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The Bermuda Mysteries Slot

Go to one of the most infamous places in the world in The Bermuda Mysteries, an enigmatic five-reel video slot from Microgaming. Brave the high seas and you could emerge with some serious winnings. Try The Bermuda Mysteries for free on this page, or go to any of the Microgaming casinos in our listings to play for real money.

Before you set sail, take the time to set up your bet. The “Lines” panel allows you to adjust the number of active paylines, up to the maximum of 25. Use the “Bet” panel to change your base coin denomination. “Bet” times “Lines” equals your total bet. Push “Spin” to begin playing, or use “Au­top­lay­” to spin with no breaks within the limits you set.

The Bermuda Mysteries base game pays out for matching symbols from left-to-right. Wild Pilots on the last 3 reels will double any line combination they appear in. Three or more scattered Badges trigger the Radar Free Spins round. During the 12 free spins, Radar symbols may appear and increase the round multiplier.

If you get 3 or more Map symbols along a payline, you’ll have your chance to go into the Bermuda Triangle itself to look for lost treasure. Be careful, though: if you hit an obstacle, the round will end.

Game Play

Lines: Choose the number of active paylines.
Bet: Select the amount to wager on each active line.
Spin: Play at your chosen wager.
Autoplay: Spin a certain number of times in a row.

The Bermuda Mysteries Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1386 reviews
The real Bermuda Triangle is an area of deep unsolved mysteries, dating back from the early 20th century. Theories abound as to why things happened, but no one can be certain. I was hoping this game would keep me interested and come back for more, but it didn't, and I cannot even remember when I last played this Bermuda slot game. All that I do know was that it didn't go down well with me at that time. Recently, I gave it another go, hoping for a better and different experience than the last, but this wasn't meant to be.

One look at The Bermuda Mysteries game and I could tell that it isn't from Microgaming. There are many of such games in MG's list but I cannot figure out why this should be. Ah well, not my concern anyway. The graphics and icons used in the game aren't interesting at all, but I do like the wild-looking water scenario in the background, the only thing that stirs my interest. Reminds me of the real Bermuda Triangle, of which I have read so much on.

The Pilot is the Wild symbol, appearing only on reels 2, 3 and 4, it doesn't pay anything for itself, but doubles wins with it. It substitutes for other symbols except for the Scatter and Bonus symbols. I don't like dumb WIld symbols at all. The Badge is the Scatter symbol, paying 200x the total bet for getting 5 of them. Getting 3 or more Scatters trigger 12 free spins with a starting multiplier of 1x, but more free spins cannot be retriggered. Argh! A Radar symbol is added to reel 5 during the free spins and each appearance increases the multiplier by 1x. Don't really know how high this multiplier can go, but I've had it up to 7x.

The Map is the Bonus symbol, appearing only on reels 1, 2 and 3, and getting all 3 of them pays 10x the total bet and triggers the Rescue Bonus game. Pick the location spots to win prizes. Each win refreshes the scene and increases the prizes, so each correct pick pays a higher amount than the last. The game ends when a red marker symbol is picked. As for the other symbols in the game, the Plane pays 5000x, the Ship pays 500x, and the rest pay from 200x to 100x, all per line bet for getting 5 of each kind. An average paytable.
I dislike whenever 2 Bonus symbols come onto the reels and getting no payouts at all. 2 Bonus symbols don't pay anything, but they do block the other symbols from forming winning combinations, which was a real nuisance to me on so many spins. Playing the Rescue Bonus game may be good occasionally, but not good for me. The ones I got paid 2x, 3x and 19x my bet amount. Argh! The Free Spins games aren't any better. Most of the 12 free spins came empty, even though the multiplier went up to 6x and 7x. What a blardy waste of multiplier! I got only 13x and 8x payouts from 2 Free Spins games. Another big disappointment for me.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
The Bermuda Mysteries is a great game coming from Microgaming software. This is 5 reels and 25 play lines video slot game that I play very often. The theme is intriguing and its main theme is the Bermuda Triangle which is one of the greatest mysteries of all times. I made a deposit of 30 euros in 32 Red Casino and I started playing the game. What I liked the most is that there are some great 5 of a kind wins throughout the game and they come on a regular basis. The wins are not huge, but still they help in keeping my balance on a decent level.

This game has two features, the free spins and the bonus round which is called Rescue Bonus. I triggered the free spins round only once and I got only 13.50 euros in 12 free spins. But, the Rescue Bonus is very easy to trigger. I have played this mini game numerous times during my session. You have to sweep the Bermuda triangles to locate lost ships and planes. You have couple of chances to locate ships and planes, until you locate an unidentified object and then the bonus round is over. The most that I have won during this bonus round was 80 x bet. All you need to trigger this bonus are 3 maps on the first, second and third reel. I would definitely prefer this bonus to free spins because it is more interesting and there is a better chance that you will win some money. The free spins round should not be underestimated too. Every time there is radar on the fifth reel the multiplier increases. I have not achieved a multiplier that is higher than x 3 so the winnings were nothing to brag about. This feature cannot be retriggered because the scatters that appear very often offer nothing more but a payout.
The Bermuda Mysteries it is a game from Microgaming portfolio, but unlikely this game is made by this developer. Game is from family of games like - doctor love, enchanted mermaid, 300 shields, and others. It is very easy to indicate such games - very similar gaming screen, reels spun same way, etc.

A Bermuda Mystery game looks good for me. Everything is usual, but I must admit awesome background in this game, there is nothing special, but I really like it.

In this game wilds appear not at all reels unfortunately. A wild appears only on reels 2, 3, 4. For some players who similar with this kind of games there can be decent question - in most such slots when wilds appears on 2 3 4 reels only there is some bonus game triggered by it, but in this game there is no any bonus game or free games. At least wilds have x 2 multiplier, so not so bad.

There are two features in this slot game. First one is freespins feature, and I am think it is almost perfect one. Getting 3 or more scatters give you chance to play 12 freegames, initial multiplier is x 1. But each spin radar can appear on last reel, and add + 1 multiplier. Radar lands quite often, and usually you will have in the end of freespins something like 6 x multiplier. That's great, but there is only one sad thing - freespins feature can be retriggered, very painful to hit 3 scatters during FS, and do not get more freespins.

Another feature is bonus game, typical pick bonus game, which started when 3 maps appears on first 3 reels on payline. Bonus game is typical, but it can pay decent amount of money. Moreover, if you hit it during freespins - prizes will be multiplied by current FS multiplier.

I'll be short. I am recommended this game to anyone who loves slotting. Both features have potential, it is not hard to trigger it, and my best results are better than x 300 total bet after both features. Just try it, I like this game!
Great game! I have zero complaints and nothing to thumbs down for this game!
The Bermuda Mysteries is a game powered by microgaming. This is a quite new game and i have mixed feelings about it. Sometimes it is really good and is paying out, and others it would not pay a cent.

Over all would say that this game has potential and can definitely pay big. There are 25 lines in this game and my usual bet is €0.50. I think with this bet i can control how much i spend and also win big. This game has two features and both of them is really good. I will start with a rescue bonus which is awarded when you get three maps on an active pay line. I got this bonus more than i got the free spins and i can say that this bonus can pay big. You have to select places on the map and if you get an airplane or a bout you proceed to the next round with bigger pays. If you find UFO, compass, freak wave, whirlpool or wormhole appear then the bonus ends. max i won on this bonus was around €26 and i made it to the fourth round. The other feature is the free spins with an adding multiplier. You get 12 free spins and if radar comes out on the fifth reel then it adds +1 multiplier. Max i ever won on this feature was around€40 and that is not too bad. if you add up how much i spent on this game and how much i won i am probably up €10.

Over all the came is pretty cool if it starts paying out. The features are a lot of fun and you can enjoy yourself while you play. If i was to rate this game i would give it 7 out of 10.
The Bermuda mysteries online video slot is from microgaming, but for some reason i think this is nextgen (same software as other nextgen slots this slot has).

This slot has 25 paylines, and i found it is very interesting to play. Theme is of course understand by all gamblers, it is in the name, with the airplanes, radars, and pilot of airplanes symbols. This slot can not give you 5 wilds, because wilds provided only on reels 2 3 4, so you can not get sweet 5 wilds, but payouts for top paying symbols is good, like always for nextgen games. Also here is possible to get bonus game by triggering at least 3 scattered maps, but this is not so easy. When you get it, you get usual pick game with awarded prizes, nothing really interesting, but come on, there you can win some money, this is never bad. Also you can get 12 free spins by getting at least 3 scatters, by the way 5 scatters here awards 200 x total bet, and this is amazing. Free spins has dynamic multiplier, every time when you get radar symbol during free spins, you get + 1 to multiplier till the end of free spins. If you get bonus game during free spins, multiplier will apply for such bonus game, imagine you hit bonus game on something like 5 x multiplier, ohhh, there will be amazing.
I play this slot a lot on different casinos, and i like it, like many others nextgen games. Best my hit was near 400 x total bet, and this is definitely not the biggest possible win on this slot.

I recommend you to try it, it is very good and interesting slot to play. Just did not bet too high, because nextgen games are most high variance, and you can lost all without having playtime or good wins. Good luck!
The Bermuda Triangle always been one of the greatest mysteries in our world with several reports of planes and ships just disappearing once they crossed that area lol. It's great that Skill On Net made a slot dedicated to this mystery. I haven't seen too many other software providers do this.

When I first came across this game at PlayMillion Casino, I did have a hard time triggering any type of bonus. Luckily I started out playing the minimum bet only of €0.25 when I went for a €30 deposit. The Bermuda Mysteries offers you the opportunity to play up to 25 paylines on 5 reels. I came back a few weeks later to try the game at 1 euro per spin.

The game contains 2 second-level bonuses to keep you busy with to chase during the base game. The game however does appear to be a high variance game since there is a huge difference between a 5oak of the best paying symbol (plane) which pays 5000 coins, and the second best (ship) which only pays 500 coins.

During base game I didn't see any great wins at all, unless you call 10x bet big reasonable? On reels 2, 3 and 4 there is the pilot symbol which acts like a wild and doubles your winnings. Unfortunately this didn't help too much either during my quest for a decent win.

The first second level bonus gets triggered if you collect 3 maps on reels 1, 2 and 3. While my expectations were for this "Rescue Bonus", I again got left disappointed. During this game you have to sweep the Bermuda triangle to locate lost ships and planes. Every time you do this, you win a prize but the game stops when you select a wave or a whirlpool for instance.

This bonus was fairly easily to trigger, since I had it multiple times. However most of the time it would award me just 3 euros. Absolutely nothing to brag about in that aspect.

I had a harder time to trigger the 12 free spins at this game. When you find 3 or more scattered badges you'll trigger the free spins. It took me maybe more than 500 spins to achieve this. During free spins there is a green radar type of symbol which can appear on reel 5.

This symbol increases the multiplier every time it pops up. I didn't get further than a 4x multiplier unfortunately, but did have a decent win of 60x bet size thanks to some wilds. Only bad thing is that free spins can't be re-triggered. It's a rough game overall with basically only decent potential in the free spins. Or you would have to hit the planes during base game, and I can imagine that being super rare.

Bermuda Mysteries gets a final rating of 7/10 from me.
Icymod 758 reviews
The Bermuda Mysteries is a 25 Paylines video slot. Mysterious phenomenons and peoples questions left unanswered are what embodies this video slot. Mysterious right? For the winnings coming from this slot for my moderate $1.25 a spin I would happen to find bonus scatters of Bermuda Triangles landing on the left side always giving me a hard time. It appears on Reels 1 and 2 with the trail of the 3rd reel cold or the same for when Bermuda scatters land on the first reel and the 3rd reel.

I would say the bonus isn't quite worth the effort because most of my winnings never make it over $12. There are too many traps that unfortunately ends the bonus round when I make the picks. I will tell you about the bonus when it gets triggered. To get it a player needs to land 3 Bermuda Triangle symbols on the first 3 reels....that's left to right! Ahh the persistence! These guys don't act as traditional scatters so they will give me a very hard time for the bonus. Once done, the bonus takes me to a scanner with the triangle on screen and targets within it to choose from ranging for various prizes. In each round there are credits of say $3.25 or $5, could award (at least 1x for a prize) less per pick based on my bets then when I find an Airplane/Ship the Triangle refreshes for more enhanced prizes. I find that when this happens it gets harder to progress because there are more traps like the Whirlpool and the UFO which were some examples that I found when I played the bonus. I had a total of $8 which I gambled it and lost through greed and $12 total.....drawing me the impression that I could have done better but luck wouldn't allow me to. I honestly would prefer to grab the 12 Free spins that increase multipliers for every radar that appears in the 5th reel. How this feature starts is with a 1x multiplier. For now the substitute pilots would do the job as 2x payers and later when the multiplier does increase per radar occurrence it can potentially expand my winnings over time! The highest multiplier I've achieved is 6x and from the 12 free spins I won $95.60. Scatters are much looser when landing (they come much more often then in the main game), even as 3 scatters although what s u c k s about them is they just pay! They never retrigger the feature again!

What I can suggest to really enjoy this slot is, the background should move, make the rain and ocean come alive to really get the dramatic realistic feel of the slot. With a thunderstorm or a flash of lightning! A less than normal bonus round (although It's awesomely devastating to trigger this bonus during free spins...believe me, the current FS multiplier applies to the bonus :) ), a higher than average set of free spins which I enjoyed having, Wild pilots that award 2x on a win, and normal to not so normal payouts on the base game. The Bermuda Mysteries gets an 8.7 out of 10!

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