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Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1302 reviews
Okaaay...with Tiger's Eye, we are looking at another oldie from MG. Overall, the game does look better than Adventure Palace, simply because of slightly higher graphics quality, with attempts at 3D presentations in 2D format. I like the purplish Wilds, especially when appearing fully stacked in many reels. Makes you wanna play the game, doesn't it? A sneaky cunning ploy to grab your attention and make you play...but it works...damn! Hehehe.

I like to do quickies, but only for game reviews...for other things, I like them slow and steady...but fast when ready, hahaha. I was saying...the Tiger's Eye, the Wild symbol, pays 1,000x line bet for 5 of them on a good. Wilds are stacked on every reel...very good. Wild doesn't double any good. No Expanding Wilds...are you crazy?...they are already stacked on all reels... oh... okay...pass! 5 scatters pay 200x total bet...good. Other win values...not so good. Free spins game gives 10 spins with increasing win multiplier up to 10x...very good! Free spins cannot be good...just can't have them all.

The first thing that surprised me was the 40 paylines for a 5-reels 3-rows game, with stacked Wilds on all reels. The thing with stacked Wilds is...if they appear on all 5 reels, fully stacked, on 40 paylines...what a huge payout that could give! No wonder 5 Wilds pay only 1000x the line bet. Even so, if you do get all of them on 40 paylines, that would pay a hefty 40,000x line bet...very good...but damn difficult to get!

I like the fact that the free spins game, at the right time, do come at quite close intervals from one another. I've had more than 6 free spins games within a 1000-spins window, but most of them were empty spins...or gave wins at low win multipliers. Typically, wins were around the 20x total bet amount.
When we have high expectations from a game, like for this Tiger's Eye game for example, things can really turn very sour when nothing big happens. The Wilds do come very often in the base game, singly or stacked, but because of the low win values for most of the symbols in play, the payout amount usually does not meet expectations! 20x total bet wins were fairly common, big wins of 200x total bet or more, very rare. Hence, good big wins could only be achieved in the free spins game at 10x win multiplier. Easier said than achieved. Nonetheless, Tiger's Eye has good potentials for decent big wins. Another MG game that gets green stars from me.
Tigers Eye it is game made by Microgaming. I do like to play this slot sometimes. It is not perfect game for me, but still just for a change from regular games I could play this one.

This game is looks not impressive because it is not new one, but generally nothing which I could say badly. Wilds look solid so, and also I like animals much, so okay; I list it in thumbs up.

I like that there is only 40 paylines, but stacked wilds on all reels. This is a bit not what you can see at many slots, because all of us know that stacked wilds usually used in games with a lot of paylines.

I like payouts in this game. Usually with stacked wilds in most slots payouts are very low, but here it is good, and also I do like that wilds land very often and help to get winning combinations.

I am very happy with freespins feature in this slot. It is triggered when 3 or more scatters appear anywhere on reels. Feature itself is awesome! You get 10 freespins and multiplier which grow each spin. This means that for spin number one you will get 1x multiplier, for spin number two multiplier will be x2, and so on, and for last freespin multiplier will be 10x and this is just awesome good.

I had some good wins in normal play, but never more than 100 bets. But still it is very interesting to play, because stacked wilds really gives you a chance to hit very good. During freespins feature, which I triggered about 10 times in total by the way, once I had 400 bets wins. Land a lot of wilds on eight freespin with great x 8 multiplier. Also twice had more than 100 bets.

I rate this game with 9 stars.
Everything is perfect, but look of this slot does not give me a chance to rate it with 10 stars.
Tigers eye it is Microgaming video slot, and I played it only couple of times, because generally I do not like this game. It is can be much more better if Microgaming fix some things that I do not like at all, but this game is just not for me.

Game looks old, but this is not a big problem, everything is ok and I can't complain about it here. There is 40 paylines, and it is a thing that I do not like with this slot game, it is just boring.

There are stacked wilds on all reels, and it is just sucks that there is only 40 paylines. When I have stacked wilds I will want to see 243 lines, or at least 100, but here is only 40 lines, and it is just stupid to see a lot of wilds on reels, but your payouts is something like 10x bet, what the joke? This is my biggest problem about this game. Wilds appear often, they usually stacked, but these stupid 40 lines ruins everything.

Freespins feature also possible to trigger here, but I am not a fan of it here too. For 3 scatters you will get 10 freespins with dynamic multiplier. It means that first spin you will have x 1 multiplier, second spin x 2 multiplier, and so on. Last freespins will have great x 10 multiplier, so it is possible to win big, if you land something good.

Actually like was said I do not like this game. It is just sucks for me that you have stacked wilds on all reels, which appear often, but well, only 40 lines. Game is still ok and this is just my own complaint, probably not even very honest, but still...I am better play games with a lot of lines and if land many wilds - I will know that I am in the money.
Again, can be awesome slot game, but not enough paylines for me.
irishchris07 39 reviews
United States
Tigers Eye is a 40 payline slot game from Microgaming and with no bonus game to offer I was going into this game with reservations. Thankfully on this occasion the game threw more rewards at me than it might suggest on the tin.

I was no more than twenty spins into this game when I managed to land four of the scatter symbols and got myself 10 free spins and a 20x multiplier, as I had reservations about this game I was playing on minimum bet but I still managed a nice haul from this win and decided to up the anti slightly.

The game still threw more than its fair share of wins at me despite changing my bet occasionally and the game sucked me in completely, before I knew it I had a full pot of coffee on front of me and hit the max bet in a determined attempt to pull some big bucks from the Eye of the Tiger!

While I ended up leaving this game with not much more than I began with I still enjoyed the experience immensely and I will be making sure to allow more time for the 40 payline games such as this in future.

I found the graphics looked good all round on Tigers Eye and weighing up all aspects of this game I am going to give it a rating of eight out of ten.
Happy Gaming all and hope you enjoy your experience of this game as much as I did
If I had to make one complaint about this game it would only be that it lacks that MASSIVE win that I so desperately sought, I spent my fair share of time playing this game and while the wins are quite frequent I was hoping to eventually get hit with the big win that never came.
valentin68 535 reviews
The “Tiger’s Eye” is so good in what concerns the wins it offers that I am sorry I have stopped playing the game to write this review here. The Microgaming casinos are some of the best in terms of slots, in all areas.Here some slots will look very handsome, in others the action will be taken to the maximum, while playing others you will have the highest chances of winning. Such it is also this slot “Tiger's Eye” which I am sorry that I have not discovered earlier. But among many hundreds of slots it is difficult to play them all and I even suspect I will need a few good months to complete a journey through all the Microgaming slots. I promise it will come a day when I will know enough about all the slots here, to go out of a Microgaming casino with the pockets full of money.

If you ever get to near zero balance playing in these casinos, it is better to come play this slot “Tiger's Eye”. The slot is an improved version of the “Eagle's Wings” which you can find also here, and its main feature is that occasionally one, two or three reels will be filled with Wilds. But at this slot this fact happens actually more often than when playing “Eagle's Wings”, just about once every 5 to 15 spins. Because the game has also 40 paylines, imagine how much you will win if it happens for the entire reels 1 and 3 to become full of Wilds.Playing at the minimum bet of 40 cents/40 paylines, the maximum minus I had was about 2 Euros, and the extra money about 30 Euro (from roughly 200 spins). Here there are no more than 10 spins without obtaining from a certain spin between 4-10 Euros. The slot offers spectacular wins.The Free spins are designed so theoretically the wins are almost unlimited. In addition to the aforementioned columns of Wilds (though somewhat rare in the 10 Free Spins) it exists a multiplier 2x, 3x, 4x,..., 10x that is advancing with one step at every spin. At the last spin, the 10x multiplier is at maximum.If you are lucky and have two reels full of Wilds in this last spin, then I guess the game wins are enough to stop playing.

The slot is good not because you have a chance to win a lot, but that almost certainly you will recover in a short time all the initial income you lost playing other games. You will then be able to play other Microgaming slots with much bigger but rare wins.
Icymod 758 reviews
Tiger's Eye is probably the idea Microgaming received when they needed a name for this particular game. Could they have named it after the Tiger's Eye crystal? The one that looks striped in yellow and brown colours? Or did they get it just from a simple look at a tiger...(looking at a tiger behind the safety fence in a zoo) hmm...what to use, I know! His eyes, I'll name it, Tiger's Eye! What can Microgaming think of next :) ! It's a 40 paylines video slot that is just......alright.

When comparing this same slot to another slot, it looks to be younger relatives to Lion's Pride with lower paylines and a progressive multiplying free spins feature! I honestly prefer Lion's Pride over Tiger's Eye since the multipliers are always bigger per spin (2x minimum on Lion's Pride than the first spin of 1x with Tiger's Eye) at a quicker pace! The free spins when I triggered it for 3 Gold Tiger Idols/statues gave out 10 Free spins with multipliers starting from 1x going all the way to 10x on the last spin.

The best achievement I had on here is a beautiful $45 win total thanks to my 8th spin for 8x under a $0.80 / 2 coin triggering bet! When I saw very good stack combinations on my 8th spin as well as some good wins on my previous spins have given me a good boost and a 20% liking to this video slot! If I feel that I want to push my luck again, I will come back to take another hit on Tiger's Eye! 40 paylines, fair winnings in base game, an epic music theme for a tiger on here that sounds more serious than the Jungle beat theme for Lion's Pride and one feature that can hit many of my emotions based on what it pays me and on what free spin hits good combinations!
The only way base wins are normal to reasonable is if there are Wild Stacks connecting my combinations. Without them, the combinations are completely sh*t! I think Lion's Pride will win against Tiger's Eye when judging by there features! Tiger's Eye's 10 Free spins + multipliers increasing by 1x per spin VS Lion's Pride's "Up to 25 Free spins" starting with a good minimum multiplier of 2x, 3x, 5x going all the way to 10x in any of the free spins! That says a lot for one slot!
Tigers Eye game is powered by microgaming. I love it. I dont know why but i always get good wins on this game. The trick for me is not to play this game for a long time. Around 10-15 minutes is perfect for me. This is a 40 lines game with only one feature. The free spins feature. The free spins feature is triggered when three or more scatters appear. That awards you ten free spins. Every free spin the multiplier goes up by one. So on the last free spin you get 10x. Unfortunately the free spins can not be re-triggered:( If they did that would have been awesome. I am proud to say that i got five scatters once on this game and with the wins from the free spins it added to €116 on a €0.40. That is a big win in my view.

The game also keep you entertained in a normal mode. It is stacked with wilds and they could cover the entire reels. i hope some day to get 5 reels covered with wilds, but no luck so far. I got once first three reels covered and that was a pretty decent win.Over all i love the jungle theme and the drawings in this game are pretty cool. The music is pretty tense and created the atmosphere of danger. Any spin could be a big win.

My biggest line hit on this game was the wilds on the first three reels which added up to around €38 on a €0.40 bet. I honestly believe that if you play this game for a short period of time it can payout. If i was to rate this game out of 10 i would give it 7. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)

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