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Mr. Cashback is a profitable 15-payline video slot powered by Playtech. The symbol featuring the character of Mr. Cashback is here to make you wealthy by being wild - you can even achieve the jackpot of 7500 coins if you get 5 Mr. Cashback symbols. The other important symbol is the Mr. Cashback logo, functioning as the scatter symbol. You can try playing the Mr. Cashback slot here on this page for free or select any of the Playtech casinos in our listings to play the game for real money.

Before you start spinning the reels, adjust your bet. You can choose between the 8 given coin values, ranging from 0.01 to 5. Line bets are chosen by clicking the "Bet per Line" button and paylines by clicking "Lines". Selecting "Bet Max" activates all paylines with the maximum bet per line and spins the reels. To start the game, simply press the pink “Spin” button in the far right corner. If you wish to spin for a preset number of times uninterruptedly, click “Auto Start”. Pushing the -/+ directly above it lets you choose the number of automatic spins.

Clicking on the “Gamble” button activates the Gamble feature where you will need to guess whether the face down card is red or black. Correct guesses increase your winnings, while guessing wrong makes you lose the obtained sum. You can leave the Gamble round and collect your winnings by pressing the “Co­lle­ct” button.

If 3 or more Mr. Cashback logos appear anywhere on the reels, the Free Games feature is triggered, granting you 12 free spins with 2x multiplier. During this feature, freezing wilds emerge arbitrarily and remain on their position for up to 4 spins, increasing your chance for profit.

This slot has a unique bonus called Mr. Cashback Feature, active only during the base game. If a single active payline does not win in 50 consecutive spins, you will be rewarded with 50 times your stake on that very payline. Your cashback status is saved when a payline is inactive and restored upon reactivation.

Game Play

Click to Change: Choose a coin size.
Spin: Start playing the game at your chosen wager.
Auto Start: Spin the reels for a number of times with no interruptions.
+/-: Choose the number of successive automatic spins.
Lines: Choose one more payline.
Bet per Line: Add a coin to the line bet.
Bet Max: Activate all paylines with the maximum bet and spin the reels.
Gamble: Start the gamble round.
Collect: Collect your winnings.

Mr. Cashback Slot Reviews by Players


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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I wasn't able to get this game working here at AskGamblers so had to write my review entirely from memory, I apologise if I missed anything important!

The things I like about this game.. the free spins round is reminiscent of the great "Dead or Alive" game from NetEnt. You receive 12 free spins with a 2x multiplier, and there are freezing wilds too although they don't hang around right up to the end of the feature like they do in DoA and seem to disappear after a random number of spins. You can still hit a wildline if your really lucky though - Playtech like to state jackpot wins as a multiple of your line bet, so don't be confused - you actually win 500x your stake, not 7500x !

Graphics and sound aren't bad, if a little tacky - the sound is better than a lot of Playtech games which often seem to only have basic bleeps in the style of those ancient "One Armed Bandit" slot machines. My favourite Playtech game Great Blue is a good example, amazing game, but why does the music sound like its coming from a childrens lean-to-play piano?!
Back when I first started checking out Playtech casinos Mr Cashback was one of three games I could choose for free spins at a couple of casinos, and the name intrigued me - what did it mean? It didn't take me very long to work it out.. and even less time to be a little gutted with the execution of the idea.

You'll notice that each payline has a dollar amount showing by it, these count up each time you spin the reels and do not get a win on that line. If you somehow manage to spin the reels fifty times without hitting a win on any specific payline you will be rewarded with 50x your total bet - effectively all your cash back for the fifty spins that didn't result in a win for that line. It's a nice idea but in practice I think you'll struggle just as much as I did to not get so much as a three of a kind on every payline over fifty spins most of the time. I couldn't help but wonder how much of the games RTP is tied up on this extremely rare feature.
Mr. Cashback Slot is a video slot game with 15 pay-lines and 5 reels. It is about one very old Playtech game. I play for about 6 years in the Playtech casinos and this game was here always, so it is old for more than six years.

The design of the game is simple but lovable and I also like that here the symbols are pretty big. Here, of course dominates the green color which symbolizes money. Next, here we have money in almost all forms; there are bundles of greenbacks, bags with money, gold coins etc.

The game comes with two features. The first is a very original and it is called the Mr. Cashback feature. If on some of the active pay-lines you did not had win for 50 times in a row, you get your money back for that pay-line. Also the free spins feature is pretty original and interesting. Three or more scatter symbols will activate this feature where you get 12 free spins with 2x multiplier. That's not all, because the extra frozen wild symbols can appear anywhere on the screen. They can stay there from 1 to 4 spins.

Although I know for this game for a long time, until recently, I have never made a single spin here. However, the Bet365 Casino lately rewards its regular players with free spins on this game and that is on a weekly basis. How much free spins you will get probably depends on the amount of your deposit and I used to get from 10 to 50 free spins. The best thing about these free spins is that it has no wagering requirements. The last time I got 40 free spins with a bet of 0.3 euros per spin (at Bet365, the lowest bet with which you can play this game is 0.3 euros.). In these 40 free spins I cashed more than 30 euros. I continued to play for a while on Mr. Cashback until my balance went up to more than 60 euros. Also in the end I had success on some other games and I withdrew 120 euros. I think the Mr. Cashback deserves 7 out of 10 possible stars.
Afi4wins 1232 reviews
What was before in the previous years is not now in 2016! I am back here to give an update on this game Mr Cashback, which, strictly in my personal opinion and experience, has gone through a drastic change since the end of 2015. This may well be construed by most readers that I'm putting forward a conspiracy theory against Playtech, which still is my most favorite software provider, for now, but the things that I have gone through playing this game has made me lose not only my coolness but also thousands of my money, all within a matter of a few months!

Who could ever imagine that my number 1 favorite game for 2 years or so could now suddenly be one that I hate?! The game play of Mr Cashback, version 2016, has become so deplorable beyond words! Other players are apparently not affected as I am, as I could gather from my friends who are still playing this game, but why am I the only one affected?! Is this just bad luck? No way! I know the game almost inside out, and I can know whenever the game is behaving oddly, because I've played it almost daily since the last 2 years! Can you imagine how many spins I have done on this game alone over the last 2 years, playing it almost everyday, a few hours each time? Probably 2 or 3 million spins I guess! So when I say that Mr Cashback is not the Mr Cashback I knew before, I have millions of spins to support my statement!

In the last few months, and especially at the start of this year (2016), I have played Mr Cashback as I usually would, but could only get back 30% to 40% of what I put in! Not once, not twice, not even three times, but EVERY time!!! Not at one casino, not at two casinos, but at EVERY casino that I played it!!! What are the odds of something like this happening 'by chance' or 'bad luck'?! GO FIGURE!!!
zerooo 742 reviews
I like the name of this slot. Cashback is great, so as this name of video slot Mr. Cashback. The game has 15 pay ways and it is from Playtech software.

I played this game a lot of times when I was playing at Playtech casinos. I like Playtech software only if I claim some huge bonus, otherwise I prefer to play different games from other software’s. When I last played this game I claimed welcome bonuses at Casino Plex.

I had good balance, but this slot was not my first choice. I choose it later, but ever time I play it I had no big winnings on it. The game offer free spins feature with 12 free spins at x2 multiplier. The feature has freezing wilds that appear randomly on the reels and they will remain on its position for a random number of 1 to 4 spins. Free spins cannot be retriggered. It is a nice feature but I still prefer DOA because the wilds remain on positions till the end of feature. Anyway I like this feature, I received it a few times but I didn't win anything special on it. When I received the wilds, they gone fast and they gave me only small winnings. Into this feature we could hit also wild line; some member hit it here at AG and its pay really good. For 5 wilds symbols 7500x bet I think this is great.

The second thing which is one kind of unique at this slot is Mr. Cashback feature. This is active during main game and if you don't get a win on any paylines for 50 times in a row you will win back your line bet 50 times. It's honest; maybe the number could be set lower than 50 times in a row. I think I will play this game more when I will play at Playtech casinos. It's very popular game from this software and it has a huge potential on winnings.
Maybe the cashback feature during main game could be set lower than 50 times in a row without any win at line. Many times when Ii played it, a few spins before I could get cashback there was a winning combination at that payline at it paid less than cashback.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
I cant tell how I wish to play Mr.Cashback and get familiar with this incredible slot game powered by one of my favorite software which is Playtech. There is only one game besides Mr.Cashback that you can make a decent win on and it's Dead or Alive. Of course, there is so many slots with huge potential but let me pick those two games for myself.

This 5 reels, 15 pay-lines slot could earn you some serious amount of money. But, before even thinking of making money on this slot you need to practice and get familiar with game play. I am little disappointed that Playtech lowered RTP for Mr.Cashback to 95,5 percent. I had heart-stopping winnings in free mod, yet nothing in real mode, because of my limited bankroll. If you wanna stick with one game and wanna take the maximum from your investment, then DOA or Mr.Cashback would make the right choice but bear in mind that you need a huge balance before you start playing. Just look at Afi screenshots here on AskGamblers and you will get the same prove that we have for DOA here that it could pay really, really big. I even discussed about this slot with Afi but to be honest I couldn't catch up with everything he said, because I haven't played it that much, I know more of DOA definitely.

You could trigger 7500 coin win if you trigger 5 Mr.Cashback wild symbols. Sounds good? If so, I would suggest Omni and Fly Casino because of their generous bonuses.This game has two bonus features and its Free Game feature triggered by 3 or more scatter with 2x multiplier and random freezing wild symbol. Mr.Cashback feature which is active in base game and can't be triggered in free spins feature. Mr.Cashback feature could award you on that 50 spin. I was so excited when I triggered both features in the free mode, and comparing to DOA this games is fun to play.
Afi4wins 1232 reviews
Okay, after more than a year of seriously playing this unique, one-of-a-kind, wonderful and marvelous game called Mr Cash Back, it has now become my number 1 top favourite slot game and I mean top favourite amongst all and any slot game currently available now, all softwares included!

It is now my top money earner, bringing me regular wins week after week, winning something like 7 or 8 times out of every 10 plays! The amount won each time may not be as big as compared to some high variance games, like Dead Or Alive for example, but this is the only game that I can rely on to give me wins most of the time and it is gradually building up my total gross win each month. No other slot game can provide me with such generosity and reliability, and without having to worry about losing once in a while playing it.

Personally and honestly, I regard Mr Cash Back as THE BEST slot game available today but of course, you first need to know what to expect from the game, what potentials the features can provide, and finally how to play and maximise on them. This game is akin to playing chess requiring skill and strategy most of the time and a little bit of luck to get those big wins coming.
Nonetheless, no slot game can be smooth sailing all the time. Especially for Mr Cash Back, it is a prerequisite to play the game only with big deposit bonuses, preferably with above 100% bonuses each time you play it or you may end up losing 9 out of 10 times! Getting that cashback money on the 50th non-paying spin can be one hell of a tough assignment or a thoroughly smooth sailing one...depending on how well you play it and how your luck is on that day.

My advice is don't play Mr Cash Back without any deposit bonuses if you can, because the secret to winning on the game is by sacrificing all of the bonus money! If you can figure this out, you've got a winning formula!(^_^)
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Mr.Cashback is a 5 reel, 15 payline slot coming from Playtech. I have to say that I am a big fan of this software and I have played almost every slot that they have to offer. My favorite are Marvel Jackpots but there are a few more games from this software provider that I like to play from time to time.

This is one of those games. 15 payline slots can be very profitable when the game is on a paying streak. When I started to play this game I was usually playing on minimum bet and had some wins here and there, but later on I realized that the game was in a bit better mood when I was playing on a higher 0.75 bet. Nowadays whenever I make a descent balance in some casino I always come back to try this game. Like any game the biggest payouts can come in the bonus round, but in this game I think it is easiest to get 5 of a kind combinations because the wild symbols come very often and sometimes 3-4 in one spin. So whenever I see that I am getting descent 5 of a kind wins I continue to play this game regardless if I get a bonus round or not. There are two features in this game. One is the free spins feature which is triggered when 3 scatters appear anywhere on the reels and the second is the Cashback feature. If you get 3 scatters you are awarded with 12 free spins with a multiplier of 2x, with an extra feature which is the freezing wilds. When a wild symbol appears it reveals a number for how many spins it will remain frozen on that position. This is a great feature and if you are lucky you can get 4 or 5 wilds on the reels which can produce a really big win. That is why this game is one of my favorite 15 liners from Playtech along with Safari Heat.

I recommend it for any new Playtech fans out there.
blondie 1081 reviews
Mr Cashback is a Playtech software slot and I've been wanting to invest in them for a long time. I've seen many marvelous winning screenshots from fellow askgamblers and altough they usually came from high bets, I still think this game has great potential. The reason that held me back was the design of the game. This time I can truly say I don't like the look if it at all. The whole design is in green and gold and there's a wild symbol (substitutes or everything except scatter) with black hair and each time there's a win the hair from his head come up like a wig. So this time I can definitely say I play this game because of the wins, not the look.

Besides the wilds, slot has also a free spins bonus round caused by 3 scatters. You'll play then 12 free games multiplied 3x and in the game there are freezing wilds that can stay up to 4 spins. Bad thing is that you don't get paid for 2 scatters. Aside from free spins, there's also a Cashback feature. When Mr Cashback appears on anywhere on the wheel, you'll get your line win multiplied 50x. The Cashback feature is meant for lines that hasn't won 50x in a row. That is actually really cool because I haven't seen it anywhere else. This game also offers to gamble wins but I don't do that as I never guess right.

Noble casino is one of my favorites from Playtech and I always have some money in it. I had 40€ balance and I wanted to use it on Mr Cashback. This slot has 5 reels and 15 paylines and the minimum bet is 0.15€ per spin. I played around 100 spins with 0.30€ bets and Mr Cashback feature as well as wilds came up often, but I still lost 10€. Then I played another round with 0.45€ bets. I got a few 5 of a kind combinations and they paid nicely-5.25€. I did get free spins feature but I was kind of frustrated, as it paid only 10x bet winnings. After that I increased bets to 0.90€ bets per spin and had a few 3x-5x bet winnings but my balance started to go down and I got a bit bored.

I think this game is quite good and can give nice winnings, and I hope I will experience them! I am not loving the design but features they have can be generous. Not my favorite game but worth giving a try.
paquito76 867 reviews
I think we’re closest to the truth if we say the slot is all about money and every main symbol confirm this as we can play with millionaire, bank notes, gold coins, piggy-bank emblems and even though I don’t find the appearance or graphics of the game too attractive or high quality but fortunately other segments of the slots have the ability to compensate me well. I don’t know why but I really can’t sympathize with the symbols or the game’s displaying style and sometimes it’s all reminding me of RTG design and I consider it just as a very average, everyday interface with absolutely no specialty and with very forgettable overall impression.

The mentioned other qualities are real great which is a little bit surprise for me because I don’t expect it from a 15-payline min-game. The first one we must mention here is a real curiosity and I haven’t met with such kind of extra at other games yet, namely, if an active payline doesn’t produce any win for 50 spins in row we win back 50 times of line bet. I suggest in normal situation if it happens it’s not a huge amount of money but it always nice if we’re treated in a way like this and it’s really appreciated behavior from the developer’s part.

The most we can win by a single line win is 7500 coins if 5 Wilds can be visible on an active line but I would want to see if this substitute symbol also would have other functionality than just to replace others in a winning combination. I think an assigned win multiplying value wouldn’t have hurt its reputation.

The slot’s only traditional side game is coming after 3 Scatters arriving to the reels (the Scatter also has good paying ability as the main prize by this symbol may reach the 100 times of total bet prize). The 12 awarded free spins are played with x2 multiplying value and this session is also no add-on free as the little feature named Freezing Wilds is active there. This kind of symbol may appear anywhere, anytime during free spins and after popping up it remains on its spots for the next randomly chosen 1-4 spins. This is real great and more importantly very usable symbol especially if we’re lucky enough to collect more than once from them for some spins.

Overall, this slot belongs to that group of games in my book what I’m much more satisfied with regarding to the game working scheme, features, paying abilities than how the game looks like. I think this product is really a very compact and generally finely tuned slot that has the ability to keep awake my attention all the time and can entertain me during my play sessions. The rewarding tendency is very fair which can be even greater during free spins and I also like very much the awesome gambling feature and not once I could thank my little success for the black, black, red, black chosen series which presented me with some nice returns. If someone is looking for a generally great game and it’s not the most important thing for the graphics to be perfect, so, then this slot could be a great fit and I don’t think that this game would let down its new sympathizers for a long time.
Mr. Cashback is a super popular game that you can find on any Playtech casino. It is a very cool game that has a lot to offer to a player and that is the main reason why everyone likes it. Its was, funny, exciting and on top of that it also gives you cashback. I know its not much but when you get three or more lines paying at once it could be a decent amount.

The wilds in this game are crazy. They are coming out all of the time and in bulk. If there is a game where you want to get five wilds, then this is it. It is just a matter of time and when it does come out it pays crazy 7500x line. Even if you dont get them, because there so many on reels you still end up getting a good win.

The feature in this game is really cool to. You get free spins with freezing wilds which sometimes give crazy pays. Getting the wilds in the free spins would pay a crazy 22500x your line bet.

The graphics and the sound effects in this game are also very good and amuse you while you play. Because the game is so interesting and you can play on small bets, I can spend hours at it.
Sometimes it is impossible to get the feature. I get two scatters a lot but the third one never comes out. Even after a huge amount of spins the game does not give me the feature. The stop button also does not work great on this game and I never managed to get the feature on double tap.

The pays are only good for five of a kind so most times you don't get big wins.

Over all the game is a lot of fun and can pay huge. My rating 8 out of 10.
Hi!This is my personal review about the Mr.Cashback slot!
I want to say that I played this slot first time at Ladbrokes casino,because I registered my account and I received 20 free spins at this slot!
It was something new for me because I didn’t knew anything about this slot but I found out that it is a 5-reel Playtech slot with 15 paylines and a minimum bet of 0.15 euro!
I was really impressed because of the graphics that are very awesome in my opinion and also I liked very much the characters and symbols of this slot and also the theme,about money,obviously!
I started the 20 free spins,I took a look at the paytable and I saw that I have to catch 3 scatter symbols to won the free spins feature,12 free spins with freezing wilds!
I won 7 euro from this 20 free spins,didn’t had the chance to catch the free spins feature and I decided to keep playing this slot,maybe I will manage to complete the wagering requirements!
I noticed that the wild symbol,Mr.Cashback,appears very often,giving you decent wins but also the scatters aren’t doing the same thing!
Anyway,I managed to catch one time the free spins,I thought that I will win some good money but I was disappointed because it paid me only 11 euro that didn’t helped me to complete the requirements and I lost all the money!
I am not such a big fan of Playtech slot but this one made me happy while I played it,I had fun and I would play it again!
Because I like the graphics and the theme of this slot,I will give a 9!Also,for the payout rate,even if didn’t paid me well in free spins feature,I will give an 8!
Regarding the features,this slot is a medium one,it has a wild symbol and also free spins with freezing wilds and I think that deserves a 9!
Afi4wins 1232 reviews
Hi everyone! When Mr Cashback was introduced a few years ago, I gave it a few tries, did not win anything, then I left it behind. I was more keen on playing my usual favourite slots for which I was more familiar with. Newer games, to me, should be played over time, so as to gain familiarity first, before attempting at making wins from them. I am not like any other player I guess. My style of playing requires deep familiarity, the deeper the better, and being a relatively new slot game, I knew it's going to be a while yet before it can become my favourite.

Lets look at what the game Mr Cashback has to offer. Firstly, it's a 15-lines 5-reels slot game, which is good, because 15-liners games always get top preference from me. Secondly, Mr Cashback himself is the wild symbol, with a maximum payout of 7500x line bet for 5 such symbols on any payline. Not the usual 10,000x line bet but that's okay. Thirdly, the scatter symbol is the red CASH BACK wording, with a maximum payout of 100x total bet for 5 such scatters. Again, this is much lower than the usual 250x and above for 5 scatters payout, but is also still okay for me. Fourthly, 3 of this scatter symbol anywhere on the reels would trigger off the free spin feature game, whereby 12 free spins would be awarded, with those unique freezing wilds thrown randomly onto the paylines. This is something new from Playtech during the time this game came out. Innovative even. Newer games, like Spiderman for instance, soon followed up with similar sticky wilds. Coming back, the total number of freezing wilds given in any free spins feature game is at random. During good payout games, there would be several freezing wilds being thrown into each spin. At worst, only 2 or 3 for the entire 12 free spins feature play. Each freezing wild carries a number representing its sticky characteristic. A number 4 on the freezing wild, for example, means that the wild symbol would be frozen into that position for a total of 4 spins, after which it would disappear altogether. From experience, it is usually during this freezing wilds feature games that big payouts can be won. My best win so far was getting that 5 sacks-of-goldcoins with a payout of 1600x line bet (with the 2x multiplier), but unfortunately enough, my bet wasn't big enough to bring home a substantial win. It paid out less than $100 when I won it. Ah well, next time I'll try and catch a bigger win! ;)

Lastly, the cash back feature itself. Each and every time a line does not make a payout within 50 spins, the entire spinned value of that line is given back as a cash back! If the line bet is, say at $0.01, then the cash back would be calculated as $0.01x50 = $0.50. Not a lot is it? At $0.10 a line bet, the cash back becomes $5. Ahhh...that's much better! Hehehe. In fact, as I get more and more familiar with this wonderful Mr Cashback slot game, I realised just how beneficial certain features can be! As such, I have been trying out various possibilities and ways on maximising its features, for my own use and benefits, and especially when I am in need of it most! I would certainly advise and recommend all players to do likewise, because no other game anywhere else in this entire gaming realm is similar to Playtech's very own Mr Cashback! (Please pardon me if I am wrong though! :D) As I have mentioned earlier, the more familiarity the better it gets! Today, after lots and lots of game plays, Mr Cashback has now become my number 2 top favourite slot game, just behind my number 1 by the smallest of margins! Whenever I am playing Playtech, Mr Cashback is right at my back!!! :)
yapro 790 reviews
Mr. cashback video slot it is an old playtech game that was created long time ago and of course look not so nice like their new releases look, but i am still playing this game sometimes. For me look of the game not so important.

Mr. Cashback video slots have 15 paylines and min bet therefore is only 0.15 which perfectly suits to low rollers. This game introduce quite unique feature, player can choose any from 15 lines, and if during 50 spins this line will not give any win, player will get x 50 total bet. I think it is nice and interesting idea from playtech, and i never see something like this before. So why not, i always choose 7 line because i like number 7 and few times i win 50 x total bet for it, but few times when i have left only few spins this stupid line give some win, this happens. Also base game is very boring, because it is very hard to win anything, if only 5 wilds appear but chances for this is extremely high, so just wait free spins to get some entertainment. Free spins is 12 free spins with x 2 multiplier and feature freeze wilds, every spin can appear frozen wild which will left on reels for 1-4 spins(this also chosen by random). My best hit during free spins around x 250 total bet, i get a lot of frozen wilds. But base game best hit is x 50 total bet for not winnings line.

This game is medium variance but it is still interesting to play it, because free spins have frozen wilds and can produce some really great wins. Take note that base game is boring. Also it is always interesting to see did you get 50 x bet for not winning line or not. will try this game again when will play playtech slots next time, because it has some potential to big hit.
valentin68 535 reviews
Well, besides the fact that I cut my hair very short and I do not smoke, I have absolutely nothing against “Mr. CashBack”. This is a new slot from Playtech casinos with only 15 paylines , that I absolutely liked.And for a good reason, since this is the slot where after over 300 spins, I have not really lost anything.It is true, usually when playing at Playtech slots the looses are small, and they are compensated by the Free spins wins.Well, here at “Mr. Cashback” this is different. Playing at a minimum total bet of 15 cents/15 paylines the loss or win after 100 spins are played (that is for 15 Euro gambled) is about 0.5 Euro, so it is insignificant.

The slot brings a whole new concept: the one of cashback. If after 50 spins there is a line that had no win, then the slot will return 50 times the bet per one line (at 1 cent/line this means 50 cents) . Because the average win of a combination here is somewhere between 10-30 cents (for the same minimum bet), you can not really go out in loss.

Moreover,because “Mr. Cashback” (which is a guy with long hair who smokes a cigar), being here the Wild symbol,is very generous (about a Wild in each 2 spins),not rarely one will have on reels at least 2 Wilds simultaneously.I once had “Mr. Cashback” on reels 1 and 2 and on the other reels 3 little pigs , so a combination of 5 symbols that paid me very nice.

Free spins are triggered as in all Playtech slots about once every 100 spins, enough to bring with them a few Euros (2-3) that will compensate the 1-2 Euros lost before.During the Free Spins round the wins are doubled and there are random sticky Wilds,for 2-4 spins. There is even a Double Up feature, which is also encountered in some other Playtech slots.

The graphics are not really great , in the overall Playtech quality, but the steady earnings are enough to bring the game in the first line of games recommended for a player to chose when playing in these casinos.
cocopop3011 264 reviews
United Kingdom
Sometimes I ask myself why I even bother playing Mr Cashback, because half the time I win absolutely nothing from it. I usually start playing it if I don't have much money left in my account because it is one of Playtechs 15 line slots. Which is great when you don't have much to play with.

I personally think Mr Cashback is a very low paying slot, the symbols are very low paying. I've had spins when loads on wilds come in on the screen, I'm expecting a big win but in fact its a low win that I'm paid. I don't know what actually entices me to come back every time because I honestly believe if I had to give this slot a rating out if 10 it would actually be below 5 I would give it. On the other hand I've seen some lovely winning screenshots from this slot, but that's with bets of a £1+ I don't ever remember playing this slot at more than the minimum coin denomination of 0.01p.

There is a reason why Mr Cashback is actually called Mr Cashback. It's because it does have a Cash back Feature. Every time you have a win on a payline it will clock up a number starting at 1 at the end of the payline, when you have achieved 50 wins on that payline you will be rewarded with CASH-BACK! So with 15 Paylines, all clocking up numbers you get cashback quite regular and on occasions where 1 or 2 or even more Paylines reach the 50th win you will be rewarded with the cash-back at the same time for each line. Its a good little feature to boost your balance. When playing at 15p a spin to be honest it's not a great feature, but when placing bigger bets I can imagine that feature coming in quite handy.

Do I recommend you playing this slot? Well, I'd say to give it a go. Nothing to get too excited about though.
If you're more of a Microgaming and NetEnt freak just like me, then you should also definitely give other software providers a chance. The games from Playtech are actually one of the first games I started playing, and some of their bonus features and concepts are quite different. That's why I still like Playtech games, including Mr. Cash Back.

They weren't lying when creating this slot, because they really actually give you cash back during game play lol. And I'm not talking about some reward because of matching some symbols. No, they actually introduced the concept of cashback by giving you 50x your line bet, if a specific payline failed to award you anything 50 times in a row.

How awesome is that eh? I never seen anything like this before, and that's why I really like this slot. Mr. Cash Back offers 15 paylines and 5 reels, so there is plenty of cashback to collect if one of the paylines fails. The symbols of this slot reflect - what else would you expect - lots of CASH! In notes, in piggy banks, in coins and in bags.

The best paying symbol is that of the wild, which is displayed by the gentleman in suit who I think is Mr. Cash Back. The minimum bet is €0.15, but I've usually played this game on €1.50 bets. I had cash back of €5 (50x €0.10 line bet) quite often to keep my bankroll up during the bad times. Base game rewards weren't that appealing most of the time.

I did have a very nice win during the free spins though. You need to collect 3 or more scatters (Mr. Cash Back symbol) to trigger 12 free spins and a 2x multiplier. The beautiful thing is that the free spins employ random freezing wilds symbols which stick around for 1 to 4 spins. The more freezing wilds, the more potential you have.

I won more than 250x bet size once during a very successful bonus round with many wilds, while I was unlucky a couple times for some reels not to match. Otherwise I would have even won more. In short, Mr. Cash back is definitely a slot I would recommend.

My final rating for this game is 8.5/10.
sencize 193 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
I often found my self in in need for some cash back and what better way to try and get it than Mr. cashback slot. This is another slot that runs in playtech software powered casinos. It is a 15 lines slot with free games,wild symbol and mr. cashback feature.

First time i played it was in instant play casino with very thin balance. I bet small bets in hope for some free games but never got it in that casino. The next session i had on this slot was much better. I had much more money to play with and this slot requires solid amount of spins before it triggers free spins. For me it was worth waiting for it because i had an awesome win on free spins. When three mr. cashback scatters appear on any reels you are rewarded with 12 free spins with x2 multiplier and freezing wilds.It is those freezing wilds that make the free spins very profitable. They appear randomly on reels and stay there for random number of spins and if they land on the right places you can win a lot of money. Free spins that i won that time awarded me with 150x bet and i was quite satisfied with that.

The other mr.cashback feature did not impress me very much because you wait for it too long and it often don't pay much.Mr.cashback slot must be played with patience because you can wait a long time for some feature to trigger,so if you don't have a lot of line wins leave this slot and come back to it another time because you will loose your money very quickly.I also had some very bad sessions on Mr.cashback and when everything sums up i think i am at zero when it comes to profits and loses.

For the end my three grades.First payouts and for that mr.cashback gets 6/10,second grade fun i had playing it and that i rate 7/10 and final win big bet small possibility and that is 6/10.I can recommend this slot but you must play it carefully
The playtech casinos are have a lot non progressive jackpot video slots, those video slots are simple and many of them has good features. Even I played a while I didn’t tried all of them but the Mr. cash back video slot is one of my favorite non progressive slot. Those non progressive jackpot slots has low lines, the mr. cash back has 15 winning lines what is makes the winning a bit harder. I usually played with more coins here because the 0.15 euro bet is really low. To get some valuable profit here you have to play at least 0.45 euro cent I think.

I often played with this video slot because the bonus features makes the slot playable and acceptable. The main function where you can get some stake back is the cash back feature. When you play here you will hear the cash sounds and it gives back the multiplied line bet. Every time when you hear that sound you will get the same amount back, if you don’t change the line bet the cash back feature gives every time the same amount of credits. It also has a wild symbol what is the banker symbol but sadly it not multiplies the winnings only replace the symbols.

The free spins feature starts when you trigger at least three from the Mr. cash back scatters. The three scatter gives 12 free games with 2 times multiplier and freezing wild feature. It means when you triggers a wild in the free rounds it stays until the wild counter reach the zero. First when I get the free spins I hit the spin button and didn’t waited the animations end and I skipped some of the freezing wild but if you have a patient and didn’t skips the animations you will not skip the feature.

This game can be good to wager your no deposit bonus or plays with lower stakes.
Icymod 758 reviews
There is a lot to say about Mr Cashback!! With it's 15 paylines and two seriously hard working features there are no complaints! What I like about Mr Cashback are the 12 Free spins at 2x that contain freezing wilds during the feature. Usually often on free spins there will be coins appearing as well as covering existing random symbols to provide a number. The numbers inside the coins will determine how long those wilds will stay held for. This gives me serious potential for winning on $0.60 bets. That's not all the most wild coins I've caught on one spin were 4 wilds. It made me a total of about $55 inside the 12 free spins! If the wild coins become held in a row on a payline, that's a huge surprise!

To tell you the truth it is very important to decide what bet to stay with because the bets made accumulate towards the Cashback, the other feature really pushing hard at work to award relentless payouts. You'll see a circular bar filling up around the numbers of each payline to indicate how far or close for a win on a cashback. It takes about 50 spins to hit 50 times my line for $0.60 I would earn $2 per payline after 50 spins when the bar is filled ($0.04 per line bet x 50 = $2). There is one thing that becomes a pest to this specific feature. If at anytime I find a win on one of the pay lines, the bar for that payline will be reset back to 0! Ouch! 48 spins gone and 2 more left suddenly the bar resets! Yikes!

Hard working features, paylines requiring some attention to bring the fullness of this video slot and most important my advice is to commit to the wagers you first place on Mr Cashback! Entirely a 9 out of 10 for Mr Cashback!

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