4 Things to Avoid So You're Not Labelled a Bonus Abuser

4 Things to Avoid So You're Not Labelled a Bonus Abuser

It’s no secret that online casinos give out bonuses. In fact, it’s one of the best reasons to play online. But at the end of the day, all casinos are running a business, and preventing bonus abuse is crucial to maintaining the casino’s profit.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can enjoy bonuses time and time again without being labeled as a bonus abuser.

A note on bonus abuse

Before you dig into our list, keep in mind that “bonus abuse” means different things to different casinos. To some, it means violating the rules of the bonus. Other casinos may use this term to refer to advantage play or other activities that are not expressly prohibited but can lead to bonuses no longer being offered to a player. We’ll address the full spectrum of bonus abuse in this article.

1. Never break the rules of a bonus

This one is straightforward. If you claim a bonus offer, it’s always your responsibility to read through the terms and conditions of that bonus and play accordingly. The terms are written to give everyone a fair chance at winning. If you violate them, the casino is always within its rights to deny you your winnings from the bonus.

So don’t let that happen! Always make sure you understand every single term in the bonus rules. Only play on permitted games at the allowed bet limits. Clear your entire wagering requirement, and abide by any specific rules for certain games. If you have any questions, ask them. And if a casino support representative isn’t helpful, consider playing somewhere else rather than risking it.

2. Deposit without a bonus every now and then

Casinos like to give out bonuses, but you are at risk of being banned from receiving future bonuses if you claim too many within a short timeframe. This is especially true if the bonuses have generous terms, such as a low playthrough and/or a high match percentage.

Our advice? Break it up a bit. Playing without a bonus once in a while will go a long way in preventing you from being labeled a bonus abuser. Plus, not having any restrictions on your play can be a refreshing change.

3. Don’t drastically change your bet sizing during playthrough

One of the biggest reasons people are labeled as bonus abusers is because of a technique where players hit a desired win target and “grind” the rest of their wagering requirement. It works like this:

A player has a set win goal in mind, say $400 on a $100 deposit. She claims a 100% match offer and starts with a $200 bankroll. She picks a permitted table game, such as pai gow poker, and wagers big until she hit the $400 target. Then she just spins on the slots at the minimum bet (grinding) until her wagering requirement is met.

More and more casinos are prohibiting big bets on bonuses because of grinding

More and more casinos are prohibiting big bets on bonuses because of grinding. But even if you play at a casino that doesn’t mention bet sizing in the terms and conditions, you should still avoid this play pattern if you want to keep getting offers from that site.

4. Don’t always cash out as soon as you hit playthrough

As soon as you clear the wagering requirement on a bonus, you’re free to withdraw your funds. But if a casino sees you doing this several times in a short span of time, they may decide to no longer offer you a promotion.

Keep in mind that not all casinos care. You’re bound to have a big lucky streak every now and then, and any reputable casino understands this.

Still, if you suspect a casino is going to bonus ban you, consider extending your playtime beyond the wagering requirement after your next bonus win – even if it’s just for a few minutes.