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Untamed Bengal Tiger Slot

Play among the beasts of the jungle in Untamed Bengal Tiger from Microgaming. With 243 different winning combinations and several exciting game elements, this five-reel video slot has plenty to offer. Try it for free right here on this page, or visit any of the Microgaming casinos listed below to play for real money.

While the energetic music plays, take a few seconds to choose how much you want to bet. This can be adjusted by using the simple “Bet” meter on the bottom. Because all 243 left-to-right combinations are active, the amount shown is the total amount you will be betting for each spin. If you do not like the available options, push the “Bet” button to adjust both your “Coin Size” and “Coins” per line. Begin by pushing the “Spin” button or using the “Auto Play” button to spin without interruption.

To win in the base game, simply get matching symbols from the leftmost reel to the right. If you collect 4 Untamed Bengal Tiger symbols on a reel, it will turn completely wild for 4 spins. You can trigger 20 free spins by getting 3 or more scattered Tiger Eye symbols. With the Lucky Nudge feature, Tiger Eyes that barely miss a reel may be nudged into play.

Game Play

Bet: Use arrows to change your total bet, or push button to change your coin denomination.
Spin: Play at your selected wager.
Auto Play: Spin several times in a row without interruption.

Untamed Bengal Tiger Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1302 reviews
Okay, here we go with another Microgaming's series of similar games, and this time it's the 'Untamed' series. First in the list is Bengal Tiger, a 243-ways to win game, with real pictures for the high paying symbols, and with an overall pleasant looking presentation. Or maybe it's just because I love nature scenes. Hmm, whatever.

'Untamed Bengal Tiger' is the Wild symbol in the game, paying a very low 16.6x the total bet for getting 5 of them, and it substitutes for other symbols except the Scatter symbol. However, it doesn't double any wins with it, and it doesn't become stacked or expanded until activated. Each Wild symbol that appears on a reel is collected in a counter below that reel. Collect 4 of them and the entire reel turns into a full Wild Reel for 4 spins. Theoretically, it may be possible to activate all 5 Wild Reels within that 4 spins, to achieve the maximum possible win of 4050x the total bet amount. The Eye of the Tiger is the Scatter symbol, paying the usual 100x the total bet for getting 5 of them, and can be randomly nudged up or down the reels to activate the Free Spins game. Getting 3 or more of the Scatter symbols also activate the Free Spins game of 20 free spins with Trailing Wilds, but without any multiplier. As for the other symbols, the Tiger pays 6.6x, the Baby Tigers pay 5.8x, the Deers pay 5x, the Forest pays 4.1x, and the rest pay from 3.3x to 2x, all per total bet for getting 5 of each kind. The values are very low indeed but suitable for a 243-ways game, equivalent to an average-to-good paytable.

Untamed Bengal Tiger plays with a collective feature in the base game, unlike the usual games. Each Wild symbol appearing on the reels are collected into a counter, and once 4 symbols have been collected, that entire reel becomes a full Wild Reel for the next 4 spins. This feature works well for reels 1, 2 and 3, but seldom create wins on reels 4 and 5. Getting all 5 reels to turn into Wild Reels at the same time would be like winning the lottery, so down count on it happening. It may only happen once-in-a-lifetime.

My several plays on this game were enjoyable and entertaining, but I could never get any significant win for a withdrawal. My credits would be going up and down, but never yet straight up for a big win. The Free Spins games were pretty good too, with usual payouts of between 25x to 55x the total bet amount, and with the occasional slightly bigger wins. Nonetheless for me, nothing has exceeded the 100x bet win yet.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Untamed Bengal Tiger is just another game from the ‘Untamed series ‘that I love to play. There are two other games, The Untamed wolf Pack and The Untamed Giant Panda, which are almost the same but the symbols have been changed only. I cannot say that I have played this game as often as I have played this other two, but that does not mean that this slot is not worth playing. This slot is based on animals that you would find in the nature, tigers to be precise. All the symbols are connected to the theme, so you would see trees and deers, and a slot is not complete without the card symbols.

I love how this game can pay a lot during the base game. Once I got Wild on second reel for 4 spins and I got around 70 x bet. This happens quite often, because the wilds appear on the regular base and if you are lucky to get expanding wilds on couple of reels, it would be mind blowing. I always play this slot with 0.90 euros bet per spin, because this way if I hit a winning combination the game will pay me more.

The reason why I am not playing this slot as often as the other two from the ‘Untamed series’ is because of the free spins. I got 20 free spins with stacked wilds and only 5.58 euros. I am used to 10 free spins, because that is how much you get with the Untamed Wolf Pack and the Untamed Giant Panda. I had to play the game until I trigger the free spins again, because I had to see if the game has potential to pay or not. This time I got only 17.70 euros. I know that this does not mean that the game does not have a potential to pay during the free spins round, this was probably my luck, or better say lack of luck.
Untamed bengal tiger is game made by mMcrogaming. I like to play this game sometimes, but not often. There is couple of untamed games and it is required lot of time and money to play all such games enough.

I like theme and look of the game. Tigers are cute animals it is simple, and also I like how this game looks overall. Scatters are very beatiful here.

I like peeking scatter award feature or how to call it correct. When you get 2 scatters and one is missed by little you see part of it it could randomly turn higher or lower and award you feature. A lot of pleasure when it happens, because it give a feel that you got feature just for nothing.

I like expanded wild reels feature which start when you collect 4 wilds below any reel. It is paying good rare, because you need couple to expand in same time.

I never had more than 100 bets payouts. I played not so much but still it is not good. Few times I lost whole balance playing this game and trying to catch freespins or good win. Also it is bad feeling when you have few 3 wilds collected under reels and run out of money. Hate when such thing happens. I rate this game with 7 stars.
I did not like freespin feature. Trailing wilds seems to have some potential for good wins, but I got feature about 5 times, and never won more than 50 bets. Also I prefer stacked wilds or expanding or sticky but not trailing. Never liked it.

I did not like low payouts in this game. 5 wilds pay something like 15 bets is is just funny and too low. Of course the task to get wild reels or many wilds in feature, but still it is very hard to get nice payout during normal play.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Untamed Bengal Tiger is a slot that I tried out right after I managed to pull some profit out of Untamed Crowned Eagle slot. Since this was the only slot from the Untamed series that I haven't tried so far I was eager to start playing it. Just like the other this one is also of course powered by Microgaming and it has 5 reels and 243 paylines.

Just like the previous slot I started playing it with 0.60$ but in a short period of times I raised the bet to 0.90$ per spin, since I started off quite good hitting an early scatter for free spins with a Trailing Wilds feature where I managed to get 12$. I also managed to get some good wins in the main game thanks to the reel two and reel three that turned wild simultaneously. But unfortunately after that I had a pretty bad streak of empty and low win spins that set me back 40$, so I lowered my bet to 0.60$ and i continued playing. The next time spent playing this game felt like the game suddenly resets, but after some time and some loses I managed to kick start the game with three good wins in the free spin mode in just 10 minutes that raised my balance over 65$ thanks to the 20 FS that are granted for three or more than three scatter symbol, not like the 10 FS you get in Untamed Wolf Pack and Untamed Giant Panda. Also like every other slot with Untamed in it's name it has the Lucky Nudge feature that supposedly helps you get free spins but I am not a big fan of that feature since I would rather like some good wins with stacked wilds.

Overall a great game where I had a great time and came out with a decent profit, also this slot maybe has a better advantage because of the 20 FS unlike in the other slots where there is only 10 FS but in the other slots I like the feature in free spins more than I like it here. 8/10
yapro 790 reviews
Untamed Bengal tiger slot it is another one representative from slots series untamed. All this slots based on one animal, and i like this, microgaming always take nice animals to this slots, panda, eagle, tiger, wolf, i like them all.

This game has 243 paylines, and like other games from this series it has same very low payouts. DId not think that i am blame games just because i am angry guy, i am just saying that x 17 for 5 of a kind wilds on 243 lines game is something sick. Also here is we have same feature like others game in this series had - collect 4 wilds on reel, and that reel will become expanded wild for 4 spins. Nothing great, since i never had more than two in one time, but at least it give some potential, also it is expanded not for one spin, for the whole 4 spins. Feature here is very similar to untamed wolf pack, and i think microgaming decide not think about it and just made here that wilds grows not from bottom to upper position, here they goes down. At least here we get 20 free spins, not 10 like at wolf pack. I played this game only at betat casino and to be honest i am did not have really big wins here, my best result is x 200 total bet feature, but chances to hit something much more better is here, and you just need some luck. Also big win can happen and at base game, but this chances like get very big win from wild desire feature, by this i mean that chances very low.

Another game in untamed series, with 243 lines, with high variance, and with very low payouts. I am rare play this game, since i think my luck is not very good here. But probably yours luck will be much more better.
Untamed bengal tiger is one of my favorites in untamed series by Microgaming. It is 243 ways to win , 5 reel slot with symbols representing everything related to bengal tigers like their habitat , food and other things. I terms of returns i would say the returns are average to very good sometimes. Basically the base doesn't pay much and has very low paying symbols but coupled with the so called " collect a wild feature " the returns grow from average to very good. Now what is "collect wild feature" ?

Basically , as the wild appears on a reel , they tend to collect below the reel in small squares and whenever you complete four wilds on a reel , you get 4 spins with this reel being completely wild for them. Now, what i have seen is that if i get four wilds accumulated on first or last reel then there are very low winnings and sometimes no winnings too but if you are able to collect four wilds on 2 or 3 reel then the winnings are exceptionally good and i have won $10 sometime even $15 on a bet of mere $0.05 per coin majorly because of 4 of a kind or 5 of a kind.

But that may not suffice the loss on base game and you may still be well in loss as i was when i first played this game. I lost $60 or $70 on this game with a total of $1.5 per spin though i won frequently in between but still i was in a loss of $60. But then something out of the box occurred that is i was able to activate the free spin round by getting three scatter symbols on the reel and i guess that occurred after 50 to 60 spins. I got 20 free spins straight away with trailing wilds (wilds which expand downwards when they appear on the reels and stick their until there is further slot for expansion) and for those who know the potential of trailing wilds, they will definitely love this feature.

First few spins paid me average wins but then i got a trailing wild on 2 reel and in next spin i got it on 4 reel that was the turning point for my views of this That free spin round paid me $138, one of my biggest wins on slots. I would suggest that on this slot, play on low bets only because the base game pays very low and to hit the free spin round , you should have plenty of play time and that can be achieved only by low bets (unless you are millionaire) and once you hit the free spin round , you will get enormous results with even a coin value of $0.01. So, another good slot from Microgaming and it surely deserves an 8 out of 10.
Untamed Bengal Tiger is a game powered by microgaming. This is one of the new games and o boy is it popular. There are good few promotions out there on this game and all the advertisement made me want to play it too. This is a 243 line game with a minimum bet of €0.30. Its a bit different from other 243 line games and it does offer a player a chance to win big.

There is only one feature in this game and it offers a chance of a nudge if two scatters land on reels and another one is closest to the visible reels. My tactic is to double tap and hope for a nudge chance. i got it like that few times and i got three scatters when double tapping. Then you do get three scatters you are awarded with 20 free spins with sliding wilds. I have played this game on bets ranging from €0.30 to €0.90 and for me personally €0.60 is perfect. max i won on this bonus was over €90. My friend won over €500 on a €0.90 bet so i am sure that this game can pay.There is also chance to get reels covered with wilds in normal play when you collect four wilds on each reel. I never had luck on it.

Over all the graphics are really good and the sound effects are awesome. The game has a lot of potential and is a must play. I know for sure that it can pay and you never know it could be you. if i was to rate this game i would give it 9 out of 10.
sencize 193 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Untamed Bengal tiger is another ways win slot from microgaming casinos.Series of untamed slots is nice to me because of animal theme great design and music.Profit is also solid and differs from one to another.

Untamed Bengal tiger slots best part are free games.Al tough they are hard to trigger same as others untamed slotsthey have nice payouts.The scatter is eye and when you get three of those you win 20 free games with trailing wilds feature.Trailing wilds feature means that when you get wild symbol on reels it expand downwards and stays until reel is filled .This can bring some nice wins if you are lucky enough but i had situations when i play all of my 20 free spins and never see trailing wild feature what so ever,because wilds don't land anywhere where it is possible for them to expand.

This slot also have collecting wilds feature which is still my favorite when it comes to Untamed series.I just love it when i get third reel wild for four spins it always produce fine wins.Lucky nudge is also part of this slot but i don't like this feature very much i rather prefer some stacked wilds or something like that.This feature is supposed to help you win free spins but i see it just as trick to lure people into playing more.

You can try your gamble feature on this untamed slot also but i would not suggest it because it can be very addictive.For all things considered Untamed series have a lot of things to offer but also have a lot of down sides.It is best to play them just for a little time and enjoy those great animations.If you don't win at least you got relaxed with nature beauties.

For the end i will rate Untamed Bengal tiger in my three grades.First payouts i rate 7/10 second fun on this slot i rate 8/10 and the last win big with small bets i rate 8/10
Untamed Bengal tiger video slot as you probably know is created by microgaming , and even more, there is a series of this slot, and as i told in another review of this series, i did not like this series at all, all of them not interesting to me, and i did not play them this days.

Untamed Bengal tiger have nice graphic and sounds, but as for all slots from this series i did not like it at all. Slot looks nice, yes, but i am did not like this animals at all, and not sure that i should like it, i did not like such decision from microgaming to add it such way.

This slot has 243 lines, like all series, and it is really boring per my experience, also bad thing is that payouts for any 5 of a kind is really small, and in base game there is no stacked or expanded wild. Only one chance to hit big in base game is that you fill every reel with wilds in one time. Yeah, every time you get wild on any reel, you get one charge. When you get 4 charges on any single reel, it becomes expanded wild for 4 spins. But even so there is no chance to hit big, even with two expanded reels. You need at least 3 or 4 to see something more than 100 x total bet, and this is pity thing of course, i hate when it is hard to hit something good in base game. Also there is possible to trigger free spins , for this you need at least 3 scatters. Free spins has trailed wilds, and in theory it is possible to get even full screen of wild, or get really nice win, but i am personally never was able to see anything good in this free spins.

Like i said, i did not like this slot, and did not like the whole series of this slot. Just did not like. Nothing else can be said.
Icymod 758 reviews
Untamed Bengal Tiger out of all the other Untamed video slots are most likely the best one in comparison to Untamed Giant Panda and Untamed Wolf Pack. The reason I find Untamed Bengal Tiger to be better is because out of all the free spins this is by far the largest for 20 Free Spins and it hits plenty. It also includes trailing wilds, held, when landing on a reel during the 20 Free spins, however there`s no multiplier to heat things up! I honestly don`t think it`s required because the way wins payouts with trailing wilds make a lot of winnings on a common ground especially if two wilds appear to the very top close of the first few reels, it would slide down for 2 spins before those wild trails disappear.

I usually find myself betting $1.20 to get the most out of this video slot. Each and every time when I find wins I don`t approve of I use the gambling wheel and always increase it to the point where there is just a quarter portion of green. Yeah I know it`s a little area to win on but it`s reasonably rewarding to land but if I don`t, than my balance gets a small punishment for trying. I`d rather gamble a small portion of a resulting win than to keep it, for it is far more amusing to try to win more from it. It would be asking yourself if you would be happy with $5 or....$50 after gambling it? People have different views so theirs can be different from my own opinion.

Another great thing about Untamed Bengal tiger is for every wild that lands on a reel it would pay out and be collected for expanding wilds once 4 wilds land 4 times on the same reel. That`s just in the main game only. The reel would fire up and expand for 4 spins making winnings selfishly good. The worst however is not winning anything from a wild expanding reel so it can be agonizing and possible!!! I`ve come across having two expanding wilds that paid well, it`s a great thing to hit two wilds on the same spin on two different reels the moment they require only one more wild for expanding spins! 4 spins for two expanding reels on 2nd and 3rd are some great examples to put it in perspective! Unfortunately, despite the amount of expanding reels I can earn whether they be triggered consecutively or just on it`s own it costs cash to spin them....they are not considered unconditional free spins for that matter so what I`ve earned is what I will pay. The lowest I`ve ever gotten on 20 Free spins using the trailing wilds is a down right gross amount of $7 Lol...I never had a chance to see two trailing wilds, it can turn cold on me. I rather dive in icy cold water than to win $7 or nothing at all. But the most usual win in consideration can be $30 assuming trailing wilds surrender to me! The best slot out of the three is none other than Untamed Bengal Tiger, 20 free spins + trailing wilds, collecting wilds for expanding reels for 4 rounds even if it costs me, a gamble wheel that gets a lot of my attention and who could forget scattered viewers having the traits of `Nudging`up or down a reel!!! That is the nicest thing to go on this slot, a chance for a cool trigger!

Now I don`t get this example a lot but commonly I land 2 scatters on first two reels then I see two scattered viewers handing both at the top and bottom of Reel 4 and 5th with no chance for any of them to nudge! That`s the only pet peeve to consider for this slot. They may or may not nudge for free spins.

My score for Untamed Bengal Tiger is an 8.7 out of 10! Sometimes this feline can appear to have sharper than usual claws to deal damage to my wallet.
Untamed Bengal Tiger is another 243-ways-to-win slot from Microgaming. Microgaming fanatics might recognize the structure of this game, and the many similarities it has with Untamed Wolf Pack and Untamed Giant Panda. It basically belongs to the same family.

Unfortunately I haven't played this game as much as I would have liked to. I often preferred to play Untamed Wolf Pack and Untamed Giant Panda instead. To be honest I'm not sure why I preferred those, because Untamed Bengal Tiger has a few benefits over those slots.

I guess the background sound of Untamed Wolf Pack is just a bit more appealing to me. Choosing a slot is not always an advanced decision process - sometimes we just pick one without giving it too much thought! Anyway, Untamed Bengal Tiger is based on the tigers you would find in nature. Logically the symbols are made out of them, trees, deers and card symbols.

The eye of the tiger forms the scatter symbol, and it has a nudge feature just the like the other versions. Each reel consists of a progression bar with four icons. Once a Wild symbol appears on a reel, one of those icons will light up. Once all four icons are activate, one complete reel will turn into a wild.

My bet size with this game used to be around €0,60 and €0.90. But like I said I haven't played this game a lot. The notable difference between the other versions is the free spins. 3 or more scatters end up awarding 20 free spins, and not just 10 like I'm used to with Untamed Wolf Pack and Untamed Giant Panda.

During free spins the trailing wild feature becomes available. Each time a wild lands on a reel, it will move down a spot and hold the original spot until all spots are filled. It then disappears again. My biggest win with this feature is only 87x my bet size.

Obviously it has a lot more potential than that. I will definitely give this slot more shots in the feature to hopefully win big.

Final rating is an 8/10.

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