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5 Tricks Land-Based Casinos Use to Make You Spend More

5 Tricks Land-Based Casinos Use to Make You Spend More

There’s nothing like stepping into a land-based casino. Seeing the bright lights, the cheers from winners, and the free booze flowing is enough to get anyone excited for a fun night.

But land-based casinos have tricks they use to keep you playing way longer than you intend. And when that happens, you’re almost certain to come away empty-handed.

1) Free drinks

Who doesn’t love to sip on a cool beer or a strong cocktail while they play? For me personally, it’s a huge part of the experience. And when the drinks are free, why not take advantage of them?

Well, the casinos can tell you why: because you’ll lose more when you drink. Sure, you might be getting $5 worth of liquor for practically nothing, but there’s nothing the house loves more than a tipsy gambler. Even after just a shot of whisky, you’ll be more apt to take bigger risks and make a mistake or two.

This is one of the big reasons online casinos are better for your pocketbook. It’s a lot harder to say “no thanks” to a free beer delivered right to you than it is to get up and grab another one from the fridge.

2) No clocks

Time flies when you’re having fun. But land-based casinos take it to a whole other level. In fact, when you’re playing for long enough, it’s easy to forget that time exists at all!

Because no matter where you look, you aren’t going to find a clock.

When you’re playing at home, it’s easy enough to glance down at your taskbar and see the clock whenever you want. But when you’re at a hot table, pulling out your phone to check the time isn’t so easy. And that’s assuming you don’t run out of battery life!

3) Chips and vouchers

Today’s land-based casinos hardly ever deal in cash. If you want to have a go at the blackjack table, you’ll have to trade your cash for chips before you can even play.

The same goes for slots and video poker machines, too. Gone are the days where you would plunk quarters, pull a lever, and hopefully catch more coins in your trusty bucket. Now you just put in your cash at the beginning and get a paper voucher when you want to switch games.

Sure, chips and vouchers might be convenient, but land-based casinos get an added benefit from them: they don’t feel like cash to players. When you’re in the heat of the action, it’s easy to forget that those little tokens or that piece of paper really is your money. It just doesn’t look like it!

4) Attractive wait staff

When you’re in the mood for a drink at a land-based casino, who’s going to take your order? Odds are, an attractive young woman in a push-up bra.

For many gamblers this is one of the best reasons to come to a casino. But when you’re busy ogling the wait staff, you might just find yourself hitting “Max Bet” every now and then, or accidentally hitting on your 19. Rest assured these little distractions can really add up in a hurry, and the casinos wouldn’t have it any other way.

5) No windows to the outside

We’re animals at heart. Whether you work outside or have an office job, taking a look at the sky every now and then is what keeps our internal clocks running smoothly.

Good luck finding a window when you’re in a land-based casino!

Sure, the lobby might be spacious and well-lit, but as soon as you step onto the gaming floor, you’re almost certainly going to see nothing but walls, decorations, and crowds of people scurrying to and from their hotel rooms. Just a few hours in these conditions can be enough to throw off your sense of time for the rest of the day.

It’s all about staying aware

Land-based casinos can be a lot of fun, but at the end of the day, these little tricks can really take a bite out of your bankroll. It’s just one of the many reasons online casinos really are the better deal.

What are some of the other tricks you’ve noticed on your visits to Vegas or your local brick-and-mortar casino? Share your thoughts over on our forum!

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