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Afi4wins 1206 reviews
Have you ever been to Istanbul? Do you like it? I'm asking because I've never been to Istanbul all my life, until one fine day I had the chance to travel and landed myself in Istanbul. The truth is, that trip was my first ever trip to the beautiful land of Istanbul. I found it whilst searching for new locations to visit at a tourism info center. Upon reaching there, I checked in, was allowed to enter, and they handed me a nice little welcoming note. It says something like 'welcome to Istanbul, you have 25 free spins on Starburst, enjoy!' Did you get anything like that? No? Well, not surprising I guess, I made it all up! Hahaha.

Ah well, 25 free spins on some other game would have been better for me, but beggars can't be choosers, so just take whatever is given, or lose it all. I took it. Registration took a little longer for me because my auto form fill wasn't working in Istanbul, for some odd reason, so I had to key in every word and number. Like it was so hard to do hah? Hehehe. That's the thing with things nowadays. Everything has been made fast, easy, and effortless, making everyone becoming more lazier! The minute I realised that I had to key in every word, I went "oh gawd!" I think my butt has grown a couple of millimeters wider too! Hahaha.

And so it was that night that this fella here, with the slightly wider butts, had to face yet another excruciating experience watching some stars giving birth to twins on his screen! Wish it could have been some real live stars doing it, but no, that could never happen in Istanbul, only in some other hornybul, hehehe. Well, I was hoping that by watching it 25 more times all over again I could see something of an eye-opener, or some jaw-dropping scenes, but none came. Just the same old love, for Selena Gomez, the same old bore, for me. At the end of it, I was $2.84 richer! Hahaha.

And so, with that mighty 284 cents, I decided to just continue on with the bursting game. When the screen changed to real money play, I found another surprise on my screen. 'Congratulations, you have 20 free spins'. What? Another 20 free spins on Starburst? But why? How come? Gees, don't ask too many questions will yer, I heard a voice say in my head, just play it. I did. And won another miserable $0.96. What the 'f'! And if that wasn't bad enough, the rest of the story is even worse, but I won't tell you about it. Better leave it like that right? Riiiiight!

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