Behind the Scenes: This Is Where Your Favourite Casinos Are Located

Behind the Scenes: This Is Where Your Favourite Casinos Are Located

It’s easy to forget that online casinos aren’t just websites. They’re real places with actual people who make it possible for you to have fun. Online casinos can be found all around the world, but most of them are based and/or licensed in these 5 regions. You might be surprised to find where your favourite online casino really is!

1) Malta

malta licence

IWCasino, Anna Casino, and Redbet Casino are just some of the leading online casinos built on the sunny shores of Malta. In fact, this tiny island is home to more than 250 different casinos.

It’s too bad you can’t actually visit the country when you play at a Maltese online casino. The island is one of Europe’s most popular vacation spots for a reason: warm beaches, great food, and a thriving nightlife.

Plus, when you play at an online casino in Malta, you’re only kilometres away from the oldest standing structures in the world: the Megalithic Temples. How cool is that?

2) Gibraltar

Gibraltar licence

It’s hard to spot on a map, but the UK territory of Gibraltar is a big deal in the online gaming world. It’s home to some of the most highly acclaimed casinos in the world, including Bet365 Casino, William Hill Vegas, and 32Red Casino.

Gibraltar’s most famous attraction? The Rock of Gibraltar, of course. Millions of tourists enjoy the stunning view from the top every year. There’s also plenty of caves to explore – including one that used to be a popular spot with the Neanderthals!

3) Alderney

Alderney licence

What do top sites like Paddy Power Games Casino, Genting Casino, and Sky Casino have in common? They’re all located on Alderney, the northernmost of the British Channel Islands.

When you connect to an Alderney online casino, you’re really playing on an isle with a fascinating blend of French and English cultures. And with no traffic lights and a slow speed limit, it’s definitely a lot calmer than Las Vegas.

4) Curacao

Curacao Licence

When you think of Curacao, your mind probably goes to the Caribbean Sea, rich investors, and the blue curacao in that cocktail of yours. But did you know that you’ve probably played your favourite games on this Dutch island? It’s home to some of our top casinos, including BitStarz Casino, 7BitCasino, and hundreds more.

Now, winning a jackpot on one of Curacao’s online casinos can be earth-shattering. But soon you’ll be able to leave the earth completely from this small island! (Even if it’s only for a minute or two.) The XCOR Lynx spaceplane will start taking passengers out of Earth’s atmosphere from Curacao in 2016.

5) Isle of Man

Isle of Man licence

Dozens of online casinos have set up shop in the Isle of Man, a British dependency sandwiched between Ireland and England. You’ve probably played at or at least heard of some of them: PokerStars Casino, 188BET Casino, and Mini Mobile Casino just to name a few.

And who could blame them? The Isle of Man is a pretty cool place. It’s got a rich history dating back to thousands of years ago. Its Tynwald is the oldest parliament in the world. And I think we can all agree that stubby-tailed Manx cats make the world just a little more awesome.

…and the rest!

These five small territories are home to the biggest portion of online casinos out there. But plenty of other places are home to our favourite places to play as well: Antigua and Barbuda, Cyprus, and Panama just to name a few. So the next time you’re at an online casino, take a moment to imagine what it's like behind the scenes in these intriguing locations.

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