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Spring Break Slot

Spring Break is a colourful 9-payline video slot which operates on the Microgaming software platform. Featuring the theme of never-ending Spring Break parties, the game’s wild multiplier symbol is the Spring Break Logo and the scatter symbol is the Beach Party symbol. Players are invited to try this slot on this page for free, or visit any of the Microgaming casinos in the listings to play the game for real money.

In order to begin their own unforgettable spring break, players need to first set their wager. Clicking "Select Lines" alters the number of active paylines and "Select Coins" modifies the number of coins wagered. To regulate the coin denomination, ranging from 0.01 to 1, players need to click on -/+. "Spin" spins the reels and "Bet Max" turns them at the highest wager. To play the game multiple times uninterrupted, players can opt for “Expert” and then “Au­top­lay­”.

Any win activates the Gamble feature, which players can choose to either access, by clicking “Gamble” or skip, by clicking “Co­lle­ct”. In the round, players’ correct guesses of the card colour double one’s winnings and correct guesses of the suit quadruple them. Wrong guesses end the feature and lead to the loss of the sum. Furthermore, players can leave the feature themselves and save their winnings by choosing “Co­lle­ct”.

3 or more Beach Party symbols will trigger the Free Spin round. Players are awarded 15 Free Spins and all regular wins during this round are tripled. Free Spins can be re-triggered.

Game Play

Select Lines: Adjust the number of paylines played.
Select Coins: Modify the number of coins to bet.
-/+: Regulate the coin size.
Spin: Start turning the reels at the chosen bet.
Bet Max: Spin the reels at the maximum wager.
Autoplay: Play the game for a predetermined number of times without interruption.
Gamble: Enter the gamble round.
Collect: Save the winnings.

Spring Break Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1412 reviews
For people like me, living in a warm climate, there isn't anything special about the season Spring, because we don't have s Spring season. Everyday is like Summer, all year long, but that's my favourite. I hate cold weather, but Spring is a nice welcoming change from the cold, especially with all the plants coming back alive with full vigour, and the flowers blooming like there isn't going to be another tomorrow. Ah, warm climate people never get to experience such beauty in nature, but not me, I've spent long years in the UK before and I've gone through the seasons a number of times too, so I can recall how nice it was in Springtime. Ah, sweet memories of my past.

But now, it's time for a Spring Break. Not the season kind, but the game kind. Not the flowering kind, but the 9-paylines kind. Not the gloomy cold kind, but the enjoyable winnable kind. Yep, that's Spring Break for you, if you haven't already played it yet. The logo 'Spring Break' is the Wild symbol, paying a very nice 10,000x the line bet for 5 of them. It doubles all wins with it and substitutes for other symbols except the Scatter symbol. Nope, this isn't one of those stupid dumb Wild symbol so commonly found in a number of other games. 'Spring Party', looking almost identical to the Wild symbol, is the Scatter symbol, paying a very nice 500x the total bet for 5 of them. This is also not one of those stupid low-paying Scatter symbols found in most other games, so Spring Break really means breaking from the norm, which is very nice indeed. Getting 3 or more of these Scatter symbols trigger 15 free spins with all wins tripled, and more free spins can be retriggered too. Nice. All the other symbols pay from 750x to 100x the line bet for 5 of each kind, which are a bit low and not to my expectations, but the paytable is still generally good.
Spring Break has all the looks and potentials for giving out nice big wins, but sadly enough, it couldn't happen for me. I've played this game over the years and could only get a few big wins of over 200x my bet amount. Nothing more than yet, even after many years of playing it. Just not my luck, hah? Well, maybe, maybe not, because Microgaming games have very seldomly been good to me over these years, so I'm not surprised at all, but Spring Break is worth playing over and over again. Maybe one fine day I would too.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Spring Break is another classic nine line slot from Microgaming that is definitely showing it's age in 2016. The user interface is straightforward and easy to navigate but the graphics don't look very attractive anymore and give away the fact this is a very old game immediately. I don't really care much for the theme either and would most likely choose to play any of the other games based on this game engine over this one the most recent of which is "Karaoke Party", a game that was released just last month but uses an identical paytable and feature set to this game along with a host of others including Thunderstruck, Agent Jane Blonde, Adventure Palace, Ladies Nite and Summertime to name just a few.

I guess the reason this game has been cloned so many times is because it's a setup that many players enjoy. Despite the low number of paylines these games pay out with reasonable frequency and it feels a little easier to hit three or more scatter symbols to start the free spins bonus than some newer slot machines. The free spins come with a 3x multiplier and the opportunity to score an unlimited number of retriggers and I have had 45 free spins several times plus the odd 60, 75 and 90 on very rare occasions!

Base game payouts are very reasonable and there is even a mammoth 10,000 coins up for grabs for a full line of wilds which can also be tripled during the feature to grab the games jackpot combination. All five scatters awards a very respectable 500x your stake and again there is the possibility of receiving three times this if it happens to appear during the bonus round.

There's nothing particularly remarkable about this game and no reason to choose this one over the other games that utilize the same feature set but Spring Break is still a fun game to play. I am a huge fan of nine line games and appreciate the fact that the scatters have a payout attached unlike another of my favourites "Break Da Bank Again", a game which I think just edges ahead of this one thanks to the massive 5x multiplier awarded for its wild combinations - but Spring Break and its clones make a nice change, and I would much rather play this than a great many newer slots which just goes to show that quality doesn't age.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
There is nothing special with the Spring Break slot. It is an old slot run by Microgaming software. It is a 9 liner game with 5 reels. Maybe this game lacks some of the things that the newest versions can offer, but the special thing with this kind of games is that they can pay a lot. That is one of the most important things to me, to be honest we all play for the money.

The first time I played this game was in 32red. I had like 10 euros on my balance and I thought I am going to play with that money with no big hopes. I played with min bet and very soon I got free spins and I retriggered the free spins even 3 times and that means a decent win. I continued playing this game and I had to stop at 200 euros on my balance, not because the game was not paying but because I had to go to work. The wild symbol is the spring break and it doubles the wins if it is part of an active play line. The main feature is activated by the scatter symbol which is the beach party icon. If you get 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels you get 15 free spins. All your wins during the free spins will be tripled and the feature can be retriggered if you get 3 or more scatters while you are in the free spins feature.

This is a game that I would recommend to new players because it will not confuse them at all. It is very simple and it pays well. I believe that these kinds of games are designed to introduce the gaming world to new players. With its simplicity and great pay table in no time you will find yourself searching for maybe some more complicated games to boost your balance.
zerooo 742 reviews
Spring Break is 9 payline video game from Microgaming software provider. It is old, but still has a good theme. Spring break offer nice designed symbols like beers, hamburgers, barbecue and beach. I played this game a long time ago, but I had no luck on it.

The game offer free spins feature which is trigger when you had three scatter symbols. You can get 15 free spins at x3 multiplier and I think this is a decent number for game with 9 paylines. During free games you can win additional free spins.

While I was playing this video slot I never won any free spins feature. I have to say that I played it only when I had my balance under 10€. I think this is not so great game that I would play with larger balance. I don't like it so much, because every time when I played it I never won free spins.

Otherwise I think it could provide some good winnings over 100 bet. I never had any big win here at Spring Break. But I saw some pictures where winnings were over x 100 bet. The wild symbols pays really good here, but I never had more than 2 wild symbols. I like that wild symbols doubles your win. I will rate this game with 6 stars, it is better than some other games from Microgaming software with 9 paylines. I think I could play it more in feature, when my balance will be under 10€.
What I dislike at this game is that wild symbols and scatter symbol are almost the same. I mean with same colors and everything. Maybe they could designed wild symbols better and much different than scatters. Sometimes I thought that I won free games and later I noticed that it was wild symbol. And it is hard to trigger free spins. Otherwise it could be a decent game.
Spring Break it is game made by Microgaming. I played this game only few times, not interesting at all.

I like that there is good payouts. Wilds double all wins, and best 5 of kind symbols pay more than 100 bets. So it is interesting to have spins and you can not only wait feature, but expect some good wins.

I like that there is very nice low stake. 9 penny, very easy to play this game even with some winnings from your freespins which casino gives you for free.

I like that there is good potential in freespins feature. It is triggered when 3 or more scatters appear anywhere on reels. Game awards 15 freespins with all wins tripled. Multiplier for wilds also apply to wins, so you get x 6 basic wins.

I never won more than 100 bets in this game if I remember well. Had freespins feature twice but saw in it mostly zero paying spins and results was about 30 bets both times. During normal play I am also did not have much luck to see some decent win.

That it is all things I like with this game. I did not play it much, not going to play again... At least very unlikely. Just not interesting at all, so then I gives it 6 stars.
I did not like how this game looks. Very old, with poor everything. Just some damage to eyes if you before this game played some awesome looking slot. Overall very poor look, sounds, music, drawn symbols, just everything is absolutely not interesting for me and bring me zero fun and excitement.

I did not like that to get really huge win you need to got 5 scatters or 5 wilds according to paytable. This is just sucks, because I love games and features where there is many ways to get nice win, not only bashing this 5 scatters or 5 wilds.
paquito76 867 reviews
The telling name gives us all information what we need to know about the theme but it doesn’t reflect how good or bad it’s illustrated. Perhaps I’m in minority with my opinion but I don’t like how the game looks like. I’m not really a fan of the used graphics technique and illustrations style which gives the game symbols not too attractive exterior. I find all kind of foods and drinks and all other holiday related symbols are not too persuasive and visually they’re far away from being satisfying for me and I also have criticism regarding to the used colours. I think they more powerful and more colourful than they should be and sometimes especially after an exhausting day it becomes a little bit stressful to my eyes as the play session progresses. Personally, I think this is just a very average looking slot in best case and if I were the one who would make the final choice I think I could do some little modifications on the appearance of the game.

As we’re speaking here about just a 9-payline slot the grand prize the game offers to win is very respectable and I think this is definitely the best strength of the game. There are many other slots on the market which could envy this 10.000 times of line bet award (and even four of them can pay great 2000 coins prize) what can be achieved by collecting 5 Spring Break, Wild symbols. When this welcomed figure appears on the reels and fulfills its substituting duty the value of winning combinations are multiplied by x 2.

If I raved about the paying potential of Wild I have no reason to not do the same with the Beach Party, Scatter icon which has the ability to present incredible 500 times of total bet prize if 5 of them become visible anywhere on the reels. So playing with just $0.90 bet this kind of winning formula on the screen would make a pure $450 profit, which is quite something. Of course if it intends to reward us it can do that not just handing over this awesome amount but also can trigger free spin feature in number of 15 where all wins are counted by the help of x 3 win multiplier.

I think the game settings, working scheme, payout ability and winning tendency what this game put on the table should be a fine example for every video slot developer to show the right direction in building new products what are that necessary tools which a modern gambling product should have to be considered as a real good game. Personally, I’m really satisfying with the experienced qualities of the mentioned attributes here at Spring Break slot. The free spin feature is really awesome and I could thank lot of nice memories for this game segment (once it really could save my a..s as my balance was in critical situation but a great run and a five of a kind win there could lift it up to that level where I could use it again with more freedom) but the average payouts of normal game mode are also respectable though of course they could be better. I’m saying again this is a 9-payline game and I can’t really name too much other mini-games where the top prizes would be so high, where free spins would be added as game element or giving option for players to multiply wins with using secondary gambling feature, and here we get them all in one package which is really awesome.

So even though I have some observations about its appearance and am not a big fan of it but because of the very great other qualities of the game I think it’s well compensated and I can suggest everyone who don’t mind spending time with non-giga, mega jackpot games and don’t seek action-rich products to try this slot out, its services and I’m sure if the patience is there this slot sooner or later (but almost guaranteed) will cause some enjoyable and hopefully very profitable moments.
Spring Break is old Microgaming slot, but this is my luckiest old game by this software, I am had many great wins on it, and also I am very happy that this is rare game at which I was able to get 5 scatters.

Well, this game like others old game probably not looking awesome, sounds are also typical, but generally this is good game, and I play it not to please my eyes, but because I like how it lucky for me.

There is only 9 paylines, and you can play 0.09 min bet. It is just too low, and it is great! When you have for example 5$ no deposit bonus from casino, or for example you get some freespins and won not big, you can easily spent money on this slot and you have good chances to hit feature, and increase your money to play other games that your favorites.

This is luckiest game for me, because once I had 5 scatters landed. I go 5$ no deposit bonus from Betat casino, so it is of course not enough to play Immortal Romance or Thunderstruck, or few my Netent favorite games, so I am just decide to play this one. 9 penny bet, and after few spins bah, 5 scatters, and 45$ award. Freespins pay very low, but still 45$ is great! I continue to play few others slots and withdraw 70$, and of course that's all thanks to spring break slot. Now my goal is hit 5 scatters during freespins, and this win will be x 3.

Overall experience is same as others old games, but this one my luckies, and I like it. You always have a chance to hit something decent even with 9 penny spent, so you can just enjoy gambling without spending too much, that's why I really respect such slots with low bet and chances to hit big.
Old slot, so does not wait anything extremely special or great.
LilianInThaHouse 657 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Spring Break is a very old slot game coming from Microgaming. When it comes to old games from this software provider I am a big fan.

The graphic with these games doesn’t fit the standards today but I like the atmosphere they create during play. I think that a lot of attention was paid to details in this game just like in all older Microgaming slots. You can see it best in the symbols. Each symbol represents the theme of the game in a funny way.

The theme of the game as you can see by its name is spring and everything that comes with it. That is nice sunny weather and of course more people outside enjoying the sunshine. Here we can see symbols of people on the beach in a convertible, barbecue, beer and so on. For me despite the weaker graphic Spring Break still looks good visually and gives you a nice feeling as you play it.

Like many other slots coming from Microgaming I tried this one also on some tournaments. Microgaming slot tournaments are very fun and I am a big fan. Here you have only 9 paylines but you can still win some significant amount of money. Of course you don’t have to play on a 0.01 euro bet per spin. You can increase the number of coins and play on a higher bet. I usually play here on abet from 0.18 to 0.45 euros per spin. In one session I remember I had a win of over 100 euros on my 0.45 bet. This win came from the free spins bonus. In the free spins bonus here you are awarded with 15 free spins.

Beside the free spins I think that there is some other bonus game missing. But still Spring Break is a good slot game which I recommend to everyone.
yapro 790 reviews
Spring break is an old microgaming game that has 9 paylines. This is usual old game, which does not have anything special to talk about, and i think that i like to play such games, where nothing really special, i found myself that such games can pay nice amounts on money, specially in free spins.

I play this game only on one casino, this is 32red, and i should say that it is always a pleasure to play games on 32red, no any lags or slow spin, i recommend! First time i visit this game probably 2 years ago, i had some money on my account left after bad streak on IR, and i decide to lost all that rest on some new slot without 243 lines. I play at 0.45 bets, and soon get free spins, which to my surprise retriggered 3 times. Actually , i found that many microgaming 9 liners usually retriggers on free spins, i did not know why, but of course this is good to know. At spring break game there is 15 free spins with x 3 multiplier, and 3 retriggers of course means nice win. I finish my free spins with x 300 bet win, and request withdrawal. After this such slots became my help needed games, when i had low balance and does not know what to do. To be honest i can't remember any bad streaks on this game, and i can say that variance is medium. Game of course is not so beauty like microgaming new games, but still has it is own charm.

I recommend everyone to try this retro game, it can pay nice amount of money in free spins, and unlike that new 243 liners, you will get some playtime. I think i can rate this game with 7 stars, it is of course not best slot i ever played, but i like it, and hope you will share my experience and grab some nice wins during freespins.
Icymod 758 reviews
Spring Break is an ordinary 9 paylines video slot that can be appreciated for it's symbols but not the drive of winnings this slot can produce. This is also one of the slots I played on during a Microgaming freeroll tournament. I did not have much luck trying to best other players into going for a cash prize because I know that once someone has a very large current standing for 1st place on a tournament, it would mean I have already been defeated. I can't claim victory trying to catch up a rank holding a beautiful prize that needs beyond what I can do when I first started the tournament. It would take some seriously long heapings of bets to catch up, free spins, and continues to get to 1st place.

Anyways, Spring Break is not my kind of style...even for a 9 paylines. There aren't many normal payouts when I played this on or out of the tournament. $0.45 to me cuts my losses by half compared to betting $0.90 each spin. I would rather play my bets on another 9 paylines slot, my favourite...Sneak a Peak D.D., heck even Big Kahuna! Spring Break has 15 free spins at 3x that I discovered to be not as splendid. It can be triggered for 3 Beach Party scatters. The main problem I've been having is the fact that I often receive 2 identical symbols on a payline not counting wilds. The free spins are only effective if I hit something. I only value it for when 2 scatters hit on a free spin. That alone can help win me $2.70 each time for $0.45 triggering bet. The smallest win I can always find is $0.10 for the popsicle symbols but I guess it's not too bad.......they were kind enough to leave out a gamble feature I always use trying to make small wins look better in appearance.

15 Free spins that naturally don't come to me until about 40 -60 spins, 9 paylines, a gamble feature that's highly recommended (lol), and Spring us simplistic graphics gives out a 6.4 out of 10! Not much to venture into Spring Break!

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