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Why Does AskGamblers Certificate of Trust Matter?

Why Does AskGamblers Certificate of Trust Matter?

In the last months, you have all heard of AskGamblers Certificate of Trust. You must have seen our Certified Casinos page. But do you really understand what this certificate stands for and why it should be important to you, too? We figured it was time we explained it, for the whole idea behind it was to give you the opportunity to play at the most trusted online casinos in the industry. Spare a moment and find out more.

What is Certificate of Trust?

Certificate of Trust is an exclusive club only the best and most trusted online casinos have access to. According to you guys, only 8% of online casinos are trustworthy, whereas there are thousands of them already out there and new ones are constantly emerging. Imagine then how difficult it is to pick a reliable online casino to play at! The good guys and the bad guys are hard to tell apart, right? In this industry it seems to be particularly difficult.

But lucky you, AskGamblers has your back as always. We set off on the mission to find the good guys. We decided to use our years of experience and expertise to single out online casinos that deserve your confidence, casinos that are transparent and genuinely secure while offering superb gaming experience. You already know that shady online casinos were never our focus. However, now we wanted to make another step forward and simply gather online casinos with integrity within your reach.

Values of certified casinos

“The main idea of this certificate is creating a new standard in the industry to promote truth, honesty and integrity. We try to break away from the trends of the gaming industry and take it to the next level with each new breakthrough that we make” Igor Salindrija the CEO of AskGamblers explains.

Which Online Casinos can Get AskGamblers Certificate of Trust?

AskGamblers Certificate of Trust cannot be received just like that, it needs to be earned. We require all casinos to abide by a rigorous set of standards in order to earn this distinction. Before even considering applying for the Certificate of Trust, online casinos need to fulfill three main requirements:

  • Over 6 months presence on AskGamblers
  • CasinoRank Score above 7.5
  • 80% complaints resolved

Furthermore, candidates that meet these requirements need to be willing to show us that they are transparent and customer oriented, willing to solve any issues as quickly as possible, and keep their players satisfied and secure. This is achieved by creating a special “Co­mpl­ain­ts” page that will allow players to easily file a complaint with the unique AskGamblers Casino Complaints Service.

Knowing that you’ll get treated fairly and with respect is more than enough reason to trust a casino. While playing at any online casino, the chances are that you will run into some problems. The question is whether or not you are among the good guys. Is the casino you are playing at ready to reach out and solve the problem? All Certified Casinos have the “Co­mpl­ain­ts” page reassuring you that they are ready to work out any issue.


But wouldn’t it be great if each and every online casino had this “Co­mpl­ain­ts” page, where players can get help? Yes, it would and that’s our goal. We want to break away from the stereotypes, rough business, and create a new standard. Our aim is to have all online casinos world-wide implement the “Co­mpl­ain­ts” page and let players know where to turn when faced with problems in a transparent and honest way.

Another important fact is that the Certificate of Trust is not for life. We reevaluate Certified Casinos on a regular basis, and if at any point a casino fails to meet the requirements, the Certificate will be suspended. We give these casinos a benefit of a doubt and therefore a month to address the issue, but afterwards, they will no longer be certified by AskGamblers.

How can you know that a casino holds the Certificate of Trust?

All online casinos that have received our prestigious Certificate of Trust are listed in the Certified Casinos section. Another way to spot a Certified Casinos is by looking at the footer of the website, where you will find the AskGamblers seal and the complaints page tab.

So far, we have certified 13 online casinos. You should never expect this exclusive club to accept a large number of casinos, for just above 10% of all online casinos on AskGamblers are even eligible to receive the Certificate of Trust. And not all eligible candidates are willing to be transparent and customer-oriented as we require them to be.

Get the truth and then play – that’s our rule and certified casinos need to abide it. We strive to make the world of online casinos a better place and this is just another step in that direction. But before we succeed, pick a Certified Casino. AskGamblers guarantees that they will offer nothing less than best quality and most secure gaming experience in the industry.

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