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Interview With Rashad Karimov, Senior Partnership Manager at Endorphina

We don't have favourites when it comes to our partners; we cherish them all equally and consider this the secret of our success. But we must admit some are a bit closer to our hearts, be it because of the length of our relationship or the unique products they offer.

One such partner is the Czech Republic-based slot provider Endorphina, a software provider that never ceases to amaze us with their slot games.

It's been a while since we had them for a heartfelt talk, so we seized the opportunity of SiGMA conference in Malta for a short but sweet conversation with Rashad Karimov, Senior Partnership Manager at Endorphina, who walked us through their current and upcoming plans.

Q: Hello! It's been a while since we last had a chance to interview someone from Endorphina, and we must say it's always refreshing to have you. Since we're having this conversation on the occasion of the SiGMA Europe conference, can you please tell us a bit more about the idea behind, we dare say, the magnificent stand you unveiled in Malta?

Rashad: Hello! As usual, it's a pleasure to have an interview with AskGamblers! For our readers, a brief intro: My name is Rashad, Senior Partnership Manager of Endorphina.

Thanks for your kind words regarding our stand; we do our best! The idea behind it was to not only have an efficient stand for meetings with our clients and partners but also give an unforgettable hypnosis experience to all visitors where they could enjoy the stand, experience our Dragon's Breath snacks, and play our event-exclusive scratch game to have a chance to win our cool merch.

Hence, we had a hallucination-themed stand. Kudos to our team, who bought and executed the idea, and to the SiGMA team, who helped us to implement it.

Q: What's the biggest challenge when it comes to conferences? Everyone is scrambling to be the best, most innovative, and most visited; what are you most focused on when preparing for such events?

R: There are a few challenges that might occur during the preparation and execution stages of any event, but I have to emphasize that thanks to our great marketing team, we are always ready for any challenges.

As Endorphina grows rapidly and expands to new horizons, the only challenge nowadays, I would say, is how to have enough comfortable space for all of our clients and partners. Our main focus is to have the craziest, most memorable, loved stand, which people will remember and talk about even after years have passed (like the one where we brought a real tank years ago).

Q: We saw an impressive number of people at your stand during the three days of the conference; are you happy with the turnout? Did new partnerships and players meet your expectations?

R: I have to say, SiGMA Malta always impresses with its growing number of attendees and exhibitors year after year, and this year was no exception. On top of that, as we are in 26+ jurisdictions and have thousands of clients and partners, this conference was really packed for us.

Within three days of the conference, we had 300+ meetings with our partners and clients, as well as many new business opportunities.

We saw huge interest and demand for our games, more than we had in the previous year, which is also pleasing. Overall, I would say that SiGMA Malta was productive, effective, and fun as usual. 

Q: Tell us whose stand you liked best. Which one stood out among the hundreds at this year's SiGMA?

R: As the event was packed for us, I did not have enough time to visit all the stands this year, and from the ones I visited, the ones I liked (besides ours, of course) were 22Bet, 1Xbet, Videoslots (also because of their great cocktails), Pin-UP, EveryMatrix, Spribe, Amusnet, Chilli Partners, Enchant Affiliates.

It is hard to choose the best even among these as each had a different theme, different entertainment, and different vibes which I liked.

Q: Finally, can you give us a little sneak peek of what to expect from Endorphina in the coming period: what is the next big conference, and what's cooking in Endorphina's game development pot?

R: As we are wrapping up 2023 and preparing for Christmas, we will have really cool Christmas-themed slot games within the upcoming weeks, such as Royal Xmass II and Santa's Puzzle, which I believe players will enjoy. Also, in the upcoming year, we will have new massive partnerships. As we know, ICE London is upcoming and I do not want to spoil the surprise, but we are preparing something totally new in this industry, changing the look of a standard event that everyone will love, remember, and enjoy.

Finally, I would like to thank AskGamblers for such a lovely interview! As so many new things are upcoming, I would like to mention to our readers to follow us on social media, stay tuned, and get ready for more endorphins.

We thank Rashad for his time and we promise to keep you up to date with the latest from Endorphina.