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Glimmer Casino: 25 Extra Spins upon Registration + 150 Extra Spins on Deposit on Fisticuffs


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Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1660 reviews
• Malaysia
Reviewed on April 11. 2016


All that glitters is not gold. All that glimmers is not gold either. But, it may well be silver, who knows, right? So, what is the truth then? The answer is very and find out for yourself! Hahaha. Well, that's how one prospector got there anyway. His name is Afi4wins. So, did he find gold? Did he find silver? Don't ask too many questions will yer...just read on! Hehehe.

In his daily digging for precious stones and minerals, he found mostly rock. Had it been a moon rock, well, that would have been a totally outstanding story, but he found only normal rocks. Some did made him rock for a while, then it crumbled into ashes. Damn! Then someone told him "hey, dig at this Glimmer, see what you can find!" So he did, and found that all that glimmers is just rock! But fun rocks they were no doubt. Hahaha.

Cutting out the crap (yeah, about time isn't it?), I received 25 no-deposit free spins on Fisticuffs upon registration. Dang! Fisticuffs was never a big hit with me, that small guy always get smacked real good and loses to the big guy, always, and I was like the small guy. Smacked here, smacked there and smacked everywhere. But once in a while, I did manage to smack that big ugly guy under his belt, right where it hurts the most! Yeah, right...two balls for a thousand bumps on my head! Hahaha. Gees, I'm still crapping ain't I? Okay, okay, so I played my free 25 spins on Fisticuffs. 9 spins gone and absolutely nothing came...zilch, zero, nada, whatever. Then the small and the big guys met, just for once, and whammo, the small guy got whacked, his money fell out of his pockets, so I quickly took them! How much? Hmm, just a miserable $2.75. Not a lot, but better than nothing, right? So, before that small guy could realise that I had taken his money, I quickly ran away as fast as I could! Hahaha.

Next, I found myself looking up at the night sky. Aah, beautiful glimmering stars they were, shining bright, but those glimmering stars are really nothing more than just hot rocks and gases, if you don't know. Yep, I knew it, and found it out yet again! Damn! How many more silly stupid mistakes must I make before my mind can really accept the fact that those glimmering stars are nothing more than just useless hot rocks and gases! Gees!


What I dislike? Simple! The 200x glimmerings on whatever that small guy dropped out of his pockets! That is one big whack from the big guy that you just cannot avoid! It makes you see hundreds of stars! Hahaha.

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