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Witches Wealth Slot

Witches Wealth is a 9-payline video slot which runs on the Microgaming software platform. The game’s wild card is the Wild Witch symbol, while the scatter is the Bat icon. Players are welcome to test the slot on this page for free or choose any of the listed Microgaming casinos to play the game for real money.

To practice magic alongside the powerful witch, players should first adjust their bet. The +/- buttons beneath the coin symbol alter the denomination, ranging from 0.01 to 0.25. “Select Lines” chooses the number of active paylines, while “Select Coins” selects the number of coins to bet. “Spin” initiates the game and “Bet Max” plays it at the highest wager. Pressing “Expert” and then “Au­top­lay­” spins the reels multiple times uninterrupted.

When 3 or 4 Mr. Twinkles icons emerge on an active payline, the Spinning Wand Bonus game is initiated. Players can win up to 1,600 coins in this game or they can activate the Flying Rescue Bonus game. Players spin a wheel consisting of 6 segments to win bonus win amounts. 5 segments have a random bonus and the 6th segment activates the Flying Rescue Bonus game.

5 Mr. Twinkles symbols trigger the Flying Rescue Bonus game, wherein players can win up to 16,200 coins. Players choose objects to reveal arbitrary bonus sums and by clicking on Mr. Twinkles players uncover their won bonus amount. The Witch needs to fly across the city and avoid falling objects in order to rescue Mr. Twinkles. If the Witch does not reach Mr. Twinkles, players are paid a random bonus amount. If she catches him, the amount won is tripled.

A jackpot of 6,000 coins will be awarded once 5 wild cards have emerged on an active payline.

Game Play

+/-: Change the coin size.
Select Lines: Select the number of activated paylines.
Select Coins: Pick the number of coins to bet.
Spin: Start the game.
Bet Max: Spin the reels at the highest wager.
Autoplay: Turn the reels multiple times uninterrupted.

Witches Wealth Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1301 reviews
This is one more of Microgaming games that I have never played before. My first impression of Witches Wealth was not too bad, because I liked the graphics and the icons in the game, which are well presented and nicely rendered, much better looking than most other games of the same age. Yet, I am totally amazed at how Microgaming could have utilised such a game with nice graphics purely for a very simple basic game. It just doesn't make any sense to me. Witches Wealth should have been a 15 or 20 paylines game, with Free spins and Bonus features, which would have made it into a much more popular game than it is now.

Serena the Witch is the Wild symbol in the game, paying a nice 6000x the line bet for getting 5 of them, but only does substitution for other symbols except Mr Twinkles Bonus symbol (the blue cat). This very dumb Wild symbol should have at least double all wins with it, or becoming stacked or expanded with any wins. The Bat is the Scatter symbol, paying 50x the total bet for 5 of them, but getting 3 or more of the Bat symbols do not trigger any Free Spins game, because there aren't any free spins in the game. What a shame. The blue cat, Mr Twinkles, is the Bonus symbol, a dumb symbol that doesn't pay anything for itself, but getting 3 or 4 of them on any active payline trigger the Spinning Wand Bonus feature. Get 5 of the Bonus symbols to trigger the Flying Rescue Bonus feature, which can also be won from the Spinning Wand Bonus feature. As for the other symbols, the Owl pays 2000x, the Books pay 300x, and the rest pay from 250x to 75x, all per line bet for getting 5 of each kind. An average paytable.

The Spinning Wand Bonus feature pays either a Coins win of 1x up to 8x total bet, or award the Bonus feature, which is the Flying Rescue Bonus feature. The Coins prizes of 1x and 2x the total bet amount are simply ridiculously low, not worth at all for getting a Bonus feature. In the Flying Rescue Bonus feature, clicking on Mr Twinkles award an initial Mystery Prize of up to 5400 coins. Mr Twinkles is suddenly whizzed away to the other building on the opposite side, and Serena the Witch must then get on her flying broomstick and rescue the cat. All along the way to the building, there'll be lots of falling items that can knock Serena off her broomstick, thereby failing in her rescue mission. Don't ask me where all those huge things are falling off from, maybe from some UFOs or something, and they are like falling hippos and elephants! You'll be lucky if Serena can rescue Mr Twinkles. Whatever it is, this rescue mission is only suitable for kids, not suitable for adults to play! Sheesh!
A game like this Witches Wealth makes me wonder if those design guys at Microgaming actually have kids mentality! Come on, such a silly stupid rescue mission for adults? There's only one thing that I do like about Witches Wealth, and that is the nice icons. Other than that, it makes me feel so very silly! Getting 5 Bonus symbols would pay absolutely nothing! The Spinning Wand Bonus feature paid me 1x my bet amount 5 out of 7 times. The only Flying Rescue mission that I managed to get paid me an equally lousy 18x my bet amount. The whole game simply sucks! If not for the paytable values, I would rate this game with just 1 star!
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Witches Wealth is definitely not my cup of tea and I will definitely not play it again. I tried this slot once and my first impression was not that good. I did not like the game itself and the bonus round is nothing special either. I do not see the point of triggering the bonus round so often and still not be able to hit a decent win.

This is 5 reels and 9 pay lines from Microgaming software provider. There are actually 2 bonus rounds in this slot. The first one is the Spinning Wand Bonus and you trigger this bonus with 3 or four scatter symbols. I triggered this bonus many times. The second bonus round is the Flying Rescue Bonus and this one is very difficult to trigger. You need 5 scatter symbols and during my session I could not trigger it.

During the Spinning Wand Bonus I had to touch the start button to activate the magic wand. So it starts spinning and there are some numbers and at the top it says ‘ bonus’ and guess what, I got the lowest number and I won only 2.50 euros. I triggered the bonus again; couple of spins later and I won 10 euros. Next spin I triggered the bonus again. I was not happy with this. Again I got 2.50 euros, and I was not happy because I somehow knew that this was going to happen again. What is worse I triggered the free spins round not with only 3 but with 4 scatters and there was not even a scatter payout.

There were some good wins during the base game too. I got once 27.20 win, but the rectangle that is showing the win changes the numbers so fast and also there is no sound effect if you win something, not huge but more than you initial bet, so many times I failed to see how much I was getting.
Witches wealth video slot I played couple of times already. I really do not have reasons to play this game again, but somehow Microgaming did a good job and catches me - it is pleasure for me to play this game.

Game looks good. I know, it is old one, and probably some of you will be laugh reading this, but I am really enjoyed it. Quite good symbols, nice made nothing else. And also there is 9 lines, it is better than 15 in my opinion.

Base game here is not very interesting, but luckily Microgaming does not forget to add some chances to hit big at this slot. There is a wilds, but without anything, no multiplier, no extra feature, so just wilds, at least there is a payout for wilds (hey, at least?! More than 600x total bet for 5 of kind wilds, it is not at least!). Scatters here not trigger any feature, and just pay money (not big unfortunately), but second biggest symbol pays here also well, so you generally have something to expect while spinning.

Why I loved this game? Due to awesome bonus game for sure! To trigger it you need 3 or more bonus symbols on payline. If you get 3-4 bonus symbols, you get level 1 bonus game, with low prizes, and a chance to move to level 2 bonus game. If you get 5 bonus symbols - well, you already on level 2 bonus game. You need to save your kitty (which actually need it, not you). If this will be done - you will get decent payout, because payout will be tripled if you save kitty. Good paying feature has x 130 total bet on it once, but usually prizes are much lower of course.

Overall it is good game, I like it. No freespins feature and nothing extra, but bonus game here is full of charm and very interesting + potential to hit good.
Everything is good here, but I am really miss freespins feature here.
blondie 1093 reviews
Witches Wealth is one of Microgamings old slots, you can see it by the design it has and the layouts for game preferences. It is a 5 reel 9 payline slot and I think last month was actually the first time I tried this game, when I had 100 free spins on it at one of Microgamings' casinos. Although it is one of the old games, it definitely is good and can give good winnings.

The theme of this slot is witches and the symbols in it are everything related to magic- witches, black cats, spell books. I love magic and everything about it so this game is a spot on for me. As it has 9 paylines, you can place even minimum bets of 0.09€ which is good if your balance is low or you want to wager bonus.

This game has scatters, but they don't trigger bonus round or free spins, you just get paid for them. If you have 2 scatters that are placedon a winning line, you'll get 2x bet size win. This game has 2 bonus rounds. If you get 3 or 4 blue cats on a winning payline, you'll get Spinning Wand bonus. There you'll spin the wheel which has 5 different coin wins and 1 bonus win. If your wand stops on bonus, you'll be redirected to other bonus round. You can get to that bonus round if you have 5 blue cat symbols on an active winning line. On that bonus round you have to catch falling objects and prizes can be even trippled, if you get all the way through home. It may sound weird but so far it has been easier for me to get 5 cats on a winning line then to get to that bonus through Spinning Wand.

I played this game last time when I had only 20€ balance.I placed minimum bets got mostly 0.36€ wins and soon enough I got 3 cats that led me to Spinning Wand bonus. Unfortunately I got the lowest coin win- only 0.10€. I played overall around 300 spins, got about 5 more bonus rounds but none of them was Flying Rescue bonus and I got either 10 coin or 40 coin wins.

This game is great, based on the fact it has 9 lines and it can be played with so small bets. And even with small bets it can give decent winnings, and the bonus round is quite easy to get. However, I do think it's not good that you can trigger the bonus only if the cats are on winning lines, it makes it much harder. I've got many times 5 cats but didn't get bonus round because they weren't on a winning line. Overall it is a must try and could help with wagering, I give it 8/10.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Witches Wealth is I guess a very old slot game which comes from Microgamig. Microgaming casinos have a big number of older slot games with 9 paylines and 5 reels just like Witches Wealth. Of course these games don’t come with some extra good graphic but they are interesting in its own way.

Here you have one bonus round. Unfortunately there are no free spins bonus games. When I play I mostly choose slot games that offer a free spins bonus so I avoided this game for a long time. Even when my balance was weak I would choose some other game like Kathmandu or Thunderstruck I for example which offer free spins. All of that changed when in one chance I got free spins on this game in Go Wild casino.

The payout from the free spins wasn’t very big 2-3 euros I can't remember exactly. But I kept playing this game and got a few bonus rounds, after which my balance grew to more than 20 euros. After that I moved on to some other games and met the wager requirements and withdrew the maximum 100 euros that were allowed for this bonus. That was the reason why I kept coming back later on a few more times on this game.

I played with different bets here. The size of my bet depends on the size of my balance. I mostly played from the lowest bet up to a few euros bet per spin. My biggest win here was 70 euros I remember and I played on a 3 euro bet. That’s not so bad for an old game which doesn’t offer free spins . Anyway this game has an interesting and mystical story. The Witch and her cat Mr. Twinkles are shown in a funny way. I really enjoyed the Mr. Twinkles bonus in which the Witch saves her cat flying on a broom.
Witches Wealth is a video slot game with 9 paylines created in Microgaming. I have tried this video slot game only once and I liked it very much. I will probably try it more often in the future when I play in some casino that offers Microgaming slots.

This is obviously an old slot game and I really love old Microgaming slots. Of course the new games from Microgaming offer better graphic and animations. But I think that the old games had a lot more attention paid to details. That especially counts for the symbols in the game. Here you can see symbols like jars of eye balls, golden chalices, spell books, weird looking ghosts, cats, potions, bats and off course a witch. Each one of these symbols was created with much attention and each one of them follows the theme of the game.

A few days ago I played in 32Red casino. When my balance went down to 0.36 euros I looked for a game I could play with a max bet of 0.9 euros per spin. Microgaming has a lot of these games in their offer and I haven't tried most of them. But this time I decided to try something new and that is when I came across Witches Wealth. So I came here with 0.36 euros and stayed for half an hour. First spin nothing, second spin 0 and on the third I got 3 cat symbols in one line and a bonus. This bonus is very interesting and here on a 0.9 bet I won the mystery bonus x 3 and about 4 euros. I really enjoyed here in this bonus watching the witch save her cat flying over the rooftops on her broom. At one point I had over 8 euros on my balance but eventually I lost it all.


Witches Wealth is an old school game that you have to try. I think that the only thing missing here is a free spins bonus to make it more attractive for today even though it was created a long time ago.
yapro 790 reviews
Witches Wealth video slot it is another one typical old microgaming video slot, which looks not so great, but still have some charm in my opinion. This game has 9 paylines only, and therefore you can expect to start playing this game with only 0.09$ per spin. i never bet so low, when i play such games i start from at least 0.27$, because playing with 0.09$ it is just too low for me, wins are low, and it is not interesting to get x100 total bet and realize that it is only 9$, which is nothing of course.

This game has wilds and scatters, wilds have payout itself, and it is not so big compared to other microgaming 9 line games. Also wilds here did not double or triple win when substitute, and it is a bit sick. Generally i think it is boring game, because scatters payout also low, and scatters did not trigger anything here. To get bonus feature you need to collect 3-5 bonus symbol on payline, and the thing is that 3-4 bonus symbols will start bonus game, but there win capped at something like x 100 total bet, but if you trigger bonus game by 5 bonus symbols, payout there capped at something like x 1000, which is much more better. I played this game only once, and i never trigger bonus game with 5 bonus symbols to check how it pays there. I trigger bonus game around 10 times, and never have win more than 20 x total bet. THis all means only one thing for me, game not interesting, and i even did not see any chance to score big here, so i will not play this game again.

Low variance video slot without freespins feature but with bonus game, which pay low amount of money, if not triggered by 5 bonus symbols.I did not like such game and will not play again.
Icymod 758 reviews
Witches many games reminding me too much of someone in this forum! The Spell books, the wand inside the bonus wheel, the ingredients (eyes) and even the witch herself who acts for the wild for symbols. The Witch, in a unique way, gives me a chance for two things. One is that...for the obvious reason, is she substitute for symbols and two, she also helps with the scatter pays for bats. It's easier to hit scatter wins with her and the bats but as easy as it may sound, getting a mix of bats and the Witch symbols on all 5 reels only hits half of the awesomeness for 50x than the super 100x! The best combination I had was for 4 gold owls for $14 on my 7 coin bets!! Ahhh, the last symbol always not in sight for a combination this interesting! For most of you who have played No Worries, this slot can do better in base game winnings and much neater for the bonus round. I'll explain!

The feature, when I triggered it for 7 coins grants this Bonus wheel with the Witch saying a rhyme, after I land 3 Mr Twinkles on an active payline (The blue magical cat). The wand as the pointer for the 6 slabs on the wheel will determine what prize I'll receive! Either 1 of the 5 bonus prizes or the bonus round! The bonus round is about Serena rescuing her cat across falling objects. She basically has to fly through to get to the other side for Mr Twinkles then fly back for the 3x total win!!! Before starting this bonus for my 7 coin triggering bet I had to click Mr Twinkles.....the mystery prize I had was for 18x. My starting prize is for $11.34. If the witch (Serena) goes to the other side to save her cat (Mr Twinkles), my mystery prize becomes 2x. When she made it back to her starting position....I won 3x total for $34.02. At first when I saw 2x it'll double my prize which it did and when I saw 3x....I was thinking it would triple my current win of $22.68 for $68.04!!! Darn!!

It should've done that than to triple just my starting mystery prize. It's a much better game with more scatter pay chances, a bonus round whether I hit them during the wheel or through 5 Mr Twinkles on a payline (that being the instant entry into the bonus) which I have never done before and overall, I really like the bonus.......for when Serena makes it back with her magical cat!!
There really should be more than 1 bonus symbol on the wheel because I find that it took me 2 triggers to land on that bonus slab before going to the rescue bonus! AND it could've been more awesome had my 2x win ($22.68) be multiplied further with 3x from instead of $11.34 x 3x for $34.02!!! Still, a job well done for only a 9 paylines slot!

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