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Lucky Witch Slot

Lucky Witch is 5 reels and 15 pay-lines video slot powered by Microgaming software. The theme revolves aroundwitchcraft and mystery and it possesses awesome graphics, amazing sounds that match the theme and some great features and bonus rounds. Symbols include magical potion, a black cat, mystery bonus symbol, a gargoyle, pumpkin, a spell book, a witch, etc. If you are into the world of witchcraft try this slot here for free or visit Microgaming Casinos to play for real money.

Before immersing yourself in the world of witchcraft and mystery you should learn how to regulate your bet. Coin size ranges from 0.01 to 0.20 and it can be set with "+/-" buttons. Toggle "lines" sets the number of lines you wish to play with, whereas "coins" sets the number of coins to play per line. "Bet Max" sets the highest bet the game allows and "Auto play" option which can be found in the expert mode, allows you to spin the reels without interruption for a desired number of times.

This interesting video slot has several features which include a wild and a scatter symbols, a Free Spins bonus game and a Mystery bonus game.

Wild in the game is the Lucky Witch symbol and it can act as a substitution for only four symbols which include Witch symbol, Cat symbol, Owl symbol and a Lizard symbol. Furthermore, this symbol doubles the pay-out of any combo it completes as a wild symbol and creates its own winning combos when multiple symbols appear on an enabled pay-line. Also, this symbol creates a wild symbol stack.

The potion bottle is a scatter symbol which completes a winning combo when two or more of these appear on the reels. Wins are calculated by multiplying the scatter combination pay-out by the total number of regular coins bet. When you land three or more of the potions symbols you will trigger Free Spins feature.

Once you activate the Free Spins bonus round you will be awarded with 13 spins. During free spins the Lucky Witch symbol acts as a wild, multiplier symbol and creates a wild stack. Free Spins can be re-triggered during the bonus game and any additional free spins you may win, will be added to the remaining number of free spins. Also, the Mystery bonus game can be activated during this feature.

If you happen to land three Cauldron Mystery Bonus symbols scattered anywhere on the reels 1, 3 and 5 you will activate Mystery bonus game. During this bonus game you can win up to 30.000 coins and once you hit three Cauldrons you will be randomly awarded one of four games: Magic Potion, Pumpkin, Spell Book or Secret Vault Bonus Game. All the bets and pay-lines in the bonus game are the same as the spin which activated the bonus round. 

In the Magic Potion bonus game you are displayed 12 bottles and behind each there is a random bonus win amount. If you find Win All bottle, all hidden bonus amount are added to your balance and if you reveal Stop bottle the game will end.

Pumpkin bonus game displays 5 pumpkins and behind each pumpkin there is a random bonus amount you can win. Once you pick a pumpkin the bonus amount will be revealed and you will be given the choice to keep your win amount or to pick again. The maximum number of picks is 3.

Spell Book bonus game displays 3 books and behind each of them is a random bonus. Your total bet amount is multiplied by the multiplier you find behind a book you chose.If the magic imp appears he can give you additional multipliers.

Secret Vault bonus presents you 12 vaults with random bonus amounts which are shuffled around and you need to choose 3 vaults. Those vaults you did not choose reveal the hidden amounts and your three chosen vaults remain hidden. Out of these three you get to choose one which will reveal the random bonus you won. 

Game Play:

Bet +/-: Change the coin size.
Lines: Change the number of lines.
Coins: Set the number of coins per line.
Bet Max: Set the highest bet possible.
Spin: Start the game.
Auto Play: Turn the reels without interruption for a certain amount of times.

Lucky Witch Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1308 reviews
What do I like about this Lucky Witch game? Hmm. Firstly, from first glance, those beautiful witches. Wonder if real witches are as beautiful and shapely as them. I guess not. This can only happen in Hollywood and in games. Witches in horror movies are usually shown as 'not beautiful' and always looking evil and dastardly. In comedy serials, yes, witches can be very pretty and very suave looking, to attract viewers of course. Well, if the witches here aren't shown as pretty as they are, there would probably be less players playing the game. Hehehe.

The logo 'Lucky Witch' is the Wild symbol, it doubles all wins with it, it substitutes other symbols except for the Scatter and Bonus symbols, it comes stacked on all reels, but, it doesn't pay anything for itself. Damn, why must there always be something taken away from them? Why can't they pay 5000x the line bet for 5 of them as usual? Players are again being short-changed by you-know-who! The Scatter symbol pays 200x the total bet for 5 of them, and getting 3, 4 or 5 of these Scatters trigger 13 free spins without any multiplier. Yet another damn! The Witch, the highest paying symbol amongst the regular paying symbols, pays 200x the total bet, and becomes an Extra Wild in the Free Spins game. If this is to replace the missing payouts for the Wilds, then it isn't good enough. The other symbols in the game pay from 100x to 20x the line bet for 5 of each kind. A very low paytable.

The Mystery Bonus game, triggered by Mystery Bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5, but can also be triggered in the Free Spins game, randomly awards one of 4 pick-and-win games, the Magic Potion Bonus, the Pumpkin Bonus, the Secret Vault Bonus and the Spell Book Bonus games. In the Magic Potion Bonus game, pick bottles to win cash prizes. Get the 'Win All' symbol and win all the prizes at once. Get the Skull and the game ends. In the Pumpkin Bonus game, pick a pumpkin to win an instant cash prize. if not satisfied with the amount, you have 2 more chances to try and pick a better prize. The third pick would be the final prize. In the Secret Vault Bonus game, pick 3 out of 12 symbols. The unselected symbols then unhide their prizes, leaving behind the 3 symbols that you had picked. Pick one of the 3 to win the final prize. In the Spell Book Bonus game, pick 1 book out of 3 to win a multiplier. A Magic Lamp may appear to increase the prizes, up to a maximum of 52x the total bet amount.
Well, despite having those beautiful Stacked Wilds on all reels in the game, they have not materialised effectively enough for me to offer any good big wins so far. This is rather disappointing and very disheartening for me, although I know lots of players out there have gotten good wins from this Lucky Witch game. Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised at all, because where Microgaming games are concerned, my luck has always been very very low with any of them.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Lucky Witch is one of those very popular Microgaming slots and once you play it you are addicted to it. I have played this slot many times in different casinos and every time I was winning something, sometimes big sometimes small, but the game have never disappointed me.

Lucky Witch is a video slot game with 5 reels and 15 pay lines. As soon as I started playing this game I got 18 euros big win. There were also some occasional five of a kind wins. Then, while I was playing I got 139 euros big win. It counted the win very fast, I could not see all the symbols, and I only saw that there were wilds on the first 3 reels with multipliers. This is when I would appreciate a slower slot.

You need 3 or more blue potion scatter symbols anywhere on the reels to trigger the free spins round. It took me really awhile to trigger the free spins and I also triggered the bonus round during the free spins too. There are four bonus games which are picked randomly. I got the Spell Book Bonus Game where you get 3 books and you have to choose one which is hiding a multiplier that is applied later to your win. I chose the book in the middle the red one and I got 36 x multiplier. This was great but since I was playing on min bet and all the spins during the free spins round were empty I got only 40.92 at the end.

The other bonus game is Magic Potion Bonus where you have 12 bottles and you need to pick them until you find the one that says “Stop”.

The Pumpkin Bonus game is where you have 5 pumpkins and you have to pick one and if you like the prize you can collect it if not you have 2 more choices and the last bonus game is the Secret Vault Bonus where you have 12 vaults. I did not manage to trigger the last three bonus games though.
zerooo 742 reviews
Lucky Witch is 15 payline video slot machine from Microgaming software company. I think this game is quite old because the graphics and animations are not the best, but however it could be fun to play it sometimes.

Free spins feature here is nothing special for me. You can win only 13 free games no matter how many scatter symbols you get. I think this is not so good, I expected some higher number of free games for four and five scatters. During free games there are x2 wild symbols which could a little bit raise your winnings than from base game, but the difference is very small. I never got any big win here.

The bonus game is better and more fun than free games. It starts when you get three bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. Here are 4 different mode of bonus: pumpkin bonus, magic potion bonus, secret vault bonus and spell book bonus. I think it is nice to see so many different bonus games into one. While I was playing I got pumpkin bonus and secret vault bonus. Each bonus is different, unique and I like it. I won more from bonus game than from free games.

I think this is decent game from Microgaming software provider. It is an old game, but it could be fun to play it sometimes. I like that it has only 15 paylines so you can play it with minimum bets of just 0,15€. The design of symbols could be better otherwise I like the sounds when you enter bonus game. I will rate this game with 8 out of 10 stars. I think I could play it more in near future and I recommend it to all to try it out. Even if it's old, it could provide some decent winnings.
blondie 1094 reviews
Lucky Witch is a game from Microgaming software and I explored it recently. I noticed that some casinos had promotions with free spins on this slot around this time, because it's Halloween and this game relates to this theme. It has witch theme, there are typical magical symbols- pumpkin, witches, black cats etc. I love everything about this theme and I think design and graphics look really nice.

This game has 5 reels and 15 paylines, the minimum bets are 0.15€ per spin. As bonus rounds this game has mystery bonus and free spins. Mystery bonus is triggered when 3 mystery symbols land on reels 1, 3 and 5. I really like this bonus, because there are 4 types of mystery bonuses. They all will give you coin winnings, but the execution is really fun. One of the bonuses is a vault bonus- there you have to pick 3 symbols and they all hold coin winnings. Then from those 3 symbols you have to pick one.

Great thing is that all of the coin winning can be seen on both sides of the game and when you've made your picks, you see which winnings held each symbol. Last time I played this game I was really excited because my 3 symbols had the biggest winnings, and when I chose the one and only symbol, it had the second best coin winning, around 90x bet size, if I remember correctly. This bonus visually looks great as well and the mystery symbols truly look mysterious. Then there are also pick a book, pick a potion and pick a pumpkin bonuses. Although sometimes this kind of bonuses can get boring, here it doesn't happen, just because of the variety of features.

The other bonus is free spins, which are triggered by 3 or more scatter symbols placed anywhere. Even the free spins have some wickedness, as you get 13 free spins. To be honest, the spins are good, but I prefer other features, just because the free spins don't have any multiplier. But I still think they can give decent winnings because of the wild symbols, I just haven't experienced that yet. I love the fact that wilds are stacked, but for me only few time they have been in decent winning combinations. On base game my best win has been around 50x bet because of the Stacked wilds.

Overall I think this is a wonderful game from Microgaming software and I think this could be one of my favorite 15 payline slots. So far I've mostly have played it with minimum bets and have experienced close to 100x bet winnings so I will definitely continue to play it. Features aren't too hard to trigger and I haven't experienced long dry runs with this game, I think it could be good fit for wagering as well. Recommend!
This is an old video slot game with 15 pay-lines created in Microgaming. As I already wrote in some reviews, I love the old Microgaming games. These games have a special charm. Lucky Witch for the theme has witches and magic. I know a lot of games with this theme, only Microgaming has to offer a few.

First, I'll write something about the rules and the features. Here you have several features: wild symbol, free spins and a bonus game feature. When it comes to the wild symbol feature I don’t like that in this game the wild changes only some wild symbols. For instance, the wild symbol can substitute only about 50% of the symbols. This is probably my only criticism about this game. For 3 or more scatter symbols you get 13 free spins. So no matter of how much Scatter symbols you had, you will always get here 13 free spins. The bonus game here is called Mystery Bonus. Here actually you have 4 bonuses. From my past experience, I will say that the best of them pay: Secret Vault and Spell Book bonus, but it is not a rule.

The last time I recently played this game on the Wild Jackpot Casino, and I still clearly remember on most of the details. I played with a bet from 0.15 to 0.45 euros and that constantly changing the height of the bet relying on my feeling. I remember on that, after a while with a 30 euro I came to less than 1 euro on the balance. And then I got free spins in which I had total wins of nearly 30 euros. So I get back to the initial balance of 30 euros. Total I stayed here for about an hour but my balance during this time has not changed much.

When it comes to old Microgaming games that I like, I can’t be objective. Because of that for Lucky Witch I'll give perhaps too high 9 out of 10 stars.
katemak 1170 reviews
Lucky Witch video slot is Microgaming software. This video slot is one of the oldest one, but even so I like the graphics of the game and of course the theme about this slot.

This is a 5 reel with 15 paylines video slot which the minimum bet is 0.15 euros per spin so whenever I am short with money in my account I always try to do something either with this game or Riviera Riches slot. I like to play this game, just because it has really much to offer like the free spins and the 4 bonus rounds that this game has. The theme about this game it’s all about witches and the main features are of course the Witches itself, the Cauldron, Black Cats, Pumpkins, Potions so everything connected with Witches and theirs accessories.

The Witch in this game is the wild symbol, so she will substitutes all the symbols on the reels except for the Scatter one which are the Bottles or the potions feature. Getting 3 Bottles anywhere on the reels, then the free spins feature is triggered which will award you with 13 free spins, who are multiplier X 2. Playing this slot I like the bonus feature which they come in 4 rounds. The MisteryBonus round happens when the Couldron feature lends on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reel which, which comes with 4 bonus rounds. The first one is the Spell Book Bonus, which you need to pick 1 of 3 Books to catch the multiplier, which can be up to X 52, the second bonus is the Magic Potion bonus, when you pick from 12 Bottles and finding the Win feature will collect all the prizes offered. The third bonus is the Secret bonus round which you pick 3 of 12 symbols to reveal the prize and the 4th bonus round is when you need to pick from the 3 Pumpkin and you will be offered to pick twice and then to collect the prize or to go for the bigger prize.

Even so I didn’t make any big winnings on this game I still like to play, just because I found it interesting slot to play so I will rate this game with 7/10.
yapro 790 reviews
Lucky witch it is microgaming video slot which was created long time ago, and i played this game many times at different casinos, so i have some things i would like to share. This game has 15 paylines, and therefore minimal bet here is quite low, players can enjoy game starting from 0.15$ per spin.

Here we have wilds on all reels, moreover such wilds stacked and have 2x multiplier if substitute. I just did not like that in this game wilds substitute not for all symbols, and just for best paying. From one side this is great, but it is pain to see many wilds and low paying symbol. Once at gowild casino i have 4 reels of wilds, it was 2 3 4 5 reels, and on 1 reel did not come any good paying symbol, and i get zero payout for such spin. Bonus symbols on reels 1 3 5 trigger bonus game, there is 4 different types of bonus games which chosen by random, all interesting and i like that there is so many such games, but i never win more than 30 x total bet at this bonus games. Free spins can be triggered by 3+ scatters. By the way 5 scatters pays here 100 x total bet, i think this is good payout for such combination. Free spins here did not have any multiplier, but best paying symbol which is witch become here stacked, and works as wild, so free spins here is of course have some nice potential to big hits, i am really think it is possible to win more than 1000 x total bet here. My best feature in this slot was at 32red casino, i win something like x 250 total bet.

Great medium variance game, with interesting but low paying bonus games, and some great potential in free spins. Stacked wilds just add some action, i like this game and i am sure i will play this one again.
Irine 232 reviews
I bet that Microgaming girls fan will love this slot! This amazing slot was indeed great and when the Halloween is coming! Many of slot lovers like me love playing this kind of slot because of their very good and creative making of graphics so what kind of graphics do i saying? Well, when you saw the design and the character you'll be amaze on how it is done. The special animation of this slot was pretty impressive like when you win the free spin! I will say that this slot is so magical and the fantasy of the players to a slot will be satisfy! The advantage of this slot are first they're non-progressive slot but they has a jackpot and you can win as much as their jackpot! Second the betting options and settings the range of up to $60 when you multiplied the coin size coin bet range coins per line! This 5 reels with 15 lines are littered by many feature wilds free spins and scatter multipliers!

Seriously this slot have many bonuses! Like when i struck to their one of the bonus called "Secret Vault bonus" you will be having 12 vaults and after that you can choose 3 vaults that have different kinds of symbols with respective credits! I didn't encounter the other bonus but the two bonus the magical book that offers multipliers that's the other.

The greatest winnings is not when you bet huge amount for me but it's the way on how you control the risk and win from that low risk credits. I always have strategic betting so that i can't lose huge amount. Like when i bet to this slot $.50-$2 and won some where $40-$50 but that's not guaranteed or i'm too lucky at that time. I consider this slot as great non-progressive Microgaming slot!
cocopop3011 264 reviews
United Kingdom
This is one of Microgamings nice little 15 line slots! It's not a huge payer when your playing at the minimum bet but its a good little wagering and a good little slot.

When I first started playing it, I remember having a screen of what I thought were stacked wilds and I won nothing. I was distraught! Until I actually took the time to read the pay table lol. The stacked symbols on Lucky Witch are actually stacked wilds but only when placed next to certain symbols. I always get confused which symbols it is, no matter how many times I read the pay table! But I think that's just because I'm a woman and we can't seem to digest this kind of information properly! (Sorry ladies!) I know that the witch and the cat are two of the better paying symbols that pay when next to the stacked wilds. I've had plenty of lovely big wins with these stacked symbols, but the most I've won in a single spin off 15p a spin is around £35. Like I said not a huge payer, but I'm not one to grumble at £35.

Lucky Witch has a bonus feature and free spins. I love free spins, who doesn't but to be honest they are not that great on this slot. I generally win in the region of £3 - £7 on them. The bonus feature is quite good actually. There are 3 different games you can get, and I believe this is totally random. My favourite when is where you have to simply pick different potions to add to the witches cauldron, pick the one that says 'Collect All' and you get the lot, pick the skull and its game over.

Overall I really like this slot, I always have. Recommended more for beginners than advanced players who are looking to win that little bit more.
Lucky witch slot is created by everyone knows microgaming, yeah, this guys created such money eaters like immortal romance and thunderstruck II and i bet you play on of this slot at least once, and you love it. I cannot imagine a gambler who did not such microgaming games.

Lucky witch video slot is an old slot, but like many others old microgaming slots i can not say that it looks outdated or not interesting, everything is ok in this case with this. Theme is witchy things, and everything which linked with it. witch which. LOL corrected me if i am wrong but this words reading the same ;P

Anyway, lucky witch slot has 15 lines, and it is a bit interesting, because it has stacked wilds, but as i am understand and remember, wilds does not substitute for best symbols, so to get nice win you get 5 of a kind such wilds. I am sorry, but i am play this slot only past, right now i did not play it, so probably can make mistake in something, do not kick my head for this, please. There is possible to trigger free spins and bonus game. In bonus game you should mix different ingredients ( does not know how this word on English, i am so dumb). I never see good payouts in bonus game, but free spins triggered by 3 scatters is much more possible to hit big, but this thing that wilds does not substitute for each other or good symbols is making me sad about this slot.

Like you see, i am not a fan of this slot, but you should try it, probably you will like it. I prefer 243 liners, to be completely honest. Good luck!
Lucky Witch is one of the most popular Microgaming slots with a mysterious theme which makes it quite addicting to play. The first time I ever decided to play this game was at 32Red, when they organized a special slots tournament with $10,000 to be won for the top placed players.

I didn't think twice and started playing this game. Lucky Witch has 15 paylines and 5 reels. The game features stacked wilds which appear quite easily if you compare them with The Dark Knight for instance. Basically those stacked wilds can make your full screen wild. The potential is there but of course it's very rare for that to happen.

The minimum bet on this game is only 0.15 euro. During the tournament I was nowhere close to being lucky. Although I did experience the free spins, I won a lousy 10x bet size and knew I wouldn't win anything during that tournament. However, I took my revenge with my own money a few weeks later.

I played 1.50 euros per spin and after like 50 spins I saw the first 3 reels turning complete wild followed by two green salamander symbols. It was good for 225 euros in only a couple of spins. I love when games make it for you possible to even win big in the base game. On reels 1, 3 and 5 there is a Mystery Bonus symbol btw.

Although it can be quite confusing what you will end up with, since there are apparently 1 of 4 different bonus games you could potentially end up playing - it isn't called mystery bonus for nothing I guess lol. I ended up playing this bonus once where I had to pick a book and saw my betsize multiplied by 32x. A very nice win for a bonus game.

Last but not least there is also the scatter symbols (blue potion). You need to collect 3, 4 or 5 of these symbols to win 13 free spins. I haven't been successful to trigger these so far while playing with my own money, only in tournament mode. Maybe in the future I will hopefully :D

My final rating for Lucky Witch is 8/10.
Icymod 758 reviews
Being Lucky, persisting on a catchy bonus, changing bets and what is better to do next are some of the ways I like to get around with Lucky Witch. I'm surprised they did not want to name the last word to start with a "B" but I know Microgaming has their reasons and our obvious reasons too ;) .

To be fair Lucky Witch is an above average slot that's okay under gameplay. I mean having okay winnings can result from a single 3 combination pay but I definitely do not find the 13 free spins to be impressive at all! For one thing each and every time I trigger this feature with a bet of $0.75 I find myself wondering if the normal wild and the wild Witch would come into contact with each other on a payline with symbols it CAN substitute and pay up?

Most of the time I find no more than $13 in total wins on it and plus I don't see any bonus triggers or retriggers for that matter. I see one stack of wilds appearing on the first reel with mixed variety of symbols to follow then on another spin the witch (it becomes wild during free spins) does not comply with anything else. These two symbols whether it be in the normal game or inside the free spins aren't able to match ALL of the symbols in the game. It can just match the first few symbols of high payouts like the witch, black cat, owl and finally the lizard/iguana. The witch counts as a wild in free spins so it can't pay on it's own unfortunately. The rest of the symbols don't count for a win, shameful to say.

Two of the great things to experience in this slot is that I was able to win a huge $125 just once only for bringing 5 cats combined with regular stacked wild symbols on a $0.75 bet. Big wins like these gave me the biggest reaction I was thrilled during the moment I lost about $40 trying to win more afterwards. The other experience arising on Lucky Witch is for the obvious reason, to trigger the bonus. As it may be hard to land all 3 scattered mystery bonus icons on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reel I find the mysterious bonus to be quite pleasant. My favourite bonuses out of all of them are the Magic Potion and the Spell book round. I wish for one of those every time I earn a trigger right before the screen shows me what I really gotten.

To sum up Lucky Witch ranks at a 7.7 out of 10 for me!

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