Closed: This casino and all other brands within the RevenueJet group are blacklisted due to the massive amount of complaints submitted against them as well as the usage of various stalling tactics to delay and decline payments including but not limited to bogus security checks lasting for months.

Loco Panda Casino


Loco Panda Casino is a colorful online casino that combines the natural beauty of rural China with the modern gaming environment. They use RTG software to run their games and are backed by the management group Milore Limited. The casino currently holds a license in the jurisdiction of Curacao and welcomes players from most locations.


The variety of games at Loco Panda Casino is impressive. Although they offer all types of games, none are as diverse as their slots. Each of Loco Panda's video slot games offers players a unique combination of graphics, pay structure, and feature rounds. Whether you're looking for the high-volatility thrills of Paydirt! and T-Rex or less risky games like those with the RTG Feature Guarantee, you'll undoubtedly find a set of slots that is perfect for your style of play.

Loco Panda Casino certainly has a large number of table games as well. Within their selection are numerous blackjack variants, European and American roulette, baccarat, craps, and a number of different casino pokers. They even have a few hard-to-find games like Vegas Three Card Rummy and Caribbean Draw Poker.

Video poker lovers also have a wide range of games to choose from. Whether you're looking for the most popular variants like Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and Joker Poker, or more unusual ones like Double Double Jackpot Poker and Pick 'Em Poker, Loco Panda Casino has it. All of the games come with an easy-to-use, customizable interface with bet sizes ranging from just a quarter all the way up to $5 per coin.


Loco Panda Casino provides players with plenty of ways to contact a support professional. The most convenient way for most players is through the live chat service. This can be used either through the Loco Panda website or the casino software. You can also give them a call on their toll-free phone number, or send them an email if you do not need instant assistance. All methods are generally available 24/7.

Security and Fairness

Loco Panda Casino continues to provide a safe environment for online gaming. In fact, their network is one of the most secure in the online gaming world. By enabling 1024-bit RSA and SSL encryption, Loco Panda Casino guarantees your personal and financial information will not be stolen or compromised.

Loco Panda Casino also clearly believes in a fair game. Because they use world-famous RTG software, players can automatically know that each game is run by a completely genuine random number generator that offers a fair return. To validate this point, Loco Panda Casino have gone ahead and had TST conduct an audit of their games. Although the full report is not available, a certification seal can be seen on the bottom portion of the website.


  • Complete collection of diverse RTG slots, table games, and video pokers
  • 24/7 support through live chat, email, and US toll-free phone
  • Protected with SSL encryption
  • Tested and proven fair by TST


  • No international phone number
  • Third-party audit does not link to full report


Loco Panda Casino Reviews by Players


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Svyturys 2 reviews
Just tried to withdraw 125 on June 20th. I received and email stating that I had to fill out their faxback form along with copies of personal documents. I supplied them with all of the material required, what I need to do? I'm mailing them but I got answers that my mails can't get to them, and the casino page is even not working any suggestions?
Andrejlk A. 5 reviews
Czech Republic
Attention! This is a scam. I registered asserted no deposit bonus. And I won over $ 1500, this had seemed to me strange. I've met the playthrough conditions. The result was $ 1,100 for possible selection. Support told me that I need to make a deposit. I was almost fooled when I found mention of the fact that these scammers. Wins are fake, after inserting the money he will not see neither their money nor win.
Raymond 5 reviews
Nothing this is not normal read my story:

I deposit 100$ and I get a bonus of 250$ that's sounds good. I chat because I cannot payout I had a play-through, sad but OK I keep on playing I lost some money but I make it too the play-through. I did a Withdraw of 2128$.

The only money I get is $200 the account manager keeps $250 because of the bonus haha is this normal??? And the rest of the money declined the only way they say I have to deposit again so I can payout more lol.

After this all I cannot trust this anymore they scam me I think minus the $250 there is another $1678 I not get. What can I do ?
bg1221 2 reviews
United States
How they run 60 business day reviews on accounts, to avoid paying players who win.
I you win they pay a partial portion of your withdraw amount only one time. Any further money withdrawals usually provokes Loco Panda to place your account under review for 60 business days. After the review is over, guess what? You still won't get paid. Casino has gone rouge over the past 6 months. Find somewhere else to play, and save yourself the stress.
24x7gambler 1 review
United States
Great customer service. Attentive and patient with questions. Very fair casino in terms of machine payouts, particularly slots with bonus rounds. First payment actually came from a $200 free chip (with 5x max cashout) and they couldn't be more accommodating to help me receive my winnings. Best of all, unlike some of the shadier RTG casino networks out there, they don't withhold ridiculous "processing fees" from winnings. You withdraw $500, you receive all $500. Fastest payments I have received from any RTG casino. Impressive customer service who were more than willing to work around misunderstandings and judge in my favor.
All bonuses have a playthrough requirement instead of having any no rules, no max cashout bonuses. This is a major drawback vs. other RTG networks who will give big bonuses to play with as it will just get deducted from winnings anyway.

After winning a few times, and despite having "VIP status", Loco Panda downgraded my account where I could no longer receive standard coupon bonuses and had to speak to customer service reps to request "special, exclusive offers." Turns out these offers were not nearly as attractive as the coupons and had a 40x playthrough requirement (instead of 30x). It's very frustrating to get "penalized" for being lucky and taking the number of hours necessary to satisfy the playthrough. I play on occasion with no bonus but I'm a bit nervous that if I win without restrictions that they will soon find a way to delay - or deny - payment.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Loco Panda Casino belongs to the same group of casinos with Onbling Casino, Grand Parker and Classy coin Casino. First of all I would like to say that I don't trust the casinos from this group and I don't trust Loco Panda Casino. The number of complaints for these casino that I found on various forums is really big. For example here at AG the number of complaints for this casino is 19 and most of them are not resolved yet. Would you trust a casino like this?

When it comes to casinos from this group I had only one deposit here and it was a minimum deposit of 21 dollars. To be more precise I made that deposit here but I was an unexperienced gambler than and I did that without checking out the casino first.
Looking at the data from the casino I saw that they have a pending period of 5 to 10 days. Any comment on that is not needed. If you make a deposit off course it is instant but if you ask for a withdrawal than you have a pending time that can be up to 10 days + 2- 5 days to get paid on some e-wallet.

What this casino is famous for are off course the numerous no deposit bonus codes and free spins codes for new and existing members that you can find at the online gambling forums. I guess it's a bait for many that try to win some money with making multiple accounts. Maybe that's the reason for such a long pending time but in my opinion if that's the case the strategy is very wrong.

Anyway I have no intention of making deposits here and playing. Overall there is not a single reason to play in this casino because there are a lot more better casinos when it comes to casinos that use RTG software. So I don't recommend this casino and for it I give a 3 out of 10.
ebfilmz 1 review
United States
Rated one of the worst online casinos. I won $7,500. It took them 20 days to wire me $980. The rest- I have no idea if I will ever receive it. But you know what they will receive- a dispute from the Curacao Gaming Commission and a legal action if they don't pay me my money. Horrible- stay far away from this toilet. They don't pay if you win.
Nothing at all really hate them with a passion.
Avoid avoid avoid. I actually won a LOT of money from them at one time, around $4,000.00 and it was paid in a timely manner. But after that win I began to have problems with them. After each additional win the pay times got longer and longer until eventually it was over a month till i saw my winnings yet they took out my deposit within 2 seconds. When i complained directly to them via email they shut down my account, I threatened lawsuit after they closed my account for no reason they clammed up and refused to respond. I filed a PAB with casinomeister and Loco panda refused to respond, even after i posted the entire email conversation with them to the forums.I have made it my mission to make sure that no one else gets ripped off by this casino. We really need a rating for ZERO STARS.
First of all, this casino powered by real time gaming, and licensed on curacao ( now i realize that this is not so good license place, because loco panda definitely can not be good).

I played at loco panda casino only once, long time ago, and only with no deposit bonus. After all i never play at this casino more, but i am not blind guy, and saw a lot of complaints from players to this casino. This is shame loco panda, no any other casino here probably have so many complaints ( except few others real time gaming casinos, probably they in one group). I am get from them 25 $ no deposit bonus, and play with it only. I try many different real time gaming slots, with lowest bet, have some fun playing it, but finish with zero, how this often comes to me with real time gaming.

I did not know how to force you did not play at this casino. Just look throw all complaints like i read few moments ago few of them, this is really bad that such casino still working and still gets deposits from players. This is definitely should be in rogue section, this is their place. Casino should not process players winnings so long, what the point if they take your deposit within a minute, and then just withdraw your winnings by weeks. This is stupid, and can not be accepted this day.
Avoid this casino, better do not touch, there is a lot of better real time gaming casinos, just search here on askgamblers, and you will be happy.

So , i suggest you to avoid this casino by any way, did not make them any profit, because if you win you will have big headache.
katemak 1162 reviews
At Loco Panda Casino i did registered few months ago so of course they were giving 25$ as welcome no deposit bonus. I did research about this site,and l i did see many complaints but also saw how people are pleased by this site and the only minus is that they have slow payouts. I did download the casino registered and start playing, so back then this RTG casino was new to me so i didnt know what slot should i play and then i start playing Achiles slot .

I have to say didnt like that slot because it didnt gave me nothing only dead spins ,so my free bonus was spend very fast. So from then i didnt play at all in this casino neither did deposit there. So yesterday i saw free bonus again from them ask the chat and she told me that that bonus is for all players they were giving free spins and that i can cashout from this bonus,well if i manage to wager it.

So happy with the free chip again i start playing Hilbilies slot ,just because it became my favorite from this group of casinos. So started to play with a 0.40 per bet then really fast after 10 or spins i did trigger the free spins bonus which gave me 23$ on my account. Then i like always did raise my bet to 1$ (well that my mistake always raise to soon my bets) i did played for a while managed to win 75$ dollars then raise the bet again on 2$,was hoping i will trigger the free spins bonus again,but this time nothing.

I thought i was doing fine but nothing at the end ,well maybe my mistake raising the bet so i can wager the bonus quick so i dont have to play 1 day. When i was talking with chat support ,i have to say she was really nice so she offered me 100% match bonus and if i lost all they are giving 100% cash back. Well thats a great offer and it really worth of thinking so maybe i will deposit those days ,dont know still thinking.
Many complaints here about them, but also many people like this casino, who is right?
Afi4wins 1259 reviews
Hi everyone! First on the scene...a casino somewhere in the Amazon jungle...well, not really in the Amazon, but in a jungle nonetheless. That was, and is, Slots Jungle. While players were happily tapping away on their slot games, some birds were keenly watching them...the Pelicans. But strangely enough, things became too excited and unbearable for one specie in the jungle that they become loco...the Pandas! So...where exactly do all these creatures become loco? In a special place called Loco Panda...located somewhere in the Loco Jungle! Hahahaha. I do not know for sure if all these three casinos, Slots Jungle, Loco Jungle and Loco Panda, are related in some way or not, but I do know that they share the same theme - a loco casino in a loco jungle for loco players...and Pandas! :D So...are you a loco player? I am!!! Hehehe.

Just as interestingly set up as the other two siblings, a player is greeted into the casino with a jungle-ish scenario, but the Panda certainly doesn't look loco to me! Perhaps this is a good thing after all. It is a serious gaming house and there's nothing loco about the casino. Would you play in a crazy casino? I think not! But the no-deposit bonus and 400% deposit bonus offering certainly made me crazy for a while. Crazy enough to grab the free chip and put down some money after that to savour their even bigger helping...a $100 helping for my $25 deposit. Yummy-yummy! Everything looked good. The piece of cake was already on my it was time for me to play on and not wait. ;)

Dang...I must have been really very hungry...the small piece of cake disappeared rather quickly. The bigger piece couldn't help much either...from bright and sunny it turned to gloomy weather! What more can I say? Loco Panda didn't make my day. Perhaps come back another day? Or just best to stay away?

Weeell, after that day, I stayed away. My outing at Loco Panda Casino didn't bring me any win at all. The game play wasn't really that bad...just no luck I guess. As the saying goes, "being at the right place at the right time" could indeed have better and wonderful results, and the opposite is true too. Perhaps I was there at the wrong time. Perhaps I can make my win at another day. Yeah, right. Somehow, I didn't get any good vibes from Loco Panda Casino and this has kept me away since, unlike with some other casinos which I do go back to play, albeit only occasionally.
Okay so we now have Loco Jungle and Loco Panda, what's next in store? Loco Casino!? Loco Jungle wasn''t crazy at all! It just gave players big percentages, no deposit chips for new players and a small amount of cashbacks. I don't see how that's "crazy". My term of crazy on a casino would be very low wagering requirements or none, getting to take 2 no deposit bonuses in a row before a deposit, bigger cashback % than 10% and winnings coming out from slots should be more crazy than they should be! I'm talking $110 from a 1 or 2 coin bet or $200 from a 4 coin bet from a couple of sources such as plenty of retriggers and more 5 of a kind wins! What about jackpots hitting every quarter of the hour? These are a few ways to put the term "crazy" into motion!

On Loco Panda, the only thing crazy about them is getting 400% for my minimum $21, a weird minimum to begin. What if we have $20 only to deposit then we won't be eligible for the 400% just because a dollar is missing. Make it $20 minimum Loco Panda please! So for $84 + $21 I got $105. It's close to a freeplay balance on Microgaming. Now I have thrown my balance into the treadmill and I can see my balance surviving the longest! I underestimated it's ability to go very far....far outside of the wagering requirements just playing on my favorite slots. But for all players that like Real time gaming casinos they should avoid playing Outta this World because so far some of my bets were "Outta Here and for good!". Ronin and Paydirt for $1 bets were just awesome!

Playing Paydirt's strike it lucky bonus game made my experience in the free spins worthwhile when I got two bonus symbols before a cave in. Some regrets were made when I saw gold nuggets and my bonus symbols on the right side, I saw 4 in a row nuggets from Reel 2 all the way to the right. If they paid independently starting from the left side for 4 nuggets I would get a large win! But as I can see only tripled values on those nuggets inside the combination I have and a 5 of a kind in symbols (including the nuggets) gave me a big cool win! They should change the Strike it lucky feature for 15 free spins to make it excellent than starting with 10 free spins in my opinion. I had some problems with support about telling me that delays will come. I accepted whatever problems or delays they threw at me because I had winnings! To win $126 for all my wagers was quite pleasant.

Cashing out however is a b!&(h! It came down to over 1 week! The bonus was okay, the cashouts need more speed and support needs to maintain their professional manner if they are to succeed in their business. A casino worth 6.4 out of 10!
Last year I registered to this casino because they offered some no deposit bonuses via by e-mail. Finally I didn’t get it from them so when I saw this no deposit promotion in the newest e-mails I wanted to try the casino with it. I have already registered here I thought I didn’t able to get any kind of no deposit bonus from them but I tried to enter that bonus code what I have got and it was worked. I get 25 euro to try their games with 40x wagering requirements and 125 euro max cash out.

I contacted with the support because every time I try a no deposit bonus I try to find out how can I be verified and able to make a withdrawal. He was very helpful and told me I need to fill out the faxback form and scanned in and they also needs a copy from my id card and a copy from my bank statement or a utility bill and if I would like to withdraw from this promotion I need to make a deposit minimum 25 euro. After I talked with the support and knew everything from this no deposit bonus I started to play some old rtg slot.

I tried the lions liar first because in the past I won some seriously from it. I played the minimum bet because this money was isn’t enough to raise the limits. After a few spins I stopped the free spins and won 37 euro from it. I decided to went the count spectacular slot because is that my really favourite slot on the real time gaming casinos. I had 42 euro so I tried my luck and raised the bet to one euro per spin, after my 40+ spins I lost my full balance, but I really enjoyed their casinos one of the best rtg casino what I’m saw. This is my opinion, thank you!
Irine 232 reviews
Loco Panda Casino is listed from my favorite Real Time Gaming casino, I play here because of their offered no deposit bonus $25 the Wagering requirements is 40x bonusand also the maximum Cash-out: 5x bonus amount.

Allowed Games Bonus bingo, Scratch cards , European Slot Poker, Keno , slots and Real-Series Video Slots, so you can explore their casino without risk it's free. The equation from this no deposit bonus is 25 x 40 = 1000 thats the wagering requirements and you only have $25 being wise is needed to wager that requirement :) Then i played their games "Pay Dirt" I bet around $1.50 per spin maximum of 25 lines and 0.05 per line then started spinning, i want to hit the gold nugget symbol it is always appear in reel 2,4 during normal games and it substitute symbols so that it will tripled your bet, paydirt signs or scatters.

Unfortunately that $25 free bonus didn't achieved the goal to wagered the requirements so i had a 16 free spin from that 1.50 because i divided the 25 so i quotient then after that no deposit code i decided to to deposit $50 for their match bonus you can take a 400% match bonus up to $4,000 on your first deposit to play their complete selection of slots games "PANDASLOTS" i am qualified because the minimum deposit is $21 if i deposited 50 i will get 200 bonus for the match 400% so the equation would be (50 + 200) x 30 = 7500 thats the wagering requirements that i had to achieved then your credits total is $250 didn't change that video slot because i was hoping to hit the golden nuggets so i bet 0.10 per line maximum of 25 line a total of $3.00 per and that video slot called Pay dirt didn't humiliated me and i hit the golden nuggets with the 4 quarries the pay table for this 4 quarries are 1000 and if you hit with the golden nugget it will tripled the winnings so the total would be 3000 x 0.10 = $300 thats awesome YIHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! but not thats all i won multiple times of scatters with the high paying symbols, and i changed different variety of video slot like Aztec of treasure, Warlock Spell, Achilles and others thats why after 7 hours of playing those video slot i wagered the requirements and cashout the remaining balance $231

I remarked this casino depending of my satisfaction.
Customer Support 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Secure gaming 9/10
Bonuses 6/10
Withdrawal takes 4-5 days 8/10
Over all 7/10
paquito76 867 reviews
After some casino-free spent days Loco Panda’s promo mail with ’re-unite’ purpose couldn’t have come at a better time. To my surprise this wasn’t a deposit bonus but a generous €25 free chips (with x40 playthrough restriction and max. €150 withdrawable cash).

I chose Viking’s Voyage for this given money to spend at. It’s a simple, classic 20-payline slot with decent looking graphics. Not outstanding in any aspects of a modern slot machine, though I still like its viking style milieu and symbols like golden goblet, axe, the scatter longboat and substitute viking warrior.

I already lost almost half of my balance when Dame Fortune smiled at me and 4 axe symbols expanded with a substitute emblem popped up on a free game session doubling the prize, so this feature boosted my balance with little more than €140. Minutes later 3 coins +2 substitutes on the extra games gave me the room to complete the requirements later. There are two things I don’t like so much at this game. During the free spins the x2 prize multiply is not so great nor the fact that the wild symbol is really only just replace any others because it doesn’t add any plus to the payout of the completed winning combination with it.

Eventually, at the end of the day I was ready to cashout the max. available amount. As I already deposited here and my docs were approved earlier I was satisfied that I had no other thing to do except waiting for the money. Next day I was surprised that my Skrill withdrawal request was declined, so I contacted with support (only the 3rd or 4th attempt had success) and they said it was denied because of ’no 2 free chips offers are allowed in a row to claim’ rule. The customer service representative apologized for the inconvenience and kindly noted that this ordinance is in their general TOS and she had no power to do anything. Later thought about it over, and I have to say they were totally right. Some months earlier I actually really played with some added free chips similar like this, so I had to fully accept this decision with no hard feelings. Though I regretted a bit my ’nice winning’ but I could blame only myself for this silliness.

I agree with the opinion that Loco Panda’s name and look might be a little bit childish and not as imposing or elegant as other casinos in the same owner group. Their minimum withdrawable amount could be a little less but otherwise I haven’t had any problems with them yet. I consider this casino (as a member of Milore Ltd.) a decent place to spend my time at.
Hello, i registered at loco panda casino because get email in my spam folder with 50$ no deposit code , and of course i google before start playing any casino, and i found few pages and also this page, where i read that loco panda is rogue and bad casino, and that i should not play there. But i decided to try this casino anyway, because i did not lost anything, just take no deposit bonus, play a bit, and then go away. So i download casino, enter coupon in cashier, and got my 50$ no deposit bonus with 40x wagering requirements. This is 2k to wager, but as i stated higher, i do not think about it i just came to lost all my no deposit bonus and uninstall casino, probably they take any lesson if people just take no deposit and does not made any deposit.

So, with 50$ balance i go to enchanted garden, and i just start betting 1$ per spin, and lost my deposit very fast. So i should say some word, people, if you read this, take care in what casino you play, better choose nice casinos and give your own money to them, not to rogue casinos. Just read what other people think here about loco panda casino, and you will understand that you SHOULD NOT DEPOSIT TO THIS CASINO EVER. I am personally hate rogues casinos, and i hope that in near future they all closed, and we will play only in best and nice casinos, and thanks askgamblers for this site, because we can say our opinions about casinos and we can read other players opinions about this casino.

Once again, i think this casino is rogue, so i do not want say that i recommend this casino. But this is my personal opinion, and probably some of you have another point of view.
Icymod 758 reviews
I searched google to find a new Real Time Gaming casino to go have a wonderful experience. My search came to a close when I bumped into AskGamblers! As I was reading up on Loco Panda I saw a $25 no deposit (AskGamblers I thank you) with a 40x wagering which was a reasonable $1000 worth to withdraw. The only problem with most free chip bonuses is they are mostly only intended to play of Real Series Video Slots, scratchcards, and other games. I know for sure there are other Real Timing casinos out there that provide a free chip while giving us players the opportunity to play on some table game to really loosen up the game restrictions.

Through the $25 no deposit free chip I discovered some nice video slots, a few I already know and played on and others I had yet to see what payouts they bring. There is one in particular I do like, "Coat of Arms", a 25 paylines medieval like video slot that gave me some good wins and features. What I like most about this fine game is it gives two fantastic features. There is of course your normal 15 Free spins triggered only if you get 3 golden shields that appear randomly on the first 3 Reels (Reel 1, 2 and 3). Of course the Golden Shields won't appear until the Reels stop. Rather have free spins tripled on most features this however only doubles the wins. Inside the Free Spins there is this Crown added only on Reel 3, it's a wild that lights up one crown every time it lands. When a total of 5 crowns light up (each are on one reel) more free spins will be added, 5 to be exact per 5 lit up crowns. On another feature is Coat of Arms' respin feature triggered when the White Knight appears left to right or right to left for a maximum of 10 respins. This really is nothing new as this is the same feature found on Red Sands except there isn't any catchy music involved.

Once my gameplay with the $25 was done I immediately made a deposit of $50 to turn the odds in my favour, make messes and break thick stubborn ice! In a simpler term "Win"! I threw $50 into the wishing well (video slots in other words) and it granted me $110 more playing on Coat of Arms and other great games. So much to choose from yet I did not want to be greedy. I played it safe so I made the $160 mine by locking it in though the cashout process! I'm glad support was friendly and not downright rude unlike the rogue casinos.

All in all Loco Panda is truly a "Loco" place to gamble up in a good way of course! A 9.5/10 for Loco Panda!
valentin68 535 reviews
About 6 months ago when I discovered the AskGmblers site and I started to play regularly in online casinos I did not know that I will be now in the situation that does not go a day without receiving a promotional email from a new casino. During the last weeks because of the promotions received by email I left the no deposit bonus list from AskGamblers away and I wish I have more time to respond to all offers received in my inbox.

So I arrived with the reviews at the LocoPanda Casino. As I said LocoPanda is one
of those casinos that have recently appeared like the mushrooms after the rain and which is of course built on the RTG (real time gambling) platform. As all its sister casinos built on the same platform also here the games are about the same and the gaming experience is similar (see Alldin Gold Casino. Begado Casino, All Star Slots, etc.). The player can choose from about 100 different slots games, about 15-20 different Videopoker games and about the same number of games in table games category (Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, etc.).

The casino resemble the other RTG casinos even in the methods available to deposit and to withdraw the money, meaning you can make a deposit using about all the known methods but you can only withdraw a minimum of 100 USD and only by Netteller or by wireTransfer. This shows that it has the same big minus at the withdrawals chapter as its sister casinos. The online support is however equally
good and prompt as in the the other similar casinos and there is also an internal messaging system (which keeps bombarding the player with all kinds of promotions).
However my gaming experience in this casino although not too large, was enjoyable enough. I received the bonus money immediately after entering the coupon code received by email in the special page dedicated to bonuses and I bet I could use also the coupon from AskGamblers. Because these bonuses are intended solely for the slots games, I played in a slot for which I fall in love before (Fruty Frenzy) and in other two slots from the low volatility category (Hidden Riches and Derby Dollars). In total I won about 4-5 times more than 10 USD during the bonus round which is a feature of these slots. This allowed me to get to play a total of almost 400USD from the total of 1000 USD necessary to wager. As I said I did not win anything but I managed to form an opinion about the casino in general.For this reason I can not tell you about how fast or slow are the earnings paid here after an withdrawal has been made.

Overall this is pretty good casino which I think that might be even better if it would
offer more withdrawal methods of money and had a minimum amount of deposit and withdrawal of only 20 USD.
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