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Virtual Reality Slots

Virtual Reality Online Slots as the Future

If you’ve been closely following the development of online gambling, you surely know that online casinos are no longer restricted to just your desktops or laptops; they’ve long since made their way onto your mobile phones and tablets and they’re in no way stopping there. What’s next? Why, virtual reality, of course! As there are already VR casinos allowing you to spin the reels of virtual reality slots there, why not take a few moments to look at the future of virtual reality casino games with us?

Software Providers with Virtual Reality Slots

Virtual reality or VR is already a huge name across the gaming medium, so it’s hardly any wonder it’s entering the world of online gambling, as well. Naturally, software developers that look to keep up with the latest trends and be innovative are going down the same road. Mobile casinos are just not that big of a news anymore, you know – they’ve become a necessity. If software providers want to stay in the loop, they’ll be exploring VR, too, which is exactly why iSoftBetMicrogaming and NetEnt are already there!

Software providers looking to keep up with the latest trends, such as Microgaming and NetEnt, are already developing virtual reality slots.

To be more specific, certain online slots that can be played in VR are actually some of the most popular slots in the world. The list includes worldwide favourites like the Starburst slot, Gonzo’s Quest slot, Thunderstruck II slotRambo slot and Scarface slot, to name a few.

Now, when firing up a virtual reality slot like the aforementioned Starburst slot or, say, Fisticuffs slot, it’s a completely different experience to what you’re used to. Just imagine graphics and animations bursting all around you! Or, if we’re talking Gonzo’s Quest, it’s a package deal of 360 degree views, falling blocks from the sky and jackpots raining down on you. Pretty cool, no?

VR Slots as the Future

When you think about the look and design of the most modern online and mobile slots at the moment, what first comes to mind? Rich, crisp graphics, for one. Intricate intros and animations, as well. Complex bonus games and creative rounds involving Free Spins, most definitely. And what does all that remind you of? That’s right; games you can play on gaming consoles.

What’s more, the Oculus Rift device has already enabled players to experience bonus features in a completely new way. How? By taking you far away from the casino and putting you straight onto, say, a rollercoaster, which is in no way the same as playing such a bonus feature on a second screen.

Thoughts on Virtual Reality Slots?

What do you think? Do you believe virtual reality slots are the future? And if so, do you think such a future is already here or is it still some time away? Have you ever had a chance to try a VR slot or a virtual reality casino on your own? Tell us all about your thoughts at our forum – we’re eager to discuss this topic with you!

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