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Mark of Medusa

Mark of Medusa Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1297 reviews
Looking at the old graphics of this Mark Of Medusa game, no wonder I haven't played it at all over these years. It isn't attractive enough, it doesn't look exciting either, and it had never induced me to give it a try, until recently. I played the game without any high expectations from it, knowing how MIcrogaming games tend to be for me. Yeah, I must admit, I had judged the game by its cover, and it certainly proved me wrong.

Medusa is the Wild symbol, 5 of her paying a wonderful 10,000x the line bet, doesn't double any wins with it, but substitutes for other symbols except for the Scatter symbol. Well, acceptable enough, because of the high value it carries. The Pegasus is the Scatter symbol, 5 of which pays 100x the total bet amount, and getting 3, 4 or 5 of these Scatters trigger 15, 20 or 25 free spins with all wins tripled. Not bad at all. More free spins can be retriggered. Hmm, okay. All the other symbols pay from 1000x the line bet down to 100x the line bet for 5 of each kind.

Playing the game wasn't exciting at first, because those poorly defined icons couldn't bring in any excitement, and Medusa herself could have looked much more enticing than that shown, but what to do, can only blame it all on being an old game. There is only one feature game to look out for, and that is the Free Spins game. Without this, Medusa would be dead boring. Well, don't know if Medusa is boring or not, but the game would be, if without any interesting feature. Hahaha.

Well, maybe Medusa liked me a little bit, just a little bit, because she gave me a Free Spins game quite early on into the game, which hardly ever happened to me on any other Microgaming games. 3 Pegasus came, 15 free spins were awarded, and a decent payout of 25x my bet amount was given. Not a lot that , I know, but it came early, and that got me interested in Medusa. Err, I mean in the game. As usual, after some yo-yoing, another Free Spins game came, paid a nice 59x my bet amount, and that made me happy, not a lot, but happy nonetheless. When one of the later Free Spins game paid only 15x my bet amount, I knew the game was on the way down, so I quickly quit the game, to play another game. Well, Medusa gave me a good time, and I didn't wait for her to get angry, leaving me with a rather sweet memory. It's not often that I can get this kind of good treatment, and I'm glad I left in a hurry. Hehehe.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Mark of Medusa is yet another game run by Microgaming software that can produce small to normal wins. The last time I played this game I was winning a lot. I was probably lucky because I managed to trigger the free spins round a couple of times and the pay outs were really good. Then I thought that it would be a good idea to raise the bet. I played with max bet and the game just froze. It stopped paying. I was chasing the game but it was running so fast and I ended up moneyless.

It is a 5 reel 25 pay line game that comes from Microgaming software. The only thing I probably liked in this game were the sound effects which were changing with every win. The Medusa is the wild symbol and it can substitute for all symbols except for the scatter. The Pegasus is the scatter symbol and you have to land 2 or more scatters for a win. You will then be awarded with 15, 20 or 25 free spins depending on the number of scatters you get. The prize that you can get if you land 5 scatters is amazing and it can multiply your win by up to 100 times.
To be honest, this video game can scare you a bit with its demonic goddess, but do not be afraid because it can hide huge awards. If you get 5 wild symbols you will win an amount of 2 500 euros.

Luck is probably the most important factor anytime you play some games. So even though I did not win anything on this game I would still recommended it because at times it can be really generous. The base game is not so fun though so you might get tired or bored with it but still you will be motivated with the money you might get.
Mark of Medusa it is Microgaming video slot, but it is quite unusual game for this software. I mean that gameplay is a bit different, pictures a bit different, etc; I really do not know how to say this correctly, on English, and describe you the way you understand.

Game looks good. It is not new one, this is for sure, but I have zero complaints, like usually. I am not happy with game look on very rare occasions only, and luckily this time I am have no complaints. Also there is 25 paylines.

Unfortunately I am not very liked base game when I tried this slot. Quite not interesting, really. Payouts for most symbols not big, but wilds itself have very big payout. I was expecting that wilds will have some multiplier, to boost not high payouts for symbols, but no, there is no any multiplier. But to be fair I should say that I saw wilds appears on reels quite often, so probably chances to get 5 of kind wilds at this game is a bit better than at most others.

You can trigger freespins feature at this game, this is the only feature which presented in this game. You need 3 or more scatters to trigger it. Then you will be awarded from 15 to 25 freespins (this depends on number of scatters you get at triggering spin) with all prizes tripled. 15 x 3 is quite usual freespins feature, but I bet all agree with me that it is not that feature which we can call bad, it is regular one, but for me this is more than ok.

Done about 200 spins on this slot, and well, have freespins two times - both times about 50 x total bet, without retriggers unfortunately. During base game I do not see any high wins, just couple of small wins like 15-30 x total bet.
Like usually - not very interesting base game, nothing to expect.
Mark of Medusa is a video slot game created in Microgaming. This slot has 25 paylines. Visually I don't like this game so much. The graphic is too simple for my taste. Not only the graphic but the overall game is very modest and has little excitements to offer. Beside the humble graphic I think that this game isn't too original and reminds me of some other video slot games that Microgaming has to offer.

The only thing that’s exciting here is the free spins bonus. The bonus is activated if you get at least 3 scatter symbols ( Pegasus ). If someone doesn't know the word Pegasus is a horse with wings from the ancient greek mythology. Also by the other symbols in the game we can see that the theme for the game is ancient Greece. But lets get back to the free spins. Once activated you will get 15 free spins. Off course than you have a chance for some big wins. That’s all there is to Mark of Medusa. Nothing really interesting to offer and you will probably get bored here after some time spent.

I tried this game a few times and haven't spent more than half an hour playing here every time. I mostly play with a smaller bet of 0.25 or 0.50 euros per spin. In one chance I played with a bet of 1 euro per spin. Even though it was a long time ago I still haven't forgotten. How would I when I got 2 free spins bonuses for half an hour of play and cashed in about 150 euros. That’s probably the reason why I keep coming back to this slot occasionally. But I never again had wins like that here. When I would get free spins I would be disappointed by the small wins.


Mark of Medusa is a game that you will get tired of very fast. Still I recommend it because it can be quite generous sometimes. Of course like all other slot games the factor of luck here is the most important.
Mark of Medusa is a game powered by microgaming. I really don't like this game because it never pays good to me. I have played it few times and never won over €20. There are 25 lines in this game and i usually bet €0.75. I got the feature few times and never managed to get 25 spins. To get the 25 spins u need to get 5 horses. The most i ever got was 20 spins for four horses.

The free spins can be re-triggered and i am happy to say that i have re-triggered them few times. Unfortunately max i ever won on free spins was €28 on my usual bet. In my view that is very disappointing for a €0.75 bet. Almost 90% of the free spins came out with no win and that makes me wonder is it actually is possible to win big in this game. If anyone manged to get a good win and get a picture please post it i would love to see it.

The pays in this game are also small and only chance of winning big would be getting five wilds. The over all experience for me personally was very bad. It would take me ages to get the bonus and then i get disappointed. These days i don't play this game much. There are much better games out there and i just avoid it. The graphics are not too bad and the sound effects suit the game, just that the game does not pay. I would not recommend this game because i don't think it is able to pay big. If i was to rate it i would give it 3 out of 10.
Icymod 758 reviews
Ahh Mark of Medusa, my two faced video slot always giving me weird payouts and unexpected prizes in the free spins round. I like it based on Medusa who is so nice in offering payouts on her own and some of the 5 of a kind symbols I see for 5 dog heads...assuming this is in fact Cerberus, the 3 headed dog , gave out $25+ including other small wins surrounding the valued combination! for $1.25 bets.

Out of all the Medusa symbols out there in my opinion, this Medusa is the youngest and sseexxiiesstt (had to spell it this way because of the censor) that I have seen even though she is turned into a hideous monster. What a waste that Athena turned her into that hideous form. Anyways, even though as hideous as Medusa is, this 25 paylines pays in small "very" words here! The Free spins that I already learned to love and hate is 15 Free spins at 3x....more for 4 or 5 scatters. The opportunity to win awakens when I hear 3 Pegasus symbols neighing wildly while the background music follows into the changing night. About $27 for a single trigger on the free spins is what I've won although sometimes it can retrigger for another set giving no more than $60. It all depends if the legendary beast will fly a second time for 30 Free spins total (A retrigger on top of the initial trigger)! A good mythical video slot for gradual earns!
This video slot has disappointed me from time to time, from 2 held scatters wasted to my pushed bets that create no apparent triggers upon return. I'm sick of getting my bets back instead of the feature! It's very frustrating especially when I have seen this dozens of times, more so if the video slot does it 5 to 7 times before an actual trigger comes. It doesn't pay too crazily to end up with a big bankroll.

There aren't any bonus rounds and whenever I try for the last 3rd Pegasus scattter it seems to either pass by most of the time to not get the last scatter OR the rolling reel (for when there are 2 scatters held in view) lags to change the outcome of the slot. Are they serious!?

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