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Terminator 2 Slot Games Global

Terminator 2 is a 243-way video slot which operates on the Microgaming software platform, featuring the famous sequel of the film Terminator. During the Free Spin round, the game extends to offer players 1024 ways to win. The game’s wild card is the T2 symbol and the scatter is the Orb icon. Players can test the slot on this page for free or visit any of the Microgaming casinos found in the listings in order to play the game for real money.

Prior to fighting alongside the legendary Sarah Connor, one needs to adjust their wager. Pressing the “Bet” arrows chooses the total bet. Clicking the “Bet” button reveals 2 additional buttons: “Coins”, which allows players to select the number of coins wagered and “Coin Size”, which determines the coin value ranging from 0.01 to 0.1. “Spin” starts the game, while “Auto Play” turns the reels multiple times uninterrupted.

When 3 or more Orb icons emerge on the reels, the Free Spin round is triggered. During the T-800 Vision round, only 1 Orb is needed to activate the Free Spin Bonus game. Players are awarded 10 Free Spins. Hot Mode can be activated at random on trigger. During the Hot Mode, wins are more frequent. If the T-1000 icon emerges on the reels, it transforms to complete the highest paying combination for that spin. The round can be re-triggered.

The T-800 Vision Bonus game is arbitrarily activated after any spin not resulting in a win. Any Terminator, John Connor, T-1000, Sara Connor or T-800 symbols are targeted and pay a bonus win amount, which are already multiplied by one’s total bet amount.

Game Play

Bet: Selects one’s total wager.
Coins: Choose the number of coins to bet.
Coin Size: Select the coin value.
Spin: Initiate the game at the chosen wager.
Auto Play: Play the game multiple times uninterrupted.

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Slot Type Video slots
RTP Unknown
Special feature Wild Scatter Free Spins
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Terminator 2 Slot Reviews by Players


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Flatzem 138 reviews
South Africa
Reviewed on November 25, 2021


A slot from Microgaming and based on of course the Terminator 2 movie, one of the very best ever. I had been lucky enough to watch it at the cinema. You can play it for as little as 0.30 per spin and the slot comes with 5 reels, 3 rows and 243 ways to win.
When this slot got released I knew I had to give it a go and it didn’t disappoint, all the major characters from the movie are there, T-10, Sarah Connor, John Connor, and the T-1000 all make an appearance on the reels and by getting a 5 of a kind they will play out a scene from the movie.
There are two features that can be triggered, one occurs randomly being the vision bonus but can only happen when you get a non paying spin. You will get terminator vision and any premium symbols will be scanned and spotted and paid.

As for the free spins feature, this is triggered by 3 or more scatters and while the normal feature occurs almost always, there is a hot mode that can appear instead of the normal feature and this hotmode has a much higher payout potential. Both of the feature types give 10 free spins. I should mention that during the free spins feature you will get an increased number of ways to win up from 243 to 1024 thus offering you with far greater potential of wins.

The sound track is also suitable and graphics of the slot are just spot on. Microgaming did a fine job with this slot. Overall had about 7 features and average pay has been about 36x Bet. Best feature at about 73x Bet. Features do appear about 1 every 170.


We all heard about the hotmode but it is incredibly rare that most people have never triggered it and I happen to be one of those that has never triggered the amazing hot mode. May have because I haven’t played it enough. But it sure would be nice to get it one of these days. Have not had the luck on this slot not even a 100x on it.
kensan88 26 reviews
Reviewed on April 24, 2017


I like the 243 ways it pays and the T 800 vision.


The payouts are really bad, unless you get the legendary Hot mode (more likely to get a wild line in DoA) this game will steamroll through your balance and when and IF you get free spins (had more than 300 spins without) don't expect more than 30 x stake at max.

Pro tip: do not chase the hot mode feature. Play it casually and if it ever lands so be it.

Final rating 3/10 .
LeoDubbed 176 reviews
Reviewed on April 17, 2017


I always had a hard time writing the last name of this huge, muscled Austrian actor. I know a little bit German and if you also too then you would understand that his last name is kinda inappropriate but hey, that's not his fault.

Microgaming's Terminator 2 is based on a 90's best action/sci-fi movie with the same name. At the time, the graphic fx of the movie was top notch, just like Jurassic Park's. There are plenty remakes, sequel and prequels of the Terminator movie but Terminator 2 is still the best and I don't think they will top this one. The 80's and 90's were Arnold Schwarzenegger's best movie era but when he got older, his movie became less and less 'interesting'. Fortune has been on our side because Microgaming made our nostalgic moment into a game and that game is also one of their best games ever.

The game has 243 paylines and a minimum bet of 30 cents. Most of games with the same amount of paylines has cheaper minimum bet, for example ; NetEnt's Twin Spin, Fantasini etcetera but there's a reason why the game is tiny bit expensive and that tiny bit difference is the free spins feature. It expands from 243 paylines into 1024 payline, now that's big change there and I am willing to pay 5 cents more to get that kinda feature, yes sir! And you probably know which game has copied it's gameplay, I'll give you a hint, it rhymes with Bungle Skerrit.

I quit playing Microgaming games some times ago and I wouldn't even know T2 existence if it wasn't of my friend who lives a few blocks from my house. He called me one day and told about his big win on T2 game and since then I was hooked on the game for a couple of months. I was a little bit unlucky the first few sessions but it came around when I played it at night. T2 doesn't pay as much as Twin Spin though but the game is very enjoyable.

So if you love the movie, you will love this game also. It has movie characters, movie cut scenes and of course the legendary score. I totally recommend this game to every slot fans.
stars_cream 161 reviews
Reviewed on April 1, 2016


Terminator 2 is a rather good slot from Microgaming and I enjoy it playing very much lately. It is themed after the movie of course which I liked it too back then when then movie was produced. The graphics and the music theme of the slot are awesome.

Terminator 2 is a 243 ways slot with minimum bet 0.30. It has only 4 low paying symbols, 5 high paying symbols, wild and a scatter. This would probably be good but on the other hand the pay table in one of the poorest which I have ever encountered because the 5 wilds only pay 50 times the bet. So it is a slot that you have to play it with a big balance since it pays so low during the base game as the wins are usually under 10 times the bet even if you hit 5 of a kind high symbol.

On this slot you can win big only during the free spins which you get when 3 or more orbits lands to the screen and you win 10 free spins. Unfortunately the free spins cannot be retriggered. When you win the free spins the reels expand making the slot a 1024 way slot which is great. During them the T-1000 symbol transforms to any other high paying symbol if you hit a winning combination with them. Apart of the regular free spins sometimes you get the hot mode which is random. It is like the regular free spins but the winning here are huge and that’s when you hit the jackpot kind to say.

Also there is the T-800 vision feature which is also random triggered an awards you with small win for every high paying symbol on the reels. The pays of this feature are usually low but once in a while you can win free spins during it which is great.
zerooo 742 reviews
Reviewed on October 28, 2015


I like to play video slots which have theme about the movies. Terminator 2 is one of this slots which based on movie. It has 243 pay lines, powered by Microgaming company.

I played this game a few times at GoWild casino, later I changed it because I was a little disappointed. T-800 vision mode is activated randomly on any non winning spin during main game. I received a lot of times this vision, but the payouts was low. The best result was when I received on highest pay symbol around 18€, but there was only one of this kind. I think if there were a few of them it could provide great win, but this did not happen. Otherwise I saw some big win screenshots at T-800 vision mode.

The free spins are better for sure. 10 free games at 1024 ways is great, I like it because in free spins they added much more pay ways that could provide even bigger wins. I had a few times free spins feature, but I won only small from them. Last time when I played at 0.60€ bet, I received at the end around 23€. I don't think this is good result for this game. And when I won such a small win, I just change the game. Otherwise I like to play this game sometimes, when I have my balance on higher amount of money. But I can not imagine to play it with my last €.


The main game could be better and by that I mean payouts. I received most of the time only small payout symbols on paylines. The paytable looks ok, but when I played I had a feeling that I didn't won anything. It is funny to see betting 0,6€ and receiving 0,13 pennies back for at least 5 spins in a row.
winningfly 283 reviews
Reviewed on September 24, 2015


Terminator 2 is slot game made by Microgaming. This is their big title, because game based on movie. Yes, original great terminator 2 movie, with some videos from movie.

I like how this game look. Of course, with videos and sounds from original movie there can not be any other result. And also this soundtrack it is just perfect, I could listen it forever.

I like t-800 feature in this game. It can trigger after any random spin. It awards some prizes for best paying symbols, and also it could trigger freespins if there is at least one scatter on reels. Very nice to trigger feature such way, because you hit 1 scatter and did not expect to get freespins feature, but then t-800 feature activating and you just got freespins. Payouts for symbols during this feature usually not big, but once I won 80 bets just for such prizes during this feature, so sometimes i guess it could give nice amount of money.

I like freespins feature. During normal play there is only 243 lines, but in freespins there is 1024 lines and also special feature with t-1000 symbol. It will transform to any other high paying symbol to create bigger wins. With 1024 lines it is really could work, specially if you get it with some wilds on reels.

I like this game overall. In base game i never had more than 100 bets wins, and it is probably impossible because base game payouts are low. In freespins I won once more than 100 bets, usually feature pay good, but a little lower. Good game, and just for this title i could play it more and more. I rate this game with 9 stars.


I took one star because payouts in normal play mode is very small, hard to win something decent. And if you do not get feature for many spins unlikely you could recover with any win except in feature.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Reviewed on August 30, 2015


This game looked really exciting when I first saw the promotional video, me and my boyfriend grew up watching the original terminator movies and I thought that T2 was an excellent choice for the one to turn into a slot game. When I first saw the bonus round fire up, and the 243 ways reels convert into 1024 ways, I was honestly just blown away – why hasn’t anybody thought of this before?!

I didn’t really understand or consider the mechanics of this function though and as it turns out, doing things this way turns the game into a very different type of slot to most of the other 243 ways games – this one is definitely in the low to medium variance category I would say. It’s really quite difficult to score a huge win even in the bonus rounds, unless you are lucky enough to hit the mythical “hot mode”, a feature that isn’t mentioned anywhere inside the game itself and only gets a single sentence or two in the games help file. In fact, most people don’t even know this feature exists unless they are a member of an on-line community such as this one!


The “hot mode” is a special kind of bonus round, you can tell if you have been lucky enough to hit it because when the scatters drop (or the T-800 vision mode activates free spins) the background has a bit of an orange glow to it, as does the graphics around the edge of the reels during the free spins. In this mode there are LOTS more wilds and high value symbols added to the reels, and initially people thought that getting a “hot mode” was more or less a guarantee of 1000x bet or more much the same way that getting five wilds is on Dead or Alive – that’s not the case though as I have seen reports of super tight hot mode features… when you only get ten free spins you see, anything can happen!

T2 is a fun game, but I think the RTP that was allocated to the “Hot Mode” should have been built into the regular bonus round to spread out the wins a little more evenly. I for one have never seen this hot mode in over 200+ bonus rounds, and whilst I am definitely in profit from playing this slot, I just think it’s a little poorly designed in this regard. Worth playing though for sure!
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Reviewed on May 30, 2015


Terminator 2 is a slot that I haven't played for a really long time and I recently saw it and I thought I should play it. This slot has 5 reels and 243 paylines with a minimum bet of 0.20$ and it is powered by Microgaming. The theme of this slot is kinda self explanatory since everyone has probably seen it, it is the sequel to the Terminator film. The graphics of this slot are awesome and same goes for their animations.

I had a really rough and cold start, but that all changed after the first 15 minutes when I got my first free spin feature. In this free spin feature the game is no longer has 243 payline it has 1024 paylines and also in this feature the symbol T-1000 can transform into any other symbol that has a possibility for the highest win. This symbol definitely helped me couple of times with some sweet five of a kinds that granted me quite a win. So after that feature I covered my loss in the first 15 minutes plus I was in green with 15$. So as I continued spinning I was hoping for the free spin feature to come again, but instead I got the T-800 vision that awards cash prizes for the five highest paying symbols and the one that gives the most and has given me the most was the T-1000 symbol.
When I put aside these winning I also got to trigger the free spin feature since in T-800 vision you only need 1 scatter symbol to trigger them. At the end of both features I was up 50$. So as anyone would i continued spinning since i saw that the slot was very generous but after a while it got pretty cold on me, so I just decided to quit while I was ahead. Also I have to say that you can not expect any good wins to come out of the main game, most of them happen in the previously mentioned features.

Overall a great slot with some flaws of course but still it definitely deserves that you try it out. 8/10
NextTimeWin 375 reviews
Reviewed on March 31, 2015


Terminator 2 was big and noize release by microgaming. One of the best their game by my opinion, 243 lines, but absolutely different game from others, with something fresh and new, something interesting and making me bashing this slot sometimes.

Terminator 2 it is 243 lines games, and like I said this gaming is quite different. Because there is not any stacked or expanded wilds, which are so popular at microgaming games.

Base game has special T-800 feature, which started by random, and during this spins it is enough one scatter to start freespins, but god, I get about 7 such features, and this so needed scatters never, never appear for me, only one it is enough to get feature, but no. Also during this feature top paying symbols award some prize money, but generally not so big to mention it. Or probably I just was unlucky with payouts, who know, I think to know this game good it is needed to play not one thousand of spins, and even not two thousands.

Freespins can be triggered not only at T-800, but also but 3 or more scatters. There is only 10 freespins awarded, but hey, this freespins played with 1024 lines, with special feature, where T-1000 if appears it is transforms to another character symbol. So you get couple of same symbols, 1024 lines, yes, big payouts are very possible here.

Problem is that I am super unlucky with this slot. I never had even 100 x total bet feature, and generally every time I played this game it was insane hard to get freespins feature, and I am fear to play this game, specially with any bet size higher than 0.30. But game looks awesome, and freespins feature is interesting, I think i will try to chase this slot a bit in April, and probably finally will have something to show.


I am very unlucky at this game, it is hard to get freespins, during T-800 feature one so needed scatter just do not want to land!
irishchris07 39 reviews
United States
Reviewed on January 4, 2015


Terminator II is a 243 line slot game from Microgaming for the most part as it does change to a 1024 payline game for the free spins which is a nice little feature that isn't included on enough games and Terminator II has plenty more to offer on top of this.

I loved the graphics of the game to start, all the original characters used and not just cartooned versions and as you would expect the reels are surrounded by mechanical pieces.

I played this game on a variety of different bets and any more time that I spend here will be on minimum bet because I appeared to end up winning as much on a low bet than on a high. When I do play a high bet on this game I find the wins become far more frequent on the low paying symbols rather than the nice couple of 5 of a kinds that I managed to land on low bets.

When I managed to land myself 4 scatters on the reels eventually I was awarded 10 free spins and as I mentioned earlier the game threw in an extra row of symbols on the reels offering far more ways to win and it was these free spins that landed me my largest win on Terminator II. Within the free spins the T-1000 appeared for me and converted into a John Connor symbol to line up with another 4 I had on the reels.

When I initially started playing this game I wasn't expecting to leave with any major winnings as the payouts seem relatively small but I have rarely played a game that was as quick to throw so many big hits out onto the reels, unfortunately as I said virtually all of these wins came on minimum bet.

All aspects of Terminator II considered I would give this game a solid rating of 8/10.

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