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All about Online Slot Features

Everything You Should Know About Online Slot Features

Slot machines have come a long way since their early days. Back then all slots looked alike, there weren’t that many ways to win to begin with and special features were scant. Fast forward to our time, online casinos and their vast assortments of online slots with multiple reels, paylines, special symbols – wilds and scatters at the helm – multipliers, Free Spins and animations. Naturally, there’s a lot to consider when talking about and explaining online slot features and that is exactly what we’re doing today.

Online Slot Basics: Paylines, Coins and Winning Combos

Let’s start with the basics. Paytables, for example, tell you everything you need to know about a slot’s symbols and how much you can win from each combo. Then there are coins you can bet per spin. That number can range from 1 to 10, usually, and what’s more, you can allocate a specific value to each coin from 0.01 to even 100 or 200. All of this depends on a specific slot, though.

The most important term is the paylines or the lines where payouts are awarded based on winning combinations of the slot in question. The simplest of online slots come with a single payline; the most intricate slots today, however, can have up to 100 paylines or even 243 or more ways to win. Thousands, even!

“Selecting all paylines of a slot ensures every winning combo is possible to achieve.”

What’s so beneficial about having multiple paylines? Well, the more paylines you select, the more winning combinations are available to you. Thus, selecting all paylines ensures every winning combo is a possibility and raises your winning chances significantly.

Special Symbols: Wilds and Scatters

Rarely any modern video slots come without their very own wild symbols and scatters. Wild cards denote symbols that replace almost all the other symbols of a slot in order to boost your winning chances. This usually doesn’t include scatters which, on the other hand, are there to trigger Free Spins or other bonus features.

As for wild symbols, there are all sorts of different types. Expanding wilds, for example, stretch out across the entire reel or row thus providing you with lots more winning combinations. Stacked wilds are similar to expanding wilds with the exception of usually being vertical (expanding can stretch out horizontally, too) and covering larger areas. And then then there are sticky wilds, which stay on the reels while you continue to play the game.

Extra Features: Bonus Rounds and Free Spins

Playing modern-day slots is all about special features like bonus games and Free Spins. Nowadays bonus games as creative as can be, they’re fun, engaging and, most importantly, highly profitable. A bonus round can occur right there on the reels or it can take you to a second screen with even more winning opportunities – it all depends on the particular slot.

“Nowadays, bonus games are as creative, engaging and profitable as can be.”

Now, Free Spins are the most common type of bonus games and just as eagerly awaited. Any number of spins can be hit, too. As long as you get the scatters, of course.

Increasing Your Winnings: Multipliers

Everybody likes a good ol’ multiplier! Just like the name suggests, multipliers are here to boost your winnings. They usually appear randomly and can also be the so-called increasing multipliers, e.g. starting with x2, and rising to be x3, x4, x5 and so on and so forth.

Playing Made Easy: Autoplay

Let’s face it – clicking the ‘Spin’ button isn’t that much of a hard work, but Autoplay does it all for you! Namely, all you need to do is click the aforementioned ‘Au­top­lay­’ button and the reels start spinning all on their own – for a number of times that you can usually even specify.

Big Wins: Jackpots and Progressive Jackpots

What would online gambling be without the promise of big wins? Each video slot has their own jackpot that can be landed – if you’re lucky enough, that is – and you can find that info in the paytable.

“Progressive jackpots grow every time someone plays the progressive slots in question.”

However, when we talk about progressive slots, the story goes a bit differently. What happens with progressive jackpots is that they grow every time someone plays the game and places a bet. That means that they’re constantly on the rise and if you happen to be the one to hit them when the slot pays out, chances are you’re now a millionaire!

Questions? Comments?

Any questions on the topic? Or do you feel pretty confident you now know the basics of online slot features?

If you are a more visual type, you can always check out our infographic and get all the info from our Beginner's Guide to Playing Slots at Online Casinos. And then any and all thoughts you have you can leave at our forum – we’re waiting!

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