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Visit an enchanted land of crystal castles, roaring waterfalls, and mysterious magic in Lemuria, a five-reel video slot developed by Microgaming. Make your way into the hidden Treasure Vault and you could leave this kingdom richer than ever. Play Lemuria for free on this page, or play for real money at any of the Microgaming casinos in our index.

When you first enter Lemuria, we recommend setting your bet to a level you are comfortable with. Start by adjusting your base coin denomination using the - and + buttons under the coin icon. If you want to bet multiple coins, simply push “Coins” until it is at the number you want. Each press adds 25 coins to your bet. There are no paylines – all 243 combinations pay. When you’re ready, push “Spin”, or use “Bet Max” to spin with the highest possible bet of 250 coins.

In the Lemuria base game, your goal is to get matching symbols on adjacent reels starting with the leftmost reel. Wild symbols are particularly valuable with all 243 combinations available. The special Treasure Vault Feature is activated by getting 3 or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Make your way through the elements, and if you succeed, you could win an incredible amount of coins.

Game Play

Coin -/+: Change your coin denomination.
Coins: Adjust the total amount of your bet.
Spin: Play at your selected bet size.
Bet Max: Spin with a total of 250 coins wagered.

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hajnrih 1376 reviews
I really like The Forgotten Land of Lemuria and I think it is a really nice slot to play. This video slot game has an interesting feature to offer when you hit 3 or more scatters. This is another 5 reels and 243 ways to win slot from Microgaming software. The only thing that this game is missing is the free spins feature. That is the feature that I believe can pay really good and I am looking forward to it every time I play. This game has a mysterious vibe with all those flowers and skulls.

I played this game on a min bet of only 0.25 euros per spin and probably because of that it took me ages to trigger the bonus. During the bonus round you need to select orbs to see your prizes. There are 3 Treasure vaults which make the game more appealing. The first one is the water, and then the earth and the last one is the fire. I have to say that I was not that lucky when it comes to this bonus round. I was getting couple of picks in the first two vaults and every time I get to the last one I was always ending the bonus on the first pick. I have never won anything bigger than 50 x bet during this bonus.

The wild in this game is the Lemuria symbol and it appears on every reel. I have to say that I hit couple of good wins during the base game for some 5 of a kind symbols. I have played this game couple of times and just because the game offers some kind of thrill while you are playing it. I cannot say that I have won some huge amounts while playing this slot. There are some decent payouts during the base game and the bonus round so that is the reason I will play it again.
Lemuria it is Microgaming video slot, old one, I played it just 2-3 times, and generally not like it too much. But 2-3 times is enough to make my own review, so just read and decide yourself did this slot worth to try or not.

Game is old, but generally it looks ok. Of course I wish to see better sounds, better pictures, better animations, but with what I have see in this slot - I have nothing wrong to say. It's ok, just ok. Also game has 'all pays', I am still do not know what the difference between 243 lines and all pays, probably there is no difference, but why not say then that there is 243 lines? I wish I knew answer, but I really do not know.

Base game it is almost everything we have. First thing that I did not like - wilds. Of course it appears on all reels, thanks, but why nothing extra to it in slot like this? No expanding, no any multiplier - I do not like things like that. Also payouts here are quite low(like for most 243 lines games, but in other games there is usually something that compensate it, like stacked or expanding wilds, or good multiplier). But like I said, payouts low - annoying to get 3 of a kind and get something like 20% of what you bet.

3 or more scatters here award bonus game. It is just usual pick me bonus game. Played it two times, based on paytable it is possible to achieve third vault, but two times I lost at second one. Payouts? Well, if I remember this good, first time something like x 20 total bet, and second time something like x 35 or x 40 total bet. Well, can't say that I like this feature. And also it is hard to see here potential, probably in third vault there is awesome orbs with big prizes, but I do not know anything about it.

Unlikely I will visit this game again. Low payouts, no extra feature for wilds, no freespins, and low paying bonus game.
Low payouts, low payout in bonus game, and no FS feature - boring.
Lemuria slot is powered by microgaming. This game reminds me a lot of Surf Safari, and i think they are made with the same concept. The only difference is the amount of bonus rounds. I have not played this game a lot, but i must say that i do like it. Its fun, fast and i can double tap as much as i want. The few times that i did play this game i had a lot of fun and made a bit of money.

This is a 243 line game with a minimum bet of €0.25. The wins are not very big, but because you are betting on 243 lines you have a chance to get few wins at the same time. My usual bet on this game is €0.25 or €0.50. The biggest win on a single spin on this game was €30.

There is only one feature in this game and it is a bonus feature. The bonus feature is activated when you get three or more eyes. The bonus feature is made out of three rounds, each representing an element such as water, earth and fire. In each round you have ten orbs that you can pick out of. One of the orbs has a collect symbol. Once the player picks the collect symbol, he will move to the next round or end the game. I did get lucky and picked a lot of orbs before i found the collect one. My best win on the feature was €32 on a €0.50 bet. I dont think that you can win a lot in this bonus or even this game.I would not go as far as recommending this game, but you could try it for fun. Who know maybe you can win a lot and prove me wrong:)

The graphics are ok, but i do like the music. If i was to rate this game i would give it 6 out of 10. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)
The Forgotten Land of Lemuria online video slot is powered by microgaming, and i play it few times, and so far i like it, of course there is much more better slots per my opinion, but at least this one not so bad like few others microgaming games.
Lemuria is pretty interesting slot, and the theme is imagination kingdom. I will not describe further, because my English language is not so nice, and i can not comment this really good, sorry for my dumb head.

In this slot is possible to hit 5 wilds, but like at few others microgaming 243 liners, wilds here have no payouts, so if someone start playing this slot and hit 5 wilds, he will probably start to be happy, make screenshot, and then see that his payout is pretty crap. I did not like why microgaming doing this with wilds, this is not cool when you can get 5 wilds, but payouts will be not so nice. Also you can get scatters on this game, at least 3 scatters will award you bonus game, it has name Treasure Vaults, this one bonus game has three stages, every stage is element - water, earth, and fire.Every round giving out you 10 picks, and for every pick you get some prize. It is possible to get collect word and the bonus game will be finished. But if you advance till last vault, you will get nice prizes.

I have not many experience with this slot, i did not play it often, but at least i had one bonus game, in which won almost 200 x total bet, so in bonus game this slot can pay nice money. I have no bad runs on this slot, but once again i play it only few time. Even low amount of playtime, i like this slot, specially bonus game.
Icymod 758 reviews
If some of you are wondering why I know The Forgotten Land of Lemuria it is because I was in the knack for venturing on a new's not exactly new but I know it has been out for quite some time. For me at first sight I felt it was girlie because of the flower symbols but it has given me proof that it earned my respect. My intuitive nature has made me to play this slot. I don't care where my gut leads me to as long as it gives me winnings. That makes me the slot chameleon!

When I entered The Forgotten Land of Lemuria slot on for a starting $1 bet I hit the bonus right on my first spin! The minute I had this slot opened right here right now a bonus appeared in front of my eyes. It quickly offered me the bonus already!?!? I like it!!! It happened and things like finishing a bonus round then finding one again right after is one of the best but most rarest occurrences I've ever experienced in some slots not including Lemuria though!

The bonus triggered after seeing 3 scattered eyes moves the entire slot down to make room for the bonus round. It's a multi-level bonus where orbs are positioned in a shape of a horse shoe surrounding the entity/figure. The bonus has 3 levels, first the Water round to choose vaults...there is no pressure to fail in this round then comes the earth round! The orbs become highlighted with life and another chance to hit more prizes then once I find the curved arrow showing it's pointy side to me to move to the next round the fire round begins. This last bonus round indeed has an eye relic that finishes the bonus! To be honest I can't debate or argue about a $45 win from my first lucky spin! That's entirely the best move to make and I want more of it...on each slot ;) . The FLOL is also a good way to win with 243 ways and more so for wagering requirements. I can see myself trying to make ends meet with this slot.

Don't be disappointed to hear this but Lemuria has that bonus feature...but no entertaining free spins to really make 243 ways the way to produce climbable results! Be sure that in every round of the bonus always try to collect as many prizes as possible in the first two rounds and try to sway from the eye on the fire level. Big prizes are there but I never get past 3 picks in the final level. No Free spins, a great bonus I hit on my first spin that felt like a date with a famous female celebrity, way wins to have no problems in hitting combinations in any position so long as they appear in a row and the magical slot that I thought was girlie initially has made me realised it's not at all chick-like.

The Forgotten Land of Lemuria magically grants for an 8 out of 10! The free spins is what would make this slot absolutely perfect...should it exist on Lemuria!
The Forgotten Land of Lemuria is a very nice slot to play. Forget the usual free spins features which most slot games award when hitting 3 or more scatters. Lemuria contains an unique feature which differs from most slots.

First time I decided to play this slot was when I was €2,000 ahead after hitting some major wins on The Dark Knight. So I had the cash to spend playing some new slots including Lemuria. I must say I haven't been disappointed by playing this game. Microgaming's ability to come up with something new and catchy is already known, but they keep surprising many slots fans including me.

The game Lemuria is surrounded by a mysterious aura, and the symbols consist of flowers, skulls and other magical symbols. This magical game basically has no set paylines and therefore offers 243 ways to win. The lowest bet size is €0.25, but I chose to play it for €2.50 per spin when I was ahead.

The Lemuria symbol is the wild and appears on every reel. I've hit a few decent scores during the base game hitting the top payout - five of a kind - twice. Both of those wins were good for 60x bet size I think.

The scatter symbol is the lady's eye. 3 or more of those and the bonus feature starts. Unlike many other slots there are NO FREE SPINS to be won in this game. Instead the Treasure Vaults feature will start.

Basically the game has three Treasure Vaults (Water, Earth and Fire), and each offer 10 picks before advancing to the next round when you hit a specific symbol. Each pick reveals a certain prize, and each vault has higher prizes. The biggest win I had with this bonus round was 100x my bet size.

Only played this game a couple of times, but when I've played it I definitely had a good session in terms of pay outs and entertainment.

My final rating for Lemuria would be a 7.5/10.

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