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Perks of Free Play Mode Slots

Why Free Play Slots Rock

Playing real money online slots is what we’re all here for. That and potentially hitting the big bucks to secure ourselves an early retirement. However, just because you can’t win any real cash on free play slots, you shouldn’t dismiss them right away. The truth is playing online slots for free comes with a bunch of advantages, so… let’s see what makes free play slots rock, shall we?

Free Slots are… Free?

Let’s start with the most obvious perk of free play slots: they’re free. So, while you can’t win any real money, you can’t lose it either! Plus, seeing as how the reels of such slot games are spun for free, you can play them for as long as you like without spending a dime. Losing streaks? No problem. The balance isn’t real anyway.

So Many Slots, So Much Time

There’s no hurry; you can take all the time you need to try out as many free slots as you can. As almost every single slot in existence has its free play version, you can go through all the slots you find attractive and learn everything there is to know about each. Down to the tiniest detail!

While playing online slots in free play mode, you can basically learn the ropes.

More specifically, while playing slots in free play mode, you can basically learn the ropes. From testing the game’s Free Spins and bonus rounds to witnessing just how much wilds and scatters pay out all the way to potentially hitting multipliers, random coin wins and even experiencing proper jackpots. 

A special ‘Feature Preview’ button allows you to take a peek at the bonus round of certain slots without having to wait for it.

What’s also great is that certain online slots – for example, some NetEnt slots – will let you try out the game’s bonus game without having to hit it. Namely, such a slot will have a special ‘Feature Preview’ button which allows you to take a peek at the bonus round whenever you feel like it. Neat, huh?

You’ve had enough of fun mode? Feel like you’ve mastered the slot in question? There’s plenty more fish in the sea to go through! One thing is for sure, the longer you stay with a free play slot, the more you’ll know about the game’s properties and paytable. And that, you’ll agree, is priceless!

No Real Money, No Stress

All right, so playing slots for real money can be one heck of a thrilling pastime. However, excitement and stress have been known to go hand in hand. Know what will cause you zero anxiety? Free play slots. Spin the reels a few times to get the feel of the slot completely stress-free and, only when you feel ready to move on to the real deal, do so. Online casinos aren’t going anywhere!

Free Slots or Real Money Slots?

Your turn, friends! Do you always try out a slot in free play mode before heading to an online casino to play the slot for real money? Is it a habit or a necessity? Tell us everything about your thought process when it comes to free play slots – we can’t wait to hear from you at our forum!

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