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Metal Detector

Metal Detector Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1302 reviews
There was a time some years ago when I like playing this 15-paylines Metal Detector game from Rival. I had a few good wins on it and that made me liked the game, but when I could no longer get the wins like before, it withered away and gradually faded out of my sight. Recently, I gave it another go, for old times sake, hoping to rekindle the good old wins, but it was only a false hope. And I now have realised why Metal Detector could not be as good as I thought it was.

I was really surprised to see and realised that there isn't any Wild symbol in this game. Something that I didn't even noticed back then in those days. No wonder this game could hardly produce nice good wins. The Wild symbol is the most important icon in any game, and without it, the game would suffer. The Map is the Scatter symbol, paying 1x the total bet for getting 2 of them, but pays nothing for getting 4 or 5 of them. Sheesh! 3 or more Scatters trigger a Free Spins game, whereby you pick one spot to reveal the number of free spins, either 8, 10 or 12, then another spot to win a multiplier, either 2x, 3x or 4x. Not a lot at all and rather disappointing.

The Dude is the Bonus symbol, a dumb symbol that pays nothing for itself, but getting 3 or more of them trigger the Dig Bonus game. Pick one of the 5 spots to dig and win a cash prize, but I really cannot remember how many coins can be won in this game. The payouts that I had gotten before were more or less around the 20x total bet amount, maybe a bit more on occasions. As for the other symbols, the Chest pays 2000x, the Coin pays 1000x, the Ring pays 1000x too, the Pistol pays 800x, the Pendant pays 800x, the Watch pays 500x, the Vase pays 500x, and the rest pay from 400x to 250x, all per line bet for getting 5 of each kind. A very low paytable.
There are quite a number of things that I don't like in Metal Detector. The omission of the Wild symbol, the 2 Scatters that only pay 1x the total bet but pays nothing for getting 3 , 4 or 5 of them, the Free Spins game of only 8 to 12 free spins, and with only 2x, 3x and 4x multipliers. My last play gave me payouts of between 3x to29x my bet amount. That is very disappointing indeed.
This is a Rival slot and I am not playing this kind of slots very often just because of the poor payout rate. I decided to open this game and to see what has to offer me, because I knew that the graphics won’t be amazing. With a couple of bucks in my account, I started to spin, I set the bet to 0. 30$ because the 0.15$ bet was too small in my opinion. I realized that it pays very often but the the winnings aren’t decent, I mean, it pays lower than the initial bet, so you won’t make any profit unless you don’t trigger the free spins feature. I managed to trigger the free spins a couple of times, 3, 4 or 5 scatters will lead you to this feature, but obviously you will be disappointed because of the poor payout. My biggest win at this slot was only 12$ from the free spins and 3$ in the main game so not a good slot for wagering purposes or to play with higher bets.

About the graphics I can’t say that are good because I would lie, but I like that the reels are spinning good and the symbols are very interesting and have a good design. So I will give an 8 for the graphics, theme and sounds, I can’t give more because it is an average slot that I am playing it a few times a year.

Regarding the features, I don’t know what to say, the free spins feature is quite decent, it has a bonus game that I didn’t manage to trigger so I will give only a 7!
Obviously the bad thing about this slot is the poor payout rate, I didn’t manage to win something although I played it for a couple of times!
paquito76 867 reviews
Metal Detector slot can be considered a little modern treasure hunting game as according to its theme we seek for finding treasures here but this time not among ancient ruins much rather on the sand of a beach so we have a chance to dig out besides the common riches and relics like golden goblet, jewelry, coins even some inventions of modern are like watches and rings with diamonds. The slot interprets this theme with good graphics and proper pictorial elements but I don’t like that the upper row of reels are darkened and sometimes it’s hard to see what symbols it hides and however hard I want to find out I don’t find any purpose of why the creators did that. Other than that I’ve got nothing problem with the interface and I like the little metallic impressions what the used colours show.

This 15-payline slot has a modest top prize to give out as in return for the best 5 of a kind win our balance increases with 2000 coins and this prize can be bigger during normal game as very surprisingly the game doesn’t have any icons with Wild function. Instead Metal Detector offers 2 side games to play with one is a traditional free spin section and the other one is a bonus side game.

3 Man with ear muffs appearing characters anywhere on the reels trigger the bonus game where we have to help dude to find the hidden treasures by directing him where he’ll find the strong signal on the detector and has to dig and all of the found objects reveal an instant cash prize. It wouldn’t be a bad side game but the secondary screen has so poor graphics that it ruins all possible enjoyments.

The classis Free Spin feature is activated after collecting 3 Map icons during base game then we have to choose one of the treasure location spot marked a red X on a map which determines the number of given extra spins then have to pick a dig area to know what multiplier numbers will be used at free games.

Unfortunately, at this slot the best part at Rival games what I liked the most – free spins – also usually let me down and most of the times it doesn’t give what I expect (it happened not just one time when my 10 spins went by without giving anything bad) and it seems it has a poorer overall game settings because it’s my comprehensive problem here, that the payouts are not so good and the features or even just the winning combinations don’t happen as frequently as I’m used to at Rival products. Somehow, the whole game seems to be a slightly worse than the average here at this platform and because the slot can’t compensate this questionable quality with exceptional graphics or other exciting game elements and I sadly must say this is not a good target if Rival wants to show a product what they can proud of but exactly the contrary true as in my opinion they shouldn’t have released this slot in this form.
Metal Detector is a game powered by Rival. There are 15 lines in this game with two features. I am not a big fan of this game and I don't play it much. I actually like the features but I don't like the game in general. The pays are not coming out much, I get two bonus symbols a lot but cant get the third one and so on. When ever I have played most of the games I like and there is nothing to play, I would open this game to see if I can make few bobs.

The minimum bet is $0.75, so the game is not cheap. If you dont control yourself before you know it your cash will be gone. Believe me brothers, I know it too well. There were times when I would have about $30 left and I'll open this game. I'll be clicking away and before I knew it I was on $0.

This days I take it easy and try to keep an eye on my balance before I lose all. The game is very average and it is very rare to get five of a kind. As usual it would give you small wins sometimes but still take your money.The first time I played it did not take me too long to get the bonus. I got the treasure hunt bonus. I had to pick a spot to dig and won $9.75, which is pretty bad considering I'm betting $0.75. Usually the wins are around $10 and rarely I get $15.

The free spin bonus is a bit better and I have been luckier on it. To get the free spins I had to get three or more maps. I was asked to select one of the four X's from a map and they showed how many free spins I got. Then I had to select one of the four pictures to reveal my multiplier. I usually get around 8 to 10 spins with 2x to 4x as multiplier. My best win was around $40.

Overall I'm 50/50 with this game. Like no feeling at all and completely average.
My rating 5 out of 10.
Icymod 758 reviews
Oh my Gosh! Thanks AskGamblers for this opportunity to write about Metal Detector! This slot is one of the most amazing slots I've ever played on. Not only is Metal Detector awesome but the free spins are frequently always lands a lot!

Metal Detector is a 15 paylines video slot which is my very first game to play on the Rival software "before" the rules & laws changed for Canadians able to play on these casinos. Yes folks today we are the new US players (mostly restricted from online casinos) when it comes to Rival casinos. Long ago when I had the option to play in one of the Rival casinos, I believe about 2006 or so, Metal Detector was my first preferred choice! It was like I found something that tasted exotically good and enjoyed it until the source became significantly short, close to zero. This is exactly what my feelings reflect. In Metal Detector there are humongous wins, I always bet $0.75 which is the max bet I can play. Figuring it's only $0.75 I might as well play this.

The 2 Features are great to trigger, one for free spins where I need 3 scattered treasure maps anywhere and the bonus feature for 3 detector dudes. These symbols are much common on this bet! In the free spins it is a 2 part bonus for me to choose from one of the X spots to reveal free spins then a place to dig for multipliers! The lowest I remember getting is 10 Free spins at 2x, I think it can be more! The bonus round is a "Choose one to be awarded for a big prize" type that I would move the arrows left or right where X's appear on the mini map. When I'm close to the X it gives me the choice to dig. Once dug up Credits like $20 or over is awarded. There are bigger prizes like $50 too! Be expected to win average to a large amount in the main game!

Besides my $0.75 bets I also bet under 0.05 coin size to make the bet $3.75 a spin. I use this bet just for the purpose of making normal wins and not for the features but when I hit one of them, shoot, I will be showered with major rewards......especially under the bonus for this bet! I've won $105 once on this bet in the bonus round! The bonus round under a $3.75 bet is much hard than it is to hit on $0.75 so by saying that $0.75 (0.01 coin size on max bet) is the utmost best bet for all players! I also forgot the bonus round can be triggered in free spins but as for more free spins I don't know if retriggers are possible because I never got any. Incredible bonuses, great winnings, and average to high payouts, I will miss this slot thanks to the new laws/rules changed by them (Rival casinos). I would like to reminisce again if they opened the doors again for Canadian players.

One of the most superb slots I played on that gets a 14 out of 10!

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