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Online gamblers can now play a game based on one of the most legendary movies of all time: Rocky. Overcome the odds and exit this exciting video slot as a champion. Try it out on our website for free. If you want to play this iconic game for real money, just visit any of the listed Playtech casinos to get started.

Start by picking your bet. Hit the Click to Change button to adjust your coin denomination. Press Bet Per Line to change the number of coins wagered on every line. Use Lines to change the number of active paylines. When you're ready to begin, click Spin. Alternatively, you can push Bet Max to play with a bet of 10 coins on all 25 lines. Use the Auto Start feature if you want to play several times in a row.

The fighting spirit of Rocky is here in full bloom with three spectacular features. Spell “ROCKY” left-to-right, regardless of position on the reels, and win 5x your total bet instantly. Get boxing gloves on reels 1 and 5 to start the Knockout Round. Pick your opponent and battle it out to the end, winning big bucks along the way. Get three or more Rocky: Italian Stallion scatter symbols to win retriggerable free spins. Good luck fighting your way to fortune in Rocky.

Game Play

Click to Change: Adjust the coin denomination.
Bet Per Line: Pick the number of coins wagered on each line.
Lines: Select the number of active paylines.
Spin: Begin playing at the chosen bet.
Bet Max: Begin playing at a bet of 10 coins on all 25 lines.
Auto Start: Play the selected number of times continuously.

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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I loved the Rocky movies as a kid (although let's be honest they probably did drag the franchise out a little too long!) so I was fairly hyped to give this game a try. It might not be a typical "girly" game but I never subscribed to those kinds of stereotypes anyway and I can't really think of more than a handful of my favourite slots that are "girly"!

There are lots of great win possibilities in Rocky, most notably the huge 10,000 coin payoff for a five of a kind of the top wild symbol. Lot's of Playtech games have this same big number attached to a five of a kind of wilds though so although it's nice to see it here it isn't really something that could convince me to choose this game over any other in the Playtech library.

A nice touch is that spelling out ROCKY anywhere on the reels from left to right awards a small bonus of 5x bet, which isn't much but it does happen a few times per session in my experience and I don't ever recall another game paying out for landing TJQKA in sequence, which would be effectively the same thing, so I won't complain at the extra winnings!
Like so many other Playtech games the one aspect of this game that really lets it down for me is the sound - the reel spinning sound effect is extremely annoying and had me reaching for the mute button after just a handful of spins, and annoyingly the configuration options don't allow you to disable just that one effect whilst keeping the speeches and scatter sounds active. They didn't even add any background music as an alternative during the base game, so this is one game your almost sure to end up playing in silence.

I also wish the bonus features paid a little better - the boxing bonus stage has disappointed me almost every time, infact 100x your stake seems to be an amazing result from this ten round bout, and the free spins have a measly 2x multiplier which is definitely on the low side for a Playtech slot.

Sadly it seems Rocky is no longer the undisputed champion, at least when it comes to slot machines - it's not an awful game but this is one license that could have been used much better.
zerooo 742 reviews
Rocky is well designed boxing themed video slot machine from Playtech software provider. It has 5 reels with 25 pay lines. I played it a long time ago, but I did not have good luck on it. The theme is great, I think we all know Rocky. Here are interesting symbols: the symbols are different than at most of the games. Instead of A, K, Q, J and 10 symbols here are letters for Rocky. I think this is good idea to change the game a little bit.

Rocky video slot offer bonus game and free spins feature. Knockout bonus if good, when you trigger it you have to choose Rocky's opponent. Rocky will fight the chosen opponent in 10 round match. For every round Rocky wins, you win cash prizes. I triggered only once bonus game and I won from it around x20 bet. I think the pay outs could be a little better, higher here. For one win match I won around 2-3€ which is not so good.

Free spins feature start when you get three rocky symbols anywhere on the reels. You can win 15, 20 or 25 free games with x2 multiplier. During free games more Rocky symbols are added to the reels. You can also retriggered free games with additional 3 scatters for 15 free games more. I never got any free spins feature, the reason is because i played it only for about 10-15 minutes. I had no luck on it and i closed it after I lost my money.

There is also one more feature; Rocky feature. Spell Rocky to win x5 total bet. The letters must appear in that order on the reels to win a prize. I do not this this feature is so good, only x5 total bet is ridiculous. I will rate this game with 7 out of 10 possible stars. I think it is a decent game, I could play it more in future.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
When I was a kid Rocky was one of my favorite movies. I watched all parts of the movie and my favorite is with Ivan Drago. I have to say I rooted for the Russian to win and in real life it may be so but the movie was really great.

When I first saw this slot in Playtech I was really happy and I knew it would be great playing here. I really like the symbols in the game. Here you can find symbols from all the first tree parts of the movie.

The music is also great and there are few small scenes from the movie depending on the winning combination. I took a look at the paytable and can't say that I was impressed but still it is descent.

This game has 3 bonus features. The first is when Rocky is spelled from left to right and this awards you 5 x bet. This feature comes quite often and its fun to have a win like that from time to time. The second is the free spins bonus. It is triggered when you get 3, 4 or 5 scatters anywhere on the reels. You are awarded 15,20 or 25 free spins accordingly. I have to say that I have never won more than 3 scatters in this game.

The bonus round itself is pretty hard to get and all the spins are on a small 2 x multiplier. The third bonus round in this game is triggered when you get the bonus symbols on reel 1 and reel 5. Then a boxing match starts and you choose one of 3 opponents. I always choose Ivan Drago because I like him the most. For every round Rocky wins you get a cash prize. If a knockout appears before the end of 10 rounds you win all rounds.

I have played this game a lot but I can’t say I had some big wins here. Usually in the bonus rounds I get 30 or 40 x bet win which is descent but could be quite better.
I like Playtech slots very much, I am playing this slot very often both on online casinos and offline. It is a 5 reel slot with 25 paylines, a minimum bet of 0.25 euro and interesting features like Wild symbol, bonus game and also free spins feature. Every time I play this slot, I can’t manage to trigger the bonus game, it is very hard to trigger in my opinion, I didn’t play so far. I like very much the theme of this slot, about a great boxer, Rocky, from here the name of this slot. Last time I played this slot, I managed to win something big but it was by mistake because I played with a 2.5 euro bet, I spelled the Rocky word and I won 5 x bet, 12.5 euro and this amount I gambled and made 50 euro.

About the graphics I can say that are very good in my opinion, the symbols are well designed and also the characters are looking good. Another interesting thing is that the sounds are very entertaining, I like especially when I am spelling the word Rocky. My biggest win at this slot was 37 euro from the free spins, not from gamble feature, I think that this feature isn’t good because you are tempted to use it very frequently and you will lose more money.

Overall it is a good slot, for the nice theme, interesting sounds and very good graphics I will give a 9.

About the payout rate I can’t say many things because I didn’t play it many times with big amounts, but I will give an 8.

Regarding the features, I will give a 9 because it has both bonus and free spins feature and also a wild symbol.
The bad thing about this slot is that the gamble feature will make you to lose your money faster.
Another popular game on Playtech casinos is Rocky. With its super popular theme it offers a player a chance to step on the ring with Rocky and help him knock out his opponents with big wins. To be honest I don't play this game very often, but when ever I give it a shot it keeps me entertained and amused. I never bet big on this game and can tell you for sure that it could pay big even on small bets. The thing that differentiates this game from others is that he wilds come out in large numbers almost every spin. It is very possible to get five wilds.

The game also offers a cool bonus and a nice free spins feature. I like the bonus game because it is very entertaining. You select a boxer you want to fight and for every round won you get a prize, with knock out being the best win.

The free spins are also cool and the best thing is that they can be retriggered. 99% of free spins I got on a double tap and would recommend for all to try, its awesome. It is one of the most important elements of a slot game for me, and any game that has it gets a thumbs up from me.

The game also gives you a little boos when you spell ROCKY on the reels. It is not much but can give you few extra spins.

The graphics are pretty cool and feature all of the important characters of the movie.
The pays in this game are decent but only if you get five of a kind. Three or four pay average and can be disappointing at times. The free spins feature can also be very difficult to get. I had a couple of hundred consecutive spins with out the feature. Over all the game is ok and has potential. My rating 7 out of 10.
katemak 1162 reviews
Rocky Balboa with hes opponents, boxing on the ring, who didn't see that movies! Well I surely did. I love Sylvester Stalone as an actor so did hes movies, specially the Rocky ones. I have to say I was not to big fan of Playtech slots, but latelly I am playing them a lot and the more I played them I like them more more.

So as this game the first time I played this game was few weeks ago when I got some free spins on Ladbrokes Casino. This game is an 5 reels with 25 paylines , with three bonus rounds, which my favorite is the free spins feature.The main symbols on this game are Rocky and the other actors from the movie itself, which he acts as an wild symbol, substituting all the symbols on the reels except for the scatter ones. The scatter symbol is the logo of the game Rocky and lending 2 of them will double your bet, but when you trigger 3 or more of them, you will be rewarded with free spins feature.

Playing this game lately I didn't managed to get more then 3 scatters on the reels and I know that getting 4 or 5 of them will give you up to 20 free spins. I also like the bonus round, when cky is boxing with hes opponent, but playing this game I didn't get more then 30 X the bet, so the more rounds Rocky is boxing, the more money will you get. The other bonus round when you managed to get all the letters on the reels, with hes name R, O, C, K, Y and then that bonus round will give you winnings of 5 X the bet which is not so bad, because the ROCKY bonus I was getting more then 7 times. I like this slot and thing its a nice game if you need to wager the bonus, because it has no some extra winnings, but all the time you will win something. I liked this game and will be playing it in the future, so I will rate this slot 9/10.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Rocky is a slot game with 25 paylines and 5 reels provided by my favorite software company Playtech. This great software company offers some of the best slot games with great graphic and interesting bonus rounds. One of them is Rocky slot.

This game is based on the movie serial from the 80’s which made the actor Sylvester Stallone world famous. The symbol with this actor is a wild symbol in this game. The scenes and actors from this movie were used to make the symbols and animations. All together it looks very interesting and you can play this slot game for hours without getting bored, of course if your balance allows you that.

Rocky slot game offers 3 bonuses. The free spins bonus in which you get 12 free spins is the best and you can have some big wins here because all wins are multiplied by 2.

Then there is also a bonus in which you choose Rocky’s opponents. It really looks exciting and after you choose an opponent he has a boxing match with Rocky for 12 rounds. For each round where Rocky wins you get a win of 3 x bet. Maybe you will like this bonus feature in the beginning and it will look interesting but after playing this game for some time it will become boring. If there is anything I would change about this game it would be a skip option for this bonus. If you don’t believe me play this game non stop for 2- 3 hours and you will see how this option is needed here. And for the end there is the R, O, C, K, Y bonus which gives you 5 x bet win and you will get this bonus very often. What's best with this game is that sometimes the bonuses and free spins come in a line. This is really a game where you can have some big cash outs.

This game has helped me wager some big bonuses in casinos many times. For this game I give 9 out of 10.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
The rock band “Survivor”, one of 80’s unforgettable bands, is who plays the soundtracks of 3 of Rocky movies: “Eye of Tiger”, “Burning Heart”, and “The Search is Over”; Burning Heart (Rocky IV) is the one played on Rocky Playtech Slot.

For me this slot resulted being as great as movies were for me, and I say it because I simply trust in it. Or I am particularly lucky when playing Rocky or simply this slot game is very good; I only have good memories of it. The first time I played it was in a $1.500 free play promotion offered by a Playtech casino I don´t want to mention here, but I can say my session began not so good, balance were going down more and more in the meantime I was increasing my stakes. With less than $600 in my balance I decided to set my coin value in $1 and betting $0.10 per line (the maximum), not so hard decision because I was just playing free money, then few spins later magic came and boom! I triggered my first free spin round during whole session, and the best of my fight started (I should say “The search is Over” hehehe), plus some pieces of lines completed, I spelled the word “Rocky” that is a 5X winning per symbol but my luck exploded when a bonus round was triggered (my second one along my session), and remember free spins come with 2x multiplier.

At the end of my free round my balance reached more than $16.000, it was just amazing, and I was so happy despite I only could claim $300 playable credits due to terms and conditions. The bad news was that my $300 had not been automatically accredited on my casino balance and no support team attended me via chat neither via email.

The best I had won was the experience with this game, knowledge about how to play it and trust in it, and these helped to me to take advantage the next time I played in a Playtech casino few days later but in a real account with real cash. I have fun and finally also profits with this excellent slot game.
yapro 790 reviews
Eye of the tiiiiger :P I am only one who remember this song from the movie, and when i open this game this was really first thing which i remember ;p i think i am not only one who have this song and movie in the mind.

Rocky slot has 25 paylines and like it is easy to understand from name of the game theme is Sylvester Stallone and his great series of movie. Game have not so many interesting features, and apart from other famous playtech games this one did not have any jackpot on the base, so players can wait only usual wins which written on paytable. Also game features 5 x bet win if needed symbol will made name of the slot, but it is another one useless feature from playtech, i already told this many times what i think about this stupid idea to award players with such low wins. Free spins triggered by 3 or more scatters which is Italian flag, and player awarded 15 free spins with x 2 multiplier. My best hit on the base game is very low, something less than 50 x total bet, in free spins it is also not big, about x 100 total bet. Also game has one more feature it is bonus game which contain some scenes from the movie, bonus game can not award with big win but at least can help to remember great scenes from the movie, my best hit here also about 50 x total bet, but i like this feature, i watch movies long long time ago, so such chance to remember great moments is good for me while playing this game.

This is good game, but i play it rare because slot of course has low variance, and i did not like such games. But for the good remembering of 'eye of the tiger' famous song and movie i think everyone should give this slot a try, at least once just to see how the game works, because not many player will be happy with low variance.
paquito76 867 reviews
I think everybody who left behind the third X of the age, these movies meant a lot at that time when they were released (especially for us who are from the so-called Eastern Block). I remember how high we idolized these films and other Hollywood ‘hero’ movies and think this 25-payline game’s main strength is how it represents and dedicated to the series.

Some can say it’s no big deal if it borrowed characters from the films and use them as symbols but in my opinion visually it reflects not just the stories well but that time what I still could recall. Appreciate the little ingenuity that besides the main characters the common card letters and numbers emblems are substituted here with R, O, C, K and Y letters and decorated with the American flag. Maybe the creators didn’t need to be genius to figure out the slot’s view but I think they did a great job to keep it simple and it seems they could stick to this plan very well.

25-payline are in use here and who else than Rocky can deliver the most among the ‘5 symbol’ winnings with 10.000 coins and also has the substitute function. The Italian Stallion, scatter figures start 15, 20 or 25 free spin (can present max. 100 times of total bet) and though it has just x2 multiplier value attached, but thanks to the more frequently appearing Wild it’s a well-rewarding feature and maybe I like it the most among available extras.

Fortunately, Knock Out bonus has also great rules and it is an enjoyable side game. If a White Glove figure on the first reel and a Red on the last one appear, this bonus is triggered. First we have to choose an opponent (Apollo, Lang or Drago) and a 10-round match is starting while we can see actual movie box fighting scenes. Every round when Rocky triumphs pay x3 of total bet and if a KO win happens earlier than the 10th round all remained, not played rounds still reward as Rocky would have won all of them. This bonus is more entertaining than the free games but usually way less open-handed.

The winnings with letters has another form when starting from left ROCKY can be visible with each letter on a separated reels then a x5 of total bet prize is credited. To complete the set of features the game offers traditional Red/Black gambling features but I find it bad and there were times when it seemed as not just the fortuitousness would have been involved here.

I can accept the accusation of being sentimental but I like this slot a lot and consider it as a very good game with pleasant payout percentage policy, great features which are both efficient and amusing and sometimes it’s really worth to play with it. I can encourage you to try this game because without any partiality Rocky really has something got to give.
Rocky video slot is another great slot from playtech, and when i am saying great i mean exactly what i am saying, i believe this is great slot. And not because it can pay nice money, or i have amazing wins on it. I think Rocky movie watch everyone of us, and i believe this is great movie, so this slot is really great pleasure for me to play.

Like for many others good playtech games, rocky is an old slot, and graphic and sounds there is nothing special or really cool, but they all on good level, and it is fun to play such slot, and you never say something like ' this slot looking like i ?**@, i will not play it!'.

Here, at rocky slot , we have 25 lines to win on it, and there is also wilds. No any stacked or expanded wilds of course, but at least wilds, and 5 wilds is always pays good on playtech slots, not the amazing with 1000 x total bet, but i believe something with range of 200 - 500 x total bet you can get for 5 wilds, but to be honest i can not remember myself that i am get 5 wilds on any playtech slot, i think this is extremely hard. Rocky has three features on the board, first is if you collect symbols for R O C K Y you get some small prize, nothing special, but still interesting little thing. Second is bonus game, triggered by collecting bonus symbols on first and last reels. This is boxing match, and in begin of bonus game you choose with whom you will fight, all characters there from movie. Then you just get some coins, till rocky does not knocked out, or wins the match. And third feature is free spins at x 2 multiplier.

This is great slot from playtech, and for those who like the movie Rocky this is must play slot. Good luck!
Icymod 758 reviews
What a classic movie this is, Sylvester Stallone starring as Rocky, dang his movies rock! I would be surprised if the next Playtech slot became Rambo as the new addition! My choice to go about using my balance on the Rocky slot was a worthwhile venture that gave me both profits and the ability to keep going an extra other words the dice kept rolling endlessly entertaining me as I went spin for spin.

Either Bonus or free spins that trigger first, I was rooting for one or the other! In the Bonus round, Playtech is famous for wanting the trigger to always be on Reels 1 and 5 for bonus symbols (for most slots such as Lotto Madness, Arctic Treasure and Farmer's Market) but as this Rocky bonus can dramatically gain profitable potential very easily so it has to be this way. A hard bonus must have some challenges/obstacles. With $1.25 a spin on this famous yet classic slot my eyes were set out for credits coming from each round. 10 rounds are there to witness 3x my bets for every round Rocky wins in and if he Knocks out the opponent I have chosen (Apollo, Ivan or Clubber) then dam* the rewards fall completely into my favour! First round won, second and third lost but with an amazing turnaround the remaining rounds gave me sounds of appreciation! The sound of 7 bell rings left me winning a total of $30 from this bonus! I happen to find a perfect 10 but only for a lower bet of $ was good but not as delicious as on a $1.25 bet or the legendary max bet! The other feature that I chased that's just as good is 15 free spins at 2x. Playtech went generous on this feature for having to put more Rocky Wilds into the free spins which I very much liked!

To keep the fun going it's not just these two features but it's also how I try to spell ROCKY amongst the 5 reels to win 5x. The weird thing is I landed a word like "COCKY" instead of ROCKY and it never paid out lol. Can't I get paid for trying to spell another word? Spectacular features, very entertaining and a super fun way to top up your balances! Rocky superbably earns a 12 out of 10!
I think everyone know Sylvester Stallone famous movie the Rocky, that movie brings him fame and the playtech casino is take that license too and created the rocky video slot.

When I first saw that slot I was amazed because I never thought someone will creates a video slot from an old and famous movie but the playtech casino is surprised me like many times. I began to play here with some no deposit bonus because the most time the playtech casinos have some nice welcome offer without deposit.

The rocky video slot has 25 lines so the minimal stake not too high only the usually 0.25 euro. In that video slot you have many chances to get a profit. This game has more kind of the bonus features. The Rocky bonus is one of the most interesting bonuses from the playtech video slots. When you spell the R O C K Y word on the reels you will get the 5 times of your line bet. That feature also works in the free spin feature.

Because this video slot based on a boxing movie they could not leave out the knockout bonus feature. This bonus game starts when you trigger the boxing gloves on the edge of the reels. This is an enjoyable bonus round where you can choose your enemy from the movie like Apollo, Ivan and Clubber. Those box fights has 10 rounds and the job is knock out the enemy within that ten rounds, if rocky knocked out the bonus will ends.

The last feature is the free spins. The free spins are starts when you collect three of the Italian stallion scatter symbol, the maximum free spin amount is 25 and the multiplier are two times. In the feature you have the chance to get endless free spins. I recommend this slot to anybody who likes the good slots.
Afi4wins 1239 reviews
Ahhh...Sylvester Stallone...I could never leave him alone! Heeey, that sounds good doesn't it? Stallone...alone, hehehe. He's my hero, THE one-man hero...whereby the impossible becomes possible, ala Hollywood style, and I just love all his movies. Arnold Sch-sch-what's-his-name is another...the Terminator series being his best. Wonder why Playtech don't have a Terminator game in their stables? I'd certainly give it a shot. many shots, hehehe. Rocky is such a hero too...rising up from a nobody into a somebody...and how I would smile and cheer at Rocky's glory...reminding me of the greatest Muhammad Ali...floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee! So, without wasting much more time, lets go and play Rocky! :D

This 25-paylines 5-reels game utilises portrait clips for its symbols, as well as video clips, from the original movie 'Rocky'. Looks nice indeed! Sylvester Stallone is the wild symbol, paying a lovely high of 10000x the line bet for 5-of-a-kind, whilst the word 'ROCKY' is the scatter symbol, paying a low 100x the total bet for 5 scatters anywhere on the reels. A pair of gloves is the bonus symbol. Get this anywhere on both reels 1 and 5 at the same time and a Knockout Bonus game is awarded, whereby you just sit and watch as Rocky fights with the chosen opponent. Each round that Rocky wins (out of 10 rounds) a cash prize is awarded. A knockout automatically makes the remaining rounds a win for Rocky. Therefore, the biggest win possible from this bonus game is by getting a knockout win in the first round itself! Yes, this is indeed possible, whenever you get real rocky lucky! As for the other symbols, the usual 10, J, Q, K and A have been replaced with the alphabets R, O, C, K, Y, for a very obvious reason, and spelling out r-o-c-k-y in its correct order anywhere on the reels wins 5x the total bet. No...c-o-r-k-y doesn't win anything, hehehe. This feature can be won both in the main game and during the free spins. Incidentally though, seeing all those alphabets on the reels can be confusing at first, because most of the time the alphabets are scattered everywhere and they do not make any sense. But wheneverthey do form recognisable words, they don't pay anything, unless its 'rocky'. Yep...many many times, this did make me go cocky!!! :D

Whenever 3, 4 or 5 scatters appear anywhere on the reels, free spins are awarded, in the order of 15, 20 or 25 spins respectively, with a x2 win multiplier. Getting 3 or more scatters during the free spins award 15 more free spins, and can be retriggered many times (as opposed to 'infinitely'). Handsome wins can be hard to get, but whenever more free spins are being awarded during the free spins play, some really good payouts can be expected. However, the biggest win possible would be getting 5 wilds in the free spins game, whereby that 10000x line bet win would be doubled! Still, Rocky is a great game to play, not amongst the very best, but it would certainly entertain you and make you come back for more...just as Rocky did in the movie sequels! Hehehe. So, remember now...float like a butterfly, sting like a bee...don't let a lose make you cry, a big win there might just be! Happy boxing now! :D
As a kid I was crazy about each and every Rocky movie ever made. I've seen them all from Rocky I to Rocky VI. My favorite version was Rocky IV starring Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren. I was very happy a couple years ago when I found this slot at a few Playtech powered online casinos.

Although I don't play too much at Playtech casinos these days, they do produce lots of powerful slots which are fully based on the iconic movie themes. The nice thing about Playtech slots, including this game is that you can practically bet very high as high roller. €250 per spin? No biggie, Playtech got you covered.

I'm in no means a high roller though, and played only modest bet sizes on this slot not exceed €1 per game. Rocky has a nice couple of features and consists of symbols from the movies. It also has symbols which are based on a combination of several movies. You'll come across Rocky, Adrian, Paulie, Apollo Creed, Ivan Drago and Clubber Lang.

I'm missing an image of Mickey though, the coach who motivated Rocky to the bone in Rocky 1. I guess they left it out since he passed away a long time ago. Rocky has 25 paylines and consists of 5 reels. The other symbols which are not made of movie images, ironically are made of the letters R, O, C, K and Y.

Most other slots just use the card symbols A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9. But not with this game, and if you manage to have all those letters appearing on the reels. Then the reels move up to give you a 5x bet size win.

In addition the Rocky symbol works as a wild, while the scatters symbols can award 15, 20 or 25 free spins with a 2x multiplier if 3, 4 or 5 of them appear. My biggest win during free spins is only 75x bet size, but I've only played this game a couple of times.

The other bonus to look out for is the Boxing bonus, which triggers by collecting the gloves symbols on reels 1 & 5. Once that happens you choose an opponent to fight - Clubber Lang, Apollo Creed or Ivan Drago. I had this bonus twice and choose the Russian Ivan Drago to box. The more rounds the higher the prize is. I think I won like 30x bet size and 40x bet size with this game.

Overall a fun and lovely game with high entertainment value, and big range of bet sizes being available. I'd recommend it to anyone with profound love for the Rocky movies.

Rocky gets an 8/10 rating from me.
Rocky video slot game has 5 reels with 25 pay lines.It's one of my favourite slot games when it comes to playtech platform. My first encounter with this game was about 3 years ago when I joined the Gold Club casino and as a new player I got 50 euros no deposit. I remember my first choice then was this game exactly I started with a minimum bet of 0,1 euros per line or in other words 0,25 euros per spin and in the next 2 hours the number of bonus rounds that I won was really incredible.

My starting balance kept rising, not all the time but just when I thought about changing the game, I'd get some bonus. In short my starting balance climbed from 50 to more than 700 euros and during that time I increased my bet per spin several times 0,25, 0,50, 0,75, 1 euro all the way to 2 euros per spin.

What's most important while playing I filled almost all wagering requirements. Later on whenever I played in a playtech casino Rocky slot was often my fist choice but I never again had a winning streak like that. The game itself is based on the movie serial with Sylvester Stallone in the main part, also a symbol with his picture is a wild symbol that changes all the rest. From the special symbols there is also a scatter symbol. For 3 scatter symbols you get 15 free spins, for 4 scatter symbols you get 20 free spins and for the maximum 5 you get 25 free spins all 2x multiplayer.

What I like most is the bonus game in which you choose an opponent for Rocky to fight (Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago or Apollo Creed). You have 10 rounds and for each round Rocky wins you get 3x your bet, every fight ends when Rocky knocks out his opponent. Overall a very fun slot game. I give them 10/10 without thinking.

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