Discover AskGamblers: A Guide to the Best Online Casino Offers

Discover AskGamblers: A Guide to the Best Online Casino Offers

Surely you’ve noticed that we were down for a while yesterday, but by the end of the day, we were back looking better than ever. You’re surely still getting used to the site, browsing around, and trying to spot all the changes. To make the transition easier, we’ve decided to guide you towards discovering the most important novelties that we’ve implemented.

Category Landing Pages.

The revamped website was designed to drive players towards the best deals in the world of online casinos. The fact is this wasn’t an easy task since different players are looking for the different things. In order to meet the needs of most members, we’ve designed landing pages for each of our five main categories: casinosbonusesslotsnews, and affiliate programs.

AskGamblers Landing PagesOur aim is, not only to single out the most important information related to each category, but also to feature custom-made collections and help players discover our hidden gems. At the moment our enormous directory consists thousands of online casinos, slots, bonuses, news articles, and similar. The new layout gives us plenty of opportunities to put the spotlight on the top offers. 

Enhanced Search and Filters

Apart from featuring best offers, we’ve also wanted to improve our search engine and make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Both the search and the filters got polished up and now provide even better, more intuitive instant results. This enables browsing through AskGamblers website to be elegant and intelligible, exactly like its new looks.

AskGamblers Search and FiltersFrom now on, you’ll get more search results as we’ve included more sections of our website such as the forum. With all the changes we’ve made, hunting for bonuses, or casinos has never been easier. Just type in what you’re looking for and we’ll sort out the best there is in our extensive portfolio, from single casinos and bonuses to listings and related forum threads.

And even if you misspell the word there is still a good chance that you’ll find what you intended to find.

Discover AskGamblers with Us

Take some time and check out each of our landing pages tonight. The chances are you’ll discover some amazing stuff. Then head over to our forum to share your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you. After all, this overhaul was for you. And in case you've missed it, be sure to read yesterdays’ story AskGamblers Just Got More Beautiful and Geared Up with Exciting New Features.