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United Kingdom Casino Bonus

In the United Kingdom, just like in most other parts of the world, casino companies use bonus offers as the crucial instrument of marketing and business’ promoting. As they hope to captivate as many customers as possible, casino companies tend to tweak, and upgrade casino bonus offers they launch so they appear to be super attractive and almost impossible to pass. Unfortunately, some casinos and bookmakers abuse the bonuses, break the fixed consumer protection, and end up being exploitative for their consumers.

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The United Kingdom has focused (in the recent few years, in particular) on setting very strict bonus terms and conditions, making it almost impossible for online operators to fraud the players.

Here is the information on United Kingdom casino bonuses structure, rules, regulations, player protection, and more:

What You Need to Know About Casino Bonuses in the UK

To protect the players against ambiguous bonus terms, illogical requirements and, ultimately, fraud various UK departments and regulatory bodies oversee the gambling industry. This includes the United Kingdom Gambling Commission that’s managing the entire gambling industry, Advertising Standards Authority, HMRC, CMA, and many others. They control various aspects of gambling as a business in the United Kingdom.

Since 2017, there have been numerous laws and regulations that got amended, the most prominent being Tax Regulation Changes on No Deposit Bonus Offers that require taxation of all casino free and discounted bonuses. The law officially entered into force on August 1, 2017. Furthermore, the United Kingdom is known for frequent changes in gambling regulations, so – if you are gambling at UK casinos, make sure you stay on top of the regulatory updates on bonuses, promotions, and casino rules overall. 

UK casino players can smile because the United Kingdom is a country that’s taking player safety very seriously.

Different Types of Online Casino Bonuses in the UK

To help you stay on the safe side of gameplay, we have chosen the best online casinos for you to browse (and use!) bonuses in. We strongly recommend, however, to always read the bonus terms and conditions before you deposit, just to avoid any potential misunderstandings.

Once you have completed all necessary steps taking you to safe gameplay, here are the bonus offers you can consider:

Welcome Bonuses in the UK 

The most popular type of casino bonuses in the United Kingdom (and other countries) are Welcome Bonuses. The sign-up bonuses (as welcome bonuses are also called) come with a different maximum amount and wagering conditions depending on a casino you choose. They are generally suitable for both low and high rollers.

If you don’t have too much experience playing, please check the bonus validity before claiming an offer. Also, we strongly recommend you go for a welcome bonus with a playthrough requirement lower than 50x. Choosing the right casino offer might be difficult for newbies, so – if you are struggling - you can turn to our selected list of the best casino bonus for UK players.

No Deposit Casino Bonuses in the UK

Possibly the closest thing to getting free cash is grabbing a No Deposit Bonus with a casino. This is the type of a bonus that’s giving you bonus money or bonus spins (depending on the type of the offer) with a simple registration and credibility/eligibility check. You don’t deposit any money. 

But, who gives out free money, well, for free? You’ve guessed it – no one.

A No Deposit Casino Bonus is usually attached to a host of terms and conditions a player needs to adhere to because it’s essential for the casino that they get something in return, too.

If all players were to cash in and run, the less bonus money would remain for the rest of the players, which is hardly good for neither the casino nor the players. So, when you see extra conditions attached to the latest no deposit casino bonuses UK, know they are actually for your benefit as well as the casino’s.

Another great thing about No Deposit bonuses is that they don’t come with an obligation of following up your no deposit bonus with real money play.

Extra Spins (Formerly Known as Free Spins) in the UK

Extra Spins (formerly known as Free Spins) are the type of bonus UK that can:

  • Be a stand-alone bonus
  • Come with your first deposit 
  • Be part of a loyalty bonus for regular players 
  • Exist as prizes in regular casino competitions and promotions

These Extra Spins will allow you to have a go on the casino selected slots, with no change in how they function compared to paid spins.

However! If you are going for an Extra Spins Casino Bonus in the United Kingdom, keep things in perspective with the following: no matter how impressive this Extra Spins bonus looks (usually, you’ll see adverts for 500, 700, 1000 + spins), keep in mind that these spins are usually worth just a few pounds. Other restrictions come in forms of restrictions on the maximum you can win per spin, and slots you can play, so don’t get your hopes too high up.

Free-play Bonuses in the UK

The Free-play Bonus is a fantastic option for all-beginner players. It allows them to play a selection of games, particularly slots, for a set time, usually up to a certain cash amount. Therefore, new casino players get a chance to get familiar with a casino, get some practice spinning a range of games before they pick their favourite, and still have the opportunity to win real money.

To claim a Free-play Bonus in the United Kingdom, you’ll usually be asked to either make a deposit of some kind or complete any pending wagering conditions. Still, just to be sure, read the bonus terms before requesting your promotion.

Other Popular Casino Bonuses in the UK

Other than main bonus options, online casinos may offer other bonus types. They are usually divided by player’s experience, leading to Intermediate Bonuses and Expert Bonuses for Advanced Players.

Here are some types of Intermediate Bonuses you may find in the UK:

Several Expert Bonuses in the UK are:

  • High Roller Bonuses
  • VIP Clubs
  • Raffles
  • Referral Bonuses

All online bonuses come with terms and conditions, regardless of what their type is. Please read them carefully before you choose a bonus you’ll enjoy.

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