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Leagues of Fortune Slot

Leagues of Fortune is a 1024-way video slot running on the Microgaming software platform. This underwater-themed slot’s wild symbol is the game’s Logo and the scatter is denoted by the Treasure Chest symbol. Players are welcome to try the slot on this page for free or select any of the Microgaming casinos from the listings to play the game for real money.

To start their legendary marine adventure, players should first regulate their wager. Clicking “Coins” alters the number of coins wagered and pressing +/- modifies the coin value, ranging from 0.01 to 0.1. “Bet Max” wagers the maximum amount while simultaneously turning the reels and “Spin” initiates the game. To play the game for a preset number of times free of any interruptions, players need to press “Expert” and then choose “Auto Play”.

Clicking “Gamble” leads players to the Your Gamble feature, wherein they spin the compass needle. Players can choose whether to gamble their entire amount or, if they press “Bank”, they can bank half. Odds can be adjusted by up to x20 their win. If the needle lands in the Blue area, the sum is increased to the amount shown in the “Gamble to Win” box. If it is in the Red area, players lose the gambled sum. Pressing “Co­lle­ct” saves one’s winnings and ends the round.

3 or more scatters activate the Free Spin feature, where players are faced with the Giant Squid which awards players as many as 35 spins and a multiplier of up to x5. Free Spins cannot be re-triggered.

Game Play

Coins: Choose the number of coins to bet.
+/-: Adjust the coin size.
Spin: Start spinning the reels at the chosen wager.
Bet Max: Spin the reels at the maximum bet.
Auto Play: Play multiple times in a row.
Gamble: Start the gamble feature.
Bank: Bank half the winnings in the Gamble round.
Collect: Collect the won sum.

Leagues of Fortune Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1386 reviews
Leagues of Fortune is another of Microgaming games that I hardly played at all. Why? Well, for a start, the minimum starting bet of $0.50 per spin was a bit too high for my liking, then and now even, the graphics weren't attractive enough to look exciting to me, and the 5-reels 4-rows playing area format was never to my liking either. Hence, I've always kept away from playing such games, playing them only when I have to, or when given free spins to play it with. That 1024 ways to win may sound fantastic, as many players have admitted, but I'm not one of them, because the more winning ways a game has, the lower the win values of each symbol becomes, and getting good wins become more harder too.

The logo 'Leagues of Fortune' is the Wild symbol. Getting 5 of these symbols, which is actually getting 5 Wilds, pay only a blardy low 3x the total bet amount! Gees! The Wilds come stacked in both the base game and in the Free Spins game, but it doesn't double any wins with it, and substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter symbol. The Chest is the Scatter symbol, 5 of which pays only 75x the total bet amount, lesser than the usual 100x. Getting 3, 4 or 5 of these Scatters trigger the Free Spins game, whereby the number of free spins is randomly awarded by the giant Squid trying to hit the submersible but hitting the reels instead. Don't really know how many free spins can be won, but the games that I had were 9, 16 and 20 free spins, with all wins multiplied 5x.

As I've said earlier on, with more ways to win, the lesser the win values of each symbol would be, and is very apparent from the paytable. Even the highest paying symbol, the Wild, pays only 3x the total bet amount for 5 of them, so what more can you expect from the rest of the symbols. The Captain pays 2.8x, the Diver pays 2.6x, and the rest paying from 2.4x down to 1.5x, all per total bet for 5 of each kind. Sheesh. How much lower can any paytable get?! With these ultra low win values, don't expect to get good big wins, unless you happened to play the game in its best paying mode. On other days, be prepared to be disappointed!
Well, even with its Stacked Wilds and its 1024 ways to win, Leagues of Fortune couldn't even excite me enough to make me play the game for longer periods of time! The payouts were so low, as expected, the 'Big Wins' hardly exciting at all, being nothing more than just 15x - 30x the total bet amount, but more disappointing is the Free Spins game itself, with not a single payout that exceeded 50x the total bet amount, despite that 'wonderful' 1024 ways to win! What a joke! Nope, this game cannot make it into favourite list, nor would I recommend playing it either, unless you happen to be a born-lucky gambler.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Leagues of Fortune is a a video slot game from Microgaming software that I play from time to time. This is a 1024 ways to win slot so this shows that the game is powerful. The game has an underwater adventure theme with sound effects which compliment the slot. Captain Nemo is the main character and he is trying to find a treasure that is hidden somewhere deep into the ocean. There are 5 reels and 4 rows on each reel. There are stacked wilds in this game and they substitute for all the symbols and help you land a winning combination.

During the base game there are some good wins though, but most of the times I was not getting any good symbols anywhere on the reels. I made a deposit of only 30 euros in 32 Red Casino, and I wanted to play this game all the time and not to switch from one game to another. But the luck was not on my side I suppose.

You get random number of free spins. You need 3 or more Treasure Chests symbols anywhere on the reels to trigger the feature. You get from 6 to 35 free spins.So the last time I played this game I got 15 free spins at the very beginning. I got 46 euros in only one spin with 3 wilds on the first reel, but then all the spins were empty and I got 83.40 in total only. I did not like the tentacles hitting the reels though. It looked quite creepy. I got 11 free spins very fast after my first bonus and I earned 5.44 which is nothing considering the fact that I got x 5 multiplier during the free spins. Most of the times, I was disappointed with the amount of money I have won. I know that this game can pay more and it was not doing that this time.
Leagues of fortune is slot game made by Microgaming, and it is awesome game by potential, which for me unhappily still unrealesed at all.

I like how this game look. Underwater theme here I guess, and it is really suits me good, I like it.

I like that there is 1024 paylines. Of course there is price for that with 0.50 lowest stake, but still, not so often I could play any game with such amount of paylines. Netent even do not have any game with such amount of lines.

I like payout potential in this game. 1024 lines with stacked wilds on all reels always could pay huge amount of money. I like this, and for sure I am love to play in this game.

I like unique gamble feature in this game, it is quite impressive and unique. You can gamble with a chance to increase your balance by any %. You could try to boost your balance by 30% only, and will have 70% chance to do that. Couple of times I tried a system to increase many times big win by 10%, couple of times it worked, but once I did this on 100$ win and after I lost I decide to not do this anymore, was very painful.

I like freespins feature here. It can be triggered when 3 or moer scatters appear anywhere on reels. Then cracken will award random amount of spins, and multiplier for freespins will be 5 x. Once i won 140 bets in this feature, but it is very far away from best possible, and i am thinking about myself as unlucky girl in this game.

I like this slot a lot. Probably if i will continue playing one day I will see its potential and release it. I rate this game with 10 stars.
I could not say anything bad about this game. Nice one to play with couple of decent features.
zerooo 742 reviews
Leagues of Fortune is video slot with 1024 paylines from Microgaming software company. The theme of this slot is underwater, sea. I like slot with this kind of theme, underwater relax me so I was hoping that this video slot with do the same.

This was the first video slot from this company where I saw this kind of paylines. It is huge number and the minimum bet is set to 0.5€. I played this game at go wild casino at tournaments. The game has free spins feature which is trigger by at least 3 scatter. How many free spins will you receive depends on giant squid of fortune. His golden tentacles will reveal number of free spins into some reels. All free spins are at multiplier x5. I think multiplier is great, maybe I don't like the fact that number of spins is set randomly, many times you will received around 10 of them. I think this feature could be set like as pick feature, where you can select between some option with different numbers of spins and multipliers too.

Wilds are stacked into reels during main game and also into free spins. The big win more often came from free spins where is multiplier x5. During main game the wilds raised your win and that's it. While I was playing this slot I received a couple of times free spins feature, but I didn't have any big win on it. I think this is because it has so many pay ways and it is hard to get it. Otherwise the game is ok, the sounds and graphics are cool. Maybe I miss some random feature during main game, in that way could be much more interesting to play it. I think I will play this game only at some tournaments, for me it has too many payways and I didn't won anything big on it.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Pretty sure I first played this as a tournament game at the Microgaming download casinos, though it could also have been another my boyfriend showed me after he got me hooked on games with stacked wilds… I knew I was going to like it straight away, although I did think the 1024 ways was a little over the top and ridiculous – I know ways are not the same as lines but still, surely 243 was enough… no?!

Actually 1024 ways can work quite well it turns out, but only in my opinion on games with stacked wilds, because otherwise you have several hundred pointless ways on every single spin – if its not possible to win on ALL ways simultaneously then I think the whole concept falls apart, because having ways as opposed to lines inevitably means that all wins on the paytable have to be much smaller due to the increased frequency of them occurring.

In Leagues of Fortune though they got all of this stuff right, that’s for sure! There are stacked wilds on all reels, so even a full screen of wilds is theoretically possible, though I don’t think I’ve come across a screenshot of anybody ever hitting that one as yet – neither in the base game nor the free spins mode. You do need to get a decent number of wilds on the screen to be sure of getting a reasonable win of any description though, as even a five of a kind of the top symbol doesn’t pay out all that well…. But a few hundred times that combination? Yeah, that’s when things start getting tasty!

I don’t know if anybody has posted this before but a little tip, when you hit the scatter symbols and the monster starts bashing the squares randomly to decide how many free spins you will win, you can close the slot down and immediately re-open it to see the number of spins you have won immediately rather than having to wait. This is particularly useful if you are playing in tournament mode and want to save a little time on the clock!
I know your paying for the 1024 pay ways, but for me 50p minimum bet per spin is a little on the high side. Sure, some nights I’m feeling crazy and going for £3 - £5 per spin, but only when I’ve already got a substantial balance and am hoping to win some serious coin. I much prefer the 30p minimum level of the 243 ways games, so its worth keeping this in mind if you’re a low roller or only playing with a small deposit.

During the free spins mode, all wins are worth 5x as much as during regular play, but as ever the reel strips have been messed about with. I think this is a bit of a cheap trick personally and wish they could design the games with the RTP worked out so it all adds up without having to do this. Apart from that though, excellent game!
This is one of the two Microgaming games with a 1024 pay-lines that I had the opportunity to try so far. Unlike the standard slot games where the reels have 3 fields in this game reels have four fields, and thereby are even 1024 pay-lines.

The theme here is exploring the ocean depths. Somehow I am convinced that the famous novel by Jules Verne - 20,000 Leagues under the Sea served as an inspiration to Microgaming when they created this game.

The graphics are as to be expected of Microgaming, on a top level. Especially I like the animation and the sound effects in the free spins feature.

When speaking for features, to say that Leagues of Fortune does not offer much. Here you have more, beside free spins, only wild symbol feature and Your Gamble feature. Your Gamble feature actually is an interesting variation of a double up feature but the biggest wins you can expect in the free spins bonus because all free spins wins are multiplied by 5x.

The Leagues of Fortune is the first game from Microgaming with 1024 pay-lines that I played. The first time I met this game was at the time when it had just been created, about 3 years ago. I remember then I had one decent wins in this game. I do not remember exactly on the bet that I've played with nor how much exactly was the wins, but I am convinced that it was greater than 200 x bet. However, it was higher than 100 x bet. Since then I had a few more attempts on this game that cost me much and each time I lost a lot of money here. Also this game appears every day on the Microgaming slot tournaments. In these tournaments also I had a few decent wins.

For the Leagues of Fortune I give a solid 8 out of 10 possible stars.
Leagues of Fortune is big Microgaming slot. Meaning big I mean number of pay lines on this slot - 1024, very huge and rare amount.

This game is one of the best looking made by Microgaming, and also I love the sounds, etc. Actually theme of this slot is just created for me, love everything like this, and even sounds at this slot are just awesome, I am fan of this slot.

Game has 1024 pay lines, and min bet here is 0.50, and I never touch this slot if I have less than 100$ on my balance. I make this decision after losing two times my balance of 50-75$ with 0.50 bets without even hitting free spins.

There is stacked wilds on all reels, and with this number of pay lines hitting many wilds means only very big money, but of course it is not easy. 3 or more scattered chests give free spins with x 5 multiplier - this means chances to make super win. Also there is very nice gamble feature, unique, and not like at many other slots, I want you to try this feature.

My best win on this slot is about 450$ free spins feature. Happens only once with me, but this was fantastic. I hit many wilds at best paying symbols, and that was during free spins. I can only dream about a bit more wilds and even bigger payouts, but it is still very good money for 0.50 bet.

Overall I am totally happy with this online slot, it is one of the best I ever played, but it is required really high balance to be on safe side, otherwise you can lost very quickly without getting anything. This is fantastic slot that give you fantastic chances to win really big money, but like I said beware of a bit high min bet.
No weak points for this awesome slot, I just love it!
catapultaudio 52 reviews
United Kingdom
Microgamings "Leagues of Fortune" is the first "1024-ways" slot that I spent a significant amount of time playing - I had seen a couple of such games previously from IGT, but the high minimum bet amount relative to my typical starting bankroll of £50-£80, and the obvious high variance meant I would only tend to fire them up for a few spins when I was late on in a successful session.

In a scenario that would only occur with Microgaming though, I found "Leagues of Fortune" being offered as a new tournament game, and enjoyed it so much in that context that I couldn't resist trying it out for cash a few days later. As others have stated, the base paytable is rather disappointing - this is inevitable though, because with 1024 pay-ways, and stacked wild symbols on every reel, it is possible to win five of a kind on ALL 1024 ways simultaneously, both in the base game and during the 5x multiplier free spins.

Lets think about that for a second - if a particular five of a kind combination returns just 3x our bet, and we score an effective full screen giving us a win on all 1024 pay-ways simultaneously, that gives us 3072 x our bet! In fact, 3 x your bet IS the maximum payout for a five of a kind payout in leagues of fortune - tell that to a 9 line slot player and they would perhaps spit in your face in disgust, but you have to remember this game has 5 x multiplier free spins available too, bringing the effective jackpot up to a very respectable 15360 x bet!

I'll say a little about the presentation, though if you are familiar with Microgaming's slot output, I'm sure you won't need to be convinced that the graphics, sound, animation and user interface are typically excellent in this game. The symbols are well drawn, the animation is silky smooth, the paytable explains all of the games features in a simple yet complete way, and whilst there isn't a lot of music, what the game does have did not annoy me despite looping in a repetitive manner - this really says something about the talent of the musicians working at MG, as so many slot games I just have to turn the volume down almost immediately upon beginning play.

You might have wondered how any game can possibly offer 1024 lines,or more accurately, "pay-ways" ? Well, this game uses the common five reel layout but four stops remain visible on each spin rather than the more usual three. This gives a view port size of 4 x 4x 4x 4x 4 = 1024. Every single path across the reels from left to right is included as a payable combination, and the stacked wilds on every reel mean it is easily possible for you to win on a large number of these pay-ways simultaneously.

Whilst the base game does have great potential, there is no denying that most players will be itching to catch the free spins feature most of the time - you need 3 or more treasure chest symbols to activate this feature, at which point tentacles will began smashing the reels and awarding random numbers of free spins. The lowest I have received is 8 and the highest is 36, though I cannot be sure if these are the absolute limits. No matter how many free spins you receive, you will always enjoy a 5 x multiplier!

Ultimately, this is a very enjoyable slot game, but its enormous variance will only suit those players who have a sizeable bankroll and a large tolerance for risk - this is not the kind of game you short load up with a £10 balance unless you are prepared to go bust 9 times out of 10. Of course, most slot players start with a lot more than £10 most days, and this is a game that offers the possibility of an enormous payday when your time comes. Leagues of Fortune is a superb high variance game and I recommend all MG players to give it a try soon!
oneLoVegg 55 reviews
League of fortunes slot is very liked by players who have a lot of money, at least I think so. This Microgaming game is very hard to play for me, because it needs too much money to play it safe, something like 100 - 150$, and for me it is too much, usually at this point of balance I already withdraw money.

I tried this slot couple of times, just because I was interested in playing, it has 1024 lines, and of course such games should be interesting. But unfortunately there is very big lowest possible it is 0.50 per one single spin here. So for me usually very hard to try this game, but still few game times I spent on it and have not very good experience.

Very first time when I played this slot was very bad for me, because I start with only 30$ on my balance. I lost all without getting 3 chests, and also did not have any win more than 5$, of course it is can be classed like terrible experience. After some time I had 120$ on my balance, and I decide that it is another time to try this game again, 120$ should be enough. And it was enough. Game started suck my money, but when I lost about 40$ I finally get freespins. Octopus or how this creature called give me 21 freespin and 5 multiplier. After dead freespins I had a win of 12$ which of course stupid win for 21 spin with x 5 multiplier for all wins. I was angry and continue play slot, but when I reach 60$ balance I left it.

After this I never play this game again, because for me it is very hard to lost 50$ and continue play slot. As conclusion I can say that it is not game for low players, it can be good for players who deposit 50$ or more, but I can not do such deposits.
Leagues of fortune slot is inspired on the famous novel by Jules Verne. It is an adventure themed slot as the symbol suggests it is based on finding the treasure hidden in the bottom of the deep ocean. It is among the few Microgaming slots which have 1024 play lines.

The most impressive part of the slot is the 5x multiplier which is awarded with the 15 free spins in the free spin bonus round. Starting with the account balance of $4.3 which was due a loss at another slot I came to this one to try my luck on the remaining amount. I could have not made a better choice I boosted by balance to whooping $242. The first spin I made till the last spin gave me some coins. The slot has wild which is stacked in all the reels. The number of free spins awarded in the slot is random. The maximum number of free spins that can be awarded are 34. Although I triggered the free spins bonus round only once and got just 11 free spins but still managed a win of $110. The first spin I made when the free spin bonus round ended the first three reels had stacked wilds. I was rejoiced by the win another booster for me. I kept the bet at $0.50 mostly which is even the minimum bet possible may be I increased it to $1 I don’t remember exactly.

The only thing that matters is the high bet value but 1024 win ways neutralizes it. Everything about this slot is just wonderful graphics, sound, wining potential. The number of free spins should have been fixed in the slot, the minimum being just 8 free spins. In my personal experience everyone should do try this slot. I would rate it as 9 on the scale of ten.
yapro 790 reviews
Leagues of fortune is microgaming game, and before it was released i saw the movie about this game on youtube. And no one can't imagine how strong i wait this game. For the guy like me, who likes a lot of games and stacked wilds on all reels, this game is awesome. But microgaming go further, and make 1024 lines with stacked wilds on all reels. They even go further, and add 5 x multiplier on free spins. Variance of this game probably higher than even on dead or alive. For some reason, this game not so popular these days like other microgaming legendary many lines games, but for myself i decide that this game is amazing, and i play it often.

My best hit on this game was on free spins, when lady luck kisses me, and i get 3 first reels of wilds. Shame that next reels was bad, but i won 800$ after free spins, and like you guess this is great money. Of course i had also bad runs, and also it is sick that this game had 0.5$ min bet, but i am ok with it, and accept it. In general i like this game, and it is always a pleasure to visit it. Most my wins on this game happens on 32 red casino, actually i believe 32 red casino is very lucky for me, and i respect it for this. Everything with this game made perfect, and microgaming do their job on their standards, with unique and nice graphic, and great sounds. Also when you trigger free spins , there is some beauty things happen. But no spoilers, like always.

Conclusion: Super high variance, but potential of super big win always there, every spin something really great can appear and award with huge winning. For me this is perfect example of super game, and i rate this game with 10 stars.
Leagues of Fortune is a game powered by microgaming. What can i say? The word bad is just not enough. When this game came out i was very excited to try it. There are not many games with 1024 lines in microgaming and adding free spins with a five times multiplier just makes it irresistible.

I had around €50 when i started playing this game and because it was just out and had potential to pay big i played on €1 bet. I got a couple of wins, no bigger than €5 and kept on playing. Within 10 mins i was down to €0 and very pissed off. With in all of my spins i only got two scatters like once or twice. I thought to myself that this game is new so pretty much everybody is playing it and that's why its not paying out. After about a week i gave this game another chance. I had around €45 on my account so i played it on a smaller bet €0.50. Same thing as the first time i got few wins but nothing special. When i was down to about €20 i finally got the bonus. The amount of free spins is completely random and i was awarded with eight free spins with 5x. On this feature i won around €18 and almost freaked out. After the feature was done the game stopped paying and within five minutes i lost the rest of my money.

Over all my personal experience with this game was very bad. I am pissed off because i know it can pay out crazy but for me it would not pay a penny. If i was to rate it i would give it 3 out of 10.
valentin68 535 reviews
Twice I played the “Leagues of Fortune” slot and each time I was disappointed. First time I played here I postponed to write a review and I said it may be a bad day, but the second time after I lost over 80 Euro in 300 spins (from 150 Euro gambled) I told myself I need to write this review for others to avoid what happened to me. Well it is good I played just for fun!

I will start with the good parts of slot, because I have to admit, I have not returned to play here for no reason. The slot theme, of sea and submarine navigation is a good choice. The same is music that somehow completes the epic atmosphere that accompanies the courage of sailors. Also this slot has 1024 ways to win (for 4 lines and 5 reels), which is rare even in Microgaming casinos.Equally nice are also the Free spins that come accompanied by a 5x multiplier. Because their number is random one can very well play here 14-18 Spins or below 8. Everything depends on luck. Last nice thing is that all major and minor symbols pay you about the same here. Perhaps the major symbols pay 25-30 % more but in general you can expect good wins also for 5 minor symbols aligned.

However the slot has also many negative sides and because of these it receives from me only with doubt a slightly higher than average rating.
In many cases wins come from only 3 symbols lined up and they are too small (2-3 cents) compared with the total bet of 50 cents, even if the slot has 1024 ways to win . In quite a few cases 5 symbols will align and even then you will have a win of just 1-3 Euros. About never these large gains will offset the taken losses. Free Spins round though is beautiful and quite easy to get to it, may not provide also wins too high, especially when fewer spins are awarded.

If after 300 spins and 150 Euro gambled I lost 80 Euro, I wonder how much would I had to play to reach the announced return of 96 %?
Icymod 758 reviews
Leagues of Fortune presents itself with an extraordinary amount of way wins, 1024 to be exact. Going deep into the ocean for scavenging underwater treasure is highlighted as a great adventure to any player that plays here! For some reason on my $1.50 bet per spin, the wilds seem to love my bets for it, I had 5 of a kind captains with these stacks on the 2nd and 3rd reels. $67.20 was paid to me. That was a worthy win I received that was never forgotten.

But what better to desire then the complete stacked wilds on the 2nd reel OR even better that the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels will be infested with these absolutely advantageous and well paying Wilds with the captains symbols roaming around here! That's a true win I would like to see someday but I believe wilds popping of everywhere is much more! When finally I gotten the free spins after the hard earned 3 treasure chests were found, I watched as the tentacles pierced through the symbols for Free spins. They come in 3's or 4 Free spins each! At first I was only going to receive 20 Free spins when the tentacles disappeared but then a second later they reappeared to give one last 4 Free spins on a random symbol for 24 Free spins at 5x during my $1.50 triggering bet!!! The reels spun 24 times and I had this gigantic $253.77 total!!! It was ridiculously good that stacked wilds were going crazy landing in positions that covered most of the reels!

3 stacked on the first reels with the 3rd going partial were so juicy....the 5x multiplier just turned up the heat on my wins!!! Just hearing the sound of the winning bell made my day for this shocking win total!!! The feature maybe hard to get but it gave out excellent wins!!!
I will try to make this quick and less painful for you! Leagues of Fortune is indeed 1024 ways but with it follows very small winnings much lower than I would expect to find in smaller paylines or ways! The bigger the ways the smaller these wins will become. Just like Microgaming video pokers, the 100 hands will pay much less compared to 50 hands or much like 10 hands.

Another thing is that stacked wilds are truly high in demand to get normal to slightly high wins in the base game! My last dislike for Leagues of Fortune.......the chests weren't making triggers any easier than it already is! I see one scatter always...I found that I had to get lucky or spin much faster in order to land 3 scatters on a spin!
League of fortune is a slot "class apart". Microgaming has been known for its innovative technology and has tried to inculcate quality into their games. This slot is definitely an example of it, based upon life under the water. Now generally while talking about paylines one hears 5 or 20 or 25 or even 243 but this slot has to offer 1024 ways to win. This has led to huge popularity of the slot and though i don't play much on this slot but when i do , i am amazed by its graphics and high quality animations and sound.

Coming to the point and talking like a gambler, it is a 5 reel with minimum coin value of 0.01 and maximum coin value of 0.25 with massive 1024 ways to win with the stacked wild feature too. Wild symbol is the league of fortunes logo and the scatter symbol is the treasure chest symbol. Both serve their traditional purpose nothing to get amused about.

Now the only bonus feature is the free spin feature which gets activated by getting three or more scatter symbols on the reels. You are awarded with random number of free spins which can as much as 35 free spins and that too with multiplier possible up to 5X. Now one can imagine the probability to win big is quite high when free spin feature is activated and to add to it is the stacked wild feature. But i have not had much of luck with this slot though i have not lost much but winnings are also not that appreciable even with massive 1024 ways to win. I managed to get maximum of only 11 free spins in the free spin round with 3X multiplier which earned me a profit of around $70 only in the whole round. But still one may win large considering the huge potential of the slot.
Now even with massive 1024 ways to win , there are things worst considering!
> High coin value
>Less Features
Leagues of Fortune is another Microgaming slot which I give a try every now and then. I like this game because the format is quite different from what we're generally used to. This isn't a 9, 20, 25 liner, nor a 243-ways-to-win slot, but a massive 1024 ways to win game. With so many possible combinations you just know there is huge potential to have to super hit!

Apart from the 1024-ways-to-win format, Leagues of Fortune contains 5 reels and 4 rows on each reel. In addition it also contains stacked wilds, which can fill up the whole reel. The good thing about this is that you don't need the free spins to have a major win. However, the free spins will definitely make it much easier though.

The theme of Leagues of Fortune is based on the life on the sea with symbols of a captain, maps, treasure chests and many other things that reflect the sailing life. The treasure chest symbol is the scatter by the way. You need at least 3, 4 or 5 scatters to win a random number of free spins.

During base game I managed to win like 200x bet size during a couple of occasions. Like I mentioned before the stacked wilds really make a difference. The minimum bet size is a bit high though for this game unfortunately, since you have to be betting at least €0.50 to make a spin.

When you manage to trigger the free spins the real fun starts. You'll win a random number of free spins, every time the a symbol gets squashed by the tentacles of a sea monster. I once had 20 free spins in total, but usually it's around 15 free spins.

Besides the just mentioned advantage of the stacked wilds, you now can also profit from a 5x multiplier matched to it. Imagine the potential now! Unfortunately I never been too successful during the free spins mode. In fact, I been quite disappointed most of the time regardless of the multiplier and the great number of free spins. My best win been only 100x betsize.

Just bad luck I suppose, but I've seen many huge hits on screenshots from others though. Overall a game I would definitely recommend.
So far disappointing free spins, despite the stacked wilds and 5x multiplier.

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