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Vanguards Casino

As a brand new casino just launched in the fall of 2009, Vanguard Casino has rapidly grown in popularity, especially with US players. It's a casino with a heavy focus on Customer Service, with support always available to players at all hours of the day, and amazing promotions that have proven to attract new players and keep them coming back to play. But of course, it's really the game variety that has got players talking, with Rival Gaming's unique games that all players just can't wait to try out!

Customer Support

The Customer Support options at Vanguard Casino include all of the usual options - phone, email and live chat are all available 24/7 and offer superior Customer Service, but they go the extra mile by also providing an FAQ document for the enterprising and independent player who wants to try to find the answers to their questions on their own. The FAQ document provides answers to pretty much anything you would want to know. It addresses initial questions that players might have about the download and installation process and potential technical issues that might be encountered. It also explains complete information about all of the promotions, their wagering requirements and other associated terms and conditions; addresses questions that might come up regarding the game variety; explains banking options including the process for deposit and withdrawal, and more.
Of course, if players would rather have on-one-one Customer Support instead of using the FAQ to address their questions and concerns, the fastest way is to use the Live Chat, or there are toll-free phone numbers and query specific email addresses.


Anyone who plays at online casinos on a regular basis have without a doubt heard about Rival Gaming Software by now. It offers a safe and secure gaming experience for its players, with realistic graphic, and to top it all off has a unique game variety with exclusive games that have transformed Slot games as we've come to know them.
Most Rival Gaming Casinos are available by download only, and that is the case with Vanguard Casino as well. The download process is, however, quite fast since an initial package of games is installed along with the casino software. Additional games are downloaded in the background after the software has been launched.


All of Rival Gaming's offerings are available at Vanguard Casino and there is a fantastic variety. The i-slots are the best part of the experience since the combine elements of video games, bonus slots and typical slot play to give players an even more complete gaming experience. Table games and speciality games are also available along with a selection of classic slots games and video poker.
Vanguard Casino has a special feature on their site, allowing players to preview the games before they even sign up and download. There are screenshots for all of the games, as well as descriptive information to help introduce players to what's offered.


  • Reliable innovative software
  • Superior Customer Support


  • No instant play casino
  • Options don't cater to an international market


Vanguards Casino Reviews by Players


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zerooo 742 reviews
For me Vanguards Casino is just another online casino where I took no deposit bonus. This casino is powered by Rival software provider. So you can find only video games from that software. I joined Vanguards Casino some time ago, at least two to three months ago.

The no deposit bonus was 20$. This bonus was available only once to new real money casino players upon signing up. The wagering was set to x50 bonus while the max cash out was set to x5 times the bonus. So 100$ max cash out. I think this is still good, because it is free money; with some luck you can request cash out and that's it.

I was not playing here for a long time, because I had more bad than good luck. I got some small winnings, but I never raised my balance so much that I would raise my bet too. So in the end I lost 20$ no deposit bonus and this was my experience on this casino.

If you want to play here you can choose between instant mode play or download software mode. That time I downloaded their software in case if i will play again in future my PC will remember username. But I never really play more here, after some days I deleted software.

I think i trust much more in this casino than into some other online casinos powered by Rival. The reason is because Vanguards Casino is here without any complaint at all. There are many Rival online casinos which have a lot of complaints, but this one looks really great on this point. I think I could play here with my own money too, I trust them. But I am not so sure if I will make deposit, because Rival just isn't my favorite software. The promotions are good, maybe the welcome bonus for first deposit could be a little higher to 200% match deposit. I will rate it with 8 stars.
katemak 1170 reviews
This is another Rival Casino which I really enjoyed playing at. I must admit I am not such a big fan of Rival casino games but seeing 20 $ free chip which needed to be wagered X 50 and the maximum cash out was 60 $,coming from Rival casino with no complaints and even if I searched on another sites I couldn't find anything bad, I really wanted to try and to wager that bonus.

I wanted to play in the flush version, but since I couldn't don't know why, I downloaded the casino, opened my account and found those 20 $ free chip in my account. I claimed that promotion and even if I wager the bonus the 25$ needed to be deposited in their casino as a verification process. I have to say I have never deposited in Rival casino and the reason for that is even if they are trusted their payment time frame is a bit long for my taste, but if I wager the bonus I was ready to make deposit just because I kind a trust this casino.

I played Metal Detector slot, I like playing this slot, just because it has bonus round and free spins round also and didn't play this game for a long time. At the beginning I was going pretty great, catch the free spins feature 2 times the bonus round also and was having 70$ on my account. I don't understand, why every time I raised my bet, the game goes downhills, well the minute I raised my bet the next 20 spins were so empty and I lost half of the money.

I switched the game and played Ocean Treasure slot, but for nothing. O lost all the bonus money and I really wanted to wager this bonus, because from all I have read about them that one member got hes money in less that 6 hours was pretty great surprise. Well it was a freebie, maybe I will catch another one from this nice casino.
They have great support have to say that because while I was playing I have contact them and they seem to be friendly and professional. Try the freebie it wont cost you anything and if you are big fan of Rival games I think they are trusty casino, good luck!
blondie 1094 reviews
Recently I joined Vanguards casino, which is powered by Rival software. I joined them because I've heard some nice things about them so I just downloaded their software and signed up.

I went to their cashier and saw they have a 20€ free chip for new players. I didn't even check before, whether they have something like that, but I was happy to see that offer and I took it. I played only Moonlight Mystery, which is my new top game from Rival. At first I placed 0.15€ bets per spin and I didn't have any luck with it. No free spins, only a few times bonus, which gave me not more than 2€. I was losing so when I had 10€ left I thought- let's risk, and placed 0.30€ bets and pressed 25 autospins. Finally my free spins arrived and gave me a 40(!)€ win,I was happy. I had about 50€ balance and I increased my bets to 0.60€ and played autospins again. This time only small wins appeared, few bonus rounds with 5€ wins but it didn't change the fact I was loosing more than winning.

Eventually I lost all my balance but I really liked Vanguards casino and I have to say so far the overall appearance of it makes it my top Rival casino. Few days later I contacted the live support and asked about their deposit methods and made a minimum 20€ deposit. The chat was really nice, I didn't have to wait to get connected with them and they made me feel like they care, which is a very positive thing. I used the money on Moonlight Mystery and Spy game both with 0.15€ bets, but they didn't give me any wins and I got busted within 40 minutes of playing.

I like Vanguards casino, I think they are trustworthy. The software works great, chat is nice and the casino lobby looks nice. I give them 8/10 and recommend.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
I’m always happy to find some no deposit bonus offer and try my luck in meeting the wager. My Neteller balance lately always seems to be zero so no deposit bonuses and free spins offers are my only choice. Lately I have been playing more and more in Rival casinos. That is the software that I have played the least and still have a lot of free promotions to claim.

Surfing the no deposit list at some affiliate site I came across Vanguards casino. I know that most Rival casinos are problematic when it comes to payout so I decided to see some of the reviews here at Askgamblers about this casino. I was very happy to see that Hajnrih wagered the no deposit bonus and he got paid very fast and without problems. That was enough for me to make an account here and try my luck. I took the 20 euros no deposit bonus and started to play Sherwood Forest on a minimum 0.20 bet. When my balance dropped to 14 euros I had a big win in the 5 free spins bonus round and my balance went up to 30 euros. I was very happy with this and continued to play this game for some time more.

I had a few more descent wins here and decided to change the game. I tried A Switch in Time but the game wasn't in the mood for some big payouts so I moved on to Cleopatra's Coins playing on a higher bet. I got the free spins but with a very low payout and I continued to play more here on the same bet. My balance dropped to 4 euros and I got 20 free spins on my 0.75 bet. The win from the free spins was good about 40 euros. I decided to risk it all and raised my bet to 1,50 euros and soon lost all of my money.

I had fun playing here and I am sure that this is one of the few safe Rival casinos to play in.
Imvikas911 117 reviews
Got 20$ free from the vanguards casino and they are also a part of the vanguards casino. This bonus was not from the affiliate site and was their own bonus. I got registered here and claimed the bonus for the cashier and started for the action.I could not open the bust a vault game in the beginning and then spoke to the live chat staff and they asked me to refresh but then again it did not work. Then i had to restart the casino and log in again. And thankfully it worked then. I always was getting the cherry thing on any of the reel and was getting paid for that but most of the time i was 1 or 2$ if i was betting 2 coins.

Left this game with a profit of 10$ i think that is a lot of money considering the amount of money i was betting on one spin. Then i opened big cash win and this game took all the profits earned even though it is my favourite but sometimes the games differ from one casino to another and hence this one did not pay out here as much as i had thought. but chicken little is the least paying thee reel slot
here and all i got was any 2 bar thing and that ti 3 times and apart form that no other feature flashed in front of my screen.

i slots were also good and i always play the as the reel turn ep1 only . And hit the Ivan thing a couple of times but the best here was BJ. It was not like playing against the house but it was like playing against the other player because lets accept the house always has the advantage against us This time i hit the BJ 4 times and busted the dealer a lot of times. And the strategy was simple that i would hit go for hit when the total of my 2 cards would cross 16.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Vanguards casino is just another Rival casino I joined looking for some no deposit bonus. I found a no deposit offer of 20 euros on some affiliate site with a 50 x bonus wager. This no deposit bonus had a maximum cash out of only 60 euros. You have to admit that’s not a lot to withdraw but I had nothing to do during the night so I decided to take the bonus and give it a try.

I went to their website and it was nothing fancy I have to admit. Just a standard Rival site without many animations. I was surprised to see an instant play option. I tried it but for some reason It wasn't working. I downloaded the software and made an account. I took the bonus and started playing. One thing that I hate most in Rival casinos is that you can't see how much you have wagered while playing a bonus. I had a really good run here. I started playing Cleopatra's Coins and got free spins very early. As I was playing on a minimum 0.15 bet the win wasn't very big 3-4 euros tops. I decided to raise my bet after every 50 spins in case I get free spins or a bonus. It actually worked.

The first time I raised my bet on 0.75 I got free spins and managed to re trigger the feature for a total of 50 free spins. I also got the pick up bonus at the end and had a win of 101 euros. A very good start. From there on I got free spins a few more times raising my bet every time andhad wins twice of 99 euros. During the play I contacted live chat a few times asking how my wager was going. It’s a good thing that they were constantly online. I managed to meet the wager and I will have to deposit 25 euros in order to make the withdrawal.

I’m pretty confident that I will reverse this withdrawal and try my luck again on Cleopatra’s Coins hoping for a bigger win. Will update you on how that goes.
yapro 790 reviews
Vanguards casino using games from rival, and you can expect same software like at any other rival casino, because i never see any difference at all rival casinos i played, all casinos have the same good and quality full software.

I played at vanguards casino few times, and at first i am of course take no deposit bonus from vanguards casino, it was 20$. I am always take no deposit bonus if possible, because i can get some playtime even without deposit my own money, and moreover if i win from my no deposit bonus, i really did not need to deposit in this casino, and can use my money to play in some another casino. My no deposit bonus i played at scary rich 2 i-slot, and unfortunately it was not long lasting, since i am betting high in order to get fast increment of my balance.

After few days passed i was able to get 100% bonus in this casino, i never heard anything bad about this casino before, and decide that it is safe to make 40$ deposit in this casino, if i win casino will pay me, i was sure in this.First slot that i decide to play was spy game, i have a feeling that this game should be hot for me today, but my feeling cheat me hard, and after losing 30$ on this slot without even hitting feature i decide not risk and did not wait for feature, so i just leave this slot. Last slot that i played with this deposit was as the reels turns part one , i had small balance but betting high, and like in most cases this does not give me anything good, and i lost.

I rate this casino with 6 stars, because from my deposits i was not able to test payouts, and also did not test customer support.
In Vanguard Casino I made my first steps into the world of on line gambling . Not just a step , it was a huge step . Of course I took 20 euros ND bonus of their promotion and my first choice game was All Aboard . So I started with my first spin on bet of 4 euros ( you should keep in mind that I had no clue of on line gambling ) and like the old gamblers saying says : " Better be lucky then smart " , for my first spin ever I got free spins and from those spins , I made 400 euros Cash Out. You can imagine my excitement and happiness at that moment.

After all aboard I switched to other slot games : atomic age , gusher gold , hole in won where i won some unbelievable wins and finally after one hour of gambling I filled out wager and my balance was over 400 euros . Unfortunately max Withdrawal was only 100 , 110 euros if I clearly remember . Even I was familiar with wager I kept on gambling while my balance wasn't at max. amount for cash out and I enjoyed playing great Rivals slot machines . My money was on my Skrill or Moneybookes's account after approximately 7 days , in the meantime I sent all documents they asked for , ID copy and copy of utility bills . I will tell you , all of the money I won I deposited into another on line casino and of course like it usually happens, beginners luck doesn't last forever I lost all of my money for a very short period of time.

As you probably know , to become a solid gambler its takes a lot of experience and a lot of money . Overall what to say about vanguard casino where I have started my gambling adventures and I never had problems with withdrawal. I say recommend this casino , and give a 7/10
I registered my account at this casino via askgamblers because I saw that they are offering a no deposit bonus and this is great for me!When I want to try a casino,I am looking if there is available a no deposit bonus to test the casino and to see if I have any chance to win something!

After registration of the account,I decided to play some slots with the 20$ no deposit bonus!This bonus has only 25 times wagering requirements but I didn’t managed to complete them because I had no luck!I played the Future Fortunes slot and I managed to catch the free spins feature 3 times and also the bonus feature 5 times!It was a moment when my account balance almost reached 100$ and I thought that I will complete the wagering requirements but suddenly the game didn’t paid anything! With only 5$ on my account,I changed the game and played Scary Rich 2 slot but again the luck wasn’t by my side and I lost the money!

I cant say that it was a nice experience but also it wasn’t so bad and I think I will come back at this casino and I will take the 100% deposit bonus!Maybe I will win something big,who knows!

I will rate this casino from my own experience even if I didn’t made a deposit here!I will start with the bonuses and I can say that their bonuses are really awesome because they have low wagering requirements and also the 1st deposit bonus is great,only 25 times wagering,so I will give a 9 for the bonuses,an 8 for the games because they don’t have a lot of slots,9 for the support team because they have live chat and this is important for me because I want to solve my problems very quickly!Overall I think this isnt a bad casino and I am very sure that I will come back soon!
kruno1414 36 reviews
Hello , my next station on Rival casinos reviews is Vanguard casino.I will continue to review Rival casinos until I review every experience I had with them.So as on almost every their casino , Vanguard also offers no deposit bonus among many other deposit bonuses . They offer 20$ no deposit and their wagering requirements are 50x . Well no matter how big requirements are I always have hope that I will success and 50x wagering is big ,but not that big ,cause in a lot of other casinos requirements are 90x or 100x bonus. Next thing that is very good about this casino is their support , they answered fast and they were very , let’s say cool.

I redeemed my bonus and with that I started playing Video Slots . First slot I played was Zombiezze Money , this was my first time playing this slot . I started playing with 0.80$ bet per spin because 20$ is not much money . I saw that this slot have two kind of bonuses , free spins with 3x multiplier , expanding wild and jackpot . On my second or third spin I got into the bonus rounds , in this bonus u have ten doors and you choose four of them and gain coins , I was lucky and got 36$ . As I raised my balance I raised also bet per spin to 1$, Soon I got into another bonus round , this time you pick a weapon aim with your mouse and kill zombies  but this one isn’t generous like the first one .

Anyway I got a very nice amount of money from this slot , when I saw it stop giving I changed to my favourite slot Diamond Temple and after a long play of slots I did manage to successfully wager 1000$ they asked for . I am sure I wagered more but I was so much in love with slot I didn’t pay attention.

I contacted support they said I wagered successfully and I may claim my winnings after I deposit 25$. I had a feeling that this time something will go wrong like few times before with Rival casinos , as my brother played earlier and he recommended me this casino. Next day I tried to log in I couldn’t , they blocked my account , after contacting them , they said a player with same surname , same address of living was playing and that multiple accounts are forbidden and my winnings are void. I didn’t wanted to argue as I know they decision is final , I know that my country is in their list listed as bonus abusive even if this time they are not right I couldn’t change their decision . For the end lets just say this Is regular Rival casino .
Irine 232 reviews
Vanguard casino is the sister casino of Slot power casino in terms of platform they've used Rival Software. This quite casino serves and accommodate the needs of the players although their graphics is not so professional. The fast payout is their nice attribute as a player i want a fast payout process when it comes to a casino. They have many unusual bonus and promotion that surprisingly interesting to claim! The navigation is nice and you will find what ever game you want and options. I downloaded their casino software i don't want to play their instant version because i can't feel their casino spirit. After that i claim their no deposit bonus worth of $20 quickly play it at five reel and progressive slots like major moolah and cosmic quest.

What i disappoint the most is on their blackjack i don't want to play it because of poor quality or i am accustomed to advanced blackjack games. The free money didn't live longer and after that i quickly deposited $50 to start the real mode! I play the games that i play in their free money.I got $50 right? but when i claimed their 100% promotion i got $100 to start but the wagering requirements is 25 times the bonus of 50 and plus 50 is equal to $2500. I am annoyed when i find the wagering status and i contacted their support and the representative said that i can find it in main option!

After 72 hours of chatting with their customer representative and playing different slots and eligible table games i finished the wagering! I quit quickly to deposit and get their second deposit bonus! Playing is not bothering as it's because i resume playing to prevent bothering. The withdrawal with verification takes 3-4 days after i got it and i deposited the 1/4 of what i withdraw . Exciting and worth to play give it a try and you will experienced! I rated them B overall !
They are basically a rival gaming casino, but they seems to me fair because they didn’t had a single complaint from them and it is always a good signal. I made a little research from them casino and I saw they offers free credits to try the casino without money risking. I decided I join to them and I created an account. After it I went to the promotion page and saw the terms and conditions I was a little bit shocked, the free 20 euro has 50 times wagering requirements with 60 euro max cash out, and if you want to withdraw your money you need to deposit minimum 25 euro for verification purposes. Anyway I claimed my no deposit promotion and went to the scary riches slot and started to play with 0.45 euro per bet.

After a few spins later I get the 10 free spins, that wasn’t my life best free spins but I collected 14 euro from it. I decided I double up the limit 0.8 euro before I reached 12 euro I get the free spins again but this time I went up to 87 euro, I raised the limit again this time 1.6 euro.

Thereafter I started to lose all of my bonus money so I changed my strategy, I raised up to 2 euro, on my third spin I get the free spin feature again. This time I get 76 euro from it so I was on 117 euro.

I had 1000 euro play through before I can withdraw I knew I didn’t have too much to wager. I began to trust the withdrawal but unfortunately that slot took back all of my winnings.

I leaved that casino without winnings but I know if the next time I wants to play on rival casinos I will choose them.

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