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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I'm kind of surprised there aren't a great deal more reviews of this machine, as there was a huge buildup to it's on-line release with lots of players excited to finally be able to play one of the biggest land casino smashes at home for the first time. Perhaps that was just my interpretation as a fan of the original game and someone who had watched the YouTube videos of the sequel enviously - but who wouldn't be envious at the sight of five wild reels covered with a "JACKPOT HANDPAY: $36,000" window?!
Ruby Slippers has a lot more features than the original Wizard of Oz game, the graphics have been improved significantly too with much better looking reels and symbols plus smoother animations throughout. The various characters play a much bigger part this time around and there's an updated "Yellow Brick Road" bonus where you'll need to collect each of the characters to make it to the Emerald City, meet the wizard and have a chance at some of the games largest prizes. It's great that they have done so much to try and follow the plot of the story but it seems extremely difficult to make enough correct picks to get very far along the road, and it can be a long time in between features before you get another chance after it all goes wrong.

In the event I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that Williams decided to chop a few of the craziest wins out of the game upon it's on-line release - they did the same with the original Wizard of Oz after all. When those bubbles start landing on the screen don't get your hopes up for that five reels wild hit then, because it's simply not in the game - the maximum is four reels wild and the maximum multiplier has been reduced from 10x to 5x in this version as well. What a cop out!

So much of the games RTP is tied up in the bonus rounds that it's a real struggle to get yourself in front from the base game alone and if you don't get lucky with the Ruby Slippers feature you'll find your bankroll running down very fast indeed. Also, like many WMS games the jackpot symbol does not award a win if the line features any wild symbols so you'll be praying that you DON'T see any of those during a stacked wild spin as they will serve only to block other winning combinations. I hate the fact they did this and it's nearly enough to make me not want to play the game at all.

Overall Ruby Slippers feels like a huge disappointment to me and I really think this shows that Williams are much more interested in the Las Vegas / land casino market than their on-line fan base.
zerooo 742 reviews
The Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers is an old video slot machine from WMS (Williams Interactive) software provider. It has 5 reels with 30 active paylines. The graphics and design into this game is not so perfect, there are many video slots from this provider which have better graphics and design. But I can not complain about design so much because even that I like to play it.

This video slot offer different features. One of the feature starts when you get crystal ball symbol on reel 5 and at least two characters symbols on other reels. Later second screen came up where you need to pick out symbols and behind them are prizes and even some multipliers. I do not like this bonus game so much, mainly because I never won big from it. Most of the time I got winnings around x10 to x30 total bet.

The feature which I like here is Ruby Slippers feature. It is activated randomly and it awards you with wild reels and in the end with some multipliers. I saw some winning videos where win was over x1000 bet here and this is the reason why I like it. It could provide big winnings and this feature is very similar to some other feature which Microgaming slots offer. But I like this feature more than at any other, because here this feature appears quite often. Until now I never won more than x100 bet, but I like the graphic animation when it starts.

I think this video slot machine is very popular at players, for me it is one of the best from WMS software provider. I will rate it with 9 stars, I took it one star because I do not like bonus pick up game so much here. I had no luck on it.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers is another sequel of the Wizard of Oz slot. This is a 30 payline 5 reel slot coming from Williams Interactive and there are two more slots from this software provider with this theme.

The graphic and animations in this game are a bit better than in the other two versions and there are a few bonus features which make this slot interesting to play. Still if you take a look at the paytable you will be really disappointed and you can see that the only big wins can come in the bonus rounds and rarely or never in the base play. I have played this game a lot on various bets but never had a big win during base play.

This game has a few bonus features. One is the Ruby Slippers feature. It is activated randomly and Dorothy awards wild reels and can award a multiplier of 2 or 5 in the end on the win. This can be a good bonus but you need 4 wild reels to have a great win and a multiplier in the end. Usually the bonus awards 1 or 2 wild reels and the payout is really small. I have never even won 3 wild reels in this bonus game. Another feature is activated when you get a crystal ball on the last reel and a symbol with one of the characters on any other reel or 2 main characters on the reels. You get respin where you can get more of the main characters and you are taken to a pick bonus. Here you have to pick the right symbols to get cash prizes, cash boosts or multipliers on your picks. The bonus ends when you pick the witch and after that you get an extra pick. Here you have to avoid the witch to get the prize of 20 x bet.
In general this slot can pay good but you have to be very lucky. Even with big wins in the bonus games your balance drops fast because of the poor paytable the game has.
I’ve tried out several games from WMS (Williams Interactive) and while I enjoyed some of them, I can’t really say too much positive about Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers. Sure the game is supported by a branded theme and must have a huge attraction on a broad audience, but somehow my experience with this slot been a disaster.

From reading Jumbosaver’s review I guess I’m definitely not alone in this. The game itself offers 30 paylines and 5 reels and is packed with features. I don’t even understand most of those features, except that some randomly pop up. What got me playing this game was a screenshot with several reels totally wild.

The same way that a slot like Immortal Romance or The Finer Reels of Life is able to do this. However, keep in mind that Wizard of Oz Ruby’s Slippers can only turn up to 4 reels completely wild. The minimum bet on this game is €0.30 but I played it at Unibet on a somewhat big bet of €2.10 per spin.

I remember being quite unlucky during base game in 3 different sessions, and although I managed to trigger several features, none of them paid anything above 30 x betsize. I played this game at Unibet and can honestly say I despise it. The big catch is the random feature where the bubbles can turn reels wild. I never had more than 1 or 2 reels wild, while the symbols were always low paying symbols.

Bottom line is that it was a huge disappointment in all cases and even for other features this game has. Maybe this game has too many features to comprehend. Sometimes software providers tend to overdo it without offering something substantial, maybe this goes for this slot.

My Net Loss on this game is around - €600. And yes one thing is sure, I’ll never put my hands on this game again!

-rant/review over-
Too many features to a point that it gets confusing. Hard to win big when the random feature isn't cooperating or turning the wrong reels wild.
This is one game that I really like but can't get lucky on. I have tried it many times and only got the feature two or three times. It frustrates me so much that I start screaming at it. The thing that gets me most is that I know that it can pay huge and I have seen the videos on youtube but for me it is like a nightmare.

Spin after spin I get no wins and no signs of the feature. In total I would say that I have spent over €100 on this game and never won anything over 15. I tried this game on big bets and small bets and there is no change. I tried double tapping it but that made it much worst. So I am really lost to what to do and I really like the game. Paradox is what this is. The only feature that I was able to get was with the glass ball and that was probably the worst bonus you could get on it. It paid to around €8 on a €0.60 bet. The second time I got the same thing but with Alice, lion and Tinman and that paid to €15.

There is a wild feature too and it is random. I've seen a guy online get all reels wild and when I got it the first time I was very excited. Unfortunately it gave me wilds on the last two reels and I did not win anything. The second time it gave me one wild on the second reel and I won around €2. This days it is impossible for me to get it at all. I would try this game and spend €30 and not get the wild feature. It is very unfortunate but I think that this game hates me. I just don't understand how I can lose all the time on this game. I guess I will never win on it and should probably stop trying,

Overall I like the game but it does not like me, and because of that I am giving it 1 out of 10.

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