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Your Lucky Day

Your Lucky Day Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1310 reviews
Well, is it? Is it what? My lucky day? Hmm, no way! As long as it is from Microgaming, I'd be better off going away. That's the story of my life, if it makes your day. But never mind about that. Let's talk about this game 'Your Lucky Day', as what Microgaming say. It's a 20 paylines game, it has a Free Spins game that never seems to come, it has 2 Bonus games that'll make you say "how come?", and for a next play, you'd better not come! Don't be fooled by that happy host and hostess. They're happy because they've got plenty of cash in their hands. Probably your cash and mine too!

'Your Lucky Day' is the Wild symbol in this game, paying 5000x the line bet for getting 5 of them. It substitutes for other symbols except the Scatter and the 2 Bonus symbols, but other than that, it is a dumb symbol. No doubling of wins with it, no stacking of the Wild symbols, and no expanding on the reels either. The TV is the Scatter symbol, appearing only on reels 2, 3 and 4, paying 2x the total bet for getting all 3 of them, which also triggers 10 free spins with all wins doubled. The Free Spins game can be retriggered, if you can get any of this, that is. The Lady Hostess and the Man Host are both Bonus symbols, both are also dumb symbols for not paying anything for themselves, appearing only on reels 1 and 5, to trigger the Hi-Low Bonus game (Lady Hostess), or the Lucky Money Bonus game (Man Host). As for the other symbols, the Moneybag pays 1000x, and the rest pay from 750x to 40x, all per line bet for getting 5 of each kind. Only the Wild symbol has a good value, but all others have low values, making it a low paytable.

In the Hi-Low Bonus game, guess whether the next card would be higher or lower, to win a cash prize of up to 95x the total bet amount. In the Lucky Money Bonus game, pick 1 item to win cash and another item to win a multiplier, to win up to 60x the total bet amount. The Lady Hostess' Hi-Low Bonus game may have a higher win of 95x the total bet amount, but don't count on it too much. In actual play, both bonus games can pay peanuts, or pay nothing more than just a mediocre win, as I had found out.
Let me put it in a simple to understand way. It took me 215 spins to win a 3x total bet amount in the HI-Low Bonus game, 3 Lucky Money Bonus games came quicker but paid 5x, 13x and 25x my bet amount, and after 650 spins on this blardy game, not one Free Spins game ever came! So, how would you like a game like that? Does it make your lucky day? For me, this Your Lucky Day game is fit to be thrown away!
Irine 232 reviews
I like this video slot very much! I felt like the luck always push me here lol. This video slot was great for me and works fine for me. The 20 paylines and it has a maximum bet of almost $150+ if you're a high roller this is a advantage for you! Actually the whale of the casino industry are sometimes the most player who played this because of that advantageous setting that this slot offered. The most beautiful experience that the most that I like is when I always play/won from their bonus play money it's the slot's feature that makes your game play more exciting.

When I deposited $70 from a Microgaming casino and randomly pick video slot and I found You Lucky Day slot so I bet 4 cents per lines maximum of 20 lines so a total of $.60 per spin. This game television theme like was so extravagant because of high roll and big winnings and I always sense that I play jeopardy game show. Spinning was not a problem and I didn't experience any technical difficulties and other slot problems so I continue playing. My 41 spins was resulted to a great winnings! Wild scatter and wild symbols were indeed help me to got hugecredits and the most good news from them all is when I strike the money bonus game! Although the pay out ratio was not determined I will give some of my huge winnings from that $0.60 I strike the 4 A symbol and 1 wild lucky day symbol so I got 5 A and got 1000 times I got $60! That's not how it ends because I also played their bonus game! When I struck the 3 host male and I picked different boxes then every box contains a value after that I won $28 from that bonus. The reels 2, 3, 4 doesn't want me to experience free spins because I can't strike it.
The video slot Your Lucky Day is classic but i'm not saying that it's disadvantage what I mean many players want modern video slot game. The POR or pay out ratio is unknown and it's important for the player to know it although I experience and observed their POR after I played several times. The sound or audio is sometimes bearish to the winnings.

Overall I didn't find any major problem and I rate this video slot 8/10!
paquito76 867 reviews
Honestly I don’t know what to do with Your Lucky Day slot. It would be a lie if I say I like what the game shows for me because I don’t find anything that could give me any attractive thing in visualization standpoint. The slot is dedicated the feeling of richness but I don’ understand why Microgaming thought it’s illustrated the best with every colours from the palette and make it the Top 5 most colourful game ever made. They also should suffer from the lack of inspiration as they figured out that Host, Hostess and Cash Bag is enough and the other symbols let be just the common card elements. I would be unfair if I didn’t mention the participants all got little symbolic brothers like car, cash, plane, house, champagne and they all together can take their positions at the end of the spins. But seriously, the interface is overdone by colours and uninspired by graphics.

But once when I was boring and just jumping from games to games I landed here and though I disliked what I saw I made some spin moves. At the third or fourth spin 3 Free Spin TV symbols appeared in the middle and didn’t have to be genius to know what was going to happen. I got 10 free spins at doubled prize and I thought ‘quickly came, quickly gone’ as nothing happened until close to the end another set of such symbols showed themselves and the feature was re-activated but based on the experience of the original spins I wasn’t too jumpy but fortunately it was a little better session. The spins went by when I just won 1000 times of line bet with 5 Cash Bags on a line (by the way the most paying such win award 5000 times of line bet thanks to 5 special Your Lucky Day emblem that is also the Wild of the game) and when the free spins ended my balance increased almost $75. Back to normal games and shortly got 2 Hostess character on the first and the last reels and got en entry to the Bonus game. It’s a Hi-Low choosing card and I succeeded to select five times correctly and with the last card at the end I had a pair and could walk away another $70+ win. The rule is simple here as every successful selection is multiplied by total bets but the real trick comes after the third selection because if the last choice is correct and gives a Flush the reward is very respectable (the side game uses a special paytable for the wins and possibilities there).

I was ready to go because the almost $140 was more than I expected and otherwise my eyes was getting tired because of the colours when this time the game’s other Bonus game called Lucky Money Bonus was triggered. Not many times happened in my gambling career when I got that many features in short time and I was really excited about that new one but when went on the secondary scene and had to pick from the dollar sign, my luck wasn’t with me as I chose 1270 credits with x1 multiplier so it added only $13 to my balance.

I like here the Hi-Low bonus features a lot and was happy about my little fortune there but personally I don’t think I will return to this game many times. I just don’t like how it looks like and for me the colourful interface is too bothering. The game features are not bad but also not exceptional so in my opinion this slot is no more, no less than an average game.
Icymod 758 reviews
Your Lucky Day is a 20 paylines video slot that seems to mimic that of a game show! On often tries this was horrendous on one of the Casino Rewards casinos but when I played this on Vegas Palms and 32Red, the experiences weren't equal.....they were better!!! I was failing so much in the Hi-Low bonus on one casino that my 1st or 2nd pick would end the bonus feature right away. Thanks for that Casino rewards!

There are 3 good features to hit here, one for the Lucky Money, another for the High-Low which is one of the best, and the last but second best on Your Lucky Day is the 10 Free spins at 2x. Getting the Lucky Money bonus is alright, it needs two male hosts on the 1st and 5th reel. I basically choose one square on the board. My least has been a 4x win and the next square is a multiplier. 3x has been my highest! However my best combination was for 800 coins plus a 3x multiplier for $24 total!

The High-Low bonus is much different! It's triggered the same way as the male hosts, only female host symbols are in place of the male hosts for 1st and 5th Reels. The same deal like the Bomber Girls bonus, predict the next card as a high or low to get winnings. I won 60x during this feature for my $0.80 triggering bet when I finished guessing all cards with a pair of Kings for my poker hand! It felt gratifying even though a pair of kings is not much for an extra win of 5x. I should of at least took home a three of a kind or a full house.....but there will be a good possibility next time for a larger extra prize to come my way! Hopefully.
I hate hitting the Lucky Money bonus! It's something to go by BUT whenever I have a good amount like 1200 coins, I always find a 1x multiplier on my second choice! That's one of the biggest downfalls for this bonus, there are not only small to medium prizes but there are hidden 1x multipliers that do nothing for my winning prize!
Your Lucky Day is a game powered by microgaming. Another stupid game on the microgaming software. Honestly speaking i don't have one good thing to say about this game. I don't play this game a lot this days but i have given it a fair try.

As usual before i play any game i check the payouts and first look at this game it all looked fine. The pays are decent and it has three features. There are two bonus features and a free spins feature. The two bonus features are Hi-Low bonus and Lucky Money bonus game. To get the Hi-Low you have to get hostess on the first and fifth reels. I played this game on all the bets ranging from €0.20 to €1.60 and max i ever got on this stupid bonus was no more that 10x my bet. I opened this game once after i just deposited €50. I thought ill give it a try on a small bet. Then i raised the bet to get nice win in the bonus. Played till i had about €5 left and got the bonus. On the bonus i lost on my second try. Every time i get this bonus i lose on my second or third try. The worst bonus i have ever played.

The Lucky Money bonus i never got. I always get the host on the first reel but he never comes out on the fifth. Im not sure, but looking at the pay table it looks worst that the Hi-Low bonus. I probably wasted on this game over €90.

The free spins feature is activated when you get three 'TV' symbols. You get 10 free spins with all wins doubled. I never got more than €10 on it and that was with a decent bet.

Over all the drawings are stupid and music is super annoying. I don't think i am going to play this game again. If i was to rate it i would give it 1 out of 10. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)

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