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All About Online Slot Base Game Features

What You Need to Know About the Online Slot Base Game

When you fire up an online slot at an online casinos, what first appears on your screen in called the base game. Now, the base game is both where you initially spin the symbols and it serves a stepping stone to all the special features – such as Free Spins and bonus rounds – that may come up later on in your gameplay. We’ve already presented to you online slot features in all their glory, so today we’re going to be focusing on the base game with a dash of what comes next. So, buckle up, we’re gonna be dissecting some online slots!

Scatters and Wilds for Extra Payouts

Like we said, the first thing you see in an online slot is its base game. Usually, the base game will contain paylines where potential winning combinations occur, reels that you turn by pressing the correct button (usually marked as ‘Spin’) and a variety of symbols, including the two types of symbols you will typically look out for – scatters and wild cards. 

So, what’s the deal with scatter symbols? In short, they pay out more and usually, when three or more scatters spin onto the reels, Free Spins will be triggered. Free Spins, on the other hand, are spins that, quite predictably, you don’t have to pay for, so you can see why the goal would be to land the scatters and subsequently spins that are entirely free of charge.

“Usually, when three or more scatter symbols spin onto the reels, Free Spins are triggered.”

Additionally, the base game will usually feature wild cards, symbols that essentially have the ability to substitute other symbols. What that means is that when you have identical symbols lined up with a wild symbol in their midst, it will act as that particular symbol and the entire cluster will count as a winning combo. 

“The base game will also usually feature wild cards, symbols that essentially have the ability to substitute other symbols.”

Thus, wilds significantly boost your chances of winning, especially there are various kinds of wild symbols, from expanding wilds that stretch across the reels to sticky wilds that remain on the reels while the rest of the slot continues to turn. 

Fun and Fruitful Bonus Games

Apart from Free Spins, you’d probably like your slot to deliver on some more equally fun ways to win. That’s where bonus games, amongst other online slot features, come into the equation. Usually, should an online slot feature a bonus game or more, you’ll probably need to land bonus symbols in the base game first. Once the special bonus symbols have spun onto the reels, you’ll be taken to the slot’s bonus round, which sometimes takes place on an external, second screen.

Bonus games vary from simple pick-and-click games with instant coin wins to intricate and exciting rounds where even some skill may be needed. Multipliers are often inextricable part of bonus games and their purpose is to multiply your won amount and thus boost your overall winnings.

Check the Paytable

If at any point during your gameplay you have any more questions or dilemmas regarding the slot, you can always check the game’s paytable which should be easily accessible straight from the base game.

“If at any point during your gameplay you have any dilemmas regarding the slot in question, you can always check the game’s paytable.”

Namely, in every paytable you can find info on how much each symbol pays out (including the coveted special symbols), how big the game’s jackpot is, if and how you can hit Free Spins or bonus games and various other useful info you may not be aware of. 

Plus, if you happen to have any more questions regarding this topic, you can find us at our forum at any time. See you!

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