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Spartan Warrior

Spartan Warrior Reviews by Players


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Spartan Warrior is a video slot game with 15 pay-lines and 5 reels that has been created in the software company Rival a few years ago. Sparta was a city in ancient Greece famous by its warriors. Today, this city and the warriors are inspiration for many designers of slot games. So far I have played probably more than 10 games of different software designers with this theme.

The graphics in this game is pretty simple but there are some good sound effects. As many other somewhat older Rival slot games the Spartan Warrior too comes with two bonus features, such as free spins and a classical bonus feature. Depending on the number of scatter symbols here you can get from 10 to even 100 free spins. Although I never played this game so often as some other Rival games, still 2 times so far I had 5 scatter symbols and 100 free spins. The other feature is a bonus where first you must select a weapon and then the opponent. This bonus game somewhat reminds me on the bonus game that you have in the third part of the Rival I - slot game called Sherwood Forest. The usual wins in this bonus are 10 - 20 x bet. Of course the best is when during the free spins you get to this bonus because then all the wins are multiplied by 3. So, in this case, the wins in the bonus game too are 3 times bigger or between 30 - 60 x bet.

It was a long time ago since I played this game the last time. The feature here is quite easy to reach but the bigger wins do not come so easily. I do not remember on all of my wins but I remember well that once I won 100 free spins. Later, during those free spins a few times more I got by 10 or 20 free spins. In total, I had a straight 200 free spins with a total wins of more than 300 x my bet. In my opinion, the Spartan Warrior deserves to be rated with 6 out of 10 possible stars.
Spartan warrior slot it is another rival online slot. To be honest this is not that game which i will play a lot, but also it is good to know that this slot is low variance, and because rival casino usually give a lot of bonuses this will be good info for some players who will need to make wagering requirements without losing much money.

There is 15 paylines at this slot, and min bet is quite low, but i never played this game with min bet size, because most time i was playing with no deposit bonus, or with just big deposit bonus, and on such ocassions i am usually betting a bit higher than usual.

There is bonus game feature, which awarded with 3 or more bonus symbols. Well, it is juts bonus fight against enemy, you need to pick two weapons and...That's all, nothing else you can do, you watch fight, and then get reward. Rewards are usually very small, and does not deserve any additional words from me.

Also it is possible to trigger freespins. 3 or more scatters - and you get freespins. For 3 scatters it is 10 freespins, more freespins for more scatters, but i never had more than 3 scatters. During free games all wins are tripled , so there is some potential. Had once 4 retriggers and won 150 x total bet, was a bit sad, because 4 retriggers it is a lot, but generally it is ok.

Overall it is of course not best looking online slot, without any fresh ideas or really interesting features, but listen what, if you will have for example 500 dollars and left 500 dollars to wager - this game is perfect for this goal, most likely you will not lose much, and there is even some chance that you will win something else.
Unfortunately game looks is not very nice, and bonus game is boring.
kruno1414 36 reviews
Spartan Warrior is Video slot from Rival Gaming with 15 lines, you can bet on this slot from 0,15$ to 75$. This slot is one of rare to attract me due to its appearance which is really nice and very simple (I really like Sparta and everything connected to it ).

So I started playing this slot with very optimistic thoughts, I though this is going to be mine slot from now on. This slot with its features is regular Rival video slot with Free spins, bonus, wild and jackpot. What is nice is that you can get 10, 20 or 100 free spins depending if you have 3, 4, 5 helmets anywhere on the field, that’s very nice. I deposited 20$ and started playing with 0.75$ per spin.
As I rarely play on 15 lined slots I felt little anxious at the beginning, the bet was too low and I got few combinations I should have won on 20+ lines and this time it was nothing .
But to keep me in good mood, slot gave me Bonus Round in the early phase of playing and made me very happy, bonus round of this slot was totally unknown for me .

So in bonus round you need to choose an opponent to battle and two weapons .
In my case I chose a spear and a shield, I picked opponent in the middle and guess what I won miserable 4,5$. From that moment I started to hate this slot for many reasons except appearance lol. I decided to play to the end, or I will win or I will loose but the second happen to me, it looked like someone had a luck on it before I started as it was that selfish. From now on I will not choose a slot only by appearance.
paquito76 867 reviews
As I’m used to these Greek historical themed slots the creators like to use Corinthian columns to make their product more authentic and perhaps it’s stupidity to deal with it so much but for me it’s some kind of measure of value how they’re decorated or how they’re finely wrought because this is a good indicator how much work the developers put in to make as good product as they can.

That’s the situation with Spartan Warrior where of course these architectural masterpieces also frame the reels. At first sight they look fine but not excel. They got a little decoration here and there but could have been a bit detailed. Same goes to graphics and there’s nothing problem with it but some more refinements in its preparation wouldn’t have hurt. The symbols are the non-omissible ones; the shields, helmets, swords but if the slot’s name contains Warrior I expected a symbol that dedicated to a hero but there’s no any. Basically, it’s just an average illustration of the theme and I can’t help but I’ve got some feelings that something little plus is missing here.

Players can use 15-paylines in full capacity placing bets from €0.15 up to €75. 5 Swords (Wild without plus multiplier) can pay the most and reward 5000 coins but if such winning combination is achieved during free spins the result is 15000 credits. To have a chance for that first we need at least 3 Helmets anywhere on the reels and getting 10 free games but 5 of them would mean 100 free spins what’s quite promising. Besides the x3 multiplier value for wins this feature can be re-triggered and in my experience often can result some nice returns. Maybe I had just a handful of times when I had to shake my head at the end of the session and felt myself deceived but had more times when playing with €1.50 I got awarded more €50+, €70+.

Spartan Shields can activate bonus round which is a fight between two enemies. First we have to pick 2 weapons for our warrior and then an opponent combatant and the battle is starting. Unfortunately, this is an automated bonus and in my opinion the players must have been more involved. The final won bonus credits are converted to cash prize at the end of the side game using the coin value of line bet as multiplier.

Spartan Warrior is not a bad game but can’t break out from the medium level. I believe there are much left on the table and the potential it hides in itself couldn’t be realized. There’s nothing what a player could hate in this slot but sadly there’s also nothing to rave about.

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