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Racing for Pinks is a 243-way car race-themed video slot which operates on the Microgaming software platform. The Racing for Pinks Logo icon is the game’s wild card, while the scatters of the game are the Scatter Girl and the Bonus Race symbol, which only appear on reels 1 and 5. Players should feel free to test the slot on this page without being charged or visit any of the featured Microgaming casinos to play the game for real money.

Before starting their exciting car race, players should adjust their preferred wager. The “Bet” arrows choose the total bet, while clicking “Bet” leads to “Coin Size”, which modifies the coin value, ranging from 0.01 to 0.2 and “Coins”, which selects the number of coins to bet. Pushing “Spin” turns the reels, while “Au­top­lay­” spins them for a preset number of times without interruption.

2 Scatter Girl icons on reels 1 and 5 trigger the Free Spin bonus round, wherein players are awarded a random number of Free Spins and Free Spin multiplier values. Player can win up to 30 Free Spins and up to a x5 multiplier value. The bonus game cannot be re-triggered during the Free Spin round.

When 2 Bonus Race cards emerge on reels 1 and 5, the Bonus Race game is initiated. Players pick objects to reveal a multiplier value. There are 5 Bonus levels, all of which are a multiplier value. When 2 Racers appear, players need to choose the Racer they believe is going to win. If the players’ racer wins, players progress to the next level. In the event of losing, they are awarded the multiplier value for that level.

Game Play

Bet: Set the total wager.
Coins: Choose the number of coins to bet.
Coin Size: Choose the coin value.
Spin: Start playing the game at the chosen bet.
Autoplay: Spin the reels for a number of times uninterrupted.

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Afi4wins 1232 reviews
Racing for pinks? Hmm, I don't really know the true meaning of that phrase, but it doesn't matter. I do know that it's all about racing cars to win prizes. Maybe that 'pinks' refer to pink money notes, who knows, but never mind. If it's a racing game, then I'm game too, whether it's for pinks or purples or whatever. All I wanna see is lots of those money notes coming my way, which hardly ever happen to me till this day, but then again, I wasn't born with a slot machine in my arm anyway. Hehehe.

The logo 'Racing for Pinks' is the Wild symbol, 5 of which pays 66.6x the total bet amount, which is very low, damn! It substitutes for other symbols except for the Scatter symbol, but doesn't do anything else. Another damn dumb Wild symbol! The Scatter symbol only appears on reel 1 and 5, paying 2x the total bet, and triggering up to 30 free spins with up to 5x multiplier. The Bonus Race game can be triggered during the free spins but the Free Spins game cannot be retriggered. If more free spins cannot be retriggered, then that wouldn't help much at all. The Bonus symbol, also appearing only on reel 1 and 5, pays 2x the total bet too, and getting these 2 symbols trigger the Bonus Race game. The Racing Cars pay from 16.6x to 6.6x the total bet, whilst the lower symbols pay from 5x to 1.6x the total bet amount, for 5 of each kind. Hmm, a very low paytable, as expected for a 243 ways to win game.
In the Bonus Race game, there are 5 Race Levels to compete, with each level having its own increasing multiplier, from 5x in Level 1 up to 175x in Level 5. Pick one car out of the two in each level and see them race to win. Each win takes you to the next higher level. A loss gets paid and ends the game. As much as I enjoy watching races, the outcome of each level race was very predictable! Whichever car I had picked, I would easily win up to the 35x multiplier level. Only once I managed to win the higher 75x multiplier. As for the top 175x multiplier, hmm, maybe I need to get a real racing car first before I can win that. Sheesh!

The Free Spins games proved to be very hard to get, reminding me of another game, Supe it Up. Both games are similar. Either the game would pay you good, or suck you dry! I only managed to get 2 Free Spins games, one paying a nice 88x my bet amount, the other one paying only 33x, but in the end, everything got burnt to ashes. Racing For Pinks is a nice game to play, but it can burn your bums too. Ouch!
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Racing for Pinks is a video slot from Microgaming software. I have played this game so many times, hoping that I will win a race but I have not. The game offers a unique bonus round and for that reason it is appealing to me. This is a car raced themed slot with 5 reels and 243 ways to win. The sound effects and the graphics are really cool too.

The first time I played the game I realized that there are some good wins for five of a kind symbols during the base game. for this reason I thought that the payouts during the bonus round would be excellent too. And it turns out that they are, but only in theory. Whenever I play this game I never win more than 2 or 3 races.

During the Bonus raceway you have to choose a racer between a blue team and a read team. Then the cars will race. If you win, you will continue playing. And, if you lose you will collect your winnings and that is it. At first I chose the blue one and I won. Then I had to pick again and I chose the red team this time and I won again. The third time I lost and I only got 13.50. For the first win you get 5 x bet, for the second win you get 15 x bet, for third win you get 35 x bet, for fourth win you get 75 x bet and for the last fifth win you get 175 x bet. In the next bonus I got 13.50 again because I lost the third race again. It looks like the game was designed that way. I have got the bonus round so many times and I have never had more than 2 wins. This game also has free spins feature but I have never manage to trigger it though.
zerooo 742 reviews
Racing For Pinks is video slot with 5 reels and 243 pay ways. It is creation of Microgaming software company. I tried to play this game only for some minutes, some time ago at Betat casino.

The game offer good animations. I don't think it is so old because it has nice design. I like this kind of themed games, with cars and things like that.

The first bonus which this game offer is bonus race. Here you need to pick the correct winner for each race if you want to advance to the next level. When you successfully pick all five race winners you win the grand prize. I think the grand prize is not so big, only x 175 bet. Not even x 200 bet. Hmmm. I do not like this bonus game. I never got any good win here.

The free spins feature looks better. You can win up to 30 free spins with up to x5 multiplier. I think this is a good free spins feature, but it is nothing so special at it. I do not like it very much, I never triggered this feature.

While I was playing I had only a few decent winnings during base game. I thought the game would pay out much more. I think maybe I had bad session at this game or maybe the pay outs are not so good. I like video slots which have theme about cars, luxury and things like that. But I do not play this game often, because I had no any big winnings at it. I think it could provide some of those winnings, but only into free spins feature. I will rate this game with 7 stars.
I do not like that bonus game has set maximum win to only x175 bet. I think this is really bad.
Racing for pinks is game made by Microgaming. It is interesting slot game with good payouts, sometimes I play it, but not very often because there is a lot of similar games, and here I did not much interested in theme.

I like that there is 243 lines, and very good payouts. 5 wilds here pay very solid money, I did not remember exact amount but I am almost sure that it is more than 200 bets, which is excellent for 243 line games.

I like bonus game in this slot. It is triggered when bonus symbols appear on reels 1 and 5. It is just very easy to play it, you had to pick which of two racers will win. If you correct you got prize plus advance on next race. If you will win 5 races you win some great prize I think, but most I did was 4 races. Last one I picked incorrect and was very angry. Best win was about 80 bets which is absolutely good for simple bonus game like this.

I like freespins feature in this game. It is triggered when freespins symbols appears on reel 1 and 5 in same time. You get number of freespins and multiplier. Not sure about highest possible, but once I had 20 with all wins multiplied by 4, paid very solid to me more than 200 bets due to some nice 5 of a kinds.

I like this slot. Everything here, almost everything. Good payouts, interesting normal play, freespins feature with great multiplier. And if it is still not enough game have bonus game with chance to win good prizes. I rate this game with 10 stars, it is awesome. And also game never show me bad side of it and steal lot of money, usually I was up when leave this game.
I have nothing bad to say about this slot, if only theme, but it is not big problem.
yapro 790 reviews
Racing for pinks video slot was created by microgaming, and it is typical microgaming new 243 liners, with really great and impressive graphics, but with low payouts.

This game has 243 lines, and like i said it looks really great. wilds here appear on all reels, but payout for this wilds is a bit suck, less than 100 x total bet, of course i can't say that i am happy with this payout. There is also presented scatters, but they only appears on reels 1 and 5, like also bonus symbols appear only on 1 and 5, and it is sometimes a bit painful to get scatter on reel 1 and bonus symbol on reel 5, since it is simply did not do anything.

Bonus game it is simple picking feature, with up to 175 x total bet win, but of course i never was able to be so lucky in my picks. Free spins here awarded by random, up to 30 free spins with up to x 5 multiplier, and same thing here, i never get so nice free spins feature. I played this game only at betat casino and only 2 or 3 times, and by my playtime i never have a win more than 100 x total bet, only once free spins feature pay me 90 x total bet, it was close to this mark, but still not enough. From my playtime i can say that free spins trigger really rare, and bonus also, but at least here usually appears wilds, but i did not understand what the point from this wilds since the payouts are very low. I am not very happy with this game at all, since i am lost my balance every time i played it.

Medium variance 243 line game from microgaming , which looks very nice, but pays very bad. I never have withdrawals after winnings on this game, and i really did not like it, so i can say that i will not play it again.
Racing for Pinks is a game powered by microgaming. WOW this is a very cool game. This time microgaming did not spear any money on the graphics or sound effects and created and awesome game that is full of surprises and big pays.

To be honest first time i played this game it was very bad. It was beginning of the week and i usually don't gamble till weekend, i deposited €30 and started playing this game. It was gone within 10 minutes and i was shocked. Nothing came out---WT*? At that moment i thought it was the worst game ever, on the same weekend i had some cash on my account and i thought ill give it a chance. I started with €0.60 bet and within €10 i got the free spins. To get that i had to get scatters on the first and last reels. I was awarded with 20 free spins 3x. And i won around €70 and actually thought that this is what i always will get (20 free spins 3x). To my surprise i got the free spins again after a short while and it only gave me 12 free spins 2x. I won around €16 and was not too happy.

This game also has a cool bonus and it is a lot of fun when you get it. To get the bonus i had to get bonus symbol on the first and last reels. I had to select cars to race and if you win all 5 races you get 175x your bet. I always pick the wrong one at the end. Max i ever got was 75x which is still cool. Over all the game is very cool and the graphics are amazing and i would definitely recommend this game to everyone. If i was to rate this game i would give it 8 out of 10.
Irine 232 reviews
This slot's famous art work of different famous cars was a great deal to those people who loves Microgaming racing slot theme. Although i slightly like this slot and it's not a big deal for me their theme i didn't want to considered this slot as the most exciting racing theme of Microgaming slot because i there are many great racing theme that was two steps to it. We all know that "Blue gem platform" the new name of Sheriff gaming and the Net Ent slots that has a theme of racing is better than this slot what's the match of this slot to the 3D slots of this two platforms? Well, here's what iv'e got to share with you. First when i play this slot i was stunned because even though they're not a 3D slot based they're still good as playing those kind of slot!

This 243 ways slot grabs me to world of racing cars where i visualizes the movies of Fast and the Furious and other related car racing slots. When did i started to play this? I started to play this when i was active member of Vegas Joker Casino and at that iv'e always daily played this slot. What's the biggest pay out that you got here? I always hope to get the maximum 175 times win from a single stake from their Bonus race but i don't yet get it but i won $81 from that bonus race with the bet of $2.50 when i got the 3 bonus race symbols that's suddenly appeared to the reels of 5 and 1 after that i choose the blue team and picked 5 drivers their that's how their feature bonus works!

This slot is not what you expected that you'll satisfy to the slot effect unlike the master of the 3D games Sheriff gaming or Blue Gem anyway the slot's payout is good and high that you'll not disappoint to it.
Racing for pinks online video slot was created by microgaming, and of course everyone knows who is this guys, i will not even explain.

Theme of the slot is cars of course, and everything which can be associated with cars. It is not so interesting for me, somewhere here i already told that i am not a fan of a cars and everything like that, and yeah i did not like movie fast and furious :D (why i am write this omg). This slot has 243 lines, but apart from many others microgaming slots, there is not stacked wilds, or expanded wilds or anything like that. Wilds are presented here, and you can get 5 of them, but 5 wilds will pay something like 150 x total bet plus few more wins due to 243 lines, so i think best win in base game something like x 300 or so. Also you can win bonus game, by trigger bonus symbol on reels 1 and 5.

Triggering features awards you amazing 2 x bet(lol). In bonus game you need to choose which car is win, 5 times in a raw awards you 175 x total bet grand prize. Best i achieved was 4 cars in a raw, and i was really angry when my car lost in final race. Also there is possible to trigger freespinby hitting two scatters on reel 1 and 5. This is also awards you 2 x total bet ( really, microgaming what the point of 2 x total bet?). Here you can get up to 30 x free spins and x 5 multiplier, my best was 15 free spins at x 4, and i won something like x 200 total bet, so not so bad, i wonder to get 30 free spins at x 5, mmm, it will be delicious i believe.

I like this slot, apart from many others microming 243 liners, this is medium variance, and it is really a pleasure play it, plus i am up with this slot, so why not? I will of course play it few more times.
Racing for Pinks is another video slot from Microgaming of which I'm very impressed with. It's one those games you will really enjoy while playing it, and at the same time offers plenty of features full of potential. The theme is based on some racing circuit with symbols being depicted by several characters who drive their own pimped out cars, and of course engines and several other car parts.

One of the characters looks very similar to actor Colin Farrell. I'm pretty sure this game has been inspired by the Fast and Furious franchise. This game has been launched back in November before the unfortunate death of actor Paul Walker (RIP).

It offers two second level bonus features and lots of free spins with an up to 5x multiplier to be won. The other great part is that the background melodies are quite inspiring to get that adrenaline going as if you're racing and chasing yourself. Racing for Pinks has 5 reels and offers 243 ways to win. In addition it also contains wilds on the reels to transform other symbols into a larger win.

The minimum bet is €0.30 but I played this game at €0.90 bets, and both features did pay off quite well during my session. It took me more than 400 spins to get the available features though. After investing more than 75 euro, I was about to quit since they just didn't seem to be triggered.

There are scatter symbols and bonus symbols appearing on the reels 1 and 5. You need to have either two scatters on both reels or two bonus symbols. Two scatters could award up to 30 free spins and a 5x multiplier. I didn't get that much though since I won 22 Free spins and a 3x multiplier, which isn't too bad.

Definitely if you consider the slot paying me more than 125x my bet size in this feature. After the feature all I needed was 10 spins during the base game, to trigger the bonus feature. This bonus feature is one of the most exciting feature that I have seen in a while.

You have to pick one of two drivers, and you will get taken to a race circuit. If the driver you pick wins then your bet will be multiplied 5x, and you can continue to pick another driver for another race. It's nice to know what the max potential is.

You keep going until you lose a race, and the multiplied bet can go from 5x to 15x, 35x, 75x or 175x in the best scenario. Unfortunately I didn't came further than 35x my bet size. Nevertheless still a nice win of which I was very happy about.

I definitely recommend this game and give Racing for Pink a 9/10 rating.
Icymod 758 reviews
Ohh how generous that AskGamblers would give me a chance to be the first person to write Racing for Pinks. It's a 243 ways racing themed video slot like Dream Run of the RTG software, Green Light and one of the oldest slots around in the Microgaming Industry, Good To Go except these slots aren't way wins (243 ways) though. This slot definitely reflects the movie "2 fast 2 furious"! Thumbs way up for a job well done Microgaming!

While the streets call out the racers eagerly gaining respect for every race and basking in the glory of 1st place, the bonus feature will indeed grant players choices to choose which cars will end up winning the rounds. 5 rounds will be played and a choice of two cars will determine who ends up with the pink slip (wins credits and goes to the next race) and who gets to take that long walk home in shame (ends the feature). In each round the more rounds won, the bigger the credits. Based on my $0.90 triggering bet, each win will start off with 5x, 15x, 35x, 75x and the final but worthy of all the prizes are 175x total bet. I came very close to hitting the very last prize of 175x but I made a wrong decision. least I was awesomely pleased to know that 75x was absolutely worth it for $67.50 total win!

My choices were left, right, right, left and left. The final choice was a right being the correct choice for the grand 175x prize! Man, from $67.60 to $157.50, a big jump that will surely make players smile, cheer or laugh out loud! The other feature worth mentioning are the Free spins triggered for when the pretty lady holding a pink slip lands on the 1st and 5th reels! When I had them on there she gave out 25 Free spins at 3x. I was very surprised that I triggered them for a $0.90 bet and more so that I further collected a racing bonus on my 11th spin! I won 35x from it all plus $69.11 giving me $100.61 total! Everything from the music to the features to it's final details are an awesome enjoyment! All in all, Racing for Pinks deserves a 9.8 out of 10! Just don't lose your car over a race ;)

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