Asia Bodog Has a Special Mission for You

Asia Bodog Has a Special Mission for You

One Mission. One Secret. Seven Keys. Asia Bodog Casino has one mission that needs to be completed, and they invite all of their players to join. The code name of the mission is Mission Critical. If you complete this mission successfully, and collect all the keys, you will unlock a grand secret prize, and a monthly bonus which can go up to RM6,000.

Monthly cash bonus

Fortunately, this mission is not mission impossible. All you need to do to become an agent on this mission is to join the new Bodog Slots Club, complete the Mission Critical by playing slot games and collecting keys, and win one of the luxury grand prizes. As you play, you’ll get a monthly bonus up to RM6,000.

Keep playing every month and your bonus will increase up to 17% for free

If you want to join this promo you need to have an existing Bodog account with a registered currency of CNY or MYR.

The devil is in the details

When it comes to monthly cash bonus, the Bets amount will be calculated based on player’s bets by playing any of the Bodog Casino slots during a month. If you reach the target of Bets on a greater number of days you will receive greater prizes.

All bonuses will be credited to your account on the 7th day of the following month. Before you request a withdrawal you need to wager the bonus at least once on slots only, otherwise it will be considered as a forfeit. The bonus will be valid for 30 days from the date of issuance.

And keep in mind that wagering your welcome bonus is a big no-no, because you will not be considered as eligible for the promotion.

Mission Critical

If you embark on this mission you will have to complete 7 tasks in order to collect 7 keys. In addition to cash bonus you will be given a special key based on your continued loyalty and gameplay. The 7 tasks in this mission include:

  • Crack the code
  • Retrieve important data
  • Find the hidden map
  • Destroy the dangerous weapon
  • Assassinate the Big Boss
  • Rescue hostages
  • Take control of their secret base

Keep playing every month and complete the tasks to get the keys. The first 4 tasks for the first 4 keys includes:

  • Task 1 – stay active for 3 months and get the Advanced Key + a 3% increase on your monthly cash bonus
  • Task 2 - stay active for 6 months and get the Prime Key + a 7% increase on your monthly cash bonus
  • Task 3 - stay active for 9 months and get the Elite Key + a 10% increase on your monthly cash bonus
  • Task 4 - stay active for 12 months and get the advanced keys + a 3% increase on your monthly cash bonus

Following these, you need to complete 3 more tasks to get the last 3 keys:

  • Task 5 – achieve your 1st CNY 1 million turnover and unlock the Gold Key
  • Task 6 – achieve your 1st CNY 5 million turnover and unlock the Black Key
  • Task 7 – achieve your 1st CNY 20 million turnover and unlock the Red Key

Once you complete all of these and you get a hold of all 7 keys, you will receive the code to unlock the secret Grand Prize. The code will be provided together with the last key, and the grand prize can be one of the following:

  • Manila Package (vacation and gambling)
  • Rolex or Cartier watch
  • Vertu Phone

This promotion started on September 1st, 2015, and it is still not late for you to join and start collecting your 7 keys to unlock your secret grand prize. Visit Asia Bodog this instant and join the Mission Critical

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