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The Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (or CEZA) is the official licensor and regulator of the region of Cagayan, located in the northern Philippines. CEZA is able to issue online gambling licenses through First Cagayan, a corporation that is largely responsible for the growth of the e-gaming industry in Asia. A list of Cagayan Economic Zone Authority online casinos can be found on this page.

Types of Licenses Available

The Cagayan Economic Zone Authority issues licenses to a number of different types of online gaming sites. This includes online casinos, lottery sites, online bingo parlors, sportsbooks, fixed odds and interactive scratch game sites, and betting exchanges. Sportsbook-only sites can simply get a Restrictive Interactive Gaming License. Sites that include a casino or other types of online gambling must apply for a Full License instead.

Application Requirements

A person or company looking to obtain a license through the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority must go through First Cagayan. The process begins by filling out an application form to fulfill CEZA requirements. After it is reviewed by First Cagayan, additional paperwork may be necessary. The casino must have its servers located within Cagayan, Philippines before the license will be issued, although incorporation is not required.

Fees and Taxes

First Cagayan, in conjunction with the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority, requires licensees to pay certain fees before and after the application process. This includes an application fee, a registration fee, a non-refundable deposit, and either a 2% levy (for casinos) or flat renewal fee (for sportsbook-only operations). These vary depending on the type of license, but the fees are large enough to ensure that only serious operators apply.

List of Licensees

Because a license from the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority indicates reliability, First Cagayan has taken steps to prevent sites from displaying fake licenses. A full list of licensed companies is available on the First Cagayan website. Only sites that have a genuine CEZA license are included in the list on this page.

Dispute Resolution

It's unclear if First Cagayan provides any sort of player dispute services. For this reason, players who have a dispute with a CEZA-licensed online casino should first exhaust all other options. Contacting the casino directly is always the best thing to do first. If that fails, consultation with a third-party affiliate such as AskGamblers may be necessary.

If neither of these options help you get the resolution you seek, you may be able to work with First Cagayan. Their website,, includes a contact form for general use. A representative from the company may be able to assist you in dealing with a severe issue you have with one of their licensed casinos.

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