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5 Biggest Slot Wins in the World of Online Gambling

5 Biggest Slot Wins in the World of Online Gambling

Spinning the reels of your favourite slots you must’ve thought at least once, if not a billion times, ‘Hey, what if today’s the day?’ The day being the moment of that big win that would change your life forever. As it often happens, such victorious moments arrive completely unexpectedly. Most big win stories start with the lucky winner hitting the reels in an online casino just for the heck of it, not having a clue what’s about to go down. Today we present to you 5 of the biggest slot payouts in recorded history.

#5 Mega Moolah Pays out in Greece

Let’s start counting backwards. You’ve definitely heard of the profitable Mega Moolah slot. Not only is it quite possibly the most popular Microgaming slot of all time, but also one of the most beloved and frequently played progressive slots overall. Well, in March 2009 it undoubtedly became one lucky Greek’s favourite slot by far when he hit €6.3 million at River Belle Casino.

Do not lose hope; it’s a small moment that could change your life.

Georgios M, a business owner from Greece, thus became the winner of the largest Microgaming jackpot payout up until that moment. Here’s what he had to say on that happy occasion: “Do not lose hope; it’s a small moment that could change your life.” Georgios had a point; €6,000,000 is definitely more than enough to change your life for the better. Several million times better!

#4 A Swede Enters the Hall of Gods

The year is 2012, the month is November and a Swedish player has just decided to give NetEnt's Hall of Gods slot a spin at Unibet Casino. Turns out that decision would soon turn her world upside down. Namely, the Swede went on to hit €7.6 million on the popular progressive slot and be rendered utterly speechless.

Hall of Gods slot

The lucky Swedish player used her winnings to improve her lifestyle, which included paying off her house and loans, travelling in style and even getting a brand new car. Her jackpot marked the biggest win seen by the online casino up until that moment.

#3 Sleepless in Norway

Damn those sleepless nights when the Sandman just won't come around, right? Generally, yes. In the case of a Norwegian player back in September 2011, definitely no. Namely, on the night of the 24th of September, 2011 the wide awake Norwegian in question spun the reels of the ultra popular Mega Fortune slot by NetEnt and won a staggering €11,736,375!

Mega Fortune Slot

The win definitely didn't help with the insomnia, though; the bewildered player stayed awake till 06:00 due to the immense shock. He wasn't the only one—Huw Thomas, head of Betsson Casino, was astonished and at the same time honoured that with such a huge win they were going straight to the Guinness World Record greats. Online gambling had found a new champion and the world was going to know about him.

#2 From 25 Cents to €17 Million

You know what's lucky? Betting 25 cents and getting €17,861,800 as a reward! Such an incredible win occurred at Paf Casino on the 20th of January, 2013 on the very same NetEnt Mega Fortune slot. When the lucky Fin hit the mega jackpot, he said: “It was completely unreal. I laughed and cried at the same time.”

Winning felt completely unreal. I laughed and cried all at once.

The lucky player’s plans were to help his relatives and invest in a better ride. The funny thing is—he’d always been an avid poker player, but after the huge win, we don’t have a single doubt that Mega Fortune changed his mind about online slots.

#1 Mega Moolah Brings Mega Bucks

We started this exciting list with the Mega Moolah slot and, by ending it with Mega Moolah, we've come full circle. If you were to open the Guinness World Record book right now, you'd find Jon Heywood's name written in it. His incredible win of €17,879,645 on the 6th of October, 2015 at Betway Casino earned the lucky Brit the title of the largest online slot jackpot owner ever.

Mega Moolah Slot

The then 26-year-old British soldier vowed to spend his money to help his family pay medical bills, but he was also going to use his shiny new bills to treat himself to a luxurious car. Seems like few jackpot winners can resist a set of good wheels once the opportunity for such a purchase arises. Be honest now, though. Would you?

The Next Big Winner?

There you have it—a list of some of the luckiest visitors of online casinos in the world. Have you ever had a huge unexpected win of your own? Do your dreams of winning big extend to mobile casinos, the future of online gambling?

If you’ve got any thoughts on the matter or if you’ve got a personal story of an enormous success on online slots you’d like to share with us, make sure you head over to our forum and let us know. We can’t wait to hear from you (o’ past or future big winner)!

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