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Soccer Safari is a World cup-themed 30-payline video slot, running on the Microgaming software platform. The game has 5 white reels that are set against the soccer field background.  The slot’s main symbols are cartoon wild animals competing at the Soccer Safari Cup. Players are welcome to try the game here for free or visit any of the Microgaming Casinos to play for real money.

Before the soccer game begins, players are advised to set their bets. Select “Coin size” to regulate the coin value, ranging from 0.01 to 0.20. “Coins” are used to control the bet amount. There are up to 30 paylines you can bet on. “Bet Max” allows players to set the maximum bet per line allowed. The “Au­top­lay­” option enables reels to spin for the chosen number of times. Once you are ready, hit “Spin” and start the game.

The Referee Giraffe is the Wild symbol. The players can benefit from 5 Wild Free Spins which are activated when the Giraffe lands on the reels 1 and 5 at the same time. Those reels then become Wild, while the 3 middle reels remain spinning for another 5 rounds. As soon as they stop, the middle reels are held still and the reels 1 and 5 turn again.

The Scatter Trophy is the game’s Scatter. You need to land at least 3 Scatter symbols simultaneously anywhere on the reels to activate the Go for Goal Bonus game. Once the Bonus game is triggered, players get to pick a shot to reveal their prizes. You can win up to 60 000 coins. 

Game Play

Coin size: Set the coin value.
Coins: Set the number of coins to wager on each line.
Lines: Set the number of lines.
Bet Max: Set the maximum bet available.
Autoplay: Set the reels in motion without interruption for a chosen number of times.
Spin: Start the reels.

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Afi4wins 1232 reviews
Well, from So Many Monsters, to So Much Candy, then to So Much Sushi, how about we next go to So Cer Safari? Oops, I mean Soccer Safari. My mind was still stuck with those 'so many' and 'so much' things, and i thought this so-ccer thing was a continuation. Hmm. Leaving all that behind, we now come to animals playing soccer. What? You think Ronaldo, Maradona or Pele only can play soccer? No way! Lions, and leopards, and hippos can play that game too, well, at least in the eyes of Microgaming. In my eyes, they certainly cannot. Hahaha.

Soccer Safari is a 30 paylines game, with all sorts of animals playing with a soccer ball. Mind you, those animal hooves can do accurate penalty kicks too! Hahaha. The logo 'Soccer Safari' is the Wild symbol, paying 2000x the line bet for 5 of them. As always, it substitutes for other symbols except the Scatter symbol, and as always too, it is also a dumb symbol. The Trophy is the Scatter symbol, paying 200x the total bet for 5 of them, and getting 3 or more Scatter symbols trigger the Go For Goal Bonus game. The Referee is the Free Spins symbol, appearing only on reels 1 and 5, and getting both of them at the same time triggers a 5 Wild Free Spins game. All the other symbols pay from 1000x to 100x the line bet for 5 of each kind. An average to low paytable.

In the Free Spins game, reel 1 and reel 5 becomes a Wild Reel each, held in position for the 5 free spins, and reels 2, 3 and 4 do the spins. After 5 free spins, reels 2, 3 and 4 are held while reels 1 and 5 make one respin. A retrigger of the Free Spins game is possible in the final respin if the 2 Referee symbols reappear on reels 1 and 5 respectively. In the Go For Goal Bonus game, you pick one of the animals to play the penalty kick, revealing a multiplier. In the next screen, pick 1 of the 4 positions in the goal to kick the ball in, to win up to 60,000 coins. Only 1 kick is given, so pick carefully. This Bonus game cannot be triggered during the Free Spins game.
Well, I wish I could have gotten at least 1 retrigger of the Free Spins game, but it didn't happen. I had 3 Free Spins games in all, but the payouts were not so good, being 48x, 13x and 39x my bet amount. I had only 2 Bonus games, paying 14x and 62x my bet amount, so this was in fact slightly better than what I've gotten from the Free Spins games. Better wins are possible, but I need more plays on this Soccer Safari thing to get them. If I do play more of it, that is.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Soccer Safari is another interesting slot from Microgaming software. I have played this game only once, which is a shame but I will do it soon again. There are so many good old games and also new releases so sometimes it is difficult to return to the ones that you have played before. I had a great experience with this slot. As soon as I started playing I triggered the free spins. Even before I realized what the game was about I got 86.92 euros. But this game is insane. You need the zebra referee on the first and fifth reel to trigger 5 wild free spins. End reels are completely wild and after the fifth spin the center reels are held and the first and the fifth reel are re-spun. There are many ways here to land a winning combination.

But this game does not stop here. There is also a bonus round that is unique for this slot only. I triggered the bonus round very fast after the free spins and I had to pick a team. I chose team 3 and then I had to choose a player. I chose the lion and he was hiding x 2 multiplier. I had to choose a shoot but the goalie saved it so I was offered a consolation prize of only 4.80. I triggered the bonus round many times but I never got anything more. I do not know maybe I am not a good football player.

Unfortunately I did not trigger the free spins again, and that was my wish. I realized that the potential in this game lies within the free spins and not the bonus round or the base game. There are also scatter payouts, you need 2 or more Trophy symbols anywhere on the reels. Even though the wins are not that exceptional but at least you do not end up with an empty spin.
Soccer safari is game made by Microgaming. I did not like soccer at all, even do not know rules. So this slot name does not give me any special feelings. But I played it couple times and I can't say that I did not liked it.

I like theme. Haha, it is really funny to see all this animals in soccer suits and also animations are just great. Love it, lot of colours, and this is something I am like to see in slots.

I like bonus game. Bonus game triggered when 3 bonus symbols appear anywhere on reel. You need to score a goal by choosing where to kick ball. Just choose and see. Nothing special but just to relax from spinning it is good.

I like freespins feature. Freespins feature it is most thing which i enjoyed in this game. When on reel 1 and 5 appears special symbols with red cards you got 5 respins. Reels 1 and 5 will be wilds for this 5 respins. And last one middle reels will be held and 1 and 5 will respin to give a chance to retrigger it. Retriggered it once this way.

I never got more than 50 bets wins in normal play, payouts not big. Also never win more 50 bets in bonus game. Played freespins feature about 5 times and only once was close to 100 bets. 8 stars I could give this game, because it is nice to play it couple of times, but then unlikely you will remember about it during playing and will play again, not much interesting and not enough potential for very good wins.
I did not like that payouts are just too small. Wilds do not have multiplier, and most 5 of a kinds did not pay much. This is not nice. Also I did not like that during freespins there is no multiplier, wild reels is good but payouts is still low.
Soccer Safari it is Microgaming video slot, and I played this game couple of times, and I could say that it is good slot; I think average gambler will like this game. Quite balanced and interesting, but of course there is always few things that I did not like.

Game designed very well, soccer theme, and good animations for symbols. Sounds are also not bad, and generally there is nothing bad about this I could say. Also there is 30 paylines.

During base game in this slot it is quite boring to play for me, because generally it is quite hard to get nice payout. 5 of kinds of most paying symbols pay not very big, and if only 5 wilds will land, then you will get nearly 100 x total bet. Wilds at this slot are almost useless during base game, because it appear on all reels, but well, it does not have any special feature, and even come without any multiplier for wins.

It is possible to get two features in this slot. First feature is bonus game, which can be triggered by 3 or more scatters. You will then play pick bonus game, can't say anything about this feature. Have it probably 5 times, and my best result was about 30 x total bet, so I am not sure about potential of this feature. But 5 scatters pay 200 x total bet, so it is worth to hit it.

Freespins feature is quite unusual in this game, you need bonus symbol on reels 1 and 5, and then you will have 5 wild spins. Reel 1 and reel 5 will be wilds for 5 spins. Have once around 250 x total bet feature, it is retriggered once, and I get couple of good 5 of a kinds. Yes, I think freespins have some potential, but I am not sure how much it can pay in perfect case.
Base game is not very interesting, and also only 5 FS (even great one) it is just not much as I want to see.
gordontan 70 reviews
Good Afternoon, my friends, the nest slot game that I have ever tried is the Soccer Safari slot game. It is a football themed slot game and it has animals playing football. The outstanding football animations are easily the highlights of Soccer Safari. The Buffalo knocks down the baboon and has the referee flash a yellow card at him. The Leopard makes a spectacular save in the goal. The Rhino heads the ball with great force. The Lion dribbles the ball. Then all symbols depict appropriate animation. I think this is something great as addition of animation could really be entertaining. Whenever there is a big win there is a shower of gold coins with a football embossed on them to the sound of the cash registers ringing.

First of all, the introductory clip shows the Lion scoring a goal. The reels are set in the background of a stadium. The Leopard is the goalkeeper. Some Deer are the cheer leaders and a pack of Hyenas are the crazy soccer fans. Then, the Zebra is the referee and it is also a scatter symbol. Next, the slot game has a second scatter symbol, which is the Trophy. Most importantly, the Soccer Safari Logo is the wild symbol and also provides the highest jackpot. All the animal symbols have a comic touch with excellent detailing.

Other than that, the Trophy symbol offers scatter payouts when two or more appear anywhere on the reel. When three or more of this symbol appear then the Go For Goal bonus game on the second screen is triggered. In this game the player has to first choose a team. When he does so, the screen displays a number of animals wearing the team’s colours. What you need to do is to select one animal to take the penalty kick. The Leopard is in the goal. The player has to pick from one of the four corners of the goal. If a goal is scored then a multiplier is revealed, which is applied to the total bet. If the goal is saved, even then the player is awarded a consolation multiplier.Overall, I Strongly believe this slot game could be in line with the celebration of currently held international FIFA World Cup and many football fans out there could get fascinated by this slot game as well.
yapro 790 reviews
Soccer Safari it is microgaming video slot, and like soccer fan i am sure try this game many times, and i can say even if i will not be soccer fan, i am try this game few more times and will play it, because it looks super and interesting one.

Soccer Safari it is 30 lines microgaming video slot, and i should admit that this game is very colourfull and looks really great, all this animals made really nice, sounds great, and animation here is also great. Here we have bonus game, it never award me anything big, but scatters which trigger it can award up to 200 x total bet, if 5 of it appears. Also it is possible to trigger 5 free spins here, by getting judge symbol on reels 1 and 5. During each spin reels 1 and 5 are expanded wilds, which increase chances to win big.

My best result on this feature is x 200 total bet, and also i very like the thing that after 5 free spins played, all reels except 1 and 5 held, and they respin with a chance to retrigger feature, and since there are more judge symbols, chances to retrigger feature is much more better. I played this video slot most times at betat casino, and like i already said it looks great, have some potential, bonus game can't pay big, but i like to play it since i like soccer theme. Actually i think i will play this game again at betat, because i never lost on this game for all times i try it, every time i trigger feature pretty quickly and it pay me something like 50x-200x total bet, which is nice result.

Very nice medium variance game, with 30 paylines and very cool free spins feature, where 1 and 5 reels are expanded wilds for 5 free spins. Try this game, and probably it will become your favorite.
Soccer Safari game is powered by microgaming. This is an awesome game and i have been playing it for a long time. I have some really good and bad memories when i think of this game. Even though i have played it hundreds of times, till this day every time the outcome is different. There are 30 lines in this game and i have played them on all bets ranging from €0.30 to €2.10. For me personally the game was paying much better on bets lower than €1. On bigger bets it is very difficult to get the features or big wins.

There are two features in this game and i got both of them many, many times. There is a bonus feature and to get that i had to get three or more world cups anywhere on the reels. This is a pick bonus and you have to pick a team, played and where to shoot. That in return gives you cash prize with a multiplier. In all the time that i played this game i managed to pick all possibilities. My max win was over €100. The free spins is better in my view and you have a chance to win more. To get the free spins i had to get a referee with a red card on the first and last reels. That gives five free spins with first and last reels completely wild. On a bet of€1.80 i won over €200 on this feature.

Over all the game is really cool, the graphics are awesome and the sound effects are very nice. I would recommend this game to everybody. If i was to rate this game i would give it 9 out of 10.
Icymod 758 reviews
Soccer Safari is here too!!! I remember winning $492 from a tournament involving which team would win!!! Brazil was my choice and it got me $492. Although, it's in the form of a bonus, it was my ticket to turning it into cash for $701.26 :D after wagering! It happened on 05/07/2010, my screenshots are attached. Oopps, forgot that this slot is on Soccer Safari. Alright so I used this "Alleluia" of a bonus to play it for 3 coins first. I want to get the most out of my wagers before throwing cash like it's a snowball about to hit someone's face in a snowball fight! The 5 Free spins are really good, much better than Sunset Showdown's. They turn Reel 1 and 5 into the Zebra referees so I'll hear him whistling in a musical tune. It's super catchy I think everyone will love it!! What makes this one of the best is...wilds actually chain the middle portion so that it makes combinations easier and winnings...bigger!! Just when the great part ends it continues when all free spins are played it actually gives a chance to retrigger again for another mind blowing experience!!

But for the utmost part, hitting the 3 soccer trophies gives this excellent bonus round!!! I choose from 1 of the the 3, green or red, then I choose a player for a multiplier, have gotten an awesome 5x from my selection. I see commentaries before choosing a spot to shoot the soccer ball in, chose the top right position and got it in. I scored 2250 coins at the end which resulted with the x5 for a whopping large $112.50!!! I chose to increase my bets further for a higher $1.80 a spin. What do I have to lose with my huge bonus? I don't care who knows it, this video here is F**king awesome. A soccer theme game worth throwing bets on and leaving out here with a huge return is devastatingly superb!!! Like a traumatic experience gone right this time. This has to be one of my slots getting all green stars for it's qualities. It performed solidly and too good that I have nothing to dislike about it!

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