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Planet 7 Casino is part of the Crystal Palace Group who have been reported for slow withdrawals and impossible wagering requirements. It is also linked with the notorious rouge Virtual Casino Group who are known for slow payments and have been reported of voiding player winnings. Therefore, we do not recommend this casino to players.


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TazSun 2 reviews
United States
I love the casino and the games. I've spent a lot of money at this casino consistently and most times spend it back in because it's fun.
The one time I have taken a withdrawal for $1500, I asked for on Nov. 26, 2016, I have yet to receive. I've sent many emails, most are returned back to me undeliverable, and the ones that have reached them take weeks to get answered. Their phone line doesn't work. Live chat keeps telling me that my payment has been escalated, but nothing is happening.

I refuse to deposit anymore money, because they haven't given me the withdrawal I requested. Their options of withdrawal aren't good either. They say they can't do Netteller payments to U.S. players, they say they need a swift number to do bank wires, but my bank doesn't have a swift number although accepts International transactions, and says for them to deposit using their U.S. bank (which they don't have), so my only choice is a check sent through the mail. Once I get the check, because of the lengthy wait, I wonder if it will be any good.

This is taking way too long, so I probably won't play at this casino anymore :(
sujazket71 1 review
United States
I was pretty impressed with Planet 7, despite all the negative reviews. The layout has a nice feel and there’s a lot of different games to choose from. I like the daily free spins and bonus offers. I play at other casinos too but really like the selection at Planet 7. I find the live chat reps responsive and polite.

The payouts I’ve asked for didn’t take that long, about 3 weeks. It would be nice if it was faster, obviously, but they did pay.
Payment is by check and takes too long, wire transfer would be much better and faster.
albert79100197 2 reviews
United States
They are average, no problems. I like the graphics and all that stuff, but most casino's have that. What I'm interested in is winning and playing without problems arising, so the basics are good but the important things are lacking.
I dislike what all players dislike and that is the sloooow payouts. Maybe they know something that we don't, All I know is that I like faster payouts and it would make me play even more. As I said in a previous post Jackpot Capital is the fastest payout I've ever seen. Even with a check it takes about 4 days for me to get it.

I put it in the bank and it's ready to use the next day! My old bank wanted me to sign papers saying it might take weeks to clear and they charged me $35 to clear it. What crap! I'm not plugging Jackpot Capital, I'm just telling you want my experience has been over 5 to 10 payouts, So far, So good. We should boycott some of the lazy payers and put them out of business. I'll save a copy of my check so anyone who doubts me can see it for themselves.
albert79100197 2 reviews
United States
I like some of the bonuses. Most everything is good.
Now we get to the payouts. I can't believe they would make someone wait so long. I chose a check payout and after a month of waiting I chatted and the person said that I did not pick my method of payout. I did it on the form when I made it out. Now it puts me back in like for a payout by a few weeks. When I look at the casino app on my computer it gives me a sick and an angry feeling.
How could they be so stupid as to realize that payout is the most important thing for us.

I'm going to tell you something that you might not believe. I play at Jackpot Capital. Often I play on a Sunday. We just did that. We won 1000 dollars. I will receive the money by check on Thursday of this week!! 4 Days! That has happened many times. I'll deposit it in my BOA account and I can start spending it the next day! Before that my local bank made me sign a paper that the check might take a month to clear PLUS they charged me $35 to clear it!
Somewhere on the internet there should be a players blog to report their experiences so we can boycott these cheating casinos!
cdmcdonald3 3 reviews
United States
The games are fun and the free daily spins are a bonus. I have also won enough to make a few withdraws.
Receiving a check is a nightmare. I have requested 3. The first 2 took exactly 2 months to arrive. The 3rd still has not been received and it has been almost 3 months. I have tried calling several times and cannot get anyone on the phone and my previous attempts to speak to someone through chat, over the course of 2 months, I have been told 5-7 business days. Today I am being told that it has not even been sent to the processor and that, as usual, they are experiencing delays. At least the person I spoke to on chat today was friendly which is a welcomed change from the rudeness I have been experiencing and discontinued chats when they tire of answering my questions.

In the United States don't expect to be able to just deposit the money and start using it. My bank holds the funds for 4-6 weeks before they release them because the checks are from a foreign bank. Wire transfer is an option although I have never received a clear answer from Planet 7 about whether or not it will actually be faster but I am not comfortable providing all of the information they are requesting.
sticksandstones907 1 review
United States
The game selection is okay. Quick and easy sign up, and free chips by email sometimes.
Won almost $2000 in a slot, played over half of it at the casino. Then I filled out the paperwork for a withdrawal and emailed it to the addresses on the bottom of the form. Then I requested a withdrawal for the remainder. A few days later, I started a live chat to ask if the documents had been received. I didn’t want to know if they were reviewed or approved or accepted or denied. I just wanted to know if they were sent to the correct address, and if the email got there.

Over the next three weeks, I dealt with rude customer service agents, who almost always refused to let me speak to a manager, only being transferred a total of 5 times, and having to wait over an hour in some cases, out of the 21 times that I asked. They either just flat out refused, said the manager was busy and they gave them my info, or that he didn’t have any more information than they did and he would tell me the same thing. I ended up having to send the documents required (my ID and the front and back of my cards, and a bank statement, sensitive info) to eight different email addresses, all more than once, and to a fax number. Each time was the last time, they promised. Finally, I was given the correct email address to send the information to, payments@casinosupportcenter.com, which isn’t anywhere on the form you fill out or the website. They were finally approved three weeks after the request, and the withdrawal was approved two days later.

Over the next few weeks, countless conversations, and a whole lot of headache, I got to the point where I could pretty much word for word tell the customer service agents how they would answer my questions because I had heard them so much. Every agent assured me that they escalated my account so that the process would be expedited. About 7 weeks after the request, I was promised a payment the next week by a manager and the financial manager. The next week, they said they didn’t have the required information and requested more, which I supplied and they approved that day, but said to be patient and they couldn’t tell me when or about when I would be paid. Just that I would be eventually.

Then, exactly two months after the withdrawal was requested, I spoke to a customer service agent who very promptly transferred me to a manager after I told her what she would say if I asked her anything, and that manager was very helpful. He informed me that the three previous managers that I spoke with, all named Ray and said they weren’t the other ones, must have all been the same person, because there was only one Ray. He also informed me that every time I was told that my case had been escalated was also untrue. It hadn’t. Then he transferred me to the finance department, where I spoke to an individual who said that my payment was being sent that very day. Great News!! Yay.

Later that day, I started a live chat and asked about the status of my withdrawal, and was told it had been sent.

Three days later, I got an email from them saying that my info had been updated and that I should wait a few days for the payment to be sent.


So I started a live chat and sure enough, it had not been sent at all. After speaking with another manager, and having to get up at 3 AM to speak with the finance department (same individual as before). She told me that there was an unexpected complication, wouldn’t tell me what it was, and that they had put a hold on my account, but she couldn’t say why. Then, she said that she would forward my info to a colleague and email me when it had been sent out that day.

I got the email that morning, checked back in live chat for the status, sent with a transaction number. I checked again a couple days later, and it was still saying sent, but that there was no transaction number.

Date of Withdrawal Request: 10/2/2016
Date of Approval: 10/21/2016
Date Payment was Sent: 12/6/2016
Date Payment was Received: It hasn’t been…
johnlivings99 1 review
United States
I got some winnings over the years here. I like their games. They have good variety. Good bonuses that give free spins. Won $750 last time off a $50 deposit and cashed out.
But they were slow to pay last time even though I got them the proof or address they wanted right away! Customer service told me on live chat they need this every 6 months. I found this frustrating. It took about 5 weeks to get the check. And it was a check! Why not a wire transfer? I give them 7 stars because I really do like the games. Witches Brew and Ceasars are my favorites right now but the super slow payment is a drag.
mavzx9r 1 review
United States
At first the site was great. Easy to make deposits, games are good. Hitting was often. Thats the end of good.
Now the fun stuff: I used a promotion code for a deposit bonus. This code was for slots and keno, no problem, I played slots for quite some time and did well. After I completed the play through for the bonus, I decided to try my luck at a table game, "let em ride", after roughly 9-10hrs of play, I ran up slightly $9,000 in winnings. GREAT!! woohoo.. At this point I wanted to withdrawal some, it said I had a $2,500 max cash out, no sweat, I then got an email stating that they had received my request and wanted me to send my information in, ID, credit card authorization etc. I did this and faxed it to the number they supplied.

I got a call about 8 hours later from a"manager, Mark", he looked and noticed that i used a promo code for my deposit that was for "slots and keno", I agreed, he then informed me that because the promo was for slots and keno, my winnings were void, and he had to remove them from my account. WHAT?? I met the play through requirements, then moved on to another game, US PLAYERS BEWARE, I have a strong feeling this was because I'm from the US. I'm not out a whole lot, i never actually had the 9k in my hand, but just the fact that they pulled this, is totally unacceptable . If I'm out of line with my thinking, someone please let me know.
lashun316 1 review
United States
I like the different games that they have especially the Ghost ship game and Big Bopper. I didn't like them at first because I was knew to online casinos. Silveroak was actually my first online casino followed by Planet 7 and then Royal Oak.

I joined some due to a promotion of the sister companies but have played more at planet 7 of the past few months then anything. I am usual so bad a gambling and that is online and land based that when I got my first when to cash out I didn't believe and it was under a free chip or No deposit bonus so it had a limit on $100 max withdrawal. Free Tournament and live dealers
Slow withdrawals. First time withdrawals are through check but then you have a few more choices. US players are limited on Check or Bankwire and it seems even though Bankwire is suppose to Faster it is about the same amount of time with processing and approval time frames to delivery. Payout time frames getting longer than its hard to get in touch with anyone.
L-Elle U. 2 reviews
United States
I have been playing at this casino since summer 2015. I am currently their level 2 VIP player. I find they have one of the best deposit bonuses. I find the best deposit bonuses through the email they send me. It is not advertise and is not on their promotion site. They also allow you to redeem NO DEPOSIT bonus in between deposit. But the max cashout are usually $100.

Also being a VIP player does have its perks. Such as you get weekly and monthly cashback (if you didn’t win).

Please read the T&C for more details the following I had mentioned above.
Their withdrawal time is ridiculous. I am looking to play at another casino pretty soon due to their slow payment. 7-14 days for pending? I think they do that because they are hoping player will cancel it and end up losing it all back to the casino.

The fastest I had ever gotten a pay out from them are in 3 weeks after I requested a withdrawal. And that is from me harassing them every other days. They will take longer if I don’t harass the live chat.

I love their bonuses and their vip perks but waiting that long for the payout has finally made me planning to break away before end of the year.
lmb219 2 reviews
United States
No rules bonuses, no max cash out, games are fun. Possible to win large amounts. I have cashed out over 12,000 here, and so far have received about half, so I am hopeful that I will receive the rest. I would definitely suggest wire transfer or some other means then check next time!
Overall, terrible customer service, live chat disconnects you if you say something they don't like. There are exceptions, but they are few and far between.

Also, payouts are extraordinarily slow. I've requested payouts by check, and it is taken approximately two months on average to receive a pay out. They do pay, but they do not communicate anything about the pay out well, nor will you ever get a straight answer on when to expect your payment.
Planet 7's customer service is unbeatable. I can always expect a response from them 24/7 using email or their chat feature.

Withdrawal requests are approved in a relatively short amount of time as long as the required personal documentation is provided.

Withdrawals were a bit slow to arrive but I expected this from other reviews here. I would expect 60-90 days for a check to arrive. I received all that I had won however.

I can honestly recommend this casino. Just be prepared to wait on their long processing time for withdrawals. Not to worry. You will get paid.
tag1980 2 reviews
United States
Up to date games suite. It is standard RTG, so nothing very special here except bogus bonuses to get you to play.
I will not go into all the other things that make this a horrible place to play. But I do want to mention that I took a long break from playing here, and recently came back due to a free bonus. I immediately began receiving tons of scam phone calls that I hadn't received in months. I believe that the calls are directly related to my having logged in again to play at this site. They are crooked in more ways than you think.
MatyrylGrl 2 reviews
United States
Free spins but if you win they will not give it to you.
I requested a withdrawal in June for $900 and when I inquired about it, I was advised the money is not real money and I only can withdraw $100. So I said fine whatever. Customer service told me they will email me with the FedEx tracking no. Never got the email and FedEx attempted to deliver but no one was home last September, SEPTEMBER ok. When I called FedEx if they can re-deliver, they were advised by the sender to destroy it. I just spoke to a customer service rep via chat after waiting for 30 mins just to talk to one, asking what happen to my request and the rep gave me the tracking no. Grrrr I just told him what happened and now he told me to call back tomorrow and will forward the issue to the manager. 4 freaking months just for a $100 and I still don't have it!!! Will never play on this casino ever again!!!!
Deborah1971 1 review
United States
I like the speed of the slots and the winning is good.
Payouts are a struggle to get. First payout took 6 weeks after contacting them continually. My second payout for 1500 as opposed to the first of 200 I've yet to see. And now I can't get an answer when I call, chat conveniently ends before I get answered and this is after waiting on hold for a live chat support person for around 30 min. They say 24/7 but the last chat said most employees had gone home for the day since it was late in Purue? My advice- do t expect any large payout.
jeterfe 3 reviews
United States
Love the games. They have a wide variety and many with bonus rounds. I can play for a small amount like $3 or $5 and still win. I can sometimes go higher to $12 and still win.
I do not like that they are slow to pay you when you do win. I have been playing since January of this year. I have won lots of times but typically did not withdraw as it takes a while for them to approve the withdrawal. By the time they approve it, I had cancelled the withdrawal and spent all the money.

However when I did finally when and decided to withdraw, they are super slow. They also take the bonus money away from you if you win which is disappointing. If they got their withdrawals straight, they might be one of the better casinos.
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