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iGaming Ontario to establish a centralised self-exclusion solution

iGaming Ontario Seeks to Implement a Centralised Self-Exclusion System

iGaming Ontario (iGO) intends to launch a request for proposals (RFP) in early 2024 to establish a centralised self-exclusion solution. This strategic move aims to allow players in Ontario self-exclusion across all licenced iGaming operators through a single application.

Streamlined Integration and a Player-Centric Solution

In its pursuit of a comprehensive self-exclusion system, iGO seeks proposals from companies capable of developing “modern, innovative, secure cloud-based SaaS solutions.” The selected company will need to create a system that seamlessly integrates with all operator platforms. 

The solution should be able to support all players' self-exclusion processes, including registration, renewal, and reinstatement. Since its purpose is to assist players with their self-exclusion process, the system must be “easy to use with minimal barriers and challenges” and “offer a seamless connection to relevant support services.”

Commitment to Responsible Gambling

It is crucial that the service is helpful in a “non-stigmatized, non-judgmental manner”, given that its main purpose is to help players with a gambling problem. Player information will be available only to a select group of individuals, and both players and operators should be clear on the expectations and consequences of implementing the programme.

The centralised system would ensure that, once a player decides to self-exclude from a casino, they become excluded from every registered operator, and they can manage their profile via Know Your Customer (KYC) ID verification and access the system easily on any iGO-regulated website.

The search for the right partner to create this centralised self-exclusion system will begin in early 2024 when iGaming Ontario plans to make the RFP available on MERX. The chosen bidder will get a multi-year partnership with iGO to develop “best-in-class user experiences by leveraging modern, innovative technology.”