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Lost Island Slot

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Lost Island is a vibrant 20-payline video slot operating on the NetEnt software platform. The Purple Flower is the wild card, which can appear anywhere on the reels, and the Jewel symbol is the game’s scatter. Players are invited to test the slot on this page for free or pick any of the featured NetEnt casinos to play the game for real money.

To begin their exciting island treasure hunt, players need to regulate their bet first. Pushing the “Level” buttons alter the bet level, while “Coin Value” modifies the coin size, ranging from 0.01 to 0.5. To initiate the game, players should press “Spin”. While “Max Bet” turns the reels at the highest available wager, “Au­top­lay­” offers multiple spins without interruption.

When 1 wild symbol emerges on the reels, a multiplier of x1 is activated. The total multiplier value equals the number of simultaneously appearing wild symbols and the maximum multiplier is x5.

3 or more scatters trigger the Free Spin round. 3 scatters equal 10 Free Spins, 4 scatters result in 20 Free Spins and if 5 scatters emerge on the reels, 30 Free Spins will be awarded. Moreover, if during this round another 3 or more scatters spin into the view, additional Free Spins will be won.

At the beginning of Free Spins, a wild symbol appears in the centre position of the 3rd reel and stays there until the end of the round. During the Free Spin feature, wilds can emerge as single symbols or stacked symbols of 2 or 3 wilds.

Game Play

Level: Set the bet level.
Coin Value: Choose the preferred coin size.
Spin: Start playing the game at the selected wager.
Max Bet: Spin the reels using the highest available bet.
Autoplay: Turn the reels for a preset number of times without interruption.

Lost Island Slot Reviews by Players


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LilianInThaHouse 657 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Lost Island and lost treasure.. or someone wanting to find peaceful place to spend his life on. Treasure or peace I don't know but NetEnt created this beautiful themed slot with superb graphics and the background soundtrack is true music for my ears and souls.. so, so calming. I don't think I will ever move to my desired island but I can spin trough this slot, that's for sure as well as you can do it right away.There is nothing I would change in this slot, the only thing I would add is some freebie for me with no wagering requirements attached to it so I can spin for hours and keep wining if possible.I must bring to everyone attention that I noticed NetEnt keeps creating some really nice game with so poor pat tables. That's huge disappointment and 'Lost Island' unfortunatelly goes to that list! That's a shame! I could make a list of at list 20 great games with similar paytable and with highest paying symbol of only 500 x your stake if you collect 5 of its kind. Yes, that's correct.

Purple flower is Wild symbol and there is no win attached to it, wild doesn't doubling any wins it only substitute for all symbols except for the Scatter symbol and carry x1 multiplier.Luckily there is a multiplier which can increase wins and it goes between x1 up to x5. In order to activate multiplier you need at least 1 one which appears randomly both in the base and Free Spins game. I activated multipler up to x 3 but never x 4 or x 5. 3 Scatter symbols activate Free Spins game but when it comes to payout here we go with another disappointment because Scatters pays only 50 x your stake for 5 of its kind which is anyway hard to trigger.I haven't made any progress playing this game. I will say this once's a beautiful game , you can give it a try, but on the other hand, there isnot so much you can do here but spinning for the minimum cash prizes.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Whilst some slot developers seem to target all their energy into creating whole new types of gambling game, for example Play n Go with Gemix and Energoonz, or WMS and their never-ending variations on the traditional concepts of a 5x3 grid of spinning reels, I've always had a lot of respect for the fact that NetEnt try and focus more on adding original ideas whilst keeping the basic outline of what people understand as a video slot in place. I think this is important because in those new types of games I often find it difficult to really understand that what is taking place is fair and will return a comparable RTP compared to the games I have spent so much time playing.

Step up Lost Island, a medium variance game from NetEnt! The most obvious "gimmick" here is the multiplier bar displayed to the top right of the main screen, when I first started to play this game I was a little confused as it resets after every single spin so I wondered how I was meant to see the benefit of the multipliers that were building up - it turns out that for every wild that appears on the reels you gain an extra multiplier and every winning combination on that particular spin benefits from that multiplier - for example, if you hit a wild on all five reels simultaneously then all winning combinations gain a 5x multiplier. It's not a huge bonus, but from time to time I have had some real nice wins as a result of this feature!

Three or more scatter symbols, as you might expect, awards the free spins feature - this is 10 spins regardless of the number of scatters, however I find that re-triggers occur quite regularly in this slot. Additionally, during the free spins mode the wilds are stacked on the reels, which really helps when it comes to building up the multiplier bar! Better yet, there is a central locked wild in the middle of reel 3 for the entirety of the free spins which means you only need a single extra wild to score the 2x multiplier.
The maximum win could have been a little higher and as ever with NetEnt games, the maximum base win is fairly low at just 50x your stake, but the multipliers and stacked wilds during free spins go a long way to making up for that here. Overall its a really nice game!
Afi4wins 1412 reviews
If you can find a lost island somewhere, you can expect to find lost artifacts or lost treasures, right? Like the mythical and legendary Atlantis, for example, find it and you can expect to find all sorts of ancient artifacts, jewelry, coins, and whatever else you can think of. Aah, but that's really like a dream come true. Even with the most modern and sophisticated equipment, man has yet to discover where the lost cities and the lost treasures are being hidden in the depths of the oceans. But not to worry, NetEnt has already found one such island for us, and we don't even have to dive deep into any ocean, but, we may have to dive deep into our pockets and wallets to get there though! Sigh.

Leave it to NetEnt to come up with some new ideas and some new interesting games. Lost Island is one them. Nicely presented, vibrant scenarios, colourful icons, all adding up to a deserving 'new game' label. But like they say, beauty is only skin deep! Dig deeper behind that beauty to discover all the untold and unseen secrets behind it...and what you find may very well surprise you! But where do we go to do that? To the paytable of course, the backbone of the game, the skeleton of that beauty! Not many players like to do this, maybe because they cannot really comprehend what it all means, maybe they cannot put things in their proper perspective, and thing s like that. Not many can understand that a non-paying Wild symbol, coupled with the highest paying symbol of say, 500x the line bet, would determine how the entire payout scheme of the game would be! Aah yes, it takes lots of experience to 'read' these 'behind-the-line' facts of any paytable!

What I have just said above reflects what Lost Island's paytable is all about. The Wilds don't pay anything, they don't expand, they don't come stacked, but they carry a x1 win multiplier with each one of them. Meaning, get three Wilds anywhere on the reels and whatever wins there are on the reels get paid x3. 5 Scatter symbols have a very very low 50x total bet value, and all the other symbols follow suit too. If you're still wondering what all this means, it simply means that the paytable is damn low and the chances of getting really huge wins are almost non-existent!

Having played Lost Island on many occasions, I have yet to win one single time on the game! On the several free spins games that I've had, I couldn't even get a 100x total bet win. The closest I got to it was 97x. The payouts looked exciting and big, but when the final total has been added up, it wasn't that big after all! It fell short of my expectations! But having said that, the game play can be fun and exciting too, with some extended play time on occasions, with lots of ups and downs, wins and losses, but keep on playing the game and everything soon becomes lame! So, better to quit while you are ahead, leave that greed behind, and just be satisfied with whatever small wins you can get!
If not for the free spins game feature, this Lost Island game would be no different than the other poorly rated NetEnt games, like Go Bananas and Attraction, for example. They share the same low paytable, the non-paying Wilds, and the lack of huge win possibilities, but at least the free spins games in Lost Island can provide some useful exciting non-big wins. If you're expecting big wins of 500x and over, better find another game to play!
The time has come to re-unite with old friends from NetEnt and to try another one of their successful slot titles. The eternal battle with the seeker of ancient treasures this time we continue with a large amount of mystery that envelops like a snake this successful slot. The concerned party software after slots in which themes cartoon characters, sports, movie adaptations and many other current topics, decided to one such slot talking about something that everyone dreams, and it's deserted island and on it a hidden treasure. Is there a more beautiful introduction of these my sentence, I think it does. This will be enough to get hold of the mouse and keyboard and you find the Lost Island at one of your favorite NetEnt casinos.

Something that attracts me the most to play this game is the possibility of up to 5X multiplier during your spin. The multiplier is increased by as much as you have wild symbols on the reels. The highest multiplier which I achieved on this slot has 4X when I was in columns 1,2,3 and 5 had wild symbols. I think that this way of achieving paylines something that many operators need to take into account, as it greatly increases the attractiveness of a game that has this way of rewarding players. There are no rules or certain casinos where I play this slot, I play where I get and how much money is available in the account, excellent slot and one of the few who gets 10/10.
zerooo 742 reviews
Lost Island is 20 payline video game created by Net Entertainment software. I like the theme in this game. It remind me on TV serie which name is Lost, it is great tv show and I recommend it to all to watch it.

I played this game a couple of times, most of the time when my balance was at higher amount. Maybe it is not one of the game which i will open at the beginning of my session at casinos, but it offer good atmosphere when you play it. The graphics are good, even much better is sound for me.

I played this game at different stakes up to 1€. The main thing here are wild symbols. It is similar to Magic portals, I like both games. When I played I had some nice winnings during main game when wilds came up, but the paytable is not so good. It is ok, but nothing special. My best results during main game was like as x40 up to x60 bet. Never higher than that.

I also triggered few times free spins, but the feature did not impressed me. During free spins wild symbol stick to center of reel 3 and remains on the reel until free spins end. Only 1 wild symbols during those free games is not enough. Feature is almost the same as base game, nothing special. I think it would be better if some random wilds land on the reels, at least 2 wilds. 1 wild is really almost nothing.

Otherwise I think I will play this game even in the future, I like it. Sure it could be much more better, but until I had some good winnings at it, I will play it. The paytable is ok, sometimes I wish the wilds and other symbols pay more. 2 scatters could also pay something back.
Lost island it is slot made by Netent. This game is really wonderfull, and also very lucky for me. Many times when I have no idea which slot to touch to make wagering requirements and withdraw something - I pick this one, and it helps me. Really many times, of course not all time, but more than half.

I like that this game is look good. Symbols and theme is great. Sounds, I can't say anything special, same goes for music. Obviously not best Netent game in case of sound and soundtrack review.

Also I do like how wilds work in this game. One wild - regular win, no multiplier. But if there is two or more wilds - you get multiplier up to x 5. +x 1 for each wild, so wild line will pay not only paytable coins, but also multiply win by 5. Only bad that wilds itself not award any winning and only substitute for best possible symbol. And perfect thing - wild can be anywhere, even not substitute anything - but it will award multiplier.

Payouts are good ones. Without any wild it seems that max wins is not big, but wilds land usually so wins are usually multiplied.

Freespins feature is great here I like it so much. At center of reel 3 always wild. And also wilds can land stacked. Once I hit 500 bets payout during freespins. Lot of wilds landed. And there is still can be much more better win.

And final thing that I really like - it is potential to big hits. When game does not have it - it is sad and hard to bash this game for many spins. But when potential is good then everything is changes. 9 stars.
I did not like that when wild lands animation took a bit lot of time, it is start to be annoying after few times because it is useless. Also sometimes it is seems that you will never hit 3 scatters.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Lost Island is a slot from NetEnt which I have been playing a lot lately. It is a 20 payline, 5 reel slot so the minimum bet here is only 20 cents. The graphic and sound are very good like in all newer NetEnt slots. If you take a look at the paytable you won't be blown away from the huge payout because the payout for 5 of a kind symbols is very low.

At first look this game doesn’t have much to offer. If you get 2,3,4 or 5 wilds the win is multiplied accordingly. My first play ever on this game was quite disappointing. I didn’t get any bonus feature and I was getting only small wins. Some time ago I had a great session in one casino and had a balance of over 250 euros. I decided to give this game a try.

I started playing on a minimum bet and was getting some descent wins. I decided to raise my bet to 1 euro and started spinning. All of a sudden I got 3 wilds on a winning payline which produced a nice 5 of a kind win and I won over 60 euros. It wasn’t a bad start. I continued to play the game and soon got 3 scatters. For 3 scatters here you get 10 free spins, for 4 20 free spins and for 5 a nice 30 free spins. Now a great thing about the bonus feature is that you get a wild symbol in the central reel which stays there for the remaining of the free spins. In those 10 free spins I had 2 mega big wins when I got extra 2 or 3 wilds on the reel and had a nice win of over 180 euros on my 1 euro bet.

Ever since then I started playing this game a lot and I usually chase a big win on a higher bet. Sometimes I manage to hit the bonus round sometimes I don’t, but when this game pays out it pays for everything you lost so far.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Lost Island by Netent is one of those games I wanna run away from it. Wondering why?

When it was released I was quite broken and couldn't afford to play it , only few spins at the time, because I would play some other game and I would switch to play some of the newest releases like Wishmaster, Lost Island,Flowers, Jurassic Park and even I find them awesome, to me, they are money eaters but its up to your luck, I haven't been lucky for a long time. I like the graphics, theme and symbols .

My favorite is the beautiful lotus flower which is wild here and golden turtle look really nice and its a scatter symbol. There is something mystical in this game and you are more likely to enjoy the soundtrack which is chill out music to me. At the first look, I thought it was 243 paylines but I mistake as this is a 5 reels and 20 paylines game.

The last time I played it I won zero on my 0.40 bet. I kept receiving x 2 wilds and x 2 scatters almost at every spin but I haven't triggered the free spins feature but I had some small wins thanks to multiplier which goes up to x 5 .

You can win up to 30 free spins. Well, we know it is really hard to get 5 scatters and most likely you will trigger 10 free spins. You can win additional free spins .

Multiplier apply to base game and free spins. When you enter the free spins you will see sticky wild on the reel 3 and will remain on the reel until the free spins game is done. 2 or 3 wilds will activate the multiplier in this feature. This slot is pretty simple and I wish there is a bonus round. is 500 coins ! And yes, it is worth your attention.
blondie 1094 reviews
Lost Island is a very nicely designed Netent software game. It has 5 reels, 20 paylines and free spins bonus round. I used to play this game more, but then it gave me lots of loses and I took some time apart it. Lately I started to play it again, as I really enjoy the eye-candy design it has.

The most exciting part of this game is the free spins round. If you get at least 3 or more scatters you'll receive free spins. From 3 scatters you'll get 10 spins, from 4 - 20 and from 5 scatters - 30 free spins. I don't remember ever getting 30 spins, I think that once I got 20 but it was long time ago. There are also wild symbols both in the main game and free spins, but in the free spins 1 wild stand in the middle of the wheel from first to last spin, increasing winning combinations. In the free spins wilds can come up single or stacked - 2 or 3 together. This game is also exciting because most games have multipliers only in free games, but Lost Island has multipliers on main game and on free spins round and the multipliers (from 1x to 5x) are activated by the wilds, so if you have 4 wilds on your spin, the winnings will be multiplied 4 times.

Last time I played this game I finally received some nice winnings. I played with a 20€ balance, made 0.20€ bets, which are the minimum, playing on all lines, and played with autoplay option for 250 spins. In my session I managed to get an 80x bet win, because I had 4 wilds in the main game, it was one of the highest wins Lost Island has brought me. Later I doubled bets and within 100 spins got 10 free spins that paid 50x bet. I was expecting a little better result, as I was playing with 0.40€ bets and got 20€ win, but at least it was enough to regain the balance I lost until the free spins.

This game isn't my favorite and there are many games from Netent that I like much better. But I think the game is very decent, with great graphics and a decent opportunity to win. Worth giving a try!
This was a new slot for me, it seems that NetEnt has a lot of games that I don’t know about. I found out about this slot on AskGamblers when I was searching for something new to play, I decided to try this one because the title seemed to be interesting. About the graphics I can say that are good, the symbols are a little bit unknown for me, I don’t know what does it means exactly but are well designed. I opened the game, I saw that it is a 20 paylines slot, with a minimum bet of 0.20 euro, so I started to spin and to have fun. Because I didn’t know what kind of features has, I took a look at the paytable, I was happy to see that it has free spins and a wild symbol but no bonus game. The free spins are very hard to trigger, this is my personal opinion, I am saying this because I had almost 20 euro in my account, I spend them and played about 2 hours but didn’t manage to see the free spins.

A good thing about this slot is that has a good payout rate in the main game, the wild symbol gives decent wins and it appears very often. It is a difficult slot because of the free spins, I don’t recommend it to be played for wagering purposes because it is a money eater too.

I will give an 8 for the graphics, didn’t impress me, are decent but that’s all.

Regarding the features, it has only free spins and wild symbol, no bonus game or any special features so I will give a 7 this time.
I was disappointed that I couldn’t see the free spins feature, I spent 20 euro and nothing!
Lost Island is a quite new game that you can find on any Net Ent casino and I really don't like it. When I just started playing it I got a big win and since then I haven't managed to get anything over €10. It is like the game showed me what it can do and then just turned off. I have probably done more than 300 or 400 spins and never even got the feature. I know that if you are betting small then your chances of winning are smaller, so I even tried it on bigger bets and even that did not help. These days when I am playing online I don't even try to play this game because I know it is not going to pay out.

The graphics on the other hand are really good in this game and is probably why everyone plays it. The sound effects are also pretty awesome and keep you from getting bored while you are playing. I also really like the idea of the game and do think that it can pay out, just when it wants too.

The pays in the game are also not bad if you get them with a multiplier, you can get a huge win.
The game is a total tease. It just makes no sense to me why I would not get the feature after playing so much, but after reading some of the reviews I see that it happens to almost all. I guest it is just the way the cookie crumbles and we all got to get used to it. Double tapping on this game did not work for me either and I have lost a lot of money trying. All of the other games by this time would have given me the feature but this game does not give up :(. Over all a great looking game with a lot of potential, but just does not pay or give me the feature. My rating 5 out of 10.
Th3 Runn3R 119 reviews
United States
My next review is about NetEnt's Lost Island and you'll probably agree with me or maybe not but don't forget that this review is based on my own opinion for playing it.

I really have a mixed opinions about this NetEnt game. Sometimes I love playing this game and sometimes I just wished that I never played it. The greatest feature of Lost Island is the wild symbol is also the multiplier for your winning(s) so the more wild symbols you get the bigger your winning will be, doesn't go further than 5x so don't expect millions from it.

I read a few negative feedback's of this game and I can understand their opinion because I did experience the same thing but then again I had also great experience playing it. That's why I have the mixed opinions about Lost Island which is happened quite rare because you like the game or you don't.

Lost Island has only one bonus round and that would be the common free spins modus. The free spins modus is pretty similar with Frankenstein's, one wild symbol in each spin except Frankenstein's wild symbol only appears on reel 2, 3 or 4 while Lost Island's wild symbol is sticked on the third reel.

My biggest win from this game was surprisingly over 5500 credits with only 20 cent bet and of course I won it during the free spins bonus round. I was very excited when I saw that kind of winning on my screen and starting to like the game but then the next day I tried to win again with this game but apparently Lady Luck just left me and without her presence I lost the same amount of money I won the day before.
I am not a quitter and that's why I gave Lost Island another try and hoping that I will retrieve my losses back with some winning on top but unfortunately it wasn't what I expected and another 50 euro was eaten by this game. I know the game has the potential to give big wins but it depends how much luck you have that day.

Because of my mixed opinions about this game I can't give Lost Island no more than 6 stars.
I find that the bonus round is hard to get, I spent more than 200 spins for my first free spins bonus and to me it's quite a lot.
bigdk88 83 reviews
United Kingdom
I must admit I was not very fond of this slot the first time I played it. This was on free rounds and a quite awful session on just this slot, which took forever to hit free spins and when it did they were not good. My opinion has changed though Lost Island may be bad at times but catch it on a good day and you are in for a big payout! Lost Island is of course based on the popular novel Robinson Crusoe about a man lost on an Island I’m joking of course heehee!

Lost Island is actually inspired by tropical Islands or what we believe them to be like with bongos, voodoo masks engraved on chip and conch to name but a few. Lost Island features free spins, wilds that multiply from 1-5x if you get 5 wilds on the screen (payout same as 5 chips). Lost Islands symbols range in value of course from 500x for 5 chips, 400x for 5 conch and other premium symbols from 350x to 200x and also has typical alpha numeric with smaller values.

Next I will talk about the way the wilds work for example every wild you get on the screen at once increases your win, if you get 5 wilds on screen with conch 5 of a kind also there the win will be 2000x your line bet! The wild does not have to be part of the combination though it just has to be on the screen which is nifty.

The free spins feature is activated when you get 3 or more scatter symbols 3=10 free spins, 4=20 free spins and 5=30 free spins! During the free spins one wild is stuck to the middle of reel 3 meaning you have a better chance of a bigger multiplier and better chance to get 5 of a kind. The count up of the big wins is relatively quick too saving you waiting around if you were recording a video otherwise you can click and skip.

In summary my first play was not the same as subsequent sessions in other words the next time may not be as bad as the first time.

Here is my pros and cons of Lost Island:


Decent Paytable.
Increasing multipliers thanks to wilds.
Fun to play.
Good feature round and fair amount of spins based on scatters.
Big wins.
Can go on streaks of wins like Starburst and other games.

I give Lost Island 7/10 can be really bad but on those occasions when it is good it can really take your breath away!

Can take a long time to hit free spins (normally worth the wait).
Can eat cash quickly so have at least £40 for it (treat it like wild water, big bang etc.)

paquito76 867 reviews
Though the name of the game is Lost Island we can’t really find any mysticism, adventure or even nature pictures here what can be predicted from the name so from one aspect it’s a little bit misleading title. All we can get here are good graphics that illustrate some undefined symbols and some others that remind me of antic relics, flowers and drums. Somehow this interface and especially the theme don’t seem to me as deliberate work and it’s some kind of unfinished business. It’s strange because NetEnt is famous about its great and sometimes unique themes and their high quality realizations but at this game we can’t see too much from it.

Something similar is true to the game segment where I feel as if the assigned features wouldn’t be so powerful and some of them seem to have limited quality. The best line win is worth only 500 coins in normal situation and I’m saying this because the Wild has some very strange working method but it may multiply this and other wins up to x5. Every appearing Wild on the screen gives x1 multiplier even if they don’t do anything with wins. For example if we have a 3 of kind winning combination on the first three reels and one of them is a Wild we are awarded as no any multiplier would be involved, but if another Wild appear on the fifth reels the original win is multiplied by x2 even if the Wild on the fifth reel isn’t a part of that combination. It’s not a bad feature and sometimes it can be very useful but I would prefer the traditional way when the Wild which is on the combination has multiplying function, too.

The Scatter symbol only has free spin triggering function which is also a strange thing because most of the NetEnt games have very good Scatter paying ability. The free spins can be won in number of 10, 20 or 30 games and before the extra session starts the center position on the inner reel turns into Wild and it will be Wild as the features lasts. At other games this feature is applied in expanded format where all 3 positions on the reels are Wild giving more chance for winning combinations. I understand if the creators did that at this game it automatically would have meant that every win would have been multiplied by x3 but why would have been it so bad? Anyway, during free spins the Wild at least has the ability to may appear in stacked format on the reels.

Personally, this slot is a disappointment for me. It starts with the not too clear theme and the not too fortunate name giving method then it continuous at game segment where everywhere I see I just notice the paying or function limits. It’s very obvious for me that this slot is not the best designed, organized and made NetEnt game and Lost Island sometimes seems as if it weren’t a product of this software developer. The general payout is just ordinary in best case and I can’t say this game would be very exciting to play with. I think NetEnt should re-examine this game from top to bottom and re-consider what qualities this slot must have and what it doesn’t need in this form. It’s not a good game in my book at all.
katemak 1170 reviews
And another Netent game which was released not so long ago, so it is one of the newest games which this provider released it.

The theme about this game is all about Mystical valley which is a tale of the Immortal life. Seeing those symbols on the reels, those ancient jewelry while playing this game, must be honest even I have read that this game has big potential of big wins I am not sure about it. There is a wild symbols like any game has and of course scatter symbols, which I never managed to trigger and believe me I had try this game a lot of time. Getting 3 scatters on the reels it will reward you with 10 free spins and what I like if you trigger 4 of them will give you 20 free spins and even, but I doubt that anyone has cached them, catching 5 of them will reward you with 30 extra spins. While I was playing this game I was getting the wilds, but never managed to catch 5 of a kind because getting that will award you nice. So those wilds I was chasing them but they were lending always on the wrong place, meaning rarely giving me some winning combination.

Some of the members as I can see they liked this game, but for myself I can't say the same, because I played this game several times and I gave it a chance up to 100 spins, but from those spins I didn't get the free spins, neither some big win. Well Netent provider, I must say they disappointed me, because from all this games they released this year I can't say that only 2 of them I like, which has given me some solid winnings. Don't know try this game, maybe you will be more luckier then me, because I am done with this game.
Lost Island slot created by Net entertainment and this is my favorite software. This slot has 20 paylines, and it is one more game that was released not so long (this is because looks like website sort Netent slots in order of their release, very good feature, thanks). Have no questions to animations and sounds, like always only I can say, or better show, it is just big thumbs up for Netent.

Game has interesting feature, starting multiplier for each spin is just 1x, but every wild that appear during spin - increase multiplier by 1x, up to 5x, very interesting feature, and make me always waiting for more wilds, and when appear many and there is a good win I am almost screaming 'HOORAII'. Also there is freespins feature, another very interesting thing. 3 or more scatters win freespins, and there already placed one wild in middle, for all spins. So multiplier is already x 2. Also some wilds become stacked on some reels, but I am not sure about their order, where they stacked where not, so will not continue saying about it.

Never has very big wins on this slot, probably 100-150$ with 0.8-1 bets, not great result, but I played this slot not many times, and of course to see very big win I need to play slot many times. Could be interesting to find somewhere player who have screenshot with many wilds during freespins feature, because payout for this win should be very big. Also probably need to try this slot more by myself, I think I will have some luck with it (do not know why, but I really have this feeling).
I did not like that couple of times I lost my money without getting 3 scatters. Sometimes they just not appear, and it is very hard to trigger freespins feature.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
This game is one of the newer NetEnt games. This has 5 reels and 20 ways for a win. The maximum bet in this game is 100€ and the minimum is 0.20€. This is one of the newest games that I tried out.

I played the game with a minimum bet of 0.20€ per spin, and did so for about 20 minutes. Didn't manage to win anything special. Did manage to trigger the Free spin feature couple of times by getting three scatter symbols, but both times the payout was really low.

The graphics of the game are not bad or good, they are in the middle. I think we can settle on average, but the music I really liked it was really suiting while I was playing. In this game there are no bonus features and also the type of this game isn't progressive. It has a wild symbol in a beautiful flower shape, which will substitute for anything except scatter. Also every time a wild appears on the reel the multiplier will increase for the number of wilds. The maximum number is 5 of course, so in order to get 5x multiplier, you need to get 5 wild symbols in one spin. Which in my case I didn't manage to achieve, I only managed to get 3x multiplier. Also in the Free spin feature there is a wild symbol that will stick around on reel 3 exactly in the center for the rest of the free spins, and the wilds in the free spin feature can come solo or stacked of 2 or 3.

Overall a pretty decent slot, that in my opinion lacks the excitement that other slots have. As far as the ratings a solid 7.
valentin68 535 reviews
Okay I give up. This slot is very good, but I have lost here enough money and although I have played almost 300 spins I still did not entered the Free Spins round. Perhaps I am unlucky today and I have to stop playing the game and say thank you only for the pleasure that I had until now.

This review is about “Lost Island” from NetEnt, a good slot where after you play you have the sensation that you just read a best seller of adventures. At least this is the feeling I have: that in 40 minutes I read all the two volumes of “Mysterious Island” written by Jules Verne. And to the beauty of the slot, adds the mysterious background music. It is like I become glued to this game.

To say one more time, even if I lost enough money I will tell you that the slot is good. As playing idea this game brings a multiplier of wins that advances with one unit for each Wild present on the reels. And because Wilds are common, very often this multiplier will be 2x-3x. Even at the first spin, with 3 Wilds on the screen (the bet was 20 cents) I had a “Super Mega Win” of over 13 Euro. I am sorry I have not kept it to show it here.

What I noticed though is that these “Big Wins” are somewhat rare here than when playing “Lights” or “Twin Spin” and you have to wait about 80-100 spins on the average to be awarded such a win. But unfortunately other wins are not as big, and the slot pays only 5 cents for “3 of a kind” minor symbols. However, sometimes wins can become very large because of the multiplier and of the Wilds, fact that make the slot to be good. I am sorry that I lost my patience and I could not wait enough for the Free Spins. (A Wild constantly positioned in the center plus some other Stacked Wilds probably would have brought me back to the starting amount of money, after playing this round).

Perhaps if I would have been in a lucky day this slot I would have compared this slot with the best games from NetEnt, this way it receives just an average rating of 7/10 from me.
I’ve played Lost Island for the very first time a few weeks ago. My reaction afterwards was kind of mixed since I was expecting better results. It’s a flashy game with all the bells and whistles you expect from the average NetEnt games. Again, another innovative slot design you won’t come across often.

I like how NetEnt manages to do this with almost every release. Not sure who the guys are who come up with these creative ideas, but I certainly believe they deserve some credit; even though I been somewhat sceptical and negative about many recent releases as well.

Lost Island offers 20-paylines and 5-reels. The symbols are made of ancient objects which can lead to a nice win if you manage to get a 5 oak. The minimum bet is only €0.20, but I played this game with 1 euro bets on average at Unibet. The game also features many wild symbols during base game.

In addition, you’ll find a bar on top of the slot with multipliers all the way up to 5 x. For every wild appearing on the reels, the winning combination gets multiplier. So if you manage to get 5 wilds, then you’ll enjoy a 5 x multiplier. I had a couple of good hits by having a few wilds matched with some high paying symbols of 80 x, 75 x and 60 x bet size all in a short time.

I like the sound it makes when you have a big win. It really makes your adrenaline level go up and get you very excited. I did have trouble triggering the free spins though. Took me a long time but I eventually managed to do this by hitting 3 scatters, which awarded me 10 free spins.

During free spins there is a sticky wild on the second position of reel 3 and all wilds on all other reels are stacked. The multiplier is also in place which means you can get to the 5 x multiplier much quicker since there are more reels. Nevertheless, my free spins session was a total fail, ending up in me winning only 15 x bet size.

I guess I was just unlucky but I still left with a profit on that slot. I’ll definitely try it again sometime.
The sound it keeps making when useless wilds drop and when many wilds still don't lead to a win.
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