totally new to the world of sports betting. Get started soon: you’ve only got through the 8th of January to make your first bet and enter the January 2015 Bet Survivor.

Enter Bet Survivor

ComeOn Casino welcomes everyone to prove their strength in this latest installment of Bet Survivor. You don’t even have to fill out any opt-in form or pay an entry fee. You just need to make a bet in the ComeOn sportsbook on the 7th or 8th of January. Your bet must meet the following 3 criteria to be counted:

  • Stake of €10 or more
  • With odds of 2.0 or greater
  • and only 1 selection (single or combo bet)

Aside from that, you’re welcome to bet on whatever type of sporting event you want. If you’re unsure of how to make a bet that fits these criteria, don’t hesitate to contact the ComeOn support team through live chat, callback, or email.

Then, the challenge begins!

It’s easy to throw your hat into the ring, but once the real action starts, only the most persistent of survivors will walk away with a share of €30,000. You’ll need to log in daily from the 10th of January all the way through the 1st of February and make another qualifying bet that meets the same criteria above every single day. It’s simple to do and won’t break the bank, but if you miss a single day, you’ll be out of the race!

Having a big bankroll isn’t necessary, but diligence certainly is. If you’re serious about getting your share of the loot, it’s very important that you remind yourself to log in every day through 1st February and make a qualified bet in the ComeOn sportsbook. We’d recommend using a reminder feature on your computer or smartphone, or even something more old-fashioned like a sticky note. Whatever you do, just don’t miss a day!

The spoils of victory

If you are one of the Bet Survivors, ComeOn Casino will give you a share of a big €30,000 prize pool. This is split equally among all survivors, so even if you consider yourself a low-roller, you’ll stand to win quite a bit of cash. And yes, it’s CASH, not bonus money, so you’re free to play your winnings or simply withdraw them as soon as they arrive in your account. A fitting reward for a champion!

Think you’ve got what it takes to outlast the competition in ComeOn Bet Survivor? Just head over to ComeOn Casino today, enter the sportsbook, and make your first bet of €10 or more with odds of 2.0 to begin.

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