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Planet 7 Casino is part of the Crystal Palace Group who have been reported for slow withdrawals and impossible wagering requirements. It is also linked with the notorious rouge Virtual Casino Group who are known for slow payments and have been reported of voiding player winnings. Therefore, we do not recommend this casino to players.


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StuartPICT 2 reviews
United States
The games are fun and they make it very easy to deposit your money. The free spins suck you in but the withdrawals are impossible.
This is the second time around that I have won and had to fight to get my money. I was hopeful the first time around was an anomaly, but it appears to be the norm. They are happy to take your money, but make getting your money out nearly impossible. Horrible experience dealing with them unless you file a complaint.
Lscp1972 1 review
United States
Games are fun but when you win that's a different ball game.
The wait time for payout is ridiculous, the reps are rude and unprofessional. He told me us Americans tend to send things to the wrong address when I told him I had already sent the documents and they should have them already.
I will never ever deposit with them again hopefully I'll get the money I won, if not lesson learned.
I hope this review is helpful to someone so they don't go through the **** just to get their payout
BluffCity 1 review
United States
Game choices.
Slow pay / No pay. Runaround excuses by agents. Ineptitude in general, specifically in the way handoffs are managed between agents and Accounts Payable. Interminable delay of payment.

Level 2 VIP is an acronym for "Sucker". Every call/chat results in an "Escalation" of Payouts, yet the elevator never leaves the basement. It took 4 months to get a check for $402. Currently have 3 pending payouts totaling around $1000, with one "Approval" dating back in mid-February!!! I check every Friday to play "Where's Planet 7 Hiding My Money", to their annoyance and my perpetual frustration. On one such Chat, a Planet 7 representative with a Vietnam Caller ID guaranteed I would be paid by next Friday.(That was early April, no payment has been made).

They are equally inept whether paying by check, bank wire, or Bitcoin...I've tried all three. If anyone enjoys reading, I have saved all the Chat Transcripts and will gladly post them to expose this scam. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME/MONEY HERE!!!
weebz69 1 review
United States
The game play is fun. Alot of games to choice from.
Withdrawals take forever, I asked for $700 the first time didn't understand how it works so just gave up. Then I asked for $220 on march 30th 2017 I sent in all my documents was denied, then I asked again for the $220 sent the documents to two different emails address again denied. Contacted customer service they told me to send the documents to the same email addresses I have before. I am pretty sure I will never get my money I even tried to ask for my money in bitcoins and still was denied and I spent a whole day trying to figure out what the heck a bitcoin was.. And the funniest part when I deposited money my bank said it was from hair supply place lol, um scam 101. I will never play at this casino again. I hope a person who is thinking of playing here reads this and stays away!!!!
sticksandstones907 2 reviews
United States
Good game selection, decent bonuses if you use the right ones, free spins for depositing members.
The payout process is ridiculous. I had to send in the documents that they asked for nine different times to five different email addresses and a fax number. My first payout took just over three months of me contacting the m every single day. They will give you all kinds of different email addresses to send anything to, (creditcard@planet7mail.com, help@planet7mail.com, accounting@planet7mail.com, manager@planet7mail.com, payments@casinosupportcenter.com, and there were one or two other ones that I don't remember) promising that that will be theone that works and that it has been escalated to a manager. I was told that for almost seven weeks before it showed that it was escalated.

Most of the time, the customer service reps were rude. And out of the 19 or 20 times that I asked to speak to a manager, I was told no all but three or four of them. They lied constantly, saying that the payment had been sent, and then the next day when I checked again just to make sure, they said that it hadn't and wouldn't be for at least a week. They payout process was just ridiculous.
syknewyork 1 review
United States
The variety of games. Good graphics,autoplay feature.
The excess charges on deposits,example you deposit $300 and when you look at bank statement it will show a fee sometimes $20 to 30 more on card. Also slow withdrawal process, example I was approved on Nov 17 2016 that my withdrawal was approved and many chat and emails later with this delay and then being told my info needed to be updated, did that kept getting the run around it was escalated and finally got my check Feb 2 2017. My withdrawal was for $2500 and after all that going back and forth which they never once contacted me, I had to get after them and check status of my withdrawal I finally received my check which I had to take a day off from work to be there for fedex the total was 1900+. A far different value than the 2500 withdrawal. So this time I set up for wire transfer. My withdrawal was approved March 31 and was informed that on April 4 a check was cut and now I am waiting for email for when the delivery will be. I asked on chat why I was getting a check and they assured me that my next withdrawal will be a wire transfer. Everything if you deposit on a special offer will be deducted from your withdrawal even if you surpass their play through requirement.
Gpok 1 review
That I can finally close this disgraceful rubbish that claims they are a legitimate company now I have been paid.
It took 4 months to get paid. Their financial strategy is that you give up asking. Don't. They are on the cusp of bankruptcy and need every single dollar they can get. This is literally run by a couple of teenagers who scrambled enough money together to get a licence. They have not complaints process and will regularly ignore your emails.
RTG software.Quick customer service.

Planet 7 and it's sister casinos have paid me $15k since 1/1/2017. I kept spreadsheeets of my winnings over a 9 month endeavor of playing their casinos. I was beginning to worry, but they came through. It's almost unnerving to receive $2.5k in Bitcoin each week. Sure, I'm cut off from bonus coupons, etc. I can't blame them.. that's a business decision. I have enjoyed playing.

I speak from almost a year of experience with these guys. You WILL get paid. Follow up with them and provide the documents they ask for.
Withdrawal delays are a bit lengthy. Wouldn't be so bad with better status updates.
Barbara58 1 review
United States
Good variety of games and fun to play-hard to say anything good about a casino that you are so upset with!!
Lot easier to give than to get back!!!! As much as I have played and gave-I just wanted to try and see how much trouble withdrawal would be-impossible I guess. Withdrawal will be for under $700.00-but have had the biggest runaround.
Can you give a minus review??
HotHam 1 review
United States
Good games, free spins. Other then that there is nothing good about Planet 7.
Very slow pay and especially for US players! Doesn't seem to be any accountability within casino itself. You will get 5 different answers if you talk to 5 different people. Email accounts have been blocked and come back undelivered. Chat representatives just tell you anything without even having the facts.
TazSun 4 reviews
United States
I love the casino and the games. I've spent a lot of money at this casino consistently and most times spend it back in because it's fun.
The one time I have taken a withdrawal for $1500, I asked for on Nov. 26, 2016, I have yet to receive. I've sent many emails, most are returned back to me undeliverable, and the ones that have reached them take weeks to get answered. Their phone line doesn't work. Live chat keeps telling me that my payment has been escalated, but nothing is happening.

I refuse to deposit anymore money, because they haven't given me the withdrawal I requested. Their options of withdrawal aren't good either. They say they can't do Netteller payments to U.S. players, they say they need a swift number to do bank wires, but my bank doesn't have a swift number although accepts International transactions, and says for them to deposit using their U.S. bank (which they don't have), so my only choice is a check sent through the mail. Once I get the check, because of the lengthy wait, I wonder if it will be any good.

This is taking way too long, so I probably won't play at this casino anymore :(
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