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Christmas Gifts for Gamblers

The 5 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Gamblers

Christmas has arrived, and if you’re like most of us, there’s probably one or two people you still need to buy gifts for. It can get pretty hectic – believe us, we know! But if there’s a gambler on your list, here are 5 gifts that you can really surprise them with, especially if your friend is into various types of casino games! Here are the suggestions we've singled out:

1) Custom Playing Cards

Custom playing cards

Everyone has a deck of cards lying around, but nothing is more impressive than a custom set. There are plenty of companies on the web that specialize in making playing cards that are bound to become a gambler’s favorite for everything from poker night to blackjack practice. Our suggestion: find some of your favorite pictures of you and your friend to put on the face cards!

2) A Real Slot Machine

A real slot machine

We’ll admit finding a real slot machine today is a long shot, but no gambler’s collection is complete without one. If you’ve got the cash and are in the mood to go on a little scavenger hunt, you’ll definitely have the most memorable gift of the year. You’ll want to start your search with local antique shops if you want it ready for Christmas. But if you can’t find anything locally, you’re bound to come across a slot machine if you look online. Just make sure they’re legal to own where you live – no one wants to get arrested on Christmas!

3) A Game Timer

A game timer

It’s insanely easy to lose track of time when you’re gambling. So if you’ve got a pal who likes to play at online casinos, one of the best gifts you can give them is a reminder! And what better way to do that than with a timer? You’ll want something that they can just set and forget. Something casino-themed is always best. It could prove to be the most valuable thing in your friend’s gaming arsenal!

4) Casinopoly


Whether we like it or not, we’ve all played Monopoly. If you’ve shopped for board games recently, you know that there are dozens of Monopoly variants coming out all the time. But Casinopoly is different. It’s an add-on to your Monopoly game designed to shake things up when you play. In between buying properties and passing Go, you’ll face-off with your friends in all sorts of casino games! It’s got everything from online slots and roulette to craps and blackjack. It’s bound to become a gambler’s favorite.

5) Trip to a Casino

Trip to a casino town

What’s the ultimate gift for a gambler? Gambling! So if you’re up for an adventure, forget the stores and pick up your friend for an unforgettable weekend at their favorite casino hangout. Or if you’re feeling really generous, a trip to Vegas is never a bad thing. If you’re lucky, it could be the first Christmas that actually adds to your bank account!

Christmas for the Casino-Lover, Made Easy

Ever had to shop for a gambler before? Let us know what you think about our list, or share your own suggestions over by the forum! And don’t forget to check out our ultimate ultimate reading list for gamblers too – they’re inexpensive, and if you hurry, you can probably get them delivered before Santa makes his yearly rounds!

Blog updated: 24.12.2018.

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