Increasing Your Chances in Three Card Poker

Increasing Your Chances in Three Card Poker

Few Table Games in the Online Casino provide as much unpredictable excitement as three card poker. This simple poker variation pits players against the dealer. Gamblers are drawn to it primarily for the huge payout opportunities and speed and simplicity of play. Much like other table games, however, players ought to learn how to increase their chances of winning at Play 3 Card Poker. Proper strategy is easy to learn and will make playing three card poker much less costly to your bankroll.

Three card poker is well-known for its easy play. Players begin by making an ante wager. Then, the players and the dealer are dealt 3 cards each, face down. Play proceeds around the table as the players determine whether to raise or fold. If a player folds, he or she loses his ante wager. If a player raises, he or she must make a second wager equal to that of the ante wager. All players who raised then compare their hands to the dealer's. If the dealer has a queen high or better, any players with a better hand than the dealer win 1:1 on the raise and ante. If the dealer does not have a queen or better, the dealer does not qualify. In this case, all players win 1:1 on the ante and their raise bets push. In addition, if the player has a straight or better, he or she wins a bonus on the ante, regardless of whether he or she beats the dealer.

Increasing your chances in this fast-paced poker game can extend your bankroll and make your gambling experience much more enjoyable. Thankfully, proper strategy isn't too hard to learn. Much like Caribbean stud poker, you will use the dealer's qualifying point (queen high) to determine how to play your hand. The rule of thumb is to fold with anything less than queen, 6, 4. By extension, players should raise with queen, 6, 4 or higher. Of course, always raise with a pair or better.

However, this can be a bit confusing. What exactly does “queen, 6, 4” mean? First, evaluate your highest card. If it is a king or ace, you will always raise. If it is a jack or less, you will always fold. If it is a queen, look at your second card and follow the same train of logic, and so on.

How beneficial is increasing your chances in three card poker? The math speaks for itself. Players who raise on everything are playing with a house edge of 7.65%, making three card poker a sucker bet. Thankfully, with this knowledge, you can greatly reduce the house edge to a mere 3.37%, much better than players who are unaware of optimal three card poker play.

It's clear that, with these basic ways of improving your odds in three card poker, you'll fare much better than many other players at the table. While the casino will always have the edge in all their games, there's no reason that you can't reduce it. Gambling is a form of entertainment, so why not extend your entertainment dollar as far as it will go by reducing the house edge in three card poker?