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Zeus Slot

Zeus is a 30-payline video slot which operates on the WMS (Williams Interactive) software platform. The wild card is the Wild Temple symbol, while the scatter is the Thunder icon. If players wish to try the slot for free, they can do so on this page. Alternatively, if they want to play the game for real money they are invited to pick any of the featured WMS (Williams Interactive) casinos.

To help the Greek God of Thunder run Mount Olympus, players should first regulate their wager. “Lines” alters the number of used paylines and “Be­t/L­ine­” modifies the coin value, which ranges from 0.01 to 5. Pressing the blue “Spin” button will initiate the game and the “Au­top­lay­” button will turn the reels for a preset number of times without interruption.

When 3 Thunder symbols emerge on the reels, 10 Free Spins will be triggered. 4 Thunder scatters will award 25 Free Spins and 5 scatters will result in 100 Free Spins. The awarded Free Spins are played to triumphant, uplifting music. Free Spins can be reactivated.

Game Play

Lines: Select the number of active paylines.
Bet/Line: Change the coin size.
Spin: Start the game.
Autoplay: Spin the reels a number of times in a row uninterrupted.

Zeus Slot Reviews by Players


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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Zeus used to be a favourite of mine in the land based casinos near me, but after playing and being left thoroughly disappointed by the on-line version of another WMS classic "The Wizard of Oz" I worried that this game might also have been butchered into a much less attractive form. Fortunately though this one seems to be more of a direct conversion, but did think the land based version had a larger maximum win - it's not possible for me to confirm this right now unfortunately.

There aren't a huge number of on-line slots where you can win 100 free spins, but that's exactly what you get here should you manage to land all five scatter symbols simultaneously. It doesn't happen very often but when it does your almost guaranteed a decent sized win, and different reel strips are used which seem to have a few additional scatters as retriggers seem more frequent than initial bonus triggers. That could just be my experience though - I haven't actually seen the reel strips to say this for sure!
The graphics don't look too great in 2016 and I am surprised that WMS didn't redraw the symbols when they converted the game for on-line use as this slot must have been around for well over a decade now! The interface is simple to understand with big buttons and icons, but it does look a little garish as well as outdated.

Any game with stacked wilds has a good chance of capturing my attention thanks to the huge payout potential this feature will usually add to any game. As far as I can tell though in this game a full screen of wilds at the minimum bet of 0.30 awards a total win of just £150 or 500x your stake which seems really quite disappointing to me. I guess WMS must have agreed to some extent as they increased the maximum possible win in the sequels Zeus II and III.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Williams Interactive is a great software provider for both land base and online casinos and I have played each and every game this provider has to offer. I have to admit there are some games that are less attractive and that pay little but on some games with a little luck you can win a small fortune. One of my favorite slots are with Greek mythology so it is understandable why I love games like Zeus.

This is a 30 payline 5 reel slot with a descent graphic and animations. The slot has an ancient look but then again all slots from this provider share the same design. This game reminds me very much of Kronos one of my favorites so whenever I have a descent balance I like to try it out. There are 3 main symbols in the game. The first is Zeus himself who comes stacked and can fill a whole screen for the ultimate payout. The second is the wild symbol which can come stacked in the bonus round and the third is the Feature symbol which is very much alike to the one in Zeus III.

From the paytable of the game you can see that the wins aren’t very big but if you sit down to play the game you will see that 5 of a kind combinations come very often so you won’t lose too much bankroll chasing the bonus round. If you hit 3 Feature symbols you are awarded with 10 free spins. For 4 or 5 you get 25 and a whopping 100 free spins. I know that hitting 5 of them is almost impossible but I have noticed in this game that the free spins feature is more easily retriggered unlike in Kronos. On the other hand in Kronos I can get 4 stacked Kronos symbols very often while here getting even 3 stacked Zeus symbols looks like an impossible task. Still retriggering the free spins does bring a descent payout.

In my last session in Casumo I started playing this game with 20 euros and half an hour later and 3 bonus rounds with 2 retriggers my balance was at 140 on a minimum bet. If you are lucky enough this game can be very generous.
Zeus is the first version from a series of highly successful video slots produced by none other than WMS. Because this game was so popular, WMS continued to build on to that success and released Zeus II and even Zeus III after this game. I wouldn’t be surprised if we will see a Zeus IV and even Zeus V video slot being released in the coming few years as well.

Anyway, but at first there was just Zeus, which doesn’t mean that this slot comes up short though. Even now this game is great and would still be a worthy choice. The other versions just have more paylines and options to achieve winning combinations.

This version however is more compact but also a very decent option. Zeus contains 5-reels, 3-rows and 30-paylines. The symbols logically are decorated with everything that relates to the Greek myth of Zeus.

Good to know is that the Zeus symbol is stacked and can potentially deliver a full screen of it. I played this game back in the day on 90 cent bets. The best paying symbol is that of Zeus which pays almost 17x bet for a 5oak. So the top prize during base game is more than 500x bet.

I don’t think I won more than 100x bet though. The most important symbols of Zeus are the wilds (Olympus building) and feature symbol (hand). If you collect 3, 4 or 5 feature symbols, then you advance to the free spins phase where you respectively receive 10, 25 or 100 free spins.

Especially the fact that you get so many free spins if you manage to get 4 or 5 feature symbols is very generous. Even though it’s very rare to get so many scatters. I remember winning 10 free spins most of the time and once 25 free spins.

My best hit was around 150x bet during those 25 free spins, but most often it doesn’t surpass 15-20x bet. All in all it’s a nice game, but with the newer versions around I prefer playing Zeus III these days.
Zeus is an amazing game made by WMS. I did not play it much before, but recently it was released on 888 and I fell in love with it. It is just awesome and has so much to offer. I absolutely love playing it and spent over an hour the first time I opened it. It is a 30 line game with one feature. The feature is free spins and they freaking cool. I was playing the game on €0.30 and after few spins got five of a kind with Zeus and won over €18. I continued playing and soon after got my first ever feature on this game. The thing that makes this feature awesome is the stacked wilds. They come out much often and find yourself staring at four reels filled with wild and the fifth one spinning slowly and stopping on Zeus. I made over €120 on that spin and realized why WMS is so popular.

The WMS games in my view have the best graphics, features and over all appearance of the game. The game play is awesome and I was stuck to the screen, enjoying every second.

The re is a stop feature in this game and I double tapped the feature only once. It was giving me two symbols none stop and finally gave me three.

I never managed to re trigger the free spins, but if I do that would be awesome. The pays seem small but because they are stacked they still pay big amounts. Over all a very enjoyable game and I love it to bits. I also like that you can change the lines, sometimes you want to change the lines and raise the bet, and on this game it is possible.
The game can turn off and I felt it straight away. It did not pay out in 20 or 30 spins and I stopped playing it. I had such a great experience with it and I don't want to ruin it.

My rating 9 out of 10.
Th3 Runn3R 119 reviews
United States
I love Greece, Greek food, Greek myth movies. There are a lot video slot are based on Greek mythology such as Medusa, Medusa 2, Kronos, Zeus, Zeus II, Zeus III and the next video slot hit with the title : Great Zeus (date of launch is still unknown).
Although I know that Zeus and Zeus III are available online, why is Zeus 2 not?

The first Zeus video slot looks kinda old and it's probably this game is a few decades old but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy playing it because I did enjoyed it.
About 5 years ago I visited a land based casino and I saw they had two Zeus video slot machines standing next to each other and one of them was free so I took the seat, put 50 euro bill in the machine and start playing.
Unfortunately I was not the one that was lucky because the person next to me who played the same game just triggered a bonus round with 5 scatters (100 free spins).
Seeing that made me jealous and who wouldn't? The guy played with 300 credits per spin won over 120000 credits (2400 euro) and left with the biggest smile I ever seen in my life.

After watching him win I need to win too because I always think if he can win it so do I but unlucky me my 50 euro was gone after one hour playing and I kept putting bills in the machine till all my wallet ran out of money. The next thing I know I have played the game for 4 hours, I had no clue what's just happening to me. I walked away with 400 euro losses.

I know that land based version of Zeus has a minimum denom of 2 cent per line and that's how I lost that lot of money in 4 hours playing it.
The online version has fortunately a minimum denom of 1 cent per line so I gave it another try.
Till now I still haven't triggered the 100 free spins bonus round but I had a few big wins thou.
It seems I only have luck with this game when I play it online.

A friend of my spent her last 20 euro bill on this game and also she had luck because she left with 200 euro winning in her hand.

From now on I only play this game online, the land based version just hate me.
valentin68 535 reviews
Although the “Zeus” slot is quite simple and has an average look, I liked it more than many other average slots. And I will tell you why. Many slots advertise a 95-97 % return, but the player can get from them in the first few hundred spins at most an average of 75-80 % of all that he has invested. There are even disastrous cases when in the best scenario after the first 100 spins one sees that that the return was about 50 %. One needs to play too many spins to reach the announced return plus one cannot be sure that he will make up for the losses. I also know that the same slot played in different casinos lead to completely different results. Each casino has its way to tweak the results of the same slot.

Maybe it is because of the casino where I played this slot (Maria casino), but to me this slot most of the time gave and only on few occasions took me money, and so after the first 300 spins (or about 100 Euro gambled) I arrived exactly the announced 97% return (that is, the loss was 3 Euro) and I always found myself here having something extra from the starting amount, up to a maximum of up to 17 Euro. When after the first 5 spins I had 3 Euro extra I was very surprised.

Here the total bet is 30 cents/30 paylines and all minor symbols pay about as the bet (about 20 cents) for 3 pieces, while the major symbols bring significant wins. Although the symbols are not different and all are drawn from the ancient Greek legends, somehow you realize which are the minor symbols (the crown and the coins), because of their less significance in the ancient times. The only times when you are losing are several series of more than 5 unsuccessful spins because otherwise you will be pleasantly impressed by constant payouts of 40 cents -1.5 Euro.

The slot is not spectacular, you will never get overly rich from here, but at least I prefer to have a small earning growing steadily over time, than scarce and unreliable big wins. In fact, the slot has become increasingly stingy only after it gave me a “Big Win” (10 Euro). Regarding how the game is played, the slot is quite simple, the spins are arising in a somehow linear way. The only thrill moments are when the reels fall the stacked Zeus symbols (the only ones that are stacked here) when you know you will win significantly. During Free spins also Wild symbols become stacked and thus the chances of winning increase.

Like I said maybe I played this game in a casino that offers somewhat higher wins, but it seemed to me that this simple slot is somehow better than average.
paquito76 867 reviews
I don’t know how many games I played built around this great mythological, Greek theme but it seems it inspires the developers as it’s one of the favourite targets of them and I don’t mind it because I like these slots with that style and always thought the subject gives a good opportunity for artistic works and am always curios what decorations the creators used.

From this aspect Zeus has a decent, nice look with clear pictures and good symbols. The well-known Corinthian columns of course take a place here, too but this time just its silhouette can be seen on top of the reels and not around or between them. I think that’s the only decoration of the interface the rest was left to the illustration of the figures.
Naturally symbolic Greek objects are the figures like harp, vase, helmet, laurel wealth, Pegasus, Zeus and in my opinion they’re well-drawn, enough adorned and greatly fitting to the game. Overall, it can give from pictorial standpoint what I expect from a game like this so with the appearance I’ve got nothing problem.

When we start to play the first striking thing is the fine-tuning of the available stake values. This 30-payline game can be played from €0.01-€5 line bet but the adjustment can be set by €0.01 so the opportunity to play for example €0.61 per line is given and I think it’s a very appreciable thing because really everyone can find what’s the best for her/his style bankroll.

Unfortunately, that’s the best thing I can say about the game function because it doesn’t reach the average level in this segment and has a poor rewarding system in my opinion. If I played this game I use €1.50 as my total bet and in that case the best 5 of a kind win with Zeus (that appear on the reels in stacked format) would result only €25! which means the top prize is x500! per line bet. I know, because its appearing style, if one such winning combination is completed there’s a chance to other paylines also give such wins but I still think this numbers are unacceptable from a modern slot game. The situation isn’t getting better examining the features it offers. The Wild only has substitute function without any multiplying power and the 3 or more Scatters activate free spins that can be 10, 25 or 100 but this spins are played with the same conditions as normal play and don’t provide any multiplier number.

Sorry to say that but this I’ve got bad opinion about this game. Very long losing streaks are always occurs and with the weak payout ability and absolutely not chance to win big cause the feeling that it’s perhaps my game and to be honest don’t think anyone would appreciate what this game offers (maybe its look the only exception).
gordontan 70 reviews
Zeus slot game is another popular game as it is supported with a good theme which its main character the Zeus , a big name recognized by most of us.The Zeus slots game has 30 play lines and comes from of WMS games. First unique thing is that we have 5 reels arranged which its reels are populated by temples, Pegasus this is my most preferred part a flying horse, Grecian urns and Hellenic helmets, and of course our main character in the sky chucking around lightning bolts, the Zeus. What i can say that it has everything we gamblers love: clumped wilds, clumped symbols, nudging wilds, retriggering is very good as you can try to get more return with this function. I should say that this Zeus is a volatile game engine, and those payouts can come thick and fast, so it is quite a good decision and well worth taking a shot with your bankroll on this one but you need to have some levels of fund management to ensure effective and efficient winning strategy.

It is during the free spin bonus round that things can get really lucrative. Getting three, four or five lightning bolt scatter symbols, the reels are suddenly flipped around and you enter the bonus round, winning anything up to a whopping 50 free spins. The slot itself has stacked wilds on every reel and the obligatory free spins feature. The free spins are triggered by getting the blue bonus symbols on reels 1, 2 and 3 for 10 free spins. If you get all 5 of these symbols then you get 100 free spins. However, let me be honest to you ,it seems very easy but it is totally not easy .While in the base game any full reels of ZEUS will turn WILD, here, any single Zeus symbol appearing on a reel will nudge to fill that reel with Wild symbols and that means wins can really add up to a greater big amount. Then hitting a combination of three or more lighting symbols and the free spins round will easily retrigger and for me it is like a gift from the gods,haha.

As a conclusion, based on my personal point of view, Zeus lot game should be categorized in the must try slot game list, whether you try it online or in the casino. I love to play Zeus slot in the casino if I am honest, however I am aware that the return to players is quite high. Anyway, we should always be aware about the risk involved when playing slot games ,unless you understand the pattern and hidden secret of the slot games, or else my advice is that you shouldn’t bet big in it.

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