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Afi4wins 1213 reviews
Magic Spell is another one of Microgaming games themed on magic, but has animals for its main icons instead of people. The overall presentation is not too bad really, all quite nicely done, and with reasonably nice icons, considering the age of the game. Yep, it is an oldie game but is still acceptable by today's standards. Nope, this is another game that I have never played before, until recently, and yet another game that couldn't impress me much.

Master Tom, that cat with the hat, is the Wild symbol, 5 of which pays 10,000x the line bet, and substitutes only for the other 3 cat symbols. Dang, that's not so good. Did I say it doesn't double any wins? Nope, it doesn't, but it multiplies them by 5x instead. Yep, all wins of the cat symbols with a Wild symbol gets multiplied 5x, but all the other symbols do not get multiplied. Hmm, but that's still good. The 3 cat symbols, Leo, Catrin and Baz, pay 2000x, 1500x and 1000x the line bet for 5 of them. All other symbols pay from 700x to 200x the line bet for 5 of each kind. There are no Scatter symbols in this game, so there aren't any Free Spins game to be won. Damn! That's the part I like best, but is totally missing. An average paytable that could have been a good one.

There may not be any Free Spins game but at least there is a Bonus game. Get the letters to spell out M-A-G-I-C from left to right, anywhere on the reels, and a Magic Spell Bonus game is awarded. Pick one of the letters to reveal a prize. A golden key will take you to the next level, The Secret Library Bonus game. In this game, Master Tom, the Magician, climbs the library shelf, one level at a time, for you to pick out a Spell Book. Pick one of the Spell Books to reveal your prize. A 'Win All' symbol awards all the prizes in that current level. On levels 3 and 4, one and two green 'Malfunction' symbols are hidden in the Spell Books, getting which would end the bonus game. My attempts have all failed to clear level 4, always getting that dastardly green malfunction symbol and never knowing how much more could have been won on the 4th final level. However, the paytable does indicate a maximum possible win of 600x the total bet in the Magic Spell Bonus game and that is a good win indeed, if you can get it.
I find the base game to be rather boring, without any Scatters to give small wins, without Wilds to double any wins with the regular symbols. Yes, wins with the cat symbols with any Wild symbol gets paid 5x, but that rarely happens. In fact, that Master Tom, the Wild symbol hardly appears at all on the reels, appearing only occasionally, and that doesn't help much at all. The Magic Spell Bonus game could pay well, but you need to be real lucky to clear that level 4 for bigger wins. I couldn't get that cleared, not even once. Nonetheless, Magic Spell can be a fairly good game to play.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Magic Spell is a game that I am very impressed with. The fact that I played this game more than once tells me that there is something I like here. I do not know if this is a popular slot or not but it should be. The game is full of mystery and suspense and it is very interesting for the player. I got 5 wilds and they paid me 400 x bet which is great. I was more excited for the fact that I got to see the 5 symbols at once more than the fact that the game paid really good.

This is a 5 reel 25 pay line slot coming from Microgaming software. The game enchants with the supernatural with symbols that include Cats from the magic academy, magic Scrolls and Potion Bottles. I really liked the sound effects that are heard after every win. The main characters of this game are Leo, Catrina and Baz. The scatter which is the Master Tom symbol can replace the main characters and not only that but it will multiply your winnings by 5. Some of the symbols are the letters of the alphabet and they can appear on the reels spelling the word M, A, G, I, C from left to right. If this occurs then you can get an instant win or you can pick a letter and open a bonus game.

The bonus game is called The Library Bonus game and it contains 5 levels and you can win up to 75 000 coins here. All you have to do is to choose one of the five books on the shelves and hope that you hit the one that hides the most magical power in it. There is still a greater chance that you will hit the wrong book which is more obvious unfortunately when you gamble, but no worries you will still leave with some winnings.
Magic Spell is definitely one of the best game on Microgaming. Well in my view anyways. It has a very cool bonus and great pays. What else can you ask from a game? The game play is also very good and a player is never left bored. There is always action and you can win huge on this game.

This is one of the first slot games that I played on Ladbrokes, and I can say that I fell in love with it from day one. It was all happening when I had no clue about slots, or bonuses, so everything was a shocker to me. I remember that I just deposited and was going through games, playing the ones that catch my eye. I spotted this game and started playing it. The bet was 4 or 5 coins and i was just clicking. Every few spins i was getting wins and by balance was kind of staying the same. Then the word MAGIC appeared on the reels and I was taken into the bonus game. This is a pick bonus game and I really enjoyed picking. Unfortunately I did not make it to the end, but still managed to walk away with €60.

Till this day the game manages to surprise me. Even though it seems so difficult to get MAGIC on all reels, I manage somehow to get it a lot. When ever I do manage to make it till end I always walk away with good cash. Even on small bets you could make €15 or €20 easy.

The game also has some kick ass pays and when ever you get wild with pictures, you make good money. It is unfortunate that there are no free spins in this game. It would have been perfect

The graphics are really good and the sound effects are cool. Over all I love this game and would recommend it to all. Give it a shot, my rating 9 out of 10.
yapro 790 reviews
Magic Spell it is another one old microgaming video slot, i played this game couple of times, and of course the fact that i returned to this video slot after i tried it for a first time can easy tell you that i like this game. Game has 25 paylines and here is we have wilds on all reels, great thing about this wilds that if it substitute for top paying symbol (there is 3 such symbols) win will be substitute by 5 x multiplier.

Also wilds itself here have payout, x 400 total bet for 5 of a kind, looks not so bad, right? Interesting thing that here we did not have scatters at all, and i think this is good idea, if you did not plan to add free spins in slot, did not add scatters, which will just pay money, very clever decision from microgaming here, and probably i like this game because it was created with inspiration, and it is pleasure to make spins on it. There is possible to trigger bonus game, for this word M A G I C should appear on reels, from left to right, on any position, but it should show this word. Bonus game split on two games, in first you can earn some money or achieve at second bonus game, where prizes is bigger and better. My best result in this bonus game is more than x 150 total bet, but in base game i never had more than 100 x total bet. Game definitely have some potential to show us big hits which worth to make screenshots, and bonus game is also can pay here nice money, which is rare thing for microgaming.

I like this video slot, it has medium variance. Base game is a bit boring of course, but still can pay very nice, and bonus game help slot to entertain players.Also game layout looks cool, nothing esle i want to say.
Icymod 758 reviews
Magic Spell, a 25 Paylines video slot from Microgaming is the Harry Potter of all slots! I appreciate the series, however inside this slot their ideas are much different! Instead of your characters in a novel or movie they appear to be felines. Leo is equal to Harry Potter, Katrina equals Hermione and Baz as Ronald.

There are a few ups and down on this magical slot I would like to share. Magic Spell's Wild symbol "Master Tom" is not an all out substitute, for a price not to be able to make wins on anything it gives a 5x win only on combinations of cats. As these can come in handle during normal spins they can be a handful. What my favourite on Magic Spell appears to be the one for it's Magic Spell bonus.

What I have to do is bet $0.50, enough for big enough winnings, land all 5 letters M, A, G, I, C to gain entrance into the mini bonus. The first level is a mini bonus where I choose from one of the letters after they line up horizontally in the middle of the reels. My heart goes on a marathon each time I trigger this incredible bonus because there are 3 keys hiding inside while the other two contains only few credits. Keys are the goal to get in order to progress to the library bonus, the bigger bonus awaiting even bigger prizes! There are five rows of books, I carefully choose from the 5 set of books on the table to find one prize or the mighty "WIN ALL" on a book. Pressure is off on the first two rows although I would be very carefully on the final three rows because there's a green malfunction symbol to end this feature so the pressure is really on at that point!

On average of $0.50 triggering bet I would walk out with about $50.....with a + if I find a "WIN ALL" on the second and/or last row of big books! This is another of my favourite slots and it's better to know that $1 a spin can potentially win $100+ in the bonus if luck and win all symbols prevail! It's important to take your time on the final row, that is where the best or worst can happen. The bad news however can come after many times into the feature, despite the amount of stakes in play. The more features are triggered, the lesser they appear, some of you already knew that! That's the downline of this slot!

This slot will always stay on my 9.5 out of 10!

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