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How to Win More at Face Up 21

How to Win More at Face Up 21

Face Up 21 is an exciting variant of one of the world's most popular table games, blackjack. Also called Double Exposure, Face Up 21 gives players more information to make informed decisions during the course of gameplay. This is because the dealer reveals both of his or her initial cards at the beginning. To counter this, the rules are typically stricter, with the dealer winning on most ties and blackjacks paying only 1:1.

Because of these increased restrictions, it is incredibly important that you use the extra information given to you in Face Up 21 appropriately. By understanding proper strategy, you can increase your odds of walking away a winner by playing Face Up 21. Since there are plenty of opportunities to play Face Up 21 online, you can keep these tips available in the background.

The rules to Face Up 21 are the same as standard blackjack, with a few exceptions. The dealer will win on all ties except blackjack. (The player wins instantly on natural blackjacks.) Both of the dealer's cards are visible. Additionally, the player may only double on totals of 9-11. Finally, if you get triple suited sevens against a dealer seven, you win an incredible 40:1. The game uses 8 decks. Players may split up to three hands, and the dealer hits on soft 17.

Now that you know the basic rules, it's time to get strategy under your belt for Face Up 21. Since you can see the entire total of the dealer's initial hand, the commonly-used strategy charts are much wider. Here's a break-down of the basics. If you want a visual representation of optimal strategy, you may look for a basic strategy chart.

Hard Hands

If you have 11 or less, you will never stand. Always double if the dealer has 14, 15, or 16. If your total is between 8 and 11, also double against a dealer 12 or 13. If your total is 9, also double against 5 or 6. Double against 4-8 if your total is 10, and also double against 9 if it's 11. Hit otherwise.

If you have 12 or more, you will never double. If the dealer's total is equal to or higher than yours, you must hit. Additionally, hit against 7 if you have 16. Hit against 7-9 if you have 15. Hit against 7-10 if you have 14. Finally, hit against 7-11 if you have 12 or 13. Otherwise, stand.

Soft Hands

The details for soft hands are much more difficult to explain. Always double against a hard dealer 15 or 16. If you have soft 20 or lower, also double against a hard dealer 12-16. Double against a hard dealer 6 if you have soft 14 through soft 18. If your total is soft 17 or lower, hit if double is not applicable. Also hit if your total is less than or equal to the dealer's. Otherwise, stand.

If the dealer has a soft total, as well, the rules are simpler. Stand on soft 18 against a dealer soft 17. Otherwise, hit if you have soft 18 or less, and stand if you have soft 19 or more.

While these tips don't cover every scenario, they greatly increase your chance of walking away as a winner from a game of Face Up 21. If you're interested in giving this exciting blackjack variant a try, just register at any fine RTG casino. Even USA players can enjoy playing Face Up 21 online. Keep these tips in the background and double, hit, stand, and split your way to big wins in the most intricate version of blackjack ever created.

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