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Strangest Casino Promotions

Strangest Casino Promotions

Occasi­ona­lly­ the marketing teams are various Online Casinos tend to come up with some creative yet strange casino promotions. Maybe these marketing teams are trying the extra effort of being more creative or perhaps they are so bored in their offices that they came up with something ridiculous. Or in reality they might come up with sneaky promotions to make you think you're getting value when you're not. Here is a list of some of the strangest casino promotions and ideas on the net.

Gnuf Casino - The World's Greatest Dice Roll

Let us start with stupid casino promotions and the winner of this prestigious award goes to Gnuf Casino Review. It is bad enough that the name of your casino is Gnuf. The website is fine but their marketing team decided they needed a viral marketing campaign that would all make the office rich and famous. We can't say they didn't try but maybe they could have spent their time and money doing something else. The result?


The result of the worlds great dice roll. You can waste 2 minutes of your life by watching their YouTube video which they thought was a clever achievement of attracting more players.

The end result was probably a lot of money spent to produce this 1 minute and 19 seconds of uselessness. They seemed to post on forums bragging how cool it was with nobody really responding. The video launched October 23rd, 2007 and to the time of writing this article it had less than 7000 views.

InterCasino - Want to win a trip to outer space?

Now you can with InterCasino Review's extravagant promotion. Unfortunately this promotion is expired but it did raise some eyebrows at the time of launching it. The contest ended in May 30th, 2010 and it worked by wagering where you pick up stars. Collecting as many stars gave you more chances. The contest details are still on the website but no mention of the winner. They do have a leaderboard showing player 666kgb666 with 242926 stars who has won $50,000 for the prize pool.

Congratulations to InterCasino Review for the most unique casino promotion ever.

Do you want to win a BMW every day?

Well we have the lamest or worst casino promotion in history. The Star Partner group of casinos, which we won't name any to give them free exposure, ran a contest many years ago. On all the casino websites they had mentions of this promotion and it even came to your inbox if you signed up at the casino. Many casino portals had their banners up and it wasn't talked about much until it was found out that the BMW in question that you could win were only toy models. Many players and affiliates were lead to believe you won an actual new BMW car worth a lot of money but instead you won a toy car.

So no thanks to Star Partner group for worst casino promotion online. What is next win a million dollars then they tell you the currency is in Zimbabwe dollars?

The best Christmas promotions ever

Seasonal promotions always make for some exciting promotions and contests. However if you love bonuses and nothing more than GoldenPalace Review ran one of the craziest promotions that will most likely never happen again.

Back in the early 2000s they went all out offering 12 days of Christmas from 50% bonuses as high as 200%. For the average casino player at that time, promotions like these just didn't exist. You could even play on blackjack. These promotions were probably abused by bonus hunters but it also probably won the hearts and wallets of many players that have never seen generosity like this. Maybe this casino doesn't sound exciting but many online casinos certainly copy the promotions that GoldenPalace Review originally came up with. Hopefully this Christmas they can raise the bar once again on their casino promotions.

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