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Social vs. Real Money Online Casinos

Social vs. Real Money Online Casinos and Their Pros and Cons

You know how you can be sure online casino games are slowly taking over the gaming industry? By the fact that they are no longer limited to just online casinos. Nowadays, there are places called 'social casinos' where you can essentially play online games for free. Well, supposedly for free. Today we're going to take a look at the differences between social and real online casino games and explore some of their advantages and disadvantages.

The Difference between Social and Real Online Casino Games

When you hear the term social games, your first thought might very well be Facebook's very own FarmVille and CityVille. How many of those requests have you received in your lifetime? Probably one too many. Or 15. The same developer that birthed these two bad boys—Z­yng­a—was responsible for the invention of the Zynga Casino, Hit It Rich Casino, Zynga Poker and even the Zynga Slots.

Now, let's focus on the Hit It Rich Slots collection for a moment. You can actually buy coins you need for real money, just like you would in a real money online casino. You can even get free bonus coins added to your account daily! Still, that amount is pretty meagre compared to what you can buy. And this is where we come to the main and most important difference between social and real money online casinos and games.

The main difference between social and real online casinos is the fact that in real money casinos you can turn your winnings into cash, while that's impossible with social games.

Namely, while a real money casino expects you to pay for playing, it also gives you the opportunity to win back the money invested. On the other hand, no matter how successful you are at your preferred social casino games, you won't get anything but fun and satisfaction in return. Simply put—there is no way to turn your winnings into cash. And that's not such a great thing in the long run, is it?

How Free Are Social Games Really?

Here's another way social casino games aren't as free as they are advertised. Apart from the fact you need to constantly top up your credits upon running out, there is also the matter of ads that keep popping up during the gameplay.

Social casino games are advertised as being free; however, you need to constantly buy more credits in order to continue playing and you're surrounded with ads.

Conversely, when you play an online slot at a real money online casino using the fun mode, there are no ads, nor you're paying any fees. They really are for free. Online casinos generate revenues in another way—their 'playing for real' section is where it's at, so online casinos have no need to get any ads in your face.

The Popularity of Social Games

Of course, that's not to say there aren't any benefits to social games. If there weren't, social gamers wouldn't be a lot more engaged in the act of online gaming overall! A study shows that an active social player typically plays every two days, while an active gambler player every four days.

An active social gamer plays social games every two days, while an active online gambler plays online slots every four days.

The popularity and high engagement seen in social games can be explained by the fact that these games remain visible while players engage in other tasks, such as interacting with their friends on Facebook. And also, there is always that irresistible urge to beat those same friends in the game! The leaderboards are usually there for everyone to see and seeing your name on the top signifying you're the first among your entire crew has to be reason enough to keep on playing.

Thoughts? Comments?

Have you ever tried playing games at social casinos? Do you prefer them to online slots? Have you found that social games really are as free as they're advertised, or have you had to use real money to top up credits, as well? Share all your thoughts with us over at our forum—we're already there!

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