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Multi Player Isis Reviews by Players


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Inactive user
Reviewed on June 14. 2014


Multi-player Isis is a more fun and superior way to play because there are other players playing at the same time I would. It's 40 paylines so it's much larger than Mega Moolah Isis for 25 paylines and there are other rooms to change into if there are less players! In this multi-player game, having people around while I'm playing is recommended because the way the free spins trigger is a lot different than the single player Mega Moolah Isis (Heck or even the old Isis which is now getting rusty with stains as I haven't touched that in a long time because of these newer Isis slots).

Rather landing 3 scattered eagles for 20 Free spins at 6x, it's now 2 eagles on the 1st and 5th reels for 12 Free spins at........whatever the amount of multipliers I collect in base game, before I or anyone else triggers the free spins. I personally bet for $0.80 so when I hit 2 coin scatters, they increase my multiplier by 2x. If for example I hit the two eagle scatters on the first and last reels together without a multiplier, I would end up with a 2x multiplier. The level of coins I put in will reflect the multipliers I can earn towards the 12 free spins when they hit. I think the max bet here is $2 / 200 coins. If I hit coin scatters for this off settling bet which I don't use (I use $1.20 a spin, if these coin scatters appear frequently) then I earn a 5x multiplier for each 2 coins I get! It doesn't have to be 3 coin scatters to get these multipliers, all it takes is 2!

The biggest multiplier I collected on Multi-player Isis has been for 42x, I had $48.70. I've seen other players rack up 100x multipliers that gave them $300+ during the free spins when the stacked Isis' came out......I was kind of jealous about it......okay I was jealous. So much max betting I saw for that player!!!! The music from Mega Moolah Isis is heard as the identical on here during the feature. It's a very entertaining slot, other players can help trigger the feature for me or I can for them and these stacked Isis wilds are great.....even though it's not the sexy 2x wilds I would find in the Mega Moolah version!


There has been problems for me. Some of them has been for example.....I collect a total of 14x multipliers and I run out of cash. I have to wait until another player in the room hits the free spins! The results I got from all 12 Free spins.......$7.48!! Another hated moment is if I collect a high 50x multiplier in base, hit the 12 free spins and get a super ugly win after!!! It was just devastating!!!

Now the multipliers here reflect weaker than with single player slots so I figured, the multipliers have to be very high to get a great amount. Of course that along with hitting stacked wilds and other symbols during 12 Free spins will also be vital in this slot game! By the way, on occasions triggering the eagle scatters at both ends are a b*tch! They can be dead like a squirrel on the road for passing by under cars! I've seen the last reel roll to pass the eagle scatter to trigger them (12 Free spins) so it will take plenty of patience for rewarding or ugly free spins results! The Free spins multiplier collected, the length of time to trigger free spins and how well the 12 Free spins will play for all the eligible players are all to be considered when playing this bangable video slot!
cocopop3011 265 reviews
United Kingdom
Reviewed on May 15. 2014


I love love love this slot! It's not only my favourite Multiplayer slot but it's possibly one of my favourite ever slots of all time! I do not have a single bad thing to say about this slot and I cannot praise it enough. Which is funny really because it's actually my partner who fell in love with this slot first - whenever I used to watch him play it I used to think all this slot was good for was taking your money! Then I tried it and oh my god it was love at first spin! Its so addictive!

I start playing at the minimum bet which is 40p a spin and believe me even at this low bet you can get some beautiful spins. The aim of this slot is to collect as many coins as you can because every two you have increases your multiplier for the free spins. You can see other people that are also playing and when one person in the room gets free spins you all get them and you all share the same set of free spins - but you have to have collected at least two coins during your base game spins to be able to participate in the free spins.

The free spins involve stacked wilds and oh my days the wins are unbelievable! And what's so interesting about this slot is you get to see what other people win - and some people bet big and when I say big I mean big like £10+ a spin meaning every time they collect two coins they multiplier goes up in something like times 10, I've seen people winning thousands on it. I've won in excess of £400 during free spins - but if you are a dare devil then this slot is for you. Honestly! Play it at about £2 a spin and you will not be disappointed.

You need to have a balance of at least £25-£30 going into this game and please have in your mind that you are going to loose because the slot can definitely rinse you in the blink of an eye. But it's still FANTASTIC. I love Microgaming for producing this wonderful invention!


There is absolutely nothing I dislike about this slot!

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